New Year 2014

I just read this article on the Rense site:

You Say You Want A Revolution
By Andrew McKillop

“For many in the west, at least the Baby Boomer generation, Chairman Mao was always a myth. He was first and foremost a revolutionary for the 1968 flower power generation, as seen through a peephole laced with LSD, Mao was “real”. He was a revolutionary leader at least equal to Vladimir Lenin and his Russian revolutionaries and his totally disastrous Cultural Revolution, which possibly killed 40 million Chinese ­ mainly by starvation ­ was lost in translation for westerners bathing in Haight Ashbury hedonism and self-delusion.”~Andrew McKillop

McKillop [Mc-kill-op?] is brewing his own brand of cultural myth in misrepresenting what the 60s/70 were really about. Of course this is the same nonsense the mainstream media floated in those days, and continues to propagate. But it’s bullshit. As a ‘hippy’ of the time, I didn’t know anyone that took Mao seriously. It was only the media darlings created by the Public Relations Regime that pushed that fetid manure.

This revisionist papsmear slime is just a continuation of the same old disinformation Amerikans have been fed from the time they lost their native instincts; somewhere around the Industrial Revolution.

And now in the 21st SchizoWorld it has gone viral, because so few are capable of retaining their own memories without them being filtered by the go-along to get-along media.




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  1. Here we are some 45 years later and someone has to try to rehash the sixties in some new light. My question is, was he there or even born then. The time was something to be experienced, there was a feeling in the air that can’t be described to those that weren’t there or if they were and old enough didn’t catch the vibe. That was the first raising of consciousness, we’re in a much bigger one now.
    There’s lots of talk online about the whole counterculture movement being generated by manipulations of the CIA which may hold true in some light but if that is the case. My view is they let the genie out of the bottle and couldn’t put it back. They had to do damage control and painted the people as being drug crazed lunatics that had to be stopped.
    Other things one see’s online is that the music of the time was generated by them to distract us. They’re incapable of that kind of artistic merit. Bill Hicks did many skits about the musicians of the era being “REALLY HIGH”. Best they could field is crooners like Barry Manilow and as Bill Hicks describes him, that no talent cracker Billy Ray Cyrus. Please, “Achy, Breaky Heart” or “Voodoo Child” by Jimi Hendrix. The one you can feel the mans soul radiate from, the other is just bubble gum bullshit. That’s the divide, it’s for everyone to believe what they want but the cry still resounds in the ether.
    “Where Were You In The Sixties”.

    • Yea, I have read that “Laural Canyon Expose'” that supposedly proves the musicians were all part of a military op – Morrison’s dad being an admiral is the hook they try to use for this revisionist mythology.

      Like you say Veri, if your weren’t really there, you don’t know what you’re talking about.
      There was real magic in the air…something sacred was afoot.


  2. Fear hung like icicles over every conversation.”
    ~Chris Hedges describing Stasi East Germany.

    The Nazis broke bones; the Stasi broke souls. The East German government pioneered the psychological deconstruction that torturers and interrogators in America’s black sites, and within our prison system, have honed to a gruesome perfection.

    The object of efficient totalitarian states, as George Orwell understood, is to create a climate in which people do not think of rebelling, a climate in which government killing and torture are used against only a handful of unmanageable renegades. The totalitarian state achieves this control, Arendt wrote, by systematically crushing human spontaneity, and by extension human freedom. It ceaselessly peddles fear to keep a population traumatized and immobilized. It turns the courts, along with legislative bodies, into mechanisms to legalize the crimes of state.

    \\][// –[ via an email from Veri ]

    • Hey Will, it has been a long one. I have followed your journey with interest since you were the one who turned me onto Reed’s Controversy of Zion which was a key element in my ‘evolution of ideas’. yeah I know we spatted before…sometimes…but I also knew you agreed with me and I with you on most of the key things. So I hope I am still welcome if I hang out with you bro. Haven’t felt at home in many sites.
      . I was on my way out for a gig and could not post..but what I want to say is I agree with you and Veri on this bullshit they been putting up about the hippies. I was there back in the day as were you. And you just know if they did not fear the hippie freedom, love and peace so bad it would not even be an issue to have to bash it. I can post up a nice link if ya want on this exact issue, or just chat. I know it would just be preaching to the choir here anyway.

    • Thanks Moon/Sunshine,

      I did just that, I read the tone deaf article by Zen, whom I really liked a few years ago. But something soured me on him around the time of 2012-13 transition. A lot of things started warbling around that time…I think that is when I started looking askance at COTO as well…but it took time for that to turn into a flat out blow-up. Did you read any of the Milgram piece on this blog? It documents the whole spatoowy. JG became a doupleganger for Nurse Rached…Lol a thread monitor nazibeech. I am no coto no mo.

      Are you a boy? Or are you a girl? Someone said he was your brother…but you may be him…?? Not that it amounts to a hill of jumping beans one way t’other.

      But yea, the 60s/70s is not to be “interpreted” by those who missed out, by not “being there” at the time, or not GETTING IT at the time even if they were there. I don’t think it is worth arguing with the infidels about it. If they ain’t hip they ain’t hep and if they ain’t hep they never were and will never understand ‘Hippydom”. So fuck’m if they can’t take the joke on themselves.

      Anyway, there is another comment by your gravitar that I thought would publish when I approved the one that did show up. Still getting the hang of this blog bizniss…Lol
      I will get to it sometime tomorrow. I am sleepy and will soon be in dreamland.

      Snappy Trails to you until we bleat again…..

      \\][// — Le Rogue

      • I will have to change my screenname after this, Will, since you whacked the pinata, but at least the children will get their candy back. Call me Jack Flash from here on out…good old Jack the candyman.
        Why not use my real name as you do? I openly do activism as a ‘person’ in ‘real life’. I have nothing to hide, but I have to remain effective for any minor public advocacy that relies on me for help where my help is needed. Most mainstream activists are stuck in cognitive dissonance and cannot deal with the big picture of cui bono or even an ironic scenario where nobody bono no mo because they are playing Deuteronomy. However, there is some amazingly good work being done by indie journalists that keeps me inspired. Not all of America is lost in that sense although it feels like a consolation prize in the big game. I have nothing to do with Zen other than having posted a few things there. Yeah for a while I was buying his story with my chi.
        Yes I did follow your dialog with JG and Coto. I think I understand it all. I was following your dialog with Scott at his site too, where I sometimes post.. I see 9/11 truth the way you do. I’m not sure how you see Sandy Hoax. I see nobody killed and not much except actors in a skit by DHS and Obama, Robert Preston said a few days ago at AE commenting halfway down on the Lee Rogers article. One of my bros!
        . Apropos of not much but in with the candy on the floor,

        Just keep putting up your topics and viewpoints amigos. Quality is rare these days. Most people can not process. . It is great Veri is here already.

  3. From what I see about the military industrial complex’s fixes regarding public perception to push their “interests”. They rely on short term fixes that only deal with the immediate with no mind to long term consequences. That’s why our culture is in such dire straights at this point in time. The short sighted and selfish run the show. Only so much can get swept under the carpet before the carpet becomes a tarp covering a dirty pile. That’s where we’re at right now. Did they initiate the counter culture? Possibly, but never start a backfire in shifting winds. It might blow back and burn down the house. “Psychedelia” goes back a long way from when the first person ate the first “magic mushroom”. Silly them for giving us acid.

    • I concur, Veri, a backfire in shifting winds is a great metaphor. I would footnote LSD emerged from ethnology and medicine, rather than warfare or mind control, a few years before the CIA got involved. Hoffman gave us acid out of his cultural studies of ergot. . He knew ergot was used in childbirth from ancient times. Out of his ergot derivatives Sandoz got some blockbuster obstetrical therapeutics. Hoffman’s LSD became his ‘problem child’ later when Leary applied to Sandoz for a supply after the regime began to put on the brakes. Czech and underground chemists entered the hippie scene with Hollingshead in NY and London, Kesey and the Dead culture in SF, and Leary moved out to Laguna Beach to live with the Brotherhood. By this time the CIA was recoiling from acid and got it banned by October 1966. This is all recounted in books like “Storming Heaven” and “Acid Dreams”. That is why I puke every time I read some hit piece on the sixties subculture. I have heard the diss from people like Jon Rapoport, who were never ‘there.’ The myth spreaders also have not done any reading on the subject apparently.

      The CIA were evaluating acid in the fitties without understanding it and probably used Al Hubbard for a spell to promote acid before they caught onto what they were doing undermining themselves by piercing the veil. Their methodology for dosing people without consent at Pont St. Esprit was stupid,, violating Leary’s sensible ‘rules’ and all the protocols of psychotherapists then treating clients like Cary Grant legitimately. LSD fearmongers try to hang this ‘LSD was a CIA plot’ trip on the subculture because of MK Ultra and Hubbard, and maybe Pinchot’s CIA ties, which are undeniable up to a point, but misses the sea change demonizing Leary, the assassinations of JFK and Pinchot, and the LSD ban in 1966 that targeted the death of the hippie.
      With Colorado legalizing weed, however, I think the PTB are facing a cultural tipping point today where whatever psychedelics do will be manifest in time. Cannabis is another ancient medicine. Humanity is like water finding a way to healing. Heal or die. The regime can seize Roger Christie but cannot stop the groundswell of people doing what they want with their lives. It may be very slow but inevitably I think we will witness the naked emperors and reach clarity, I hope with a healthy world left and not Deuteronomy.
      “Hippie” -Barry Miles
      “Storming Heaven” and “Acid Dreams”
      “LSD My Problem Child” -Hoffman
      “Flashbacks” -Leary
      “The Sacred Mushroom Seeker” -Wasson
      “Hashish” -Robert Clarke
      “The Electric Koolaid Acid Test” -Wolfe
      “Mr. Nice” -Marks
      “Psychedelic Trips for the Mind” -Krassner
      “The Secret Chief” Stoloroff
      and maybe yall can think of others to add on this subject. Credit to Will and Veri for covering this for a happy new year’s story, Rogue’s might be the only blog that debunked the CIA disinfo. That is why I say this is quality blogging here. I will add a you tube classic here for aficianados of Mckenna and Alpert meeting in Prague in ’92- enjoy-

      I was wondering if anyone has read “A Terrible Mistake” by Albarelli. about Frank Olson, the CIA and acid. I have not and am too broke to buy it. Albarelli also wrote a book on the JFK assassination. This ties in with another book, “Mary’s Mosaic” by Janney discussing JFK, Mary Pinchot, LSD and the plot to kill world peace. In Leary’s autobiography, “Flashbacks”, he recounts his meetings with Mary Pinchot. She told him JFK had “come alot further than we expected.”

      “Patience” -Ozymandias (just kidding)

      • One of the most important books on psychedelia for me was Aldos Huxley’s DOORS TO PERCEPTION. In it the idea of “neural cascades” has percolated in my own thinking to the idea of neural cascading into branching networks, a connective system of ideation that becomes a matrix linking the entire consciousness together as an integrated whole: a “grokking” if you will of universal mind and inner mind connection.

        A second book, which is not directly linked to psychedelia, but has important insights to ‘Metaphor’ as the real lingual structure of consciousness is, THE ORIGIN OF CONSCIOUSNESS IN THE BREAKDOWN OF THE BICAMERAL MIND, by Julian Jaynes. This is a very deep work, which takes some tossing of preconceptions to grasp. It is about as far from ‘conventional’ psychology as one can get. I highly recommend it.
        [Free PDF is available on the web]


      • Yeah Aldous was an early initiate to LSD. Amazingly he died the day JFK did, full of moksha, on some of that same Delysid that Jack Kennedy liked to take with Mary Pinchot in the White House. Maybe in the end Aldous wanted to be one of the grateful dead! He understood the elements of social control that Orwell missed, maybe because minds were the most controlled ever in the fifties. In the fifties, American officials waited until the Micronesians came out of church to tell them they needed to bomb Bikini to end war and the natives could help bring peace by leaving immediately. Back then the Greatest Generation could believe anything that was said officially especially if it was on TV. They got into this fantasy world with the Moon Non-Landing fraud and it has just kept on going in the brave new world right through Boylston 666. But then again the Haight Ashbury elders all mostly got coopted and turned against the truth…I wonder what Aldous would make of the world today.
        It seems logical consciousness would flow and elaborate like a tree fretwork as you say, Will. Consciousness seems to recognize the fractal forgery and elaborations as patterns and beauty per se at times, but mainly is like broook flowing over rock..
        I will look up the Jaynes book esp. in free PDF like Reed. Will, you’re ever a fount of info, gurubai.

  4. Hey Will I see you do not have my first comment up in regard to Mary Sunshine/Moonshine er whatever. That should stay deleted….do not post it. Bye for now.

    • Ummm…sorry, I will go back and attend to taking it back down later. Don’t worry bout it getting around…so few people actually attend this blog. I sorta have this thing about ex post facto — if you know what I mean.

      I don’t get it, generally when I approve a persons first post, I don’t have to approve them anymore, they just go through unless you put a bunch of links in the comment…{???}

      BTW, I posted a short but sweet one to Zen on that article dissing the hippies. He approved it too!


      • Succinct reply, Will, and thanks for the tip in.
        We will probably find out more about Zen’s agenda as time goes by, but I know how it was there recently and can cite many examples similar to that article we commented on..

  5. No problems Jack. I don’t see anything in your comment that stands out as being over the top. It’s good to have another clear thinker here. I left Coto in protest to how Willy was treated but also because it was starting to read like “Dune” episode # 25. I made it to about book 5, it got too out there for me. I think Frank Herbert became detached from reality as I think Coto has gotten.

  6. Great rebuttal to Zen Jack. Loved Ken Keseys saying from the CIA acid experiments he got paid for partaking in at UCLA Berkeley during his years there as a Journalism major. He said they had “the best acid”.
    I happened upon a great little book Called “The Harvard Psychedelic Club” that I found on a clearance rack at a big box store for cheap that tells another side of the story that links to why the “Pranksters ventured east on “Furthur”. They went visiting.
    The book’s about Timothy Leary, Ram Dass (Richard Alpert), Huston Smith and Andrew Weil and their experiment out of Harvard. Aldous Huxley turned Timothy Leary on in the early fifies to srooms and mescaline. Imagine that, links to the cabal.
    I have an interest in mycology and have a book written by Paul Stamets who is the reigning guru on subject that has a forward by Dr. Andrew Weil. This is a paragraph from his forward.
    “The reasons for this dramatic change in a traditionally mycophobic part of the world may never be known. I have been fascinated with mushrooms as symbols of the unconscious mind and think their growing popularity here is a hopeful sign of progress in the revolution of consciousness that began in the 1960’s”
    A more specific reason may be the rediscovery.of psychedelic mushrooms- the Psilocybes and their allies- which have thoroughly invaded American Society in recent years.

    • Nice, Veri. I like Stamets and shroom world too. They are a very important element in the web of life, helping the plants and animals do their thing. I agree, let’s end the mycophobia. Wasson also said that in his book.
      Wasson and Albert Hoffman once took shrooms with their wives and Maria Sabina in Oaxaca. then they all chewed some Salvia. You know if they had thrown in some colas and had a cup of coffee they could have called it a square meal. Those Mazatecs were almost the only ones double dipping like that. The authorities later messed up Maria Sabina because after Mick Jagger went down there and the Americans complained about Leary at Zihautenejo, someone had to be blamed and it ended up poor Maria. Hoffman and Wason later teamed up on a book speculating the rites of Eleusis were held with ergot fungus
      What we have in Hawaii is Psilocybe cyanescens aka Copelandia or Panaeolus cyanescens. It generally grows off cow dung or greenwaste naturally and is pretty common, sometimes out on the Marriott lawn, I guess from steer manure, or the spores could be everywhere.

      • Here’s something you should enjoy. The climate I live in is not that supportive of Psilocybe shrooms but they do grow here. Cubensis are the easiest to cultivate and are dung lovers.
        I had a bronchial condition that I just couldn’t shake that probably lasted for ten years and am a non smoker. I seeked medical attention for it but the best the allopaths could come up with was puffers but no suggestion of a cure.
        I ended up having to find my own cure and stumbled upon Reishi mushrooms, I now supplement my autoimmune system with a concoction of 8 mushrooms, trametes, lions mane, shitake, reishi, maitake, cordyceps, agaricus and tremella’s and avoid processed foods and stay organic.
        All the cures are in nature and all big pharma has done is taken what they’ve identified as the active ingredients in what comes from natures bounty and patented it. They have no understanding that it’s not just the one element but the whole interaction of the whole plant and the frequency of being in tune with the creative force that restores our vitality.
        As with cancers, by the time they become identifiable. They’re symptoms of an underlying out of tune disorder that’s been left gone for too long.
        I doubt that I need to say any of this to you but 80% is in the gut and our gut instincts tell us if we are in tune or care to ignore what we innately understand at a gut level.

      • You are correct-natural remedies-web of life-interaction of elements-state of tune is the cure. You have a good deep understanding-it worked for you, the best proof. I always liked that Rick Simpson story too-

        They got everyone running from the cure, or they banned it, or tried to control it.

  7. Makes me wonder why they’re caving into it other than the fact they see their black ops/CIA making too much money from being pushers, and tax revenue’s are way down. I’ve seen snippets that big agra’s already GMO’d it. Been also seeing people railing on blogs about the current potency of it being over the top not like in the “GOOD OLE’ DAYS” where it was less potent and you had to get rid of the seeds, “Elst” they do mini explosions and leave these neat little burn marks on your clothing exposing you as a pot smoker. (Album covers worked great for that back in the day).
    Now a’days, the grow ops, both legal and illegal are more sophisticated here in the great white north. They’ve developed hybrid strains linking both Sativa and Indica in controlled environments and separated the female plants as stand alone’s and do harvests in nine weeks.
    Watched a great video on it from “CBC Doc Zone” recently, Who’da thunk Canada turned into Mexico. Most pot flowing into the states comes from here.

  8. Canada’s seed banker Mark Emery had to be made an example of…like our own Roger Christie, one of my friends here until five federal agencies took him away in a military C-130 back in 2009. I always kept my distance from Roger’s Ganjanomics operation as it was obviously cruising for a losing. No sense in being a martyr for a cause. Today though the police here have stopped busting people for petty weed, it is legal enough. Our ice problem stopped with Peaceful Skies that Roger worked on the year before his bust. I wonder too how Cannabis legalization will turn out, but I have a hunch the PTB could wind up undermined by traditional ‘relentless’ political methodology of tribe members that have dreamed the dream of Enkidu. I”m not talking about the hippie tribe now but the tribe that owns the Fed and everything else. They have the negative qualities of being the mayors in society, and the revolutionaries, but did anyone foresee how those quirks could combine to slay the Beast? This will be the enduring gift of the hippies’ cultural revolution, that all groups in society find love and peace attractive.
    However I realize we could lose in so many evil ways. Just watching Antelope Valley cops last week was a wake up call. I have watched Holland go from the first coffee shops in the early seventies through tolerance and peace to 1999 when Barry McCaffrey rode into Amsterdam slandering Cannabis. Today the scene there is of crackdown and restrictions. Holland is way less free than it was. By now the US has overtaken Holland as a budding world leader in Cannabis freedom after having brought Skunk no. 1 a Cali strain in the early seventies to the tulip growers. Maybe Uruguay is ahead in the race to relax. Ketama is as it always was. Many ask who is behind the sea change in the US..
    I’m just a student of the hippie history and drama, and maybe my hunch is wrong. But I look at my own personal experience in life with the hippies to try to read the tea leaves today. This would be my guess and prediction. I just cross my fingers and grin.
    I think it will be the tribe turning on its Old Testament code in the end that saves our bacon. Sure it is creepy how they always end up in leadership roles, but if you know some of these people, they pass the test and they are no longer Deuteronomists although they have a certain ego trip going. My theory is to work with them to achieve the peaceful ends we all seek, the only way out of the mess the world is in. They are relentless and organized people if turned to the good.
    Here is an example I lived through-

    Taylor Camp was eventually burned to the ground by the State of Hawaii.
    I was there on Kauai, from spring 1969 to the end of 1970, and knew many of the people in Wehrheim’s film. The reason I am not in it is I left before John began filming Taylor Camp. I was the first hippie living in Valley X, as an unofficial caretaker in the McCandless cabin at Big Pool. That cabin was also burned to the ground after I left. Bobo used to visit me in Valley X with her naked girlfriends when I was too shy to say much, but secretly longed for them. Roger De Camp in the film, was one of my bros. The key person to think about was the Taylor Camp ‘mayor’, a jew, Rosie Rosenthal. He is the brother of Ed Rosenthal. Now Ask Ed is one of the key players in the Cannabis legal drama unfolding. Later in Valley X the mayor was another jew Ron Saya. Following this tribal trend, when the Peaceful Skies Alliance stopped helicopter surveillance on the Big Island in 2008 by referendum getting 65% of the vote, the key worker on the issue was a jew who used to work for Goldman Sachs until laid off when he dreamed the dream.
    What’s the takeaway? The tribe is all powerful and controls. But they can dream the dream too and when they do, shit happens that Gilgamesh never foresaw. We will see how the emperor is caught with his pants down and it could lighten everyone’s day to see the poners trip over themselves trying to ‘negotiate’ retreat. That is why the regime hates hippies so much…the hippies were more powerful than the rabbis and like the snake stole the ultimate boon there by the spring.
    I read that Colorado pot shops are selling out at over $500 an ounce already. This kind of demand and pricing will not last as the thing unwinds and people discover they can become millionaires in just a few years if they can legally grow pot and legally sell it for only $50 an ounce. Much twisting and turning remains in the plot to come. I hope we all make it and can laugh some day at how it turns out.

  9. So do I. With the movement, what I grokked later was a rise of shamanism. Was an afictionado of “The Teachings of Don Juan” until he showed up in LA wearing a suit. By that time, Carlos went Frank Herbert and wasn’t to be believed. Me thinks he suffered an earlier stage of “Greenwald Sellout”. but that’s a whole other story. I thank you Brother for the leads to follow, I certainly have my homework cut out. Hoping you’ll be regular over here on Willy’s Blog. This is becoming interesting and way educational. A blossoming of knowledge as it should be. Doesn’t matter whether this becomes popular, doesn’t take many to parlay in good interchange .
    By the way, that’s me in the little yellow and orange contraption in my avatar, that’s my favourite high and view of the Creators magnificent endeavor that sustains us in this reality. I don’t follow the quantum physics theorem that we create it just by observing it. I believe that we grok our reality in the exact present it happens but have power to influence it as it comes down. Aspiring to a higher consciousness is our imperative, that’s what’s being stolen from us.
    I’ve been reading that high quality ingestible iodine rehabilitates the pineal gland as suggested by Dr. Gabriel Cousins. May be a better solution than eating Pacific fish.
    A good read on what’s really going on with Fukushima is “” put out by James Corbett. Way more reliable source than “Limited Hangout, Alex Jones”. Can’t stand him.

    • Thanks for your thoughts, Veri. It comforts me to know you brothers are here. Yes there are many disappointments in ‘conscious’ history. I do like the talks by Alan Watt, but in the end he was a drunk working for the military at Esalen to eliminate drug users in the ranks, essentially.
      My father was a WWII silver star dive bomber pilot. Unfortunately the ‘glory’ of the dopamine rush at surviving vertical dives and killing sailors made him a war junkie he could not even fathom as an addiction. The one good thing though was he taught me and my brother to fly when we were only ten or eleven, and it was a gas. Later at college my tripster buddies rented a plane so we could fly it over the hills and campus appearing in a clearing in the woods. I do takeoffs-no landings!
      Well re airplanes and hippies, check this one out, the story of Baba Ram Dass, formerly the jewish psychologist Richard Alpert. He began getting high as a pilot and used to love to fly his friends around.

      That should do it for overloading you bros with my psychedelic history study! I have a secondary major in studying DU and nuclear history, and have been monitoring with a geiger counter around eight years now full time. I knew about Japan from Leuren Moret by 2007 as she had written the article in the Japan Times in 2004 warning of Fukushima ahead, jpretty much explicitly except by which location, due to seismicity of Japan. When 3/11 happened, the US govnt and nuklar inddustry were running a drill in Warshington for tsunami meltdown. Much more on this topic for another thread.

      For natural highs, I got into rock climbing along the way but have no desire to base jump. Right now I can’t even get past TSA. The worst adrenaline rush I have had was jumping off a 500 foot tall bridge on a climbing rope like Dan Osman. A nylon kernmantel rope does not stretch as nice as a bungee, especially when jumped on repeatedly without allowing shrink. I knew at the instant I jumped it would suck in that shitty Petzl harness. Never do that shit again…that was only four years ago and I am 66 now.
      Anyway thanks for the welcome here.

      • High places give me the heeby jeeby’s but I can do an open airplane door and have parachuted. Kinds of planes I’m into are scratch builds. Can’t say that my current project is exactly that because I’ve started it from a steel tube fuselage airframe from an Aeronca Chief 2 seater side by side,but that’s all I had. I didn’t try to put the aircraft together as per the original, what I seen was a great airframe that I could use production aircraft parts like a windshield and lift struts for the wings as this is a strut braced high winger aircraft and tail surfaces. Otherwise, I took cart blanche in the re engineer department. My first plane I built from plans but had to do a lot of re engineering just to keep it to the plans. My second plane is a fairly stock version Aeronca Chief that performs quite admirably but is slow (cruises about 85 to 90 MPH.) but will haul two people airborne on a hot day with no pucker factor.
        On my current plane, I had no landing gear so with help from a good friend who is a wizard at these planes, we adapted a landing gear design from a Piper SuperCub that is about half the weight of the original. Didn’t have doors so we made up flip up all glass seaplane doors which are also lighter than the originals. Didn’t have control hardware so we put sticks in it which are lighter. Didn’t have wings so studied airfoils and linked up with a renowned designer that had a series of airfoils in his portfolio that matched my performance goals better than older airfoils I was studying and built a set of wings using the one he recommended. He did my airfoil plots for me and sent them to me in the mail on his stamp.
        My mission profile for this plane has been to do it on the wheel and deal/scrounge. Always being in a day to day struggle tempered me to having to do it this way. It should be a shit hot airplane though but the first couple of flights will tell the story. I’m building a utility machine that carries enough for two people to survive in the bush that will be convertible between wheels, ski’s and floats that’ll be fast enough to have a reasonable cross country capability and be able to operate out of short grass strips. My bugout bag.
        I’m an automotive upholsterer by trade and have done it all my life and have used my skills to barter with for stuff I’ve needed. I did an award winning custom interior in an aircraft that bought me the orange and yellow plane. I traded that off for a set of floats, ski’s and cash and the use of another plane while I’m finishing mine up. . It’s uncanny how stuff comes to me out of the woodwork, also helps that I don’t hesitate when things come my way.
        I’m a very busy person, guess I’ll slow down when I do my last gasp. I’m in around your age and also run a little business doing upholstery, not many of us top guys in the trade left but lots of hacks around.
        I don’t get the kinds of time you and Willy have to put into research on topic but am motivated to learn what I can, It’s good to be able to communicate with you and Willy. I encounter and have influenced people that have come around but I find too many get hung up in lead offs. Example being, David Ickes reptilians that keep us in a fear state because they feed off of negative energy and other hocus pocus. I doubt that I’m stepping on anyone’s toes between us.

  10. Learning without Questioning in America: The Sunday School Syndrome
    By John Kozy – Global Research, January 08, 2014

    “Clinging to one’s opinion is the best proof of stupidity.”—Michel de Montaigne

    Subjects are taught as if they were comprised of revealed truths. Hardly anyone ever questions them because questioning them is discouraged. So we end up with people who graduate with degrees under their arms who are no wiser than they were on the days they matriculated as freshmen. No new idea ever enters their heads. In this society, people who are learned are not educated. They are little different from hurdy gurdy monkeys, but we elect them to office. Such is the legacy of the Sunday School Syndrome. It yields the stubbornness of what are essentially stillborn minds. No amount of information conveyed can ever make a stupid person smart! So nothing fundamental will ever change until intellectual development rather than the conveyance of information becomes the principal goal of learning.

    Every teacher who has tired to teach students an unconventional truth has met an obstinate student, the student to whom the conventional truth he matriculated with is the conventional truth he graduates with. Everyone who has tried to teach Ted Cruz knows what I’m talking about. Some claim that the hardest minds to change are religious. I don’t know how to amass any evidence for that but I suspect that there’s a kernel of truth in the claim. Such minds are hard to change because of the way they develop.

    In many homes in America’s Bible Belt, children are nurtured in constrained intellectual environments. The only recognized book is the Bible, and children are told from early ages on that it contains the revealed word of God himself which not only is never questioned but is never even questionable. These children go or are taken to church three or more times a week where they are enrolled in Bible school and hear stories, often as outrageous as the parting of the Red Sea, that are never questionable. No one ever asks, or is even ever allowed to ask, How can that be true?~John Kozy


    • Yes, Will, that is how my own family is. They have doctorates and cannot even think. I don’t know how I managed to avoid the trap…dropping out on Kauai? Things began to improve for me in 1968 when a hippie guy in a war protest vigil told me the military was a mind fuck. That made my real education fun…conducted in the language of the people.
      . I honestly did not know what was happening in this world before 9/11 though. 9/11 was another blunder by the ‘kayak company’, swamping in high surf there on the beach. Now they have a swarm of bees following their every lie. Since then, besides my study of the hippies my studies focused on DU and the nuklar industry, as well as what Douglas Reed studied, which pretty much encompasses everything that has happened in some way. I read at least 5 hours a day the last 12 years, quite a good free education. Many good books too….so keep mentioning your favorites.
      I know how many years you have studied these things, Will,since way before 9/11, but you gotta be one of the better teachers out there. Keep sharing.

      • Thanks for the comploidments Jack Flash.

        Yea, it has been a long time of study and questioning. I don’t remember not knowing the human race is on a psycho roll…

        I was just a young boy when I first started getting that the ‘grown-ups’ were all crazy.


  11. Oops, I thought of one more thing to post. This is in connection to hippie Bobo from Taylor Camp. She used to swim naked down the Na Pali coast with a sarong in a half gallon plastic bottle for hiking back out of the valley at the end of the long swim, miles of ocean with the highest density of tiger sharks due to the runoff of all the streams there, and the whale calves. The reason crazy hippies would do this kind of thing was they became avaduts or ecstatic dancers of life. But, you know, this love of the sea was in the native Hawaiians and is embued in aloha aina, a very hippie philosophy of love of the earth. It is very healing and wonderful for all to share. Dick Algire has written some good critiques of the nuklar industry, and he totally groks loving the planet. This video he made is about the healing we were speaking of.

  12. Here’s one worth listening to. Jim Willie goes out into far field with some of his commentary Ben Fulford style but all and all a read that “The Order” isn’t as well ordered as we’re led to believe

  13. I just figured out what the ‘H’ stands for in; “Jesus H. Christ” — Hippie of course.
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    ‘The science of mind control and how we learn to love our own slavery: Richard Grove on State of Mind’ ~Truth and Shadows

    That’s not a title – it’s a synopsis…Lol


  14. Jesus H. overturned the tables. Later it was Jackson, Lincoln, McFadden, JFK, etc. So much ties in with money and who issues it. If a group of people, say hippies, repudiates monetary authority and establishes an alternative world based on real values and real free markets, they will be a threat to the full faith and credit in pyramid power. The hippies represent a predecessor to the neolithic order, before vernal equinox became purim, as far as I can tell.
    To govern is to control, and ment is mind. There can be no. dissipative structure without laws governing its form. As Bill Still shows, he who pays the piper calls the tune. It is not even necessary for the issuing authority to run a usury scheme impoverishing the people with money as debt. What is crucial is who calls history’s shots and what their ultimate goals are.
    Deuteronomy was a contemporary and competitor of Hippocrates, Mahavira, Buddha, and others as the Bronze Age became Iron fist. That is how we got the destructive code rather than Ashoka in 2014..
    Rense has up this quote today-
    “Every time we do something you tell me Americans will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear, don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”
    . Who will be the governmental authority? Bro Nathaniel says it will be Irving Fisher, kids..


    • Hey Jack,

      You oughtta join in on the Truth and Shadows thread I gave the URL to above…that blog needs some new blood. I think you will like McKee, the author and moderator of the site. He is even handed and reasonable, and a real seeker…


  15. Hey Will,

    For now I will check it out at T&S. I feel pretty unmotivated to bleat. That is nice about Craig though. I do like encountering seekers of all stripes, them and the vaishnavas..

    Will, did you get a broadband and high speed connection yet, or still got dialup?

    • Hi Jack,

      I have a AT+T mobile device connected via USB…I suppose you would consider this a “dial-up” unit, but I am connected all the time. I don’t know how “high-speed” the connection is however.
      I have a lot of trouble with viewing videos – only intermittently though; not ALL the time. This is all baffling – it’s like voodoo, this so-called “High Technology”. Getting ‘metaphysical’ on ya again, I might say it depends on how deeply you “believe” in this shit as to how well it works. It seems to have as much to do with our momentary states of consciousness…and not necessarily a “conscious” choice on our part, but some sort of karmic cycle dealing with guilt patterns and redemption cycles.

      I don’t know if that makes any sense to you – it is hard to put across in human language.


      • I’m inept at figuring out computers and all the new applications, but have had highspeed internet the last four years.. One big plus of highspeed connection is being able to watch uninterrupted video. My area is so remote the cableco and telco will not provide highspeed service, but a radio link can be arranged that taps into the highspeed cable feed, for around $50 a month. Don’t know if you could find such a rig there where you are, Will, but maybe. I think these radio links are somewhat govn’t sponsored in part but not sure of the details. The quality is equivalent to cable.
        For me a senior citizen, to get the hang of my flickering consciousness these days takes going on a camping trip away from the net for like maybe a week in some remote area Climbing pioneer Doug Robinson described the Sierra natural high as “a day in the open, a night on the ground.” When I was younger I was religious about doing backpacks into wildernesses. My first trip on the John Muir trail, everyone was obsessed with bears, in the days before bearproof containers when we had to use throwbags and counterweights to keep our food. Or sleep with it and deal with ripped tents. California people would push the envelope like Timothy Treadwell in Alaska. I never even got up the nerve to go there. Back in the early seventies dirtbagging overseas I would go to extremes like scaling a high palace wall in Marrakech to sleep out on a lawn instead of parting with twenty five cents to stay in the African and hippie hotel. A night on a lawn, six nights in jail, ha, just kidding.
        I should get out there to the palaces alot more, but stuff always comes up to prevent it that I can no longer scale. I lost the courage I once had to be a sannyasin. However, what with economic collapse, millions now appreciate tent life and tent communities who were never invested in them before. A day in the open, a night on the ground. Even as the regime tries to crush Rainbow gatherings, regime economics guarantee a new hobo class emerging. More stable communities also form on the fringes, such as-

        This is where Mother Earth news meets up with hippies, the poor, libertarians, and others. Back in Suburbia, the earth connectedness could surface in a front yard garden. The Nuisance Abatement Swat Teams will be highly trained to stamp out the last vestiges of our free expression. Our farmers’ markets here have touring officials handing out citations for excise tax and health law violations. Most political illusion dwellers are going to really miss the grassroots people that were stomped on…when the SHTF and they require teachers.
        People can find valuable things on the net and also deception and mind control. I have a good friend, a gal who finds the choicest info and shares my worldview on alot of things. My pal and I were blacklisted out of our peace group for asking too many questions. Similar to the Coto crew at Opednews, we are the conspiracy theorists . But, since then, I like the freedom of not arguing over stuff like 9/11 that is obvious. It amazes me how perfectly ‘nice’ folks will cling to the illusion their government (and others like Israel) would never pull a fast one on them. The deception can be deeper than Obotism. Right now there is a dandy debate at The Ugly Truth over Sandy Hoax. I’m not posting on it but tend to agree with John Friend whom TUT commenters now disparage. Go figure. Pollyannas always insist ‘the media’ would tell them if there was a scandal. Ha. Pollyannas. The hippie view can be pollyanna, but not necessarily. When people live ‘inside out’ they tend to suss out alot of cons. The article beginning the thread only portrays hippie Pollyannas who worship Mao, but us CTs know he was put in place by Yale..

  16. Here’s something ya’ll might enjoy reading.
    Photo Galleries
    Contempt of cop, America’s defiance revolution
    Like NSA leaker Edward Snowden, ordinary Americans pushing back against authority
    By Neil Macdonald, CBC News Posted: Jan 16, 2014 5:00 AM ET Last Updated: Jan 16, 2014 7:48 AM ET

    A 21-year-old motorist, knowing his legal rights, refuses to get out of his car or follow a policeman’s orders unless he is told he is being formally detained.
    A 21-year-old motorist, knowing his legal rights, refuses to get out of his car or follow a policeman’s orders unless he is told he is being formally detained. (YouTube)


    About The Author

    Photo of Neil Macdonald

    Neil Macdonald
    Senior Washington Correspondent

    Neil Macdonald is the senior Washington correspondent for CBC News, which he joined in 1988 following 12 years in newspapers. Before taking up this post in 2003, Macdonald reported from the Middle East for five years. He speaks English and French fluently, and some Arabic.

    Related Stories

    Edward Snowden did us all a favour
    Neil Macdonald: Self-preservation in gunned-up America
    External Links

    YouTube U.S. checkpoint refusal
    YouTube Top U.S. checkpoint refusals of 2012
    YouTube ACLU Hidden third camera, criminal law reform
    New Yorker: Taken, civil forfeiture
    (Note: CBC does not endorse and is not responsible for the content of external links.)
    Increasingly, and openly, ordinary Americans are committing a legal act that some police nonetheless regard as among the most heinous of all offences: it’s called contempt of cop.

    It’s otherwise known as asserting your constitutional rights.

    Citizens, feeling empowered, are pointing smartphones, rather than just an accusing finger, at abusive authorities.

    Civil libertarians with hidden cameras are challenging the so-called “suspicion-less” roadblocks that police set up to catch lawbreakers. Motorists and others are fighting back in the courts and online against police shakedown rackets on U.S. highways and elsewhere.

    Everywhere, it seems, Americans are openly challenging arbitrary behaviour by those in authority.

    Furthermore, they are winning. Not since the late 1960s have those in authority, from heavy-handed cops to the federal operatives sifting metadata in super-secret intelligence installations, been exposed to so much disinfecting sunlight.

    It’s marvelous to see such courage, and further proof that whatever the world might say about America, no other democracy takes the rule of law more seriously.

    And while it is difficult to tell what’s driving this new assertiveness, you have to feel it’s part of a recovery from the almost supine attitude that most people here adopted in the years after 9/11.

    During those years, in response to demands for security from a terrified public, the American “deep state” grew almost exponentially, at a cost so staggering no one seems able to produce a reliable estimate, the Washington Post reported following a two-year investigation.

    Checkpoint refusals

    Today, though, Americans seem to be rediscovering their sense of independence, and technology is the heavy weapon in their push-back.

    Just as their government has used it to obliterate the notion of privacy, resourceful citizens have turned the electronic eye back on agents of the state.

    President Barack Obama is expected to outline new rules this week for the National Security Agency, rules that are a direct result of the leaks by former contractor Edward Snowden of massive spying by the NSA.

    The biggest and most successful crusader of all, of course, is Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor whose unprecedented revelations forced a White House-ordered review of intelligence gathering.

    On Friday, President Barack Obama is expected to announce changes at the NSA, the largest, most powerful and most intrusive secret agency in history.

    These changes clearly would not be happening were it not for Snowden, who said he acted to protect the U.S. Constitution.

    He’s a fugitive now, in Moscow, but back here in America, other Americans are acting, too, and citing the same motive.

    These activists range from hard-conservative gun rights types, who carry copies of the Constitution in their pockets, to left-leaning civil liberties advocates.

    (Article continues below video.)

    (On mobile? Click here to watch the video.)

    In both cases, they triumphantly upload video trophies of their confrontations to the internet.

    You could spend an entire day just watching all this recorded disobedience on YouTube, and only view a fraction of it.

    Quite a few show “checkpoint refusals” at roadblocks erected by police looking for drunken drivers, or by federal agents hunting illegal aliens.

    Courts here have held that police have the right to operate such stops.

    But the courts have also ruled that citizens are free to remain silent, and can refuse to allow searches and ignore orders to submit to “secondary inspections” unless police detain them — which requires the higher hurdle of reasonable suspicion or probable cause to believe an offence has been committed.

    Police not happy

    In these videos, it’s clear that what is really at issue for police is the challenge to their authority.

    Contempt of cop, as the practice is known in libertarian circles, provokes the same rage at checkpoints that Snowden’s media interviews arouse in national security officials.

    And the reason for it is clearly the same: defiance, to authorities, sets an intolerable precedent.

    In several of these videos, some of which have made television newscasts, police can barely contain their anger, voices rising as they yell orders at stubborn motorists who exercise their right to remain silent.

    YouTube checkpoint refusal
    YouTube Top U.S. checkpoint refusals of 2012
    “It’s a right to privacy, it’s a right to simply refuse to co-operate and answer questions,” explained David Loy of the San Diego branch of the American Civil Liberties Union to a television interviewer there.

    “We think that checkpoints, suspicion-less checkpoints, are the hallmark of a police state, not a free society.”

    Massachusetts motel owners Russell and Patricia Caswell won a huge legal victory last year when a judge dismissed a contentious civil forfeiture action by federal authorities that would have stripped them of their motel because drug dealers may have stayed there at one point. They themselves had never been convicted or even charged with a crime. (Russell Caswell / YouTube)

    Much worse are the “forfeiture” rackets that have been used by some police here to separate people from their money and property, even if no offence is charged.

    It’s called civil forfeiture, a federal law from the mid-1980s, and in some states police salaries have been directly tied to how much loot they can grab, according to investigations by such diverse groups as the New Yorker magazine and the libertarian Institute for Justice (founded by a former Ronald Reagan administration official).

    Citizen complaints and media exposure, however, are spoiling the fun, and federal authorities have begun crackdowns.

    Canadian visitors take note

    Public rebelliousness has surged here in the past, of course.

    Police overreach and abuse has been an issue in American life going back to the Vietnam War demonstrations and beyond.

    In New York City, for example, the municipal government is still paying out tens of millions of dollars to hundreds of people who were unjustly arrested for demonstrating during the Republican National Convention in 2004.

    In that case, too, private citizens recorded the action. In fact, evidence is emerging that undercover agents actually provoked some of the violence that served as a pretext for arrests.

    The ACLU says police are increasingly aware, and angry, about people attempting to capture abuse on video. (In Nebraska, only a third party’s pictures from a neighbour across the street helped convict police who seized and destroyed video taken of their warrantless actions at a private residence.)

    However, for all its encouragement of citizens to assert their rights, the ACLU warns that it can come with a price.

    While disrespect for law enforcement is no crime here (that was settled by the courts decades ago), challenges to authority are still often answered with a disorderly conduct or obstruction of justice citation.

    And while the U.S. Constitution applies to everyone on U.S. soil, Canadian visitors might want to take a more defensive approach (like don’t drive your own car in certain southern states, don’t carry a lot of valuables, and if you run into a checkpoint, be nice and obedient).

    Unlike U.S. citizens, visitors are here by permission, and that can be revoked for any reason, or none at all.

    Also, carrying a smartphone can’t hurt.

  17. Veri, TSA just smashed a guy’s bamboo flutes and got away with it. At the same time citizens with smart phones record police behavior. I see this conflict of control as the modern ‘Flower Wars’ with a little floral synchronicity in the flower children that began the thread. The Flower Wars have real dimensions and consequences for the citizens, beyond mere beta testing or bump testing as they say in biology. I wish I knew how it would play out but sometimes too I just want to live in the moment in some music by the light of the full moon.

    • The reality is, all we have is the moment. A big huge one at that, the past being coloured reflection, the future being an assumption. Read about the flutes, reminds me of the scene from “Dances With Wolves” Where the notes Costners character was keeping of the indigenous people was being used as toilet paper by the troopers come to arrest him. What more can be expected of a troglodyte. We all live our lives to the tune of our personal piper be it by whatever enlightenment we choose to pursue or don’t. Mine’s in my art and craft and is fueled by passion from the heart. My advice to people in a quandary about what to do is “follow your heart” you’ll never be any good at your pursuits without your whole being involved. It’s from the heart, it beats in rhythm with the all and is our personal message.

      • Beautiful, Veri. Your inside is out and your outside is in.

        Here are some of the most ‘ecstatic’ bamboo musicians today, three relatives in India, the Prasannas. Their fathers played the shenai, the end blown arabic flute that was smashed by TSA. The Prasannas switched their family tradition from shenai to side flute or bansuri, but continued to perform ecstatically. This genre is the ecstatic music of Persia, the arabs, berbers, and hindustanis

    America’s Trojan Horse
    January 15, 2014 – Conspiracy, Featured, Main – Tagged: agenda 21, crony capitalism, dave hodges, false flag, genocide, ICLEI, martial law, new world order, tyranny
    Dave Hodges – January 15, 2014

    The Common Sense Show
    When I was coaching college basketball, I used to teach my players how to properly defend the player in front of them. The instructions included that if a defender wants to stay in front of a swift ball handler, they should keep their eyes on his midsection because he can go nowhere else without his midsection. Most defenders can stay in front of their opponent by watching the midsection. Today, the American people have a midsection to follow, it is the Russians. If you want to know what dangers are coming, and in what form, simply watch the Russians because they are the key to what lies ahead.

    JFK Predicts Our Future
    Even though America runs the risk of being taken over by the Russians under the control of the Department of Homeland Security, this is not a pure communist takeover of this country. Putin is controlled by the same banksters who JFK spoke so eloquently about before they assassinated him. Here are the key excerpts of this historic speech given on April 27, 1961, which adequately describes and foretells what we are up against today.

    “Tonight, I want to talk about our common responsibilities in the face of a common danger. The events of recent weeks may have helped to ILLUMINATE (ed. note-Illuminati reference) that challenge for some; but the dimensions of its threat have loomed large on the horizon for many years. Whatever our hopes may be for the future — for reducing this threat or living with it — there is no escaping either the gravity or the totality of its challenge to our survival and to our security — a challenge that confronts us in unaccustomed ways in every sphere of human activity…
    For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence — on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations…
    For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence-on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, high effective machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic scientific and political operations…
    Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed. It conducts the Cold War, in short, with a war-time discipline no democracy would ever hope or wish to match…”

    Doesn’t this match exactly what we are facing today? JFK is speaking about what he called the “Gnomes of Zurich”. He is specifically referring to the banksters, the NWO and the enemy of humanity as a whole. These gnomes are going to use the Russians to enforce a brutal martial law which will complete the destruction of the United States.


  19. I was using the same kind of provider as you are when I found my way out into the rubarb patch away from the big smoke Willy. I think I had 10 gigs service which I easily went over then they were charging $52 a gig over. To get rid of them, it’s like trying to shake dog shit off your hiking boots. My current service is the same kind as Jacks for the same money and I’m OK with it. I live as far outside the WIFI electromagnetic radiation zone as I can get and still ply my wares to make a living.
    By the way Jack, found your last video to be hauntingly beautiful.

    • I think my main problem with listening and watching YouTubes is that I have a bunch of windows open of sound apps – because that is what I am doing on the computer all day, composing and mixing music…

      I am going to get my other “super” computer out of my storage unit come spring, get some mics and my Lexicon in-out unit…I have to have the operating system reinstalled in that PC, it crashed at the root, but can be re-upped I already saved as many files as I can from it when I first went to the computer fixer guys…no need to worry about loosing anything. Reinstalation means a wiped hard disk…that will be okay now.


  20. Just got a first release of this one. Excellent video but I might be prejudiced but this really fits into the thread of this conversation. It burns and I’ll be definitely passing this one around.

  21. “Surveillance inevitably leads to placing every individual under systems of control. It isn’t just “we’re watching you” or “we’re stamping out dissent.” It’s “we’re directing your participation in life.

    We are taught to believe that service for the greater good is an unchallengeable goal and credo. And then, later, we find out it has been hijacked to institute more power over us, in every way.
    The coordinated and networked surveillance of Earth and its people is fed into algorithms that spit out solutions. This much food will go here; that much water will go there; here there will be medical care; there medical care will be severely rationed. These people will be permitted to travel. Those people will be confined to their cities and towns.

    Every essential of life—managed with on-off switches, and the consequences will play out.
    An incredibly complex system of interlocking decisions will be hailed as messianic.

    In 1982, I interviewed Bill Perry, who had just left his job as PR chief at Lawrence Livermore Labs, where scientists design nuclear weapons. Perry had been given the kind of job PR people long for. But one day, when he passed the desk of a researcher and listened to his complaints about budget limitations, Perry said, “Listen, America already has the means to blow up the whole planet eight times. What more do you need?”

    The researcher looked up at him with a genuinely puzzled expression. He said, “You don’t understand, Bill. This is a problem in physics.”
    In the same detached sense, the technocrats who want to calculate and direct our future, move by move, minute by minute, see us as components of a complex and very interesting problem.
    Yes, they indeed expect to exercise power and control. But they also live in an abstraction.

    When individual freedom is no longer discussed in great depth by people who should know better, when it is left to wither on the vine, many programs and structures are built to take its place. But if freedom seems like a weak response to the Surveillance State and its goals, remember this: all the State power I’ve been enumerating is organized to curtail freedom, stop it, end it, make it obsolete. That enormous effort wouldn’t be necessary if freedom were merely a passing fancy. It isn’t. It’s an eternal force.”~Jon Rappoport
    . . . . . .

    Liberty is not an invention of revolution – Liberty is the discovery of enlightened reason.~ww


    • Not wanting to stir the pot alot, but I believe the purpose of the Snowden meteorite was
      1. Predictive programming to accustom people to the future of total info awareness incl. electronic money, chipping, absense of Fourth Amendment, pyramid power, lack of freedom, etc.
      2. Limited hangout to obscure Israeli backdoor to entire US system and the buildup in Beersheba of global info tech corps.
      3. Rehash of proven formula from Ellsberg, Assange, Manning, etc, a hero judas goat for the controlled opposition
      4. Boost Greenwald to nice job after a little sheep dip from the Cheneys railing at treason.
      5. Revelation of the method, Snowden reading Cheney’s biography in Hong Kong
      Just my two rupees.
      Will, that is a great definition of liberty and liberation.


    “Add to these two factors the well-known and strong social-psychological link between a culture that glorifies war and its military and the disposition of individuals toward violence in their personal lives, and we are now ready to analyze the consequences of our violence on ourselves. (For just one example documenting this, see the studies by social psychologist M.H. Bond, especially his “Culture and Aggression: From Context to Coercion,” Personality and Social Psychology Review, vol. 8, 2004.)”~By Dr. Robert P. Abele
    Global Research, January 17, 2014


  23. I was just chuckling to myself remembering the outrage and hysteria from the brass when it was discovered that I had ‘Pedestrian’ stamped on my dogtags during basic training at Lackland AFB.

    It was gawdammed sack religious to them … Lol


    • I’m sure you were a wild card for them, Will. So was Roger Christie, in military intel. I think he sued his way out. Forgot what you did but remember you got out somehow…liberation.
      Tim Leary told about how he was shunned at West Point. Instead of cruelly isolating him with his classmates’ silence, especially at meals, shunning liberated him for the first time in his life, as he recounts in “Flashbacks” ..another colossal military fuckup given the redirection. Liberation is empowering.

    • It was easy for me to get out of the Air Force…I taught them that they were simply wasting their time, efforts and money dealing with me. I was classified as a conscientious objector, because I told the general that the “war in Vietnam” was a war-crime. It was a long interesting conversation.

      Going up the ranks to reach the commander of the base was the tricky, grueling and dangerous part of the whole scene. Some close calls…but my karma must have been shining, I make it out without a scratch. I had been threatened with prison time by guys of lower pay grade.
      The general I finally saw was the only one I met there that had a lick of sense.


      • Nice story. You had the Right Stuff bro. Just like Roger. Outside the ranks, there were 200,000 draft resisters. Resistance was great odds. Only 4,000 did jail time so the success rate was 98%.

    • I would like to send this classic video from SCG to a relative who is asleep, but it is hard to even accomplish that tactfully. Bernays, Lippman and Warburg did alot of damage with their propaganda. The herd is already safe and happy in their pens. Aldous was right.

      • Hi Jack…or is that hijack? Or maybe high Jack…Lol, that would be best in my est.

        I downloaded a copy of THE CROWD by Gustave Le Bon yesterday…but that was yesterday and yesterday’s gone. Leastwise that’s what the song says, but it was yesterday too, such and easy game to play…

        ‘The Crowd’ is important as the original template that Bernays and Lippmann took on in study for their furthering of proppygranda and mind manupilations. Le Bon, was more careful and considered messing with the massmind a dangerous prospect; ‘Unintended Consequences’ and all that…He didn’t anticipate the intentions of psychopaths such as Bernays and his warmonger corporatist pals. Science for science sake, Art for art’s sake, and sake with bongos and fruit flavored Mary’s Jaunta…issa gawdam coup d’titty. The joint as the new Freedom Torch and tarantula dancers in tights…begin the beguine with a beguiling rap and tap on those bongos and sing out for the New 21st Century Hipster.

        Read Robert Anton Wilson’s crushing critique of Carl Sagan yesserday too, with the help of the dead Paul McCartney, channeled from Abbey Road circa 1970. That’s when love was really such an easy game to play, and most tits were real. -the Barefoot Cuntessa []


      • Here here. That was nicely turned, Jorge. Are you old, like us, probably a student of Jung? If so I want to hear synchronicity explained again.

      • WTF….just me blathering again Will LOL! As Gore said about the Vostok glacial evidence, “It’s complicated”.

  24. Gustave Le Bon was a French social psychologist, sociologist, anthropologist, and author of,
    ‘The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind’

    I have endeavoured to examine the difficult problem presented by crowds in
    a purely scientific manner — that is, by making an effort to proceed with
    method, and without being influenced by opinions, theories, and doctrines.
    This, I believe, is the only mode of arriving at the discovery of some few
    particles of truth, especially when dealing, as is the case here, with a question
    that is the subject of impassioned controversy.~Gustave Le Bon – Introduction


  25. In a speech at the Justice Department Friday, President Barack Obama issued an unqualified defense of the National Security Agency (NSA) and the US government’s police state surveillance of the American people and countless millions around the world.

    The address was an exercise in lies and historical falsifications. The fact that such a speech could even be given without provoking a massive outcry and demands for the president’s immediate impeachment is an indication of how far the American ruling class and political establishment have gone in the direction of totalitarian rule.

    In the course of his 45-minute address, Obama never mentioned the Fourth Amendment, which explicitly bans warrentless and arbitrary “searches and seizures”—precisely what the NSA and other intelligence agencies are doing, and on a scale that could not have been imagined by the Founding Fathers of the American republic.

    Instead, the speech was marked by repeated paeans to the military-intelligence apparatus.

    “The folks at the NSA are our neighbors, they’re our friends and family,” Obama said. “Our intelligence community follows the law and is staffed by patriots,” he added, declaring that NSA operatives “follow protocols designed to protect the privacy of ordinary people.” – Eric London and Barry Grey

    • I might have told you that I met Timothy Leary at Terminal Island Lounge, a low security prison for the tame souls…Lol
      The “manager” of my band [Satyr] was in for selling kegs of double cross whites in New Orleans.
      ..lucky for him he got the venue changed to Los Angeles. I used to visit him there every other week or so.
      Met Vic Morrow the star of the TV series ‘COMBAT’ at the same table out on the patio there. Leary was one of the most upbeat guys I ever met…always that big smile. Morrow was morose. I worked on that movie where he was killed by the helicopter — The Twilight Zone movie. But not that segment.
      Leary came out to see our laser light show presentation with the dolphin guy, John Lilly – he was famous for letting all the experimental dolphins go. We had the show at some auditorium in Santa Monica…our music was taped for the presentation, but the whole band showed up to “be there”..
      Public Relations ya know.
      Steve, our manager, must have got out around the same time as Leary…I don’t remember the year.

      Jack, if you want ‘synchronicity’ esplained to you again, just listen to the album by The Police…it really does do a good job of getting the kernel of the idea across.


      • Synchronicity happens with the flow and fleetingly ebbs by upon tilting against the current. Seize the moment.
        “Too Many People” Paul McCartney

      • Sorry I never explained the weird comment about synchronicity…it was following a comment by one Jorge Pitoreal…which vanished. He went into how Freud the uncle of Edgar came to the US in 1912 and said “We are the plague” when he arrived on the boat with Jung. I’m not blaming Jung…liked his synchronicity. 1912 and 1913 are a fair synchronicity but not coincidence, part of the mind control plans culminating in World Wars, income tax, and the Balfour Declaration. No worries, mates, not only do I fully understand synchronicity, I try to plan for it to happen at least once a week. Once you get into synchronicity, life would seem less magical without it.

      • Here’s a documentary on Tim Leary and Ken Kesey by Ken Babb’s son. It reveals interesting psychedelic lore, like how Tom Wolfe twisted the story about their first meeting at Millbrook. Dr. Tim typically forgives him. Lots of sixties color here-

    • Loved that Moody Blues on Dr. Tim. Leary ‘processed’ LSD pretty well for someone of his background in academia. He got dosed for the first time by some artists who fingerdipped into a gram of Czech acid from Michael Hollingshead…overdosed. It took him a few days to sort those first mics out as the hit was way, way beyond shrooms and experimental settings.
      I’ve read Politics of Ecstasy. IMO Leary did a creditable job of assessing LSD. He provided one of the best early frameworks for understanding it outside the psychotherapeutic circles. It was his destiny to later wind up with the Brotherhood of Eternal Love in California. The Brotherhood had gotten into acid by highjacking some therapeutic doses at a party they crashed in LA while acid was still legal. Thinking themselves the hardmen, the Brotherhood dropped the therapeutic acid they had hijacked. They caught onto Leary’s ‘start your own religion’ message after that.
      I was never impressed with Leary’s later life after prison, but he was on to other trips by then.
      I was very impressed by Leary’s liberation at West Point when they tried to break him.
      I was a resister, but I understand why these troops are laughing-

      The commander finally gave up trying to control his men..this is the most important finding. That and the upbeat feeling.

      • I know this must seem like a lot of trivia about the sixties, even to us sympathetic with the psychedelic era of history, but I will throw this one in there too to counter the original article’s historical revision of the sixties’ phenomenon. The author of the book on the Brotherhood is giving a talk at a bookstore about his research. At the very end, some people do assert the historical revision about the CIA plotting the hippies, but others debunk it in the audience. The author admits he was not there in the sixties. His talk is mostly about the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. One interesting point he makes is the Brotherhood fell apart when the love and peace gave way to smuggling fever and cocaine.

        Where was I in this era? I smoked weed once in spring of ’67. I passed through SF in June ’67 as the Summer of Love was getting going and spent the summer in Hawaii working. Found out my brother was dropping acid in LA. At the end of the summer my surfing buddy and I toured Haight Ashbury. A month later, the “Death of the Hippie” parade was staged. By December I was a student at Berkeley. It was at Berkeley that we suburbanites turned on to LSD for the first time. We would go to the Fillmore and trip out at Big Sur. There was plenty of acid around then. Even at this late date after acid was made illegal in California, the hippie scene was still going in the Bay Area but showing signs of deflating and getting corrupted. That was how alot of us dropped out and I ended up passing through Taylor Camp in ’69-70. My offshoot from the hippies was what the people in Berkeley called ‘back to the land’. The Whole Earth Catalog came from that branch of the tree. Of course the roots were deep in history, way back.
        The connection with surfers and the Endless Summer movie is covered in the bookstore talk. No doubt it had something to do with the whole phenomenon since Laguna Beach and Maui became the focal points of the Brotherhood. To this day you will find icons like Les Visible telling tales of Maui…one of the islands I actually have not explored much other than Haleakala and Kaupo Gap.

  26. Yo Jack, I was in Haight Ashbury summer of 67 ass swell.. My guitar player and I left the band we had in Lake Charles, Lucy Anna and hitched to the big CA – a remarkably weird trip in itself.

    We only stayed there for two weeks, then hitched down to Hollywood to connect with music people we knew there, Curt Boettcher and Keith Olson. They had produced a record of our band, The Oracle. I loved the Hollywood Blvd of that era, a continual surreal carnival.

    You have covered the Psychedelic era of California pretty well here. I hope there are others checking in to find and appreciate this history.


  27. I wasn’t in that neck of the woods but the movement spread rapidly in the sixties. Yorkville in Toronto absolutely bloomed. It was where the coffee houses were in the fifties and the beat generation did their thing. It’s where musicians like The Band”, Neil Young and Joni Mitchell and John Kay and “Steppenwolf” had their beginnings so it was a natural place for the counterculture to settle in. Then there was “Rochdale College”, you get a moment, check it out. It became wide open pandemonium.
    I was in Halifax in the late sixties and the movement had roots there and was a good scene. It must have scared the crap out of TPTB by how rapidly it spread. There was the bikers and heads on this side of the divide and the straights and rednecks on the other. By the end of the sixties meth came onto the scene in a big way. It was uncanny how easily the straights and rednecks took to that. By the mid seventies, many of them completely ruined themselves doing speed. Many went right over the edge, many completely destroyed their health permanently. Three year speed runs killed many and the survivors ended up looking 50 in their late twenties pockmarked from speed zits with sallow complexions, no life in their eyes, destroyed physiques, they either stayed grotesquely skinny or blimped out. Lots of wreckage from then. A shame from something that started so beautiful but we were very innocent and were breaking new ground. It was a time no one knew the long term results of doing dope, coke was mild and the worse you could get was the “Clap” I had my trials by fire also but came away from it in a lasting sense of awe.
    Canned Heat “Amphetamine Annie

    • Yea..interesting how the worst of “dope”; amphetamines have had such a lasting run. Still the poop pop snot in most places for the underclass — almost as bad as ‘chemo’ that the docs give you to “cure” cancer.

      I have a pal here, Larry that was accused of having throat cancer. They fucked him up big-time with chemo, he can’t taste anything since that shit. Had to feed himself liquids through a hole they drilled in his belly for close to a year. But he’s “happy to be alive” and swears by those docs… But who’s to say he wouldn’t still be alive anyway, and able to taste and enjoy food? All the maybes stacked into a synchrotic blvd of metaphoric tales from the crypt.

      I remember seeing Niel Young and CrazyHorse at The Corral in Topanga Canyon…around ’69. They were really great, a couple of the Mothers were playing with him at the time…no Zappa though.
      That was a hangout for me for several years. I had a 56 Jaguar Coventry at that time, it actually had an airplane engine under the hood. It was hard to lift the clutch gentle enough not to get scratch at take off…It is rumored that Jim Morrison was inspired to write “Roadhouse Blues” about the drive up Topanga Canyon Boulevard to The Corral. The chicks there were all hippies, underarm hair au natural’…Lol — I can’t say that I really got into that, especially hairy legs. But some were too damn pretty to pass up over a bit of body hair.

      Whatta life, aye guys?


      • It was quite a life. I feel sorry for any who missed it. It opened up so many doors and ways to live outside the box. Music and art fluorished, with real flower power, the universe in a bud, it was a Renaissance. The hippies worked Ravi Shankar into the mix at the Be ins and Woodstock. His tabla player, Alla Rakka was the father of Zakir Hussein whom he trained in rythm from an early age. Today Zakir is the premier tabla player in the world, and still lives in the East Bay where he has an old house and trees. He bridged the cultural gap with the hippies, jamming with the Airplane and Dead musicians. Currently there is a growing kirtan circuit which came out of Khrishna Das and Baba Ram Das’ early trips to India. The story is Baba Neem Karoli fired his Indian chanters for messin with the girlz with hairy legs, and made the Westerners chant for him. It is ironic how jewish the Hare Khrishna-kirtan music circuit is except that is how almost all of staged music is run today. The story of Radhanath Swami is typical of this, also Khrishna Das and Baba Ram Das. I have no problem with that. In my view this venue gives the jews a way out of the rabbis’ ghetto psyche and into the love. I see all these bridges as neural connections and a way out of Albert Pikeworld.
        As Kesey said, it ain’t over until the fat lady gets high.
        I used to work for the Neil Young estate in Hawaii. Also for Jesse Colin Young, who sang “Come on people, smile on your brother, everybody get together, try to love one another right now”. Jesse is still playing music in his home studio and interested in life…still young at heart. I never met Neil. I retired to my shanty awhile back. Music is a big part of my life now…have the time to learn it in my late sixties.
        Just want to reiterate my pleasure and comfort at knowing you two sailors at this point in time. I could never post this kind of info at disinfo sites, what would be the point. I’m done arguing.
        We had an ice (meth) problem on my island but with Peaceful Skies thanks to Roger Christie and others, weed was able to reestablish itself and got people off crank. Back in the sixties it was the bikers pushing speed. They beat up the hippies at Berkeley for protesting the war. Ken Kesey believed acid was so powerful he could reform the Angels just as acid reformed the Brotherhood that started out as petty hoodlums. Partial success. Neal Cassady was reputed never to have reformed off speed.
        I’m glad you are not too bored with all our postings of psychedelic history. It is always good to document the real story of our times just for the sake of historical accuracy.
        One of the things acid did for terminal illness patients was breaking their myths about life and death, which counterintuitively proved in clinical trials to help them. As far as chemo, I agree, that seems like a risky proposition. The real elephant in the room is why the cancer incidence globally has risen so much since 1945. The state, federal, and world health organizations are in lockstep denying the obvious cause. Leary may have been right about the internet being a tool as powerful as acid. Just since Fukushima has there been a phenomenal growth in the anti nuke ranks due to info sharing. San Onofre was shut down.

      • Yea Jack,

        I heard about San Onofre being shut down…the two ugliest tits on the planet. I used to drive by there … so often, when I lived in SD and still had business ties in the LA area to attend to. It always gave me the creeps. It is just so weird and psychotic that the nuke industry developed as it did. If anything proves the madness of this society it is that.

        It is cool that you are so into the Eastern music scene. I love the exotic flavors of all that. I was just telling my bud in California about Korla Pandit, and what an early influence on me he was. He had a TV show in LA in the 50s. Not many folks seem to remember him. But as a kid I was fascinated, enchanted by his music. The first time I ever heard Miserlou was Pandit’s version on pipe organ and piano. It’s funny the connections: The very first LP 33 long play record I ever bought was Dick Dale’s album with Miserlou on it.

        Say Jack, I tried to send you an mp3 to the email addy you have notated on this blog. As with another guy here, it won’t be delivered. I get those mailer daemons back when I try to send. I have a lot of music on mp4 and mp3. I call it music, a lot of it is…well, so far out that it might be a stretch to call it that. Sound Experiments, Sound Design, etc. Anyway, if you have another email address that would be compatible with gmail, send me a note to:
        I’d love to share some stuff with you. I got songs too, from when I was in bands and stuff. But now I’m into the Weird…ask Veri, he can testify as to how far on the perimeter I am.

        I am really into something very Amerikan right now — the theme music to BREAKING BAD. I don’t know if you saw that series {?} Not having a TV I didn’t see it when it came out and was all the rage. Only later did I check it out cuz someone mentioned it on one of the political blogs. I mentioned it to California Steve, and old pal from way back and he freaked that I didn’t know anything about it. With his endorsement, I began renting the series from the local video rental place…I watched the whole series as a single movie – from start to finish…only taking time to sleep in between. A real tour de force. Funny thing is, it’s about that demon drug, Meth. Very dark noir cinema…but fabulously done. Anyway, I could really relate to the score. A lot like the Noiz I have been composing for years. It is by Dave Porter, who started his career with Philip Glass Studios, of Koyaanisqatsi fame. “Life Out of Balance” … now isn’t that prescient?

        Anyway…won’t turn this comment into a book…Lol..


  28. Glad of your acquaintance also Jack. Friendship is a fellowship, we’re here to interact in each others understandings and growth. Ego’s are best left parked on the working side of the keyboard.
    Way I see it is, I’m here to learn and share knowledge and have no time for derisive interchange. This is about understanding and becoming aware, not creating an atmosphere of the low frequency of anger and fear. There’s enough of that in this fucked up world. There’s no shame in being innocent , the drive is to remove gullibility. The web seems to be the one place where one can encounter enlightened repartee, it’s very rare to find it on the street.
    Ever check out Max Egan,

  29. Yeah, I love Max Igan. When I saw him on a rooftop in Gaza with Ken O’keefe greeting the day, I knew he was special. He is grounded in this world.
    Back to Indian classical music, here is an awesome clip about Zakir Hussein and his father-

    • Just awesome Jack…the speed of the hand movements and keeping that rhythm is simply magical.

      And since I rebooted my pc the stuttery glitchoids are gone…for now at least.

      Bravo! ! !


  30. Interesting music, loved the expressions on their faces. As he described there was an innocence and a connection. Incredible how they could create the staccato of that rhythm but watching their hands, it didn’t look possible.
    I tuned into Max Egan early on in his gig and even then, it took me months to check it all out. His site has expanded exponentially since then. He’s archived some very important information as to the real state of affairs of the planet. I’ve told people of it, mostly a waste of time, you can lead a horse to water, you can’t make him drink.

  31. Yeah it is exasperating how for example lamestream people refuse to even look at the evidence from 9/11, which will go down as one of the most obvious herd deceptions of all time. It seems like the ones who won’t drink from the eternal spring of truth are carrying plastic bottles of Evian to get by, and good luck with that to our friends and families in major denial who can still buy plastic with plastic. Maybe they will miss their water if their wells run dry, although I don’t hope so for their sakes. The funny thing about LSD is how readily normal people would drink it at a Veterans’ Hospital in a crappy set and setting and still ‘get the picture’-

    Those were the days maze amis and then cogito ergot some. This thread started with California hippie culture being scapegoated as a CIA plot. California’s early history spanned the good, bad and ugly from Ishi to the friars, 49ers, and ranchers. Silicon Valley, Alcatraz, Laurel Canyon, Haight Ashbury and Hollywood are located in Cali. The talkies began there. The world’s cars are designed there. Cali unleashed Nixon, Ronnie Reagan and the Governator. Aerospace is there, two Lawrence bomb labs, El Capitan and La Raza. What a crazy quilt. We truth seekers looking at civilization holistically are a small cohort. We have been on the outside looking in for ten thousand years.
    I will add one more excellent documentary about the early days of LSD research, featuring Hoffman, Grof, Stolaroff, Osmond, Metzner, and others. This was probably the only truthful mainstream effort on the subject, and is typically a product of Canada, not the US. Yall may have seen it already but I post it for anyone who needs/wants to do research or archiving-

    • “The sober certainty of waking bliss..” — the other doctor

      “If you can’t see it, you’ll never know it — I feel sorry for you.” — the once “normal” housewife of the 50s

      She had to be a really stable personality to get through that lame interrogation without freaking out. That line I quote from her is so deep and true.


      • Right on Will, you also caught the key quote I did too. The other good quote she made was when he asked if she was feelin the akasha, she said, well I would be if you were not here.
        But some therapists would trip with their patients in nice settings…the natural way or shaman’s way. It makes me wonder if Sydney Cohen dropped or if he did whether he got the picture

  32. Pretty soon we will have exhausted this subject about the hippies.. Once you throw in the influence on people like Steve Jobs or Francis Crick of the era, there is not much more to say about the psychedelic revolution of the sixties. The lamestream processes this kind of info in their own funny way, while the authorities see everything the opposite of libertarians and researchers. Right now pot legalization is gaining traction, finally, with normal people at last flashing on George Washington advising Americans to make the most out of hempseed, a traditionally super valuable crop source for fiber, food, oil, medicine, etc. But regardless of the gains made by medical or legal marijuana, it has still not been reclassified out of Schedule 1 as required by law once medicinal value is established. The PTB are going to fight legal pot to the end even though it now looks like they will lose. People are going to be harassed, like those drivers swabbed by LAPD. But then again, NYPD is handing out $250 fines for jaywalking…to make the city ‘safe’. Alot of it is the age old liquidation of the people’s tribute. The Rothschilds will always demand new taxes on everything. They put up the Al Gores and pay them off. The crazy quilt of this society is kept in such turmoil far from equilibrium, that no good idea can ever be assured acceptance, while all the bad agendas are official dogma right down to the minds of the drones enforcing ‘order out of chaos’. I just do not see our herd society pulling out of a gnarly tailspin, unless they are acrobats I never knew. Very little has changed since prior episodes of the same drama. Ozymandias. Of course we never want to handicap, but are often forced to make predictions (and some wrong!). I hope my gloom proves all wrong. Try to see the good…ha! But we are all Palestinians now.

    I can think of some other thread topics we might consider but would like to hear your ideas, Veri and Will. A big part of what we are facing with the matrix (or whatever you want to call it) is ritual deception and cognitive dissonance. I was thinking, could we compose our personal lists of what we think are the greatest herd deceptions today? It could be events, institutions, belief systems, epistemologies, etc. What I found at Coto was people had wildly different beliefs on topics we could raise. For example on ‘peak oil’, there is disagreement. But it might be something to consider for ‘next’…I don’t know that we want to argue about these topics as arguments divide.. But we might share some info on them and teach each other things of value. I can see alot of people newly aware of SHTF plans, GMOs, and Agenda 21. These things seem like they will become inescapable topics as the years go by. Police state, brutality, phony wars, falseflags, Operation Gladio, Ft. Knox’s missing gold, shadow stats, Obama care,etc. are certainly topical issues for many today. I’m just thinking hippieworld does not address them well because of the idealism and non specificity…although the fear of the PTB of legal pot seems to indicate hippieworld poses a glitch in their method of keeping the population in crisis and denial..

    One topic I am interested in is aging because of the effects of it on myself which are so hard to stave off with any strategies. I have been reading some books on the subject along with books on learning and neural networks. I was noticing that Baba Ram Dass seems alot more fluent in his speech now compared to right after his stroke. I am wondering how he ‘rebuilt’ his neural abilities. It does not seem like he uses psychedelics or pot anymore, but is into love and peace for sure. It seems like music, reading, and discourse aid neural regeneration. Swims at the beach like Dick Allgire was doing seem to do the trick. Connecting to our hearts is important, but how? Keeping in constant crisis is a hard road to travel and may be why alot of people tune out when we bring up 9/11 or other issues like that. As Jack Nicholson said, they can’t handle the truth. As we age it seems few want to learn new tricks. So I will throw out aging as a thread topic. I doubt anyone can escape that portal…so what do we make of it?

    And of course beyond neural regeneration and youth there is the elephant of Fukushima, a subject I thought about alot over the last decade. I had a friend who informed me about 9/11 falseflag and DU at the same time around 2012, that started me questioning everything. There must be millions of us, apparently, as Brzinski mentioned a growing awareness.
    At least the citizens around San Onofre were able to self organize effectively. These were not the truth seekers on the outside looking in, but a broad spectrum of the population. Perhaps the people are more resilient than I sometimes think.

  33. Woops, I meant 2002 not 2012 when I started questioning everything. I naively had no clue prior to 9/11 that things in the world were like this. Still learning.

  34. I’d say we have lots to talk about. What we discovered between us is we have common ground in our views. Willy and I have maintained an open discourse for some time now. It doesn’t have to be always in deep water. There’s so much happening constantly that to each from our own perspectives. Info comes our way that is stand out in it’s own right that is either missed by one or the other or is not noticed to be pertinent information.
    We go back to Coto Report days and Agent Albury Smith a total shill debunker. Then there were others but that entity was at the top of the list. The administrator allowed that thread to go on for about a year and 771 comments. We finally concocted between us a strategy to steer him out into never neverland and there he went. The Agent provided us a good straight man to come up good comedy routines that you could have taken on a night club circuit as it became apparent that civility certainly wasn’t the order of the day. Then there was “Senior El Once a nincompoop always a nincompoop” but that’s Willy’s story.
    Open discourse doesn’t have to be inflammatory, that shuts down the rapport as one has to feel they have to be on their guard in their commentary. But neither does one have to tolerate proselytization or just plain fucking lunacy.
    Glad you’re here Jack, We can keep this as an open discourse in public or interchange via emails or both. Health issues are at the top of my agenda as the three of us are in the same age category. I want to keep aviating for as long as my health allows and then some, it’s a particular passion of mine that I haven’t nearly done enough of.
    Lets share our knowledge base, the three of us are intuitive seekers and I sense kindred souls that haven’t sold out.
    I don’t thump the book but do believe “Seek and ye shall find”

  35. That is beautiful, Veri. Please do post up any new links on this thread like that movie you posted. As Albert Hoffman said, the whole entheogen thing is a combination of both compounds and what is already within people biochemically. We understand psychedelics connect with the pineal and chakras. It is good we can keep this one open as long as we wish.
    Those agents on our blogs are always interesting. The DOE and DOD has nuke agents out who always downplay radiation hazards, dispute the science, try to divert attention off critical issues, so I know their tactics too. There are more subtle agendists now in the disinfo blog corps which is alot more than just Alex Jones.
    Well here is one a friend showed me that you might like-completely off topic of hippies and sixties-but damn good work for our bro Malone-

    • I meant to say here is a rebuttal to the idiot disinfo stuff happening now. If you have been following the attack on the Sandy Hoax debunkers by agendists pushing the official story, you know how Malone is putting them to shame.

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