This page should end up with several photos of my bronze bust of Hippocrates…if WordPress will cooperate with me…Lol


3 thoughts on “FIRST DO NO HARM

  1. I have had the experience with WordPress, of loading new pics after the initial one, and one of those will arbitrarily end up as the large central pc, while the one intended for that is reduced in size. I may end up making several blog pages of this sculpt so that they are all of the large format this pic is…



  2. Hello HR1… Long time no chat… Hope you are well…

    Your Hippocrates looks great… But the masking of the background does not do it justice… I am a photoshop professional, and if you were to email me a higher resolution original, I can make it a little nicer, especially for the edges between bronze and black…

    (feel free to delete this comment once you’ve seen it)

    • Hi Lilaleo,

      Yea long time that you’ve commented here.
      Yes the masking has scatter and rough edges. I have noticed that as well. I can’t send anything to your email address however. If you make a gmail account, and send me an email from that we could do it. Just two doors down on the Happy New Year thread I have my email address posted.

      Be good now, y’hear?


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