Subtitle: ‘The Unbridled Arrogance of Anonymity’

This thread will be an addendum to the previous thread ‘Carnival d’Maxifuckanus’. As that thread is more than two years old, and has so many comments, and it is obvious that so many more will need to be written to keep track of this arrogant idiot the Maxitwat, I now dedicate this new thread to such a task.
Willy Whitten – \\][//



  1. This is the second part of the saga of my unfortunate encounter and ensuing entanglement with perhaps the most vile, disingenuous psychotic personality I have ever met.

    Part one can be found at:

    This episode will begin where that one leaves off, with a discussion of a thread hijacked by the anonymous entity going by Maxwell Bridges aka Señor el Once, affectionately known here as Maxitwerp (among a variety of other colorful names and characterizations).

    I hope the readership finds this as entertaining as I do.

    Willy Whitten – \\][//

    • Maxwell Bridges is a covert provocateur of agitprop.

      He presents DESIGN masquerading as DIAGNOSIS. He makes the whole story up out of cheesecloth and spinning bullshit. Argumentum Verbosium is one of his specialties; long convoluted strings of non sequiturs “ringing” like thuds on a lead bell.

      He is industrial strength bullshit through a high-pressure ass pump.

      el topo
      Yes… he is el topo, “the mole”

    • I said in the opening remarks of this page:

      ‘..the previous thread ‘Carnival d’Maxifuckanus’. As that thread is more than two years old..’

      Bridges calls this a “cheesy lie” … actually it is an innocent mistake caused by carelessness. Of course any chance the anonymous cretin can call me a liar is grabbed and bull-horned, just like he tries to blow everything else out of proportion.

      As one will notice, the entity and I have been in this dance macabre for well over two years, as I point out on ‘Carnival’ that it began on T&S in January 2012. It was having this in mind that caused the simple brainfart in my quote above. But you know, moles like Bridges are good at trying to make molehills into mountains.

      • Another thing this anonymous entity throws in my face is that I am a “Misogynist”. I am not a man who hates women in general, I do despise a certain type of individual, vile, vindictive, selfish, callous and calculating. It doesn’t matter if they are a male or female, I consider them “cunts”. It is the personality profile I deplore; the ‘nagging bitch’, the badgering nanny.
        I have known both men and women that are like that, petty psychopathy, often overlaying deeper forms such as lack of empathy, no sense of conscience. The mask face actor that just goes through practiced emotional responses that mimic real ones.
        There is a synthetic “charisma” that can be projected by the most talented of these soulless creatures.
        I knew a few of these ‘extra special people’ while I was in the music industry. And then a few more when I had gone into special effects film. And I married one, a spectacular charismatic, charming and beautiful. She was the closest study I ever made, an amazing psychological journey for 17 years. Ruthless is a word that fits into this topic.

        Now if I speak frankly about or to such people it can make them very nervous. I have learned to recognize the general habits and mannerisms of such people. The dichotomy sometimes arises when a fanaticism is part of the mix and ‘the stalker’ is added to the profile. The very fact that I challenge them becomes an affront. The metaphor of “the tar-baby” comes into play and the entity will stick to you ‘fixated’. These stages are forms of neurosis, and can develop in individuals that aren’t in the psychotic stages at all. But when they do become part of the Psycho’s baggage, they can be acted out in the extreme.

        To come back to my main point; in the lexicon of HR1, a ‘Cunt’ is a Psychopath, male or female. A ‘Twat’ is when I am speaking to the ‘Nanny’ personality being played out by a plastic entity. And there are many other colorful words to portray their various facets with.

        But always remember, a psychopath is a human being, a damaged human being. They therefore deserve our sincere pity, while at the same time not allowing their trespasses. Our empathy is their prey and target. But our empathy when justly wielded is our greatest power. One must be candid oneself to gain a candid world.

  2. Señor El Once – JULY 8, 2014 AT 5:33 PM
    “I’m surprised to see my July 8, 2014 at 4:19 pm EMAIL on the blog. I didn’t know something could be posted by replying to an auto-email. I thought I was composing an off-list email to Mr. McKee and evidently overlooked the email address list. Sorry.

    As such, please remove the July 8, 2014 at 4:19 pm posting. //”
    .. . . . .. .. .. . . . . . ….. ..
    This very comment- posted about an hour after the comment had already been removed, is obvious bullshit. The excuse that he wrote it as a private email and it just “happened to end up on the thread” is bullshit considering his deep grasp of how these things work… he is lying. He did it on purpose, and this excuse isn’t even plausible.

    Maxitwat simply spews agitprop gibberish.

    . . . . . . . Update:

    Hmm… Looks like Craig found that excuse posted by Maxitwerp on JULY 8, 2014 AT 5:33 PM, about as disingenuous as I do, as it is now off to moderation or where ever the banned comments go!

    What intrigue and weird shit goes on when the covert entity is involved.

  3. “O, what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive” ~ Sir Walter Scott.

    Yes indeed, and now the anonymous entity is literally cocooned in his own webs.

  4. Explaining to the anonymous entity such simple concepts as the idea of “hijacking a conversation” may be futile given his distinct lack of cognitive cohesion, yet the exercise is worthwhile for the benefit of others nevertheless.

    Hijacking has to do with steering and direction not with speed or frequency. In our instance, that of commentary and conversation, the issue is to do with topic, and the natural flow of that in it’s variance.

    How this differs from what the entity does is quite obvious, as he has a prior agenda that he refers to as his “hobby horse”, which is rather a rocking-horse. And it is only pretense that this has any relevance to the topic of the current conversation, or on the many other conversations that were taking place when the sales pitch was forced upon those as well.

    As with the entity’s standard techniques of obfuscation, he has the “beancounter ruse”, wherein he pretends that putting things in jive numbers has some special magic relevance. So it is another slight of hand and distracting jabberwank to cite meaningless statistics and make up equations as convoluted allegories that might be more easily understood if put in sentences of plain language. But such transparency of thinking is not the mission of a PR salesman, especially when that mission is to defame what he sees as “competition”.

    This short little exposition is an explanation of ‘Hijacking a blog thread’. More can always be said, but sometimes less is better.
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Originally published on T&S on JULY 5, 2014 AT 1:54 PM

  5. –“Some of you may notice that a bunch of comments were returned to the moderation queue today. Since the last TS post, and especially over the past 10 days or so, I have been rushing to meet a deadline for two very long and very involved articles I’m contributing to book project on false flag operations. Finishing these pieces has kept me from many things I’d normally be doing. One area where I’ve been remiss is following the comments on this thread. I regret not making enough time for this recently.

    In getting caught up, I found a lively discussion going on about nukes at the World Trade Center. I could have sworn I outlawed that several days back. Now, removing comments after the fact can really screw up a thread, but in this case TOO BAD. If I see more I’ll take them out, too. At this point, I don’t care who “started it.”

    Now, to the future: Until further notice, there will be NO mention on this blog of the nuclear issue either directly or indirectly. Not one word. If anyone ignores this demand from me, they may find their posting privileges suspended. Or revoked. And if I think someone is taking advantage of this ban to provoke or taunt someone else, I will deal with them in a similar way.

    I am not saying this because I’m necessarily hostile to the topic. I’m hostile to how this topic ruins threads on this blog.”~Craig McKee — JULY 8, 2014 AT 3:20 PM
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    “Until further notice, there will be NO mention on this blog of the nuclear issue either directly or indirectly. Not one word.”~McKee

    I should think this is unambiguous enough.

    Is this clear enough to you now Señor el Anonymous?
    No mas! … Lol
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    But Nooooo!!! …just under an hour after Mr McKees very clear instruction not to mention nukes on his blog again, this arrogant motherfucker Maxitwat posted this:

    Señor El Once — JULY 8, 2014 AT 4:19 PM
    –“SO, WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR NUKES? Who are you going to interview? What’s your take for the article? Perfectly clear that you don’t want to use anything I’ve written [would inflame too much bias], but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be used as a solid starting point and foundation for your understanding and efforts. Stand on my shoulders. Build on it. Retain was is valuable; don’t use what isn’t. And if I have something data-mined of value that you want to cherry-pick and re-use, it’ll all be good.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Now this son-of-a-bitch can get hold of Craig by email just as easily as I can…and did just now. This is clearly and pointedly Max saying “Fuck You!” to Mr McKee.
    Un-fuckin-believable, what a total prick this Maxipunk is.

  6. The main point of my comment on thread hijacking is of course that before the Señor entity came on wanking his limp noodle, some 90% of my comments were directly to the Pentagon issue, while the other 10% was discussing side issues brought up by other commentators.
    So the only comments I made that can reasonably claimed to be out of bounds as per topic are the ones provoked by the entity. Therefore the beancounting is skewed as far as context – which is typical of the entity’s PR history

    Why won’t I give you a break anonymous beancounting asshole?
    Why won’t I just ignore you? Are you serious you crazed son-of-a-bitch?

    For more than 2 years you have harrassed me, stalked me from one blog to the next, attempted character assassination with your lying bullshit about the fucking BOOK, and on top of that break into almost every comment thread on T&S to continue this lunatic game you are playing.

    I have indicated here quite a few times that if you would just stop, that I would end this thread, and not “bother” you on T&S. But you continue with the very same MO, doing the same demented tricks relentlessly.

    You made your bed of thorns motherfucker, and you will lay in them.

    So now here it is, no matter what you do from this point on, I’ll be watching you and reporting back here.

    –”Most of this work is associated with “controlled demolition”, which is fine. When the word “chemical” is inserted between “controlled” and “demolition” to restrict the PR marketing, it fails to match the hype with substance.”~Señor El Once — JULY 2, 2014 AT 6:33 PM

    This is utter bullshit. Anyone who pays the slightest attention to the reasoning in my exposition would understand that the signal characteristics of the evidence proves chemical explosives exclusively. And this is the very reason the twatty entity attempts to dismiss the central proofs, once again leapfrogging to the “hot-spots” issue after a handwave to the proofs of what can only be chemical explosives:

    –”That is the PR trick. As but one example, this work purposely ignores the duration of under-rubble hot-spots and the inability of chemical-based mechanisms “to go the distance” in accounting for them, which high school math & chemistry easily expose.”
    ~Señora Twatness

    Now THAT is the “PR trick” — his “high school math & chemistry” expose nothing, because of the false assumptions he applies such math to. And it is this disingenuous bullshit that turns this whole issue into a creaking tired carousel – one that has to be snuck into T&S sideways like the spurious rap of a sleazy used car salesman.

    Maxitwat is one rude motherfucker…

  7. Well…one thing Señor Twatmouth,

    You have pulled this shit on T&S enough times now that all of the regulars are going to recognize just what a lying shill shit you are. Even if they won’t say anything about it, as they see how they would become a target for your nasty remarks just like Mr Ruff and I are.

    Just like Agent Wright, you keep posting there, even though every one there can see what an asshole you are.

    Who among the regular posters on T&S do you think buy your nookiedoodoo shit?
    I will tell you with confidence; not a single one.


    The “Invisible Man Syndrome”… Lots of people on the Internet suffer from this feeling they can get away with anything because they are invisible, sitting behind a screen using a nom de plume – and no one will ever know who they are.

    Some people like Maxitwerp become fanatical. Look at his whole persona, the ‘el Zorro’ fantasy-life he has created. He even wrote about it openly. And the ‘Don Diego’ side, the real ‘Clark Kent’ behind the masquerade is defended with cheesy excuses about “the Founding Fathers” who wrote the Federalist Papers “bla bla bla” … the Maxitwatinus is a classic psychopath given free reign by the anonymity of the blogosphere.


  9. Reasoning from supposition is like idling in neutral – it takes an argument nowhere.
    Reasoning from facts and data puts the argument in motion and moves it forward.

  10. T&S Ruling:

    “Until further notice, there will be NO mention on this blog of the nuclear issue either directly or indirectly. Not one word.”
    ~Craig McKee — JULY 8, 2014


    –“Mr. Rogue writes:

    -‘I suggest the obvious answer is that the Señor entity is part of the Sunstein infiltration movement.’

    –Gee. The phrase “part of the Sunstein infiltration movement” would have been exactly what I think regarding the totality of Mr. Rogue’s efforts here on T&S, on COTO, and on his own lame-ass blog to “shutdown with vengance” any rational discussion on Fourth Generation Nuclear Devices.”~Maxwell Bridges

    . . . . . . .. . . . . . .
    So what is a “rational discussion on Fourth Generation Nuclear Devices”?

    The answer to this is that Fourth Generation Nuclear Devices are still on the drawing table as of this late date of July 2014. They are on the “military wish list”, they are being “outlawed in concept” by anti-nuclear watchdog organizations. But there is no proof of the existence of any such operative 4th gen nukes.

    Add to this and you have the problem of no nuclear evidence in the aftermath of WTC 9/11. Again all one is given is rhetorical spin and bullshit, which has been addressed for years by the critics of the exotic weapons theories.


    At one point Maxitwerp accused me of trying to get the comments shut down on the recent T&S thread. This was certainly not so – At the time the comments on nukes were deleted by Mr McKee, I had made a decisive case against nukes, and left Bridges in a corner with no answers – it was at this point that HE started squawking, which led to Mr McKee noticing and clamping down.

    The argument against nukes being used at WTC on 9/11 is easy and simple, because there is simply zero evidence for the proposition, and controlled demolition has already been proven beyond reasonable doubt.

    Those making the argument for nukes, and DEW are cranks and charlatans.

    • Maxwell Bridges can’t stop lying, for if he does he will have to stop his commentary entirely.

  12. Yea, this jukebox operator, the covert entity is a wise-guy, wise-ass … a conman:
    The Bullshitter card in the Tarot deck.

    I take special pleasure in reading his blog and seeing his description of himself depicted as a picture of me. It is total projection – nothing is more honest than what one finds in the subtext of projection. He let’s it all hang out.

    So what we will see later, will be the words above turned around, with the entity’s use of the 4th grade schoolyard taunt of “I know you are but what am I”. By doing such you will notice the entity’s total lack of originality, and tendency to ‘copycat’. Such as his use of “//” as a sign-off, after being so impressed with my “\\][//”.

    But there is no flattery in being admired by a psychopath, only the danger of their obsessive personality, which results in stalking and harassment; which I have detailed in the first page on the topic of the ANONYMOUS ENTITY aka, Maxwell Bridges, etc…

    As the order has been given, go fuck yourself Señor el Zero.


    arXiv:0901.2993v1 [physics. soc-ph] 20 Jan 2009

    “The physical principles of thermonuclear explosives, inertial confinement fusion, and the quest for fourth generation nuclear weapons
    Andre Gsponer and Jean-Pierre Hurni Independent Scientific Research Institute Box 30, CH-1211 Geneva-12, Switzerland January 20, 2009

    This report is an assessment of the prospect of developing new (i.e., fourth generation) nuclear weapons in the context of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT) that was adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1996 and of the current moratorium on nuclear testing in effect in all nuclear-weapon States.
    The fourth chapter is devoted to fourth generation nuclear weapons. These new fission or fusion explosives could have yields in the range of 1 to 100 ton equivalents of TNT, i.e., in the gap which today separates conventional weapons from nuclear weapons. These relatively low-yield nuclear explosives would not qualify as weapons of mass destruction.”

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    The reader will note that this dialog pertaining to Fourth Generation Nuclear Weapons is all framed in the future-tense. In other words the whole thing is based on conjecture; what might be developed within the next 20 years or so.

    And this is why it fits so perfectly into Max Bridges’ game — all of it is conjecture, supposition and rhetorical spin. He pretends he doesn’t have to prove any of this bullshit. It’s a big happy MAYBE, and that is all that matters to Max.

    Meanwhile we have the event at WTC itself to analyze in light of the facts now brought forth; conclusive proof of controlled demolition using chemical explosives. A straight forward substantive case of actual physical, visual, and testimonial proofs.

    It is obvious that in his fanaticism Max will never stop talking in circles. But that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be curtailed by reasonable critics and left behind as irrelevant within the tent of rationality.

    • BTW, the article cited above is a good read for understanding nuclear weapons in general – for those who are interested in such.



      This is the URL Max Bridges posted on T&S … it is the exact article by Andre Gsponer that I quoted from in my rebuttal above, which notes that this dialog pertaining to Fourth Generation Nuclear Weapons is all framed in the future-tense. In other words the whole thing is based on conjecture; what might be developed within the next 20 years or so.

      Bridges should have noted such himself – but he will never admit that his entire gambit is based on conjecture spun to Woowooland by disingenuous rhetoric.

      But it is a good article on nuclear physics, so anyone wishing to discover how totally full of shit Bridges is, would do well to read it.

      • Quest – noun 1. a search or pursuit made in order to find or obtain something: a quest for uranium mines; a quest for knowledge.


  14. Maybe? Maybe not? But certainly maybe…

    Maybe is an indeterminate; that is, no determination can be reasonably derived. Maybe is from the realm of speculation and conjecture, it is speculative. Speculation can be fun, but it is still not a determinant.

    skull moeb

    As I have said, if the anonymous entity wants to admit he is writing science fiction, I have no problem with his wild imaginative tale. Just don’t try to pass it off as nonfiction.

    My Replies to the covert entity on the thread above:

    MAY 29, 2014 AT 6:34 PM
    The covert entity, who has read a fuller explanation on my blog knows full well that I am referring to my use of colloquial slang in my descriptive “name calling” when I mention the term “vulgar abuse” – which as defined is NOT defamation.

    On the entity’s website there is a very good collection of my INSULTS.
    There the entity asks this question:

    –“Can they be substantiated or do they fit as defamation?”~Bridges

    The anonymous entity obviously cannot, or is not willing to make the distinction between purposeful insult, using common street slang that does not seriously contend that someone is literally whatever term used. For example “motherfucker”; no sane individual would think that a person calling another a ‘motherfucker’ is actually accusing that other person of having sex with his mother.

    However the use of the terms; “liar,” “cheat,” “weasel,” and “agent” are in no way restrained when the fact is that these are charges meant seriously. As it is the entity has attempted to seriously convince the readership that I have lied, that I have cheated, and have weaseled out of a deal. As Bridges seriously attempted to frame me as an agent by accusing me of using a ‘sock puppet’, we shall still use that term as one of his serious charges, although he seems to recant on this more recently.

    The entity boldly claims ‘substantiation’, he makes very clear that he is seriously accusing me of lying, and that he can prove it. However, he has made no proofs, but instead weaves twisted tales from a subjective perspective that prove nothing other than it is Bridges himself who is lying – in a vicious and serious manner to defame me and convince others of his lies.

    That making such charges are in a substantially different category than calling someone names using common street slang should be obvious. It is the serious intent to convince that makes Bridges’ arguments defamation.
    It is obvious that I am certainly not seriously contending that Bridges fucks his mother, or that he was born out of wedlock, or that his mother was a canine… or any of the other clearly colloquial insults I have used.

    But. Since Bridges has been making these serious charges – I do indeed make the counter charge that he is the one who is a liar.

    His first lies were in his trying to convince me to take a copy of the Judy Wood book, saying I could not fairly judge her work from the information on her web site. This is a bald faced lie, and it is false advertising, and it is even admitted in so many words by Bridges himself, in that he cannot name one substantial difference between the information and the book and what is on the website.

    His contention that the legend identifying the buildings that were damaged in the area is “worth the price” on it’s own is utter tripe and nonsense. And that is the only benefit having the physical book holds, even according to the anonymous entity.

    And I should think it clear after all of this water under the bridge, the real reason this entity is so desperate to remain anonymous. And that is because he is bound to be revealed for the slinking lying shyster that he is. But this will have no bearing nor effect on the real person guilty of this vicious charade, as long as he can remain in the shadows behind the masks he wears on the Internet.

    “El-oh-el” indeed.

    But further, the fact that my insults are not meant to be taken literally, as explained above – for the entity to now try to intimate that I don’t mean anything else I say to be taken literally and seriously is just another one of his spurious rhetorical spin jives. Every argument we have gotten from this covert operator is a collection of such spin and spurious verbosity.

    Just as he has attempted to turn the information on Vulgar Abuse to meet his villainous needs, all else that comes from this liar is the same nonsense.

    MAY 29, 2014 AT 7:05 PM
    –”Mr. Rogue in this thread alone has purposely told at least ~five~ (5) lies with regards to my gender by calling me “Señora”.~ Señor~MAY 6, 2014 AT 1:41 PM

    Framing such a trivial thing as calling the entity “Señora” as a “lie”, when it is obviously just a jibe, a slight, an insult; is such a weak argument for calling someone a liar, that any other accusations that I am a liar should be seen in the same context – that of grasping at straws. And when investigated, every single instance of the “lies” this entity has “proven” turn out to be the same tepid technique of ‘making a mountain out of a molehill’.
    Now here is the date/time stamp of Señor’s veritable admission that there is virtually no substantial difference from the Wood’s book and website. I have already deconstructed this. But as it is evidentiary, I want this recorded:

    –”The website was never completed. It even has notes from 2006 saying various pages are still under construction. Many errors from the website were fixed in the book, which is one reason why the book should be considered the final source. The book provides as near to the most definitive statements on various concepts as we can get from Dr. Wood (until addressed in version 2 of the book or something on her website.) This being said, definitive statements are few and far between, as are definitive connecting of concepts. But if you want to peg Dr. Judy Wood for saying or supporting anything as of today, the book is your nearest source. Go review my June 4 2012 at 1:55 pm posting. The correlation of pictures to map positions in her book is vastly superior to her initial attempts on the web, and worth the price alone.”~Señor – MAY 5, 2014 AT 3:19 PM


    • Parse this closely and what is really found in this spin?

      – “Many errors from the website were fixed in the book,” Well, which errors?

      Well deconstruct this:
      – “The book provides as near to the most definitive statements on various concepts as we can get from Dr. Wood …[BUT]… This being said, definitive statements are few and far between, as are definitive connecting of concepts.”

      That’s it; the most definitive statements are few and far between … WTF?

      The entity doesn’t say what is in the book that was left off the website that was “under construction”. He makes no mention of what is new of substance. The only thing Once can come up with here is, – “The correlation of pictures to map positions in her book is vastly superior to her initial attempts on the web, and worth the price alone.”.

      Is it? Part of what the entity refers to here is a plastic card, pretty durable, that has the layout of WTC as an aerial view, with all the buildings numbered and the names of the streets. Is this “worth the price alone”? Preposterous. The card is handy no doubt, but the rest is more hyperbole. And I reiterate again; the entity cannot think of WHAT it is of substance that is revealed in the book, but missing from the website – he merely asserts that there is, and then offers these expansive remarks about a card with the Legend to the buildings seen from above.

  16. How do you know the tritium levels are elevated if you don’t know what the levels were previous to 9/11?

    Just before Mr McKee stepped in and bounced all of the commentary to do with the nuke argument I had demanded that the covert entity tell the forum what the tritium levels were at WTC on September 10, 2001. I also demanded a citation as proof for such numbers.

    Of course Max cannot provide such information because it is not available. So the assertion that the tritium levels were elevated on 9/11 is mere conjecture. There are no control numbers to compare to. So again we have the situation of supposition standing in for substance in this pro-nuclear at WTC assertion.


    As to the ubiquity of radiological, biological, and chemical contamination in all of the postindustrial world, I have proved that case abundantly in my article on the destruction of the WTC by controlled demolition, in the section on counter arguments to exotic weapons. So rather than repeat all of that again, I will simply refer to that here:


    • As to Tritium:

      Understanding that a nanocurie (nCi), is one billionth of a curie (Ci) will allow the reader to quickly gauge the relative difference in magnitude, thus the utter insignificance of 3 nCi compared to the 25 billion nCi contained within a single tritium EXIT sign.


    • The following is that comment just as worded on T&S:

      Now I want the Señor entity to tell the forum what the amount of tritium at the WTC was on September 10, 2001 – yes the day before 9/11.
      How much tritium was in the WTC sewers on 9/10/2001?
      And let’s have a citation to go with that.

      So what does “elevated levels of tritium” mean if you don’t know what the levels were previously?

      It is not my problem to cite the previous levels of tritium, it is the Señor entity’s and these other charlatans claiming that the levels were elevated on 9/11; to prove they were elevated.

  17. –“Actually the “proper deduction sequence” is that this work is a disorganized, poorly formatted, confusing farse (sic) involving only one voice and accepting no constructive criticism. Rarely does the author seem to understand quotations that it grabs from other sources, because if the author did, the author would acknowledge limits to their applicability.”~Señor El Once — JULY 2, 2014 AT 6:33 PM

    This comment refers to my article ‘Controlled Demolition and the Demise of WTC’.

    The entity then goes on with this criticism:

    –“As but one example, this work purposely ignores the duration of under-rubble hot-spots and the inability of chemical-based mechanisms “to go the distance” in accounting for them, which high school math & chemistry easily expose.”~Ibid

    This criticism is a blatant LEAP of the proper deduction sequence. A leap that bypasses and handwaves the first nine points of discovery of evidence of the actual destruction of the WTC. And this ignoring of the proper sequence in deduction has been my main point of criticism of the disheveled entity from the very beginning of our argument. Again the covert entity refuses to address the actual evidence of the demolitions, insisting on leaping forward into the rubble.

    That this approach by the covert entity is literally ‘ass-backwards’ is not a colloquialism by any means. The term ‘aftermath’ should be sufficient as far as sequence is concerned. But such rational elementary understanding of plain English escapes the blundering ever bluffing Maxwell Bridges. The entity cannot distinguish between a signature and mechanical type setting, he fails on elementary levels and bluffs on pretenses of mastery.

    These generalities I make are backed up by point by point analysis that has been in progress for more than two years of argumentation with this silly asshole Bridges.

    • And a second remark on this criticism:

      –”As but one example, this work purposely ignores the duration of under-rubble hot-spots and the inability of chemical-based mechanisms “to go the distance” in accounting for them, which high school math & chemistry easily expose.”~Bridges

      This is utterly false. I do not ignore the duration of under-rubble hot-spots, but put the issue in context as to what the bulk of evidence proves as per chemical-based mechanisms. The most rational explanation to the under-rubble hot-spots must account for the other points of evidence that are proven beyond reasonable doubt.

      I do indeed give a detailed description of the scenario of the chaotic theater under the rubble and how thermate, having it’s own oxygen source can account for an extended wandering burn time.

      Even beyond this exposition is the fact that Bridges has never given a detailed explanation of how his ‘nookiedoodoo machine’ would account for the duration of under-rubble hot-spots – just bald assertions based on mere conjecture.


    • By isolating a single question from a set of evidence, and reasoning only with the evidence set for that single question decontextualizes the analysis.

      When all the points are covered as to the ten sets of evidence for controlled demolition we have the context to assert the ultimate fact. By setting aside one point and considering it without addressing how this point fits with the others is a conceptual absurdity and preposterous.


      And that is exactly what Bridges does with the issue of the rubble hot-spots in the aftermath of WTC.

  18. [+] The combined points of evidence and deductive analysis thereof is then adduced as “Ultimate Fact”.

    *Ultimate Fact

    [=] The combined evidence of the destruction of the towers is shown conclusively and beyond a reasonable doubt to be the result of a chemical-explosive controlled demolition
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    *Full Definition of ULTIMATE FACT: “a basic fact essential to maintain a cause of action or to establish a defense thereto as distinguished from the subsidiary individual facts that are offered in evidence as tending to prove a basic fact”


  19. This is a telling comment by the disingenuous covert entity:

    Señor El Once — JULY 3, 2014 AT 12:32 PM

    –“Craig McKee wrote on June 26, 2014 at 2:09 pm:

    ‘I have removed the last several comments because I have no interest in another installment of the war between Señor El Once and Hybridrogue1. Please, no more mention of nukes and no more mention of either of these contributors by the other or the comment will be removed.’

    “If action A is performed, then consequence B could be performed, at moderator’s discretion. Participants are bound to this only as far as they want to gamble having their words sent back to the moderation queue. Such are the limits of any perceived agreement, let alone its breach.”~Señor

    Here in this comment the entity is clearly saying he intents to test Mr McKee’s resolve, but gambling having his words sent back to the moderation queue, and claiming it is not a breach of his agreement.

    “Thank you, Mr. McKee, for your moderation efforts and in making it win-win. [I got my important say, and a nasty war was nipped in the bud.]”~Señor on JUNE 26, 2014 AT 2:47 PM

    Admittedly this is a waffle, a typical tactic by the Señor Asshole. But McKee took it as an acknowledgement of his wishes and an agreement by the entity to abide by those wishes.
    ===============================================Of course…
    Now those wishes have become a commandment, and Señor Asshole’s nookiedoodoo is no longer allowed to be mentioned on T&S.

    So what will the asshole do now? I imagine he will sulk for now, but eventually keep testing Craig’s resolve later. He is a persistent weasel and will not give up, but will count on all his polished apples that bought Craig’s friendship to get him over this roadblock at some point.

    Craig should have canned this obstinate prick long ago.

  20. –“Mustelid. Whether book or website, when cornered for specifics involving quotations and source page numbers or URLs, all that was output was indeed “digested”, usually two or three times via 2nd- or 3rd-hand sources. Little proof has been offered of 1st-hand study of the source and original thought. And the understanding? Limited only to the bad; no acknowledgment of good. Most unbalanced in a very stilted way, as if following an agenda.”Señor El Once — JULY 3, 2014 AT 6:40 PM

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    mustelid (family Mustelidae), any of about 55 species of ferret, polecat, badger, marten, otter, the wolverine, and other members of the weasel family.

    The anonymous twat says, “ if following an agenda.” Lol

    But there is no one posting on T&S with a clearer agenda than the anonymous twat itself …. Mustelid indeed, the badger … most certainly … a weasel … no doubt. Ah but a polecat!!! Yes yes yes, most perfect description of this anonymous bean counting prick!

    • …55 species of lies based on empty supposition like 55 times over the “normal” tritium level in the WTC aftermath. Yes, the anal hurlant of mustelid without a doubt!!!

  21. So I will reiterate here one more time:

    Debating whether nukes were used at WTC on 9/11 is like debating whether Martians actually attacked Earth during Orson Welles’ broadcast of War Of The Worlds in 1938.

  22. I once made the point to Bridges that the word “dustification” is a shibboleth, a term that only had meaning to the Cult of the Book {Judy Wood’s book}, because what she meant by it was that it means obliterating the materials completely, making them no longer exist physically – and this is a physical impossibility — matter can only change form. It can change into a different matter, or be turned to energy but it cannot be made to disappear.
    Bridges claimed that I pulled that definition out of my own ass. I replied that no, Judy Wood pulled the term out of her own ass, and as she explained it to Jenkins in that infamous interview, she claimed it went “poof” and was gone. And she made this claim because Jenkins had backed her into a corner explaining that there would be exponentially more Fe in the dust if the steel had been vaporized at a molecular level, and that there just wasn’t enough Fe in the actual dust as her assertions would lead to.

    Again, matter and energy cannot be destroyed they can only change states. Therefore “dustification” is a metaphysical term that does by magic that which is impossible in the physical world. It is a shibboleth, and it is bullshit.


    Need I point out that Bridges didn’t get this either? No he didn’t he claimed I was “making it up that Judy Wood was making up bullshit.” You can’t make this shit up, Bridges is as crazy as a shithouse rat!

  23. “In our age there is no such thing as “keeping out of politics.” All issues are political
    issues, and politics itself is a mass of lies, evasions, folly, hatred, and schizophrenia.”
    ~George Orwell, “Politics and the English Language,” 1946



    Señor El Once : Damn if this doesn’t look like a familiar argument –2014-04-28
    –“Mr. Rogue wrote:
    ‘If you can’t “recall correctly” because you have never actually read {the Protocols}, then do not speak to them until you have. I am sick of listening to arguments from ignorance here… Until you are prepared to make an argument here of more substance than the hot gas passing through the seat of your trousers Mr. {Dean – neoNazi}, you are going to find it hard going here.’–

    –“El-oh-el! Damn if this doesn’t look like a familiar argument and something that I might have written myself about a different {Wood’s BOOK} theme, minus the “trouser gas” of course.

    I am most curious as to what Mr. Rogue’s response will be if his debate opponent impulsively and violently rips up a printed version of {–redacted–} and uses it for bird cage liner, as opposed to rationally and objectively considering them one-by-one and as a whole. Even if deemed disinformation, nuggets of truth persist.”~Señora Twatimus


    Of course the facts omitted from this jabberwacky by the anonymous quack is that I DID read the Wood material on her website. And it turns out that there is no substantial difference between that material and her BOOK, even finally admitted so by the anonymous quack him/herself!

    I will also point out that I also read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion on the web as well.
    So this whole rant by the Señora entity is just so much unsubstantial bullshit – like every single comment on this blog by the entity.

    Maxwell Bridges is an anonymous agitprop disinformant – a coward hiding behind it’s mask of anonymity.

  25. Señor Bridges reminds me of those aliens in that Kilgore Trout story, who communicate by farting and tap-dancing.
    The allegory fits him like Spandex tights.


  26. 2014-05-14 – Bridges blog [URL above]

    “Mr. Rogue writes:

    “[SEO] can not [prove that I am a “liar, a cheat, and a weasel”], because he is the one who lied about the nonexistent difference between the substance of the Wood website and the BOOK.”~HR1

    “What sort of a weaseling, cheating straw-man is this? El-oh-el.

    The agreement on which Mr. Rogue weaseled was a good-bad-ugly review of Dr. Wood’s book. It doesn’t matter whether the book came before or after the movie; it doesn’t matter whether the book came before or after the website; it doesn’t matter whether the book was a complete subset of the website or completely unique from the website. A book review is a book review.”~Bridges

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    So Bridges doesn’t even pretend that it wasn’t a lie in offering the BOOK as needed to get Wood’s whole argument, as his sales pitch was – now he simply claims: “it doesn’t matter whether the book was a complete subset of the website or completely unique from the website.”

    And in the same post he says: “What sort of a weaseling, cheating straw-man is this?”

    Hahahahaha!!! The hypocrisy of this cunt Bridges is hilarious it is so obvious!

    So the essence of this insane person’s argument now is that, it doesn’t matter that he lied about the need to have the BOOK to know the complete Wood position, but that I still owe him a book report to “redeem” myself!

    Yes yes indeed Bridges is a total fruitcake….wow!

  27. hybridrogue1
    May 14, 2014 at 8:48 pm

    Seenyor Once lied when he claimed there was a substantial difference between Judy Wood’s website and the BOOK. This becomes a ‘Damned Lie’ in that he continues to promote this falsehood despite clear prima facea evidence to the contrary.

    This is compounded by the fact that he uses this lie to make further lies concerning my honesty and character; slurs and defamation by false witness and perjury.

    Each and everyone of these false assertions are “Counts” – ones that Seenyor, being the beancounter that he is; should tally one day to illustrate what a lying cheating scoundrel he truly is.

  28. So I have to wonder if Bridges is going to write up another edition for his blog giving his take on what just happened at T&S with the “Doctored Pentagon Video” thread.

    He likely has all the deleted commentary from there before the purge by Mr McKee.
    Will he be posting all that? If he does will he have a plausible answer to what the reading of Tritium was at WTC on September 10, 2001?

    As it is almost certain that the entity is reading this new thread on HR1blog; what will be his reaction to the FACT that 4th Generation Nukes are still in the conjecture stage?
    As certain as it is that the entity is reading this, is the certainty that any more he has to say about these issues will be more rhetorical spin and bullshit – that is his MO and by gawd he is going to stick to it! Lol

  29. Perhaps my plush-toy nemesis can be satisfied with rocking himself to sleep on his rocking-horse ‘Nookiedoodoo’ and singing the ‘Tritium Lolly-bye’ … ???

  30. hybridrogue1 — JULY 12, 2014 AT 12:09 AM
    I agree with you completely Mr Syed.

    As a participant that had a great number of comments deleted, I can say I feel no slight whatsoever – my point always being that the topic to remain unmentioned, should indeed remain unmentioned. It has been a disruptive matter for quite awhile.
    So be it.

  31. Bridges’ argument against Jenkins’ critique of Judy Wood’s ‘dustification’ woowoo is one of his blatant strawman arguments; he reinterprets Jenkins’ argument against Wood to make it a case against Bridges’ own construction.

    Bridges amends Wood’s “hypothesis” claiming the steel was not “dustified” but that only the concrete was.
    So Bridges claims that Jenkins’ numbers for Fe in the dust are too large and therefore Jenkins’ is wrong in his argument. But Jenkins’ is NOT arguing against Bridges’ amended DEW theory, he is arguing against Wood’s original DEW theory.

    Bridges then goes on to claim that Jenkins’ is untrustworthy in his analysis based on this spurious argument against Jenkins’ based on a classic strawman argument.

    Maxwell C. Bridges makes the same sorts of arguments against Jones’ works, and then claims Jones is unreliable and “compromised” – getting to the point of ad hominem, claiming Jones was recruited to make up his Nano-thermite theory to cover up the use of nuclear devices at WTC. Maxwell churns himself into a foaming lather of hysteria driving his mad arguments forward.

    In all my time arguing against Bridges I cannot think of a single issue that he hasn’t spun backwards or pulled out of his own ass!

  32. Justified Ad Hominem

    A person’s arguments define that person. When a person’s arguments are found to be consistently disingenuous, it is justified to point such out, to describe such an MO. It becomes a new level in argumentation when this happens. It is not that the issues and points are ignored, it is that they are combined with the history of spurious game playing with such points and illustrating this.

    • It is no longer a viable argument for Bridges to take my own arguments and turn them around without some clear unambiguous substance to back up such copy-cat techniques.
      It has been demanded that he present some cogent and clear explanation as to several issues. The tritium issue. The 4th generation nukes issue. The issue of distinguishing between supposition and proven facts. And an actual clear detailed description of how his nookiedoodoo machine maintained the hot-spots in the pile of the aftermath.

      These issues should be addressed one by one in concise terms, rather than by long verbose convoluted rhetoric.

      He can begin by answering this question:

      What was the tritium level at WTC on September 10, 2001? a Citation is a must.

      • Understand that a ‘burn-rate’ of a material is not the same as a ‘burn case scenario’:

        A “scenario’ implies a variety of circumstances, and in the case of the rubble pile an exponentially chaotic and complex theater.

        However, a “rating” defines one single controlled circumstance.

        Brisance v Fuse Velocity of an Explosive:

        Brisance is the velocity of the shock wave front of an explosive.

        Bridges imagines a “fuse” portrayed as a “hose” packed with a high explosive, and then ‘calculates’ the distance the fuse would burn in one second. This would be a burn rate.

        But does this describe the chaotic landscape of the rubble pile of the WTC aftermath?

        No, that would be an “unpacked” hose, and disconnected quantities of the explosive throughout the pile. This is the “scenario” as opposed to the “rate” that I am explaining here; and why Bridges assertions do not stand up to scrutiny.


      • I asked for an actual clear detailed description of how his nookiedoodoo machine maintained the hot-spots in the pile of the aftermath.

        In answer to this in Bridges’ comment to remain unpublished in the moderation queue, he says: “Fizzling”. Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!

        Bridges, this is jizz-marbled whore’s shit straight from your ass! It is a two-tone-turd on a lollipop stick!!!

        And you know full well the reason I don’t allow you to post on this blog. The several comments you made are the same verbosium argumentum bullshit that you post on T&S, and I will be damned if I am going to put up with your tomes of jabberwacky here.

        I don’t want to read your nannycunt blather about my language, and I don’t want your advice on what you think McKee should do to manage T&S more to your liking.

        So go fuck yourself Bridges.

      • Okay… again to this;

        Whether Mr Bridges is an idiot, or expects his readers to be idiots is indeterminate.

        But for him to suggest that the ‘nuclear’ actions in the rubble were akin to the “China Syndrome” or “Fissile” ie; “fizzing”, he essentially squats on his whole argument of new magical nukes with radiation contained to the point that it is undetectable, only to be gleaned by such ridiculously minuscule amounts as put in his “tritium argument”…
        For if the rubble pile was indeed hot due to nuclear fission the radiation would be off the charts by any and all detection methods. The materials once isolated and moved would remain radioactive.

        Bridges wants to have his bullshit cake and eat it too. I suggest he just eat it.

  33. Unlike some others on T&S who ignore the stupefying ramblings of Bridges, I find it fascinating to deconstruct the ravings such a morbid character. It is like deciphering the blabbering glossolalia of a possessed lunatic, some caricature of a human being from some wild fantasy novel.
    That this is real pathos of a real person is certainly a disturbing consideration, so ultimately one will naturally feel pity for the poor creature.
    And I do.

    But as a project that forced itself on me, Bridges will be dissected and torn to pieces mercilessly, as that is the task at hand.


  34. One thing is clear after more than two years of this bout of virulent attachment calling itself Maxwell Bridges; I cannot provoke him anymore than he is provoked by his own vile metabolism. So when he says to simply ignore him and STFU (shut the fuck up) because answering him “just gives him grist” for more of his yapping, it is nothing more than part of his ongoing anal hurlant that wouldn’t end one way or the other.

    The only way that he has been stopped is by Mr McKee’s demand of no more mention of nukes. He had to be restrained by direct orders, and he put up resistance to those as well.

    So there is no guarantee that the anonymous creep won’t go into his “liar, cheater, weasel” mantra again at some point as long as he doesn’t say the magic word “nuclear”.
    Who knows how long before another eruption of that bullshit?

    • Maxitwat’s last post on T&S was July 7, 2014.

      [Well he posted later than that but none are left published..]

  35. From Maxwell Bridges on 2014/07/08 at 8:12 pm:

    –“Prior to atmospheric nuclear bomb testing in the 1950s, tritium’s natural average concentrations ranged from approximately 2 to 8 TU. … Since cessation of atmospheric nuclear tests, tritium concentrations have dropped to between 12 and 15 TU, although small contributions from nuclear power plants occur.

    In the period of three half-lives (1963 to 2000), tritium concentrations have been reduced by a factor of 8. With no further atmospheric nuclear weapons testing, tritium will continue to drop to near natural background levels.

    As stated above, expected on 2001-09-10 would have been 12 to 15 TU.

    12 TU = 0.03828 nCi/L
    15 TU = 0.04785 nCi/L
    20 TU = 0.0638 nCi/L

    To put into perspective, the split water samples from the basement of WTC-6 (2.83 nCi/L and 3.53 nCi/L) that had us exclaiming “(respectively) 44 and 53 times greater than expected trace/background levels!!!” could actually be much further out of whack.

    2.83 nCi/L => ~44 times greater than 20 TU
    2.83 nCi/L => ~59 times greater than 15 TU
    Whether or not these numbers are “below EPA thresholds on health risks”, the numbers are still anomalous as were the hand-waves to explain them away.”~Bridges

    This rebuttal is not a handwave, I am directly responding to the essence of Bridges argument here:

    The information he cites has been available for years and both of us know it. However the tritium reports citing the lack of leachate effectiveness is not considered in these reports and therefore complicates the situation in such a way that leads to a reasonable conclusion that the tritium in modern industrial landscapes is higher – as those reports I cite state.

    It is therefore pure conjecture to assume that the expected levels “on 2001-09-10 would have been 12 to 15 TU..”

    Until the boosters of the nuclear aspect of WTC can prove beyond reasonable doubt that the levels at WTC on 2001-09-10 were actually “12 to 15 TU”, they have nothing but conjecture at the base of their tritium argument.

    Now on top of this, the point that 2.83 nCi/L is still BILLIONS of times in deficit to a single tritium EXIT sign has not been addressed. In every practical sense 2.83 nCi/L is effectively NOTHING. It is exactly like offering $2.83 for a property with a value of $25,000,000,000.00 ie; preposterous!
    . . . . . . . . . .
    –“Mr. Rogue should also study Fourth Generation Nuclear Devices.”~Bridges reminds yet again…

    I will not respond yet again, the issue is dealt with decisively above.

  36. hybridrogue1 / March 6, 2013 – Carnival d’Maxifuckanus
    –‘It was a year ago this January that I first began posting on the blog, Truth and Shadows..’

    Bridges complains that my remarks at the beginning of this thread are wrong. Technically this is so, however I am actually speaking to the length of our argument with my present introduction, which in fact is longer than two years, as the very first words of the intro to Carnival d’Maxifuckanus makes clear. January 2012 to July 2014 this goddamned carousel has been going ’round.

    Bridges, I’ll give you another 9 nCi of tritium for catching this trivial mistake.

    Ooops! You still can’t even come close to affording that property – and that property is defined as ‘Proof of Nukes at WTC on 9/11’.

    Sorry bucko,


  37. What Maxwell Bridges must, and will do before he even begins an argument for a nuclear and other exotic weapons being used at WTC on 9/11; is address the iron clad proofs of explosive demolition via chemical explosives already standing in the record shown to be beyond reasonable doubt. The points points 6 – 9 in my article ‘Controlled Demolition’ at the URL below should be addressed rationally, clearly and in order, rather than this leaping into the pile and aftermath again.

    Until the time that Bridges addresses these issues, I do not want anymore of this distracting verbose bullshit from him.


    • One final note here on Bridges actions on the last T&S thread. Let it be known that I do not believe a word Bridges says about his intents, nor any of his excuses for his actions.
      The entity has proven itself the most disingenuous fork tongued snake I have ever encountered.
      Let it be remembered that this is not simply a dispute about the destruction of the WTC.
      No, it is much deeper than that. His attempts at character assassination puts him in the category of venomous villainy.

  38. Just for the beancounter’s entertainment…

    I have posted 7 of the 26 comments on the new T&S thread at this moment.
    3 of these are to Agent Wright that might have been consolidated into a single post.
    Bigga fuckin’ deal .. Lol

    Another one is as a “Walmart Greeter” boinking some jerk that had nothing but hearsay in his/her comment. Hohohohehehehahaha!

    But every one is topical to the ongoing conversation there.

    One of the things that would not be topical, as it is agenda driven, would be a ‘Statistics Report”. These things have no meaning but false allusions as dispersion against me. They only have meaning in the beancounter’s fevered meltdown mind.


  39. “But every night and day
    I salute the flag and say
    thank you Jesus cuz I’m a secret agent man
    secret agent man secret agent man
    you’ve given me a number
    but you’ve taken way my name”

    • More bla-bla from the covert secret agent man/ma’am slam ham:

      -“..because people have been too lazy to look into the paper [PDF], just like they don’t objectively review Dr. Wood’s work for nuggets of truth.”~Bridges

      While actually I did read the 4th Gen Nukes PDF, as is obvious from my remarks on it in this very thread. And I did review Dr Wood’s work, as has been gone over here and elsewhere before – there are NO “nuggets of truth” that cannot be found in many other sources of 9/11 information.
      Mr Maxwell Conjecture Bridges needs a long long holiday…



      • “Nano-thermite is hard to ignite.”~Bridges

        There are two very common ‘fuses’ used to ignite thermites:

        Magnesium Ribbon (Mg), as well as; Potassium Permanganate (KMnO4) + Glycerin
        . . . . . . . . . . . . .
        And here again Bridges repeats this:

        –“What is the burn-rate of such materials?

        Detonation velocities of high explosives range from approximately 3,300 feet per second (fps) to over 29,900 fps. [~1000 (m/s) and ~9000 (m/s) respectively.]

        Imagine packing this chemical explosive into an imaginary garden hose of arbitrary diameter. How long would it have to be to support 4 weeks of high temperatures?

        At 1000 [m/s] => 2,419,200,000 [m] or 2,419,200 [km].
        At 9000 [m/s] => 21,772,800,000 [m] or 21,772,800 [km].

        Salt it in the pile any way you want — lop off those significant 000 digits. The length required is still thousands of kilometers, and when multiplied by the arbitrary diameter of the imaginary garden hose calculates into being a massive amount. Unreasonable. And recall that this is the overkill amount unspent from its pulverizing purposes!”

        “Salt it in the pile any way you want…” ~Max says!

        I have already explained this many times – in fact from the very first time I encountered this jabber from the fool!

        *Burn Rate vs Burn Case Scenario* — Put as simple as possible; Max’s hose is ‘unpacked’ and the material is loose and spread throughout the pile – NOT packed in his imaginary “hose”.

        –“Mr. Rogue should tell us which full-fledged 4th generation nuclear devices as speculated in the paper does not apply to 2001 and the then-available “late-3rd or earlier-adopter 4th generation nuclear devices?”~Bridges

        Actually no, it is Bridges responsibility to tell us “which full-fledged 4th generation nuclear devices as speculated in the paper does apply to 2001”

        And while he is at it Bridges should explain what “nuclear fizzling” is if it is not ‘fissile reaction’ because a fissile reaction is by definition radioactive. Thus the question, where is the proof of such radiation?


      • Bridges does not comprehend the basic criticism: when his formulations are interpreted literally, they are clearly false, and when these assertions are interpreted in his characteristic vague and metaphorical way, they are merely a poor substitute for ordinary usage. Such criticisms cannot be overcome by verbal magic, that is, by mere reiteration that his approach is scientific and that those who do not see this are opposed to science, or deranged. Similarly, Bridges claims that my characterization of DEW and or nuclear is out of date, but does not indicate what great achievements of the Book that I have neglected, nor precisely what new 4th generation nukes were used or in what fashion.

  40. Now I want to promote the work of Saul Trane, who posted a comment on the “No-Planes” article on this blog and left this URL to his own work critiquing Ace Bakers bullshit on CGI, similar to Simon Shack’s gibberish, but more sophisticated as Baker can actually do some elementary CGI himself.

    Mr Trane thoroughly thrashes Baker’s nonsense here. I urge all who read this page to check out his fine work:


  41. The Kitchen Sink will be the last refuge of the scoundrel when he is forced to admit the proofs of chemical explosives at WTC.

    This assertion is that “overkill” was used, as if the perpetrators needed to throw anything available at destroying a couple of buildings, a job that has been mastered by the techniques of controlled demolition for decades.

    The demolitions were calibrated in such a way as to destroy the WTC while limiting the destruction to the surrounding financial district in NY. Any overkill would have compromised the final results by unknown dimensions, and the proposal of a “Kitchen Sink” is such a proposition. It is a preposterous proposition, as absurd as the rest of the pro-nukes assertions are: ridiculous in the extreme: ∅.

    • Bridges’ favorite game is Non Sequitur

      Non sequitur (logic), a logical fallacy where a stated conclusion is not supported by its premise, and visa versa.


    • “The individual is placed outside the differentiating power of language. That which is qualitative, that which is certain, is reduced to that which is quantitative, to the “different degrees of certainty” expressed previously by Obama or the “high certainty” pronounced by J. Kerry. The “very little doubt”, as to the liability of the Syrian regime, also mirrors the “highly unlikely” responsibility attributed to opponents. Quality is thereby restricted to a quantitative difference. Quality, that which is, becomes at the same time, that which is not or at least that which may not be, because it no longer expresses a certainty, but a certain amount or degree of certainty or doubt. The opposites, “certainty” and “doubt” become equivalent. The qualitative difference is reduced to a quantitative gap. There is no longer any quality other than that of measurement.”~ Jean-Claude Paye and Tülay Umay

      Beyond Propaganda: Discourse of War and Doublethink. “When the Lie Becomes the Truth”


  42. The point in countering propaganda is not to change the propagandist’s mind, but to lay his techniques and dissembling bare to a candid world.~Willy Whitten

  43. “Mr. Rogue is a fool.”~Maxitwat Bridges on August 1, 2014 AT 1:00 PM

    Lol, nonsense, it is the drooling twat itself that is the fool for attempting to joust with a superior intellect, for continuing to use T&S as a staging ground for his attacks upon my integrity.
    Again, I had nothing to say to this idiot until he/it came on the latest thread there blowing twat-snot because of my commentary to someone else. I even let his first diatribe go by without response.

    As I pointed out many times before, it is not el Zero’s rockinghorse that is the main agenda, it is the entity’s main purpose to attempt to defame me. Now that his rockinghorse is subject non grata on T&S [due to my superior strategies] the stalking maniac is even more determined to stick it to me. It will take more than his micro-penis to succeed in this.

  44. My reply to the latest twat drool on T&S:

    hybridrogue1 — AUGUST 1, 2014 AT 1:47 PM
    As it is the covert entity SEO’s modus operendi, I expected such a perfidious textual flambe of noxious anal hurlant veiled in saccharine prose, as he/she has just posted.

    Proof that a beancounter ends up with nothing more than a hill of beans.

  45. The Golden Rule is not some extraordinary wisdom that needs pronouncement from some priesthood. It is common internal wisdom for any who have the empathy of a sane human being. Thus I found Tamborine mam’s preachy posting of this common wisdom on the current thread on Truth and Shadows, consisting of thousands of words, and knocking the thread off topic to be pure distraction on his part. I objected to it.

    T&S is not Sunday School.

    Then Maxitwat Bridges took this as an opportunity to begin his defamation routine rolling again, complete with his nannycunt preaching, accusations that I am dishonest, and bean counting. This MO is so blatant that any child would recognize it. This covert entity has naught but a few token remarks for any of the topics posted on T&S before he finds some excuse to start the slasher movie routine!

    Bridges is an idiot if he thinks he is fooling anyone but his asshole self.

  46. With the overwhelming evidence that the modern Jewish population is of Khazar origin, Koestler remarks that this would clearly indicate that “their ancestors came not from the Jordan but from the Volga, not from Canaan but from the Caucasus, once believed to be the cradle of the Aryan race; and that genetically they are more closely related to the Hun, Uigur and Magyar tribes than to the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.” This conclusion would then logically render the epithet “anti-Semitism” “void of meaning,” Koestler says.


  47. Could anyone honestly believe that Netanyahu has a drop of Middle Eastern blood in his veins?


  48. it is interesting that the two events so filling the news the past weeks are the downing of MH-17 near Kiev, and the Israeli attack on Gaza. Especially when one notes that Kiev was on the western border of Khazaria, and the Ashkenazim “Jews” originating from the Khazars have stolen Palestine. History seems coming full circle with this ancient dilemma.

  49. So now Tamboring mam is pretending to speak for ‘God’ on T&S. He assumes that one passage he wrote “could very well be” what I “violently objected to”… Lol “violently”?
    A presumption plus a subjective characterization. Critical thinking has never been this covert entity’s strong suit. He is obviously one of the duller tools in the shed.


    I have given my conditions for peace on T&S. His rejection can only mean that he doesn’t wish peace, but only wishes to provoke a continued flame war. If that is his intent, then he is obviously a lying hypocrite; feinting as a ‘peacemaker’ and ‘victim’, while making an attack. Very much like the evil state of Israel that is supposed to be the topic of the thread.

    I objected to this numskull’s preaching bullshit – now he wants to escalate to the point of speaking for ‘God’, making ‘Holy Judgments’ against my soul….Lol
    Even quoting Schoepenhauer, as if he holds the ‘revealed truth’ in his hands…what utter pathetic hubris.

  50. “As for ego-centric, sociopathic Mr. Rogue? Notice the framing: “Oh, woes me?!! I badger everyone and when someone objects, I’m the target! I’m the victim being defamed. It’s all about me. Me. Me. Me. Look at my posting count!”~Señor El Once
    – AUGUST 6, 2014 AT 4:30 PM

    Yes indeed “Notice the framing”. Notice Maxitwat putting his words in my mouth with quotations marks – rhetorically framing his OPINION as the truth.
    I hardly badger everyone. I have made reasonable criticisms of a select few wobbly characters on T&S, and Maxitwat is certainly one. This framing is his attempted vengeance for nailing his perpetual bullshit there.

    “Every discussion that Mr. McKee has ever closed had Mr. Rogue as an active, flame-throwing participant.”~Señora … same comment as above.

    This comment is snake piss, the anonymous entity ‘Señor El Once’ has in fact been the proximate cause of “every discussion that Mr. McKee has ever closed”.


  51. NOTICE, this is directed particularly to Maxitwerp Bridges:

    This blog, HR1blog, must not be considered a franchise of Truth and Shadows, and quotes must not be lifted from this site as if they were part of Truth and Shadows.

    The context and essence of the two sites are different. This site is my personal journal, even though open to public purview. But it is not a discussion site for the general public, but only for those who have previously vetted as personal friends.

    Again, those who quote me from this site are responsible for spreading the word written here. The onus and responsibility for such propagation is entirely in the hands of those who do so.


  52. Tamborina’s pretense to being “Enlightened” is so trite and superficial as to be laughable.

    He speaks out of both sides of his mouth; he claims he doesn’t speak to religion, while he sermonizes about “God”. He claims proofs to reincarnation, but claims this is not a theological issue.

    He doesn’t understand the definitions of words, nor grasp the matter of metaphor, nor reason in philosophy. He blathers but is insulted when called a ‘twit’.

    It is obvious this twit is not a serious person. I don’t think there are any who disagree with me on these points besides those who have been devastated by my logic and biting critiques of their own flaccid thought processes. Maxitwat and the Huffing Puffing nincompoop are recent examples.

  53. It is BLATANTLY OBVIOUS, as obvious as these are black letters displayed on a white background, that “Mr Once” has no other agenda than to slash and burn on T&S anymore. He hasn’t made more than trite token commentary on any of the threads for the past few months. But he takes the slightest excuse to charge in slashing at me in particular and Mr Ruff as well.

    This is not simply my own observation, it is well documented by date/time stamp on T&S.

    So it seems to me that in this instance we are dealing with an Animal Farm situation, where “some animals are more equal than others” – for the anonymous entity known as “SEO” has acted in such a blatant in your face manner, yet has not been called on it.

    The recent thread gives an example where SEO didn’t even perform the requisite opening ritual of making a token on topic comment, he simply charged in swinging his rhetorical shank. And then he makes excuses afterwards that his commentary is topical because he is addressing those of us who have complained that another is not being topical and this turns the whole possibility of rational discussion upsidedown – which IS the obvious design of this agitprop activist “Señor El Once”.

    It is madness not to see that this anonymous poster is a 5th Column “prankster” on duty to disrupt and defile the truth movement with his so-called “Industrial strength conspiracy theory”. This character is a fraud and a schmoozer, a pied piper, and a snake oil salesman.

    There will be no truce. If there is any justice, I will have his head on a platter, and his ass out the door.

    • It is utterly astonishing that the Maxiweirdo would actually make a link directly to the comment above in his last post on T&S.

      He must be totally blinded by hysterical hubris to make such a blunder as to highlight a post that illustrates so plainly that he is an agitprop agent. He is bloody fuckin’ crazy.

  54. As I’ve watched the antics over time and how the last two excellent postings on T&S were destroyed by these two assholes. In Tampon mans case, he’s just a goofball that thinks he’s found the “Lawd” and has to preach his particular brand of wacky like we all need saving by a loon the likes of him. Why T&S? where he’s way out of his league intellectually. Then there’s Maxitwat, it reads very obvious he’s got nothing to add to the conversation. His whole ploy reads as being just as you say, he’s there to disrupt the conversation. Is it just ego or something else, it reads that there’s something more to it than just that. If it smells like shit, looks like shit, it’s a reasonable assumption to come to that indeed it’s shit. You stink shithead

  55. AUGUST 11, 2014 AT 7:02 PM another load of bullshit on T&S from Maxitwat, this one aimed primarily at Mr Ruff, but indirectly including me as well…another beancounting exercise with not even a glancing blow of the topic.

    Adam Ruff replied, hitting the nail square on the head with this:

    “SEO you are an obsessive compulsive stalker and your post has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE TOPIC!”

    Yes, there is something seriously wrong with the twatimus, perhaps brain-salad-surgery is the answer?

    It is getting so old, it’s like watching reruns of stupid old soap operas.

  56. So now the Maximoidal unit is truant on Truth and Shadows. Calm is restored like the scenes in a horror film where the monster seems to have been vanquished {grin}…
    But one senses something squirming in the shadows…

    Through every episode on T&S thus far, the double slasher leaps out at some point with a screech like a banshee. He may make his initial entry as Dr Jekyll, but quickly returns as Mr Hyde. So formulaic and boring is his show.

  57. So knowing as I do that you will be reading this Maxitwit, I will point out that I spent some amount of time trying to convince you to back off, to quit with your repeated attacks on me. I would have ended the Maxifuckanus thread and not began this new one if you would have taken that advice.

    Why not? Why this persistence? What can you gain by it?

    For myself this isn’t a hard question to answer. I figured you as Agitprop long ago. I have your MO detailed in almost daily increments. That is why you have been so determined to try to assassinate my character. I’ve got your number and you know it. I have enough circumstantial evidence gathered, that if I were to compile it into an organized brief it would prove to be practically without doubt that you are a paid agent. That you can’t stop because you are following orders.

    Your Profile is simply in your face. My dossier on you, though just a series of notes on a chronological line, has you pinned to the wall.

    And now, I am going to warn you one last time; cease and desist with these confrontations and provocations, or I will indeed put together a fluid and cogent case as though I were writing a legal brief to put you on trial.

    In street language, back off motherfucker.

  58. So now…if we wish to examine the question further, there are clues in the MO, as I note. I won’t be formal with this just a few things that strike me.

    The first thing is that for the last year or so, when we have gotten particularly questionable characters show up on T&S . And when I interrogate them closely, at some point Maxitwat intervenes, and not only defends them but uses that opportunity to slamdance on me.
    As we should recall a couple of these guys were literally neo-Nazi types. Another one seemed like a Hasbara double agent trying to provoke open “antisemitic” remarks from us.
    Anyway, hard core agitprop from these three.

    An almost automatic assumption is that if Max is an agent, he would have back up, and they would certainly be planted in such a way as to seem not have any apparent connection to Max or any of his stated aspects.
    He would also be answering to someone higher up. I might make guesses as to who these might be, but it is again, just circumstantial evidence.

    One thing to keep in mind however, perps have received long prison sentences on a case built on primarily circumstantial evidence. I think I have a collection of that in my commentary on my blog, but it is not collected into a brief, it has just been compiled as time goes on.
    Sheep-dipping can be very convincing. A 5th column infiltrator would have been planted very soon after the issue started to grow into the ‘truth movement’. The mole would make every effort to come off as a genuine truther. The whole thing with truth is, if it is being faked, eventually the truth outs. Any mole has to act, or strike at some point, and this will be rhetorically charged to seem part of truth seeking. The aspect that gives it away is that it cuts into the fairly established parts of the case, and throws doubt on that portion of a case.

    These are the topics I discuss in my ‘New Wave 9/11 Disinformation’ series:
    “No-Planes” – “Video Fakery” – “Nukes” – “DEW” – “Nookeedoodoo”.

    These aren’t just “whacky ideas” they have a specific purpose; to debase the best evidence.
    At some point in time Max gave credence to every one of these disinfo scenarios. He also had the chance to show how “open minded” he was in being able to ‘change his mind” — this is perfect for legend building as being ‘open minded’

    The entity followed me to COTO as most reading here should know, badgered me endlessly there, stirred up a real mess there. I just simply left. I am not banned there but I had had enough.
    The proof of a psyop is in that after I left there, he only hung around there for a feasibly token amount of time, and hasn’t been there in at least a year now. He was there to disrupt the thread and get rid of me, it is as clear as can be.
    COTO is pretty much in shambles now. 

    They would not curtail his shenanigans. He played them like a Stradivarius. All it took was schmoozing Nurse Ratchet [Jersey Girl] a superstitious nitwit. The real head of that blog, Puddy is asleep at the wheel, his head in Numerology Woowooland.

    I still have the stats bar when I check out the C1 site. They were doing about 70 to 80 hits pr hr every 48 hrs, at the time I left. They are now at 27 pr… and they haven’t reached those former highs for months. “Mission accomplished”.

    This isn’t going to happen at T&S if I can help it.

  59. So Bridges,

    What’s it gonna be if Craig strips you of the letter “N”? ; “Mookiedoodoo”?

  60. ruffadam
    AUGUST 16, 2014 AT 7:32 PM
    “HR1 says “Apparently personal concerns trump all other considerations for some.”

    I agree 100% with this in fact I would like to point out at this time the fact that “personal concerns” were the ONLY thing talked about by two particular individuals, Gaza and Craigs article were completely ignored throughout the entire thread. That stinks of agitprop to me and now these comments popping up meant to make us all believe SEO is some kind of Icon that is very popular but here he/she/it is unfairly censored. This is highly suspect to me. A simple google search for SEO would produce plenty of results so why come in here specifically to drop these not so subtle hints that SEO is being oppressed and censored here? It is agitprop and it is BS. Anyone could have found his/her/its postings elsewhere so why come in here to make those comments? Agitprop.

    SEO was posting totally off topic comments and has been doing so for a long time, very disruptive, very disingenuous. I am thoroughly convinced that SEO is genuine agitprop. He/she/its comments are engineered (carefully crafted) to produce anger, confusion, and dissension. I noticed it particularly with responses to my comments where SEO’s comments are specifically designed to make me angry (I recognized it as crafted provocation so it didn’t work). This comment in particular caught my attention and convinced me that SEO is genuine agitprop:

    August 6th 430PM SEO writes in response to my saying I was not interested in his/her/its vendetta against HR1 or myself:

    “Is that so? Where’s the beef? You’ve even made repeated promises the last couple of years (a) that you don’t read my comments and (b) that you ignore my comments. Was this because you’re too clueless to make a decent argument to counter rationally my position? Me thinks so. You’ve been a hypocritical blowhard from the onset. Where’s your big fat IGNORE and not rising to the occasion?”

    Now from a psychological standpoint what SEO is doing with this comment is actually very revealing. Can you see what is going on in just that short paragraph? It is actually a powerful psychological attack crafted just for me. (BTW: I take it as a compliment that I get the attention of provocateurs and that they expend some of their time on me.)

    SEO may work alone or is actually a group of provocateurs with dozens or more sock puppet persona’s but in either case the evidence is plentiful that this entity is NOT here to discuss Craigs articles. Scan back over this thread and see for yourself where SEO made an (on topic) post prior to this date and time. I bet you can’t locate one and that should speak volumes to everyone. In scanning through past threads you will see the same pattern emerge with only a token post or two vaguely on topic followed by a plethora of off topic “psychological warfare” (in my opinion) posts.

    I would ask anyone reading this to actually look back at this and other threads and see the method of provocation in action. You will learn how this “infowar” for lack of a better term is actually being fought.”

    AUGUST 16, 2014 AT 9:37 PM
    I concur with Mr Ruff’s analysis. As such, perhaps the comments section can be opened to a “post topical” discussion on our take on what just occurred here on Truth and Shadows. Again, under the stated rules of engagement set by our host.

    I think it is apparent that Truth and Shadows is a prime candidate for targeting by what we call “Sunsteinian Agitprop”. This is certainly not a new idea here, and the “paranoia” of the probability of surveillance and intervention here is not without some rational bases.

    Personally, I would rather that Craig gives an official go-ahead before we proceed to such discussion.

    So the question arises, will the covert operator calling itself Max Bridges be stupid enough to show up under the auspices; ‘the stated rules of engagement’ – and give further blundering proofs of his nefarious agenda?
    . . . .
    Are you that fucking stupid Bridges? You think your standard fast-talking bullshit is going to work for you anymore? Or do you have the brains to just fade away?

    Well obviously your paycheck from Central Casting is in jeopardy there. You might ask for a pow wow with the Big Kahuna, see if the big boys running the show have some plan for pulling you out of the hot water. Maybe a downgrade is in order, aye? Maybe reassignment to cooler waters in a new environment?
    This is your problem hot shot. I would wish you ‘good luck’, but I’d rather see you fry, because you are a lying prick.

  61. Multiple Myeloma in 9/11 cleanup workers

    According to medical research: “No one knows the causes of Multiple Myeloma”, there are “risk factors” – such as being black and male. Otherwise it is known to be fairly unusual in people under 45.

    It is simply hyperbole to call it, “Hiroshima Disease” as the biased “researchers” claiming the use of nukes on 9/11 claim.

    JOEM • Volume 51, Number 8, August 2009
    8 cases of Mulitiple Myeloma These cases occurred in a population of 28,252 responders.
    MM is the second most common hematological malignancy in the United States, after Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.[20] We observed four cases under age 45, while the three sources predict from 1.0 to 1.2 cases in this young age group, based on three sources:
    New York City, New York State, and SEER.

    • Hiroshima Disease ?
      Type 2B Hiroshima is a variant of von Willebrand dz.IT; a thyroid disease – a bleeding disorder that affects the blood’s ability to clot.

  62. At any rate, I do not see how Agent Bridges thinks he can break into the regular scheduled program on Truth and Shadows with a commercial break for one of his attack ads against myself or Mr Ruff.

    And if Bridges is receiving PAC funding for his efforts, some transparency should be required. Perhaps tax receipts and tax refund documents to prove his independence from nefarious organizations.

    And when your finished doing that take out the dog to go kill the cat.

  63. Señor El Once — AUGUST 18, 2014 AT 1:23 PM
    “Dear Mr. McKee, Blablablablabla….”

    So here he is again squealing like a stuck pig … hahahahaha.

    Back from Argentina with a vengeance I see. But thanks for the PR dumbfuck.


  64. The JREF forum hired a scientist named Millette to test WCT dust samples to debunk the Jones-Harrit et al NanoThermite paper.

    At one point Millette passed preliminary notes to the JREF forum so the monkeys there could hoot and holler about it. But it turns out now that Millette did not publish the report. It is not conclusive whether it did not pass peer review, or if he simply withdrew it. But it is a dead letter.

    So I am pointing out here that the Maxifungus still has to deal with the fact that these explosives have been proven to have been used in the demolition of the WTC.
    I am also pointing out that as that is the case the proposition for nukes or DEW have died on the same vine as the Millette paper. And that these assertions made of the perps throwing everything at the towers INCLUDING the kitchen sink is juvenile nonsense. The technology for controlled demolition is well established. Overkill is overkill, and dangerous nonsense to play with when ‘fixing something that isn’t broke’ can backfire and ruin an operation.

    There is literally NOTHING to the nukes or DEW proposition. Nothing, every single point remains supposition built on conjecture.

    I think that the anonymous agent knows this himself, I think that his whole effort is to despoil the proofs accumulated, to throw doubt on such proofs, and to create cognitive dissonance – just like the Sunsteinian operator his MO shows him to be.

  65. Hmmm….I got a feeling that the Maxitwerp is feeling a bit of heat at the moment.

    Hahahahahaha or something like that.

    Now as I said above, let me reiterate:

    ‘Are you that fucking stupid Bridges? You think your standard fast-talking bullshit is going to work for you anymore? Or do you have the brains to just fade away?’

    I see you are not only an agitprop boy, but you are a stupid one.. arrogant too.

  66. “The second part of the test was:
    [This comment] is posted as a level 1 comment, to see how quickly and by whom another level 1 comment comes to “get the last word”, and what the nature of that comment will be. Will it be original and on-topic? Will it be original and off-topic? Will it be a copy-and-paste whack-job of someone else’s words marginally related to the topic?”~Señor El Once — AUGUST 18, 2014 AT 1:23 PM
    You said this despite:

    “More, it was mentioned to “test” whether others would react to it. Not allowed. ”
    ~Craig McKee — AUGUST 15, 2014 AT 6:23 PM

    Bridges, are you in a state of hysteria? Or what? Have you a problem with reading comprehension?

    You aren’t slick enough for the business you are in Max. How many more times are you going to blow your cover?

    I told you I would be watching, since you refuse to stop provoking me, but you want to keep up your smarmy amateur game. WTF??

    You read this blog, but you do not understand it. You do not realize that your MO is out in the open, you even advertise this blog, when the whole thing is laid out showing you for what you are. Now I know you have superiors who must be wondering the very same things I am here now. What do you suppose they think about this? You know in your line of business everyone is dispensable, especially when one such as you become blinded by hubris.

    Don’t blame me sucker, you fucked yourself.

  67. Craig McKee — AUGUST 18, 2014 AT 5:07 PM
    “I’m shocked that you’re surprised. Pretty much out of nowhere you brought up a subject that had been nixed and you dared others to comment on it. I can’t imagine what purpose this could possibly have served other than to “test” me to see if I would allow it.

    The purpose of my (some would say not frequent enough) interventions is not to censor people or subjects if that can be avoided, but it is to try and keep the discussion productive. Had I allowed your challenge (essentially it was a taunt), then there would have been no further productive discussion. It’s one thing to react to someone else (that can be done inappropriately, of course), but it’s quite another to provoke for no reason.”

    Well, this is what it is. I need not comment.

  68. Well it has been a wild and woolly wankaroo two front couple weeks or so.

    On one front I have been dealing with a Sunstein crew at that “psychology” site.

    And on the other front – which is actually a rear guard action against a double agent, or plural [?] on T&S.

    At least the the psych-ed coven are up-front in their anti-conspiracist oinkage, and the arguments are straight forward. But with this 5th column double agent Maxifungus, it is all covert doubletalk, and doubly as disingenuous as those like ‘conspiracykiller’ that are fighting under their own flag in open opposition. The mole is the most dangerous… a “stranger in our house” as they say.

    Then there is the third aspect I have been dealing with, which is a psychologist who “is interested in conspiracy theory” in the same sense as the guys writing the ‘anti-conspiracy’ blog; that has turned into an interesting discussion. He has offered several articles to read, which has given me some insights into how this quack branch of anti-conspiracy theory has developed and what might be called the ‘state of the art’ of where they are at recently. This is addressed more fully on the ‘Killer Skeptitards’ thread on this blog.

    One essay by Baumeister, is interesting as he seems to be in an epistemic crisis of faith, struggling between his indoctrination and his rational mind. He is still locked in the Orwellian language though. The conversation with Anthony Lantian is going slow because he is teaching at summerschool, as well as taking some classes at the same facitlity, So the papers he passed to me to read are meant to give me an idea as to the spectrum of thought within the psych-communitee who have branched off into the study of ‘conspiracy theory” … and the psychology theories are as varied as the conspiracy theories they ‘study’. The major split seems to be between the “no-free-will” school, and the “free-will” school, and the agnostic middle. Lantian seems to be in this middle ground. And all the ground in its entirety is really weird. All of the thinking is Orwellian at different levels. And the ‘consensus’ is as shifting a ground as in any other topic.

    So I have been busy reading in a lot of venues, as well as writing short critiques, as to what I see are the core issues in all of this. At some point I am hoping to get something more concrete from Lantian, as to where he stands in all of this.

  69. Bridges you have done deep, perhaps permanent damage to your precious ‘Legend’ that you worked so hard and long to develop. Your industrial strength bullshit cast in huge mountainous piles have begun to crumble of their own weight.

    Your incessant attacks of self-projection onto your enemies has backfired…as I predicted when this whole affair began, with your “Q-Agent” nonsense. Those of us with a sense of historical memory will not forget these transgressions and the MO they so well define.

    fat guy1

    You are all washed up bucko. “It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy” {grin}

  70. Just now putting the term, ‘Maxwell Bridges blog’ into the Bing browser pulled up a page that has as the 3rd item listed, this very site – HR1blog, and page, ‘Maxwell Bridges Disinformant’.
    How cool is that? {grin}.

    Anyway, nothing new posted there. His last post was August 6, 2014, even though there have been dramatic changes on the chessboard since that date.

  71. This covert entity calling itself Maxwell Bridges claims to an education in science;”heavy on math”. From what I have seen I can accept that with a couple of reservations. I would say that he has some science proficiency but it suffers from the overbearing misuse of math. His reasoning skills are simply under-par, as I have illustrated profusely in his assembled profile. One of his best skills is plausible rhetoric, mostly delivered as argumentum verbosium. He builds castles on a base of shifting sands–empty supposition and conjecture.

    These tactics may not be entirely sincere, that is he likely knows better, but uses rhetorical trickery to both dupe the naive and ignorant, but he doesn’t actually believe such things. It is just an agenda to rebuke the best evidence in the case of 9/11.
    Oft times one starts to believe one’s own PR, and looses perspective, looses touch with reality. Such people are prime candidates for low level espionage work. The apparatchik of constant and consistent agitprop.

    There is always the excuse of “I’ve got a family to feed,” when it comes to a choice of dismissing personal morals or ethics and providing for your own. The circumstances such choices can arise in are as varied as there are individual human beings. I could only guess at what the intents, or compromised positions Max has been subject too. So I won’t attempt that aspect of his profile. I can only analyse the effects and activities he has displayed.

    He does claim, he is just a “duped and useful idiot”, but perhaps as a modified limited hangout, which is true in certain aspects. But at the core of the issue is that he is doing his job, he is a disinformant, whatever the underlying processes.

    I will leave this issue when I leave it. Things occur to me that are new aspects to this character and at times it occurs to me that I should reiterate some point I have already covered as new semi-summations.

    • What is my impetus? Is this simply an “obsession” with this covert entity? Bridges would certainly like to convince you of that. But no, in a phrase it is self-defense. Max started this shit. And I am going to finish it. And it will be finished when I am no longer harassed by this crazed maniac.

      That is all there is to it. Cease and Desist Max. Don’t get up again, I will knock your back down.

  72. ruffadam – AUGUST 20, 2014 AT 6:24 AM, says:

    It is nice of you to re-frame for us what we could expect from a real agitprop agent. I will stick with my own definition though. My definition fits you to a tee.”~Adam Ruff

    And this “re-frame” that Adam refers to is the covert entity’s beancounter’s accounting that attempts to frame me yet again. Delivered in the same grotesque ultra-verbose Newspeak. Bridges has no sense of brevity.

  73. Señor El Once — AUGUST 20, 2014 AT 3:42 PM

    “A1-, -B2-to-A1-, -C3-to-A1-, -A4-to-B2-, -A5-to-C3-, -B6-, -C7-, -A8-to-B6-, -A9-to-C7- blablabla” ~covert entity

    _________________________AGAIN WTF??????


    You are a blithering idiot Maxitwat – absolutely out of your fucking mind.

  74. Yes Maxitwerp, and to the link to your blog at the end of your latest rant on T&S, wherein you misframe the whole affair on COTO, it is bullshit. Anyone who wants the real scoop on that trip can go to the “Variation of Milgram” thread on this blog.

    You schmoozed that twit JG, and she went on a rampage like Nurse Rat-shit in One Flew Over the Cukoo’s Nest. You pulled your agitprop game there like a pro, because those people are so jejune. The only regular there with any sense at all is Boomer, and he’s about a B- on the intel scale.

    I know you have the same plan for T&S, to derail it into oblivion like you did to COTO.
    And it wasn’t long after I left of my own accord, that you abandoned COTO.
    It is too too obvious what a vile and despicable game you play, like the gentleman snake.


  75. ruffadam – AUGUST 20, 2014 AT 9:18 PM says:

    “The one fact that discredits virtually everything you just said is that in each and every case it is in fact you who starts the trouble not HR1 or myself. There was no mention of you at all on this thread until you came in and started derailing it. Sure you choose to come to the defense of Tamborine Man who was himself attempting to derail this discussion. You saw us telling TM to stay on topic as your perfect opportunity to come in here and increase the disruption. You are the aggressor SEO and the time stamps on the posts prove it.

    Now as to your other blather about HR1 and I working together against you I can assure you that you have earned my critiques through your own actions and if HR1 were not here at all I would still make them. Because HR1 and I happen to agree on quite a few things I can understand your mistake of thinking we coordinate all this. We don’t need to coordinate anything really SEO because your pattern of abuse and your MO are obvious to both of us. I agree with HR1 most of the time for one simple reason SEO, because he is right most of the time and I know he is right from my own research. You on the other hand are often wrong and therefore I often disagree with you.

    In truth SEO I really believe you are “agitprop” or an “agent provocateur” who is attacking this blog and some of it’s members intentionally and for nefarious reasons. Looking at your most recent post for example I find numerous reasons to reach the conclusion that you are an “agent” of disruption and disinformation.

    Some other time perhaps I will go through one of your posts step by step and explain in detail what is happening with them. Suffice it to say for now that I will not be responding to your “Chop-chop, Mr. Ruff” remark in any sort of timely fashion, if at all, simply because I don’t bite on such obvious bait. At this point SEO you may want to have your handlers assign someone else from the Q-Group to me because your routine is played out and not working.”

    Indeed, Mr Ruff has said it quite well, the proof of who the trouble maker is can be seen by the time/date stamps. The disinformant Bridges always starts the shit.

    And the Maxitwat STILL hasn’t made a single comment on the actual topic of the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

  76. “If Mr. Ruff were referring to the actual record, he’d be proven wrong, which is why he provides no links. If my nuclear theories had been debunked in a convincing fashion, I wouldn’t be still peddling them. I have the ability to change my mind when proven wrong.”

    Bridges is an outrageous in-your-face fullblown fucking liar – he has been proven wrong decisively on this nuclear bullshit and hasn’t changed his mind but – as you see from the above, doubles down on the anal hurlant…the singing asshole of Maxweird Bridges.

  77. Laws and rules that don’t make sense will be rebelled against.

    Laws and rules that do make sense but aren’t applied consistently provoke chaos.


  78. –“Señor El Once – AUGUST 21, 2014 AT 7:38 PM”

    Now, this entry by Señora Ta Ta is simply TOO MUCH – literally too much. The word count must be in the thousands. It is a certain sign of insanity, combined with hysterical projection. And the beancounter jabber is off the charts into the realm of lunacy.
    But if you really want to understand the math of statistics I understand that the best textbook for this course is:
    Fundamentals of Differential Equations (Eighth Edition)
    By R. Nagle, E. Saff, and A. Snider.

    Perhaps the bean counting nanny has read it?

    • You’re crazy as a shithouse rat Maxweirdo, just totally nuts. I guess that’s why you got the job in agitprop, the perfect pathological profile for that line of work.
      Go eat worms, nobody likes you, everybody hates you.

  79. So now we get another long silence from the anonymous slasher as he tries desperately to find some excuse to leap bellowing from the shadows… Lol, it is so fucking predictable.

    Or maybe his mommy [wife] has him by the balls again and has forced him away from his computer.

    Or maybe he choked on a peanut and the world has lost one more raging lunatic. What a tragic loss that would be for T&S. We might actually get through a thread without a major derailment there….

    But no, I am sure a replacement is waiting in the hall at Comedy Central.

  80. In Reply to: Señor El Once — AUGUST 22, 2014 AT 4:34 PM:
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    And again, as my question to “word count” is in great part rhetorical, the charge of ‘derailment’ of a thread has nothing to do with “word count”, it has to do with taking the thread off topic.
    Now, this latest comment by the covert entity is split in two, one section is the very first on topic commentary the entity has made in the pristine sense of dealing directly to the Palestinian/Israeli Conflict.

    The second portion of the entity’s commentary is then, self-admittedly Off-Topic. But more disturbing is the revelation as to the stalking activities of the entity shown in great detail and organization of data. In other words it is the revealing of the operational MO of ‘Spy-craft’ – exactly the profile that I have been claiming is the entity’s job description.

    Now the COTO information is skewed, as COTO was at one time what could be characterized as an ‘international powerhouse’ with hits coming in from all over the planet. I have the same access to the stats there that I do to my own blog. My posting frequency simply could not have accounted for the high number of hits pr hr-every 48 hr period; which is the manner in-which the stats are presented on both C1 and HR1blog. The case is clear, the popularity of C1 plummeted in the period after the big blow up there arranged by the psychological operation conducted by the covert entity.
    The case is equally clear that having achieved success in this op the entity abandoned the site, having no more interest in it than he ever had…which was zero, other than an agenda to destroy that site.

    The entity uses ‘statistics’ in the same disingenuous manner that the mainstream press does. They are juked toward the context as framed by the one presenting the statistics. This is a well known technique of the Public Relations Regime.

    To be perfectly clear, I am not asserting that my presence on C1 was in any way the cause of its former popularity. What I am saying is the despoiling of the site caused many of the former advocates to sour on it and to leave because of the extreme nonsense that developed with the assistant manager of the site – who became pathologically vengeful and despotic with an iron fisted rule of the site. [See; ‘Variation on Milgram’ on HR1blog for a detailed report]

    It is my well considered opinion that the covert entity is indeed an agent provocateur. I have studied intelligence operations for many years, I understand the craft, and I attempt to inform others of how such things work.
    The covert entity has an MO and profile that is a perfect match.

  81. BTW, the covert entity asked where I was when the shit hit the fan when the Hasbara agent Sims made a sudden flood of pro-Zionist postings on the ‘Lie Becomes Truth’ thread on August 21.

    That thread had seemingly ended sometime around August 8, with practically no more activity until it bloomed into action with Agent Sims’ propaganda campaign. I don’t receive email notifications for any of these blogs; so I remained unaware of the situation until someone gave me a heads up by email.

    I returned to that page to discover an astonishing mess on a thread that was already badly fucked up thanks to the combined efforts of the covert entity itself and Tamborin man, with the addition to the egotistical rantings of Mr Hufferd.

    This particular thread has to be the worst victim of a clearly staged cognitive dissonant attack on T&S to date.

    To say that T&S is a prime target of Sunsteinian provocation is an understatement.

  82. To a fanatic there is only ever one topic, and that is the object of his obsession.

    Fanaticism is not reason nor rational, it is mania; an all encompassing delusion. Just like the statists who advocate ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’, who have designed and implemented this panoptic maximum security police state.

    Fanaticism is at the core of all the evils humankind has suffered throughout their existence on this planet.

  83. Delusions of grandeur and maniacal evangelism go hand in hand like the headsman’s ax and a Bible.

    There is no ‘present’ that stands not on the ‘past’, there is no ‘future’ that does not proceed from this ‘present’.

  84. To a simpleton everything is simple.

    Ye shall know the “Truth” and the “Truth” shall bind ye as a straight-jacket and waterboard your every dream.

  85. “Talking about the past again and again dear HR1, and not even a smudge of an original thought to be found anywhere amongst your usual gibberish.”~Tamborina

    While the term he/she meant is ‘smidgen’; the fact of the matter is that Tamborina offers naught but ancient “wisdom” presented as if it is his own private secret. The ‘Golden Rule’ rebranded as Tamborinism. Not a smidgen of what this evangelical lunatic preaches is in the slightest sense new or original. It is centuries ancient, predating history itself, beyond the era of written text. The “Good News” has always been old news.

    Tamborina reinvents the wheel and stands in shocked disappointment when one points to that fact.

  86. Señor El Once – August 22, 2014 at 1:31 PM

    “Dear Mr. Bob Sims, blablablabla…. //”


    What blithering stupid nonsense this post is; giving advice to an obvious Hasbara Zionist Agent on how to “Gather and Sow (Once)” – and doing it in the entity’s typical overly verbose manner. He also says in false satire: “I’m pulling Q-Group rank … To all active Sunstein Agents: Consider the above “Gather and Sow (Once)” an order…”

    Yes, the entity pretends he is just being funny. Is he funny? No he is not funny at all.

  87. Willy…

    I was going to post something at T&S along these lines, but then chickened out at the end, considering my recent flop of an attempt to engage with Señor:

    Both you and Craig seem to have given a free pass (perhaps a temporary one?) to this HR2 character.

    To make it brief, i’ll just say that his avatar should simply be not acceptable. He has not sufficiently explained either why he has picked this name, or why he is insisting on it even after the reaction he has received, or why he is there asking seemingly

    There’s really nothing you can do to make him change it… But, I can’t understand the “oh well” attitude on your and Craig’s part… This reeks from the get go… Can’t say what kind of a bull he is, but I can smell the bullcrap!!

      • I find it interesting there is still no ‘Statistics Report’ from the beancounter on the newest thread on T&S.
        Seems to me he is trying to rehabilitate his image. Fine with me if it really rehabilitates his attitude.

    • Lilaleo,

      Mr Whitesands said that HR2 seems a medium sized bull in a small china shop..{grin}

      Yes…the “oh well” and “ho-hum”… I guess the whole gravitar thing just seems inconsequential to me as there can be no mix-up nor doubt that it’s not me.

      As far as what hidden impetus might be lying within this newest addition to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party that has been squatting on T&S is a matter of time telling. HR2 may just be very enthusiastic. Perhaps a younger with such hungers as they maintain in their hormone factories…?

      Perhaps a piece of footware made of cheesecloth? A juvenile orangutan fresh from a rain-forest? A recent grad from West Point? Or…just exactly what he claims to be, be that he or she?

      Que sera sera … the future’s not ours to see.

    • “..or why he is there asking seemingly..”~Lilaleo

      Yes unfinished sentence. I shall finish it for you; …”asking where I am coming from.”
      A rather strange question given the choice of gravitar ID. One might assume that before choosing such an ‘apprentice’ seeming persona, that the entity behind it would be a bit more informed as to where I am coming from. Yes?

      Perchance a pow-wow with Magus Maverik is in order.

      • My intended words were “…asking seemingly benign and friendly questions”… But, yours will do as well.

        As for what to do (or not to do) about it and how to deal with it… It is totally your call… I was just relaying what my nose was telling me.

        The future is certainly ours to see once it becomes the past. I’ll be waiting.

      • Thank you for your concerns Lilaleo. I simply see this affair with HR2 as a curious and novel episode that will explain itself as time goes on. He is likely just someone else looking to express himself, and define himself through such expression. We all seem to have a natural affinity for such.

      • By the way Lilaleo,

        Don’t let one initial play sour your entire notion of posting on T&S. T’is really no big deal.

  88. The gulf between the merely clever and the wise is an abyss deep and wide. But the truly wise can step over that crevice as though it were a mere blemish

  89. When I R-click HR2_Lite I get the following address:

    I don’t mean right-clicking the gravitar, I mean the name itself; HR2_Lite

    Anyone with the tech knowledge to figure this out?

      • “I doubt that such a specific link can be embedded in someone’s handle unless they intended to do so.”

        You are probably right Lilaleo…
        Or it happens automatically from a worksite computer…hmmm?

        No I don’t want to ask him publicly on the T+S thread, and he still hasn’t emailed.

      • Either way, it seems that HR2 has flown the coop.

        ________________________Scratch that____
        Seems he is back posting on T&S again…

  90. That some anonymous entity [HR2] has chosen to take advantage of my namesake to make commentary on T&S transfers no responsibility to myself.

    The whole affair has turned into a tempest in a thimble as far as I am concerned.

    My offer for an email exchange is withdrawn … timed out … expired.

  91. “There’s just something unsettling about HR2 to just materialize out of the ether like that with that particular handle. Reads to be created to get your attention and bring you into view as a focal point on T&S. Says to me, T&S has attracted the eye of the dragon.~Veri
    This is something that Veri wrote in an email to me just a while ago. I think it a prescient observation – one that I agree with.

    “It pays to you, a homage, but one fraught will an implied risk. There won’t be one mind involved to discredit you, you’re more than a match by my reconning for most. What alarms me is this entity came along just as the maxibastard entity was getting their wings clipped for overplaying their hand, it’s like a tag team effort.”~Veri
    “I was wondering the same …. Big Daddy 🙂 Yeah like you say grandstanding or wanting to chat? Got a feeling he likes it up there in the stands.
    the fusillade of deep questions put to you and the arrogant approach with Craig right from the start. It was weird. hmm so what else are we to make of this name-taking grandstander”~Al Whitesands

    So adding in the council of Lilaleo, that makes three voices in chorus with the same core message; Be wary of this entity calling itself HR2.
    It is my own thinking as well. And the timing, as Veri points out, is very curious.

    Considering the latest questions asked by HR2 on AUGUST 26, 2014 AT 9:35 PM

    ___And Señor – AUGUST 27, 2014 AT 12:42 PM

    I will repost my response there, AUGUST 27, 2014 AT 1:43 PM:
    ‘Something tells me that this question from HR2 was meant for the Señor entity all along.’

    I will repeat once again – I do not believe in ‘Coincidence Theory’. I see DESIGN in the script playing out on T&S between the anonymous entity calling itself, Señor, and the equally anonymous entity calling itself, HR2_Lite.


      • “P.S. Mr. Rogue, would you please create new blog postings dedicated to Mr. Lite as well as Mr. Tamborine Man and any others you engage here, because I don’t want your idle speculation into them and their anctics polluting your precious work dedicated to me.”
        ~Bridges – 8/28/2014 AT 12:26 PM

        O’goodness, it seems that Maxweird Bridges is jealous that he is not the exclusive target of discussion on this thread.

        BJ bounce

        But anyone who is hep to the program knows that agents of agitprop are made up in teams, and have technical backup. How could that be different for our covert entity Agent Bridges?

  92. “Exclamation slashes. See en en eh?”~Al Whitesands
    _ _ _ _ _
    Interesting ponderosa… [the rose, sub-rosa, the rouge, the painted mask, the covert task..]

    • sub rosā
      Etymology . First attested 1654, from Latin sub rosā (“ under the rose … See also Wikisaurus:covert; Adverb . sub rosa. In secret or covertly.

  93. I think that T&S should have a Ramin Djawadi soundtrack playing in the background to match the intrigue that goes on there…

  94. hybridrogue1 – AUGUST 27, 2014 AT 10:27 PM T&S:

    ‘No dice HR2?

    You don’t want to talk about CNN?

    The original HR is an open pellucid book. Nothing covert nor sub rosā here.

    Maybe your choice of moniker was a mistake? A mishap? A deception? A tantalizing titillation? Canned prefab sprouts?

    Forgive me if I take this somewhat personally.’


    • I suppose the major disappointment with HR2, is to be served redundancies as though they are fresh meat on the platter.
      Any apprentice researcher has been through this, these introductory “101” topics from the standard deck of cards.

      • A counterfeit and pretender…
        a tumbleweed impersonating the sagebrush.

        Strange days indeed.

    • The “wringer” on the old style washing machines from the 1950’s was quicker and much more energy efficient than the hot air spin of the modern cycle.

  95. “In the Beginning” is a meaningless phrase in the context of infinity. Whereas “once upon a time” attends to the rhyme in the aspect of the metaphor.

  96. “In the course of our investigation into the national response to the attacks, the 9/11 Commission staff discovered that the official version of what had occurred (the morning of September 11, 2001) – that is, what government and military officials had told Congress, the Commission, the media and the public about who knew what when – was almost entirely, and inexplicably untrue.”
    – John Farmer, senior counsel to the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States

    At present, Albury Smith has 6,512 comments at Disqus.


    • Of course John Farmer’s revetment can be seen as a modified limited hangout in itself.

      Regardless, all the facts show that his statement in the quote above is without a doubt absolutely true. However, Farmers activities from that point forward can be seen as misdirection.

  97. Señor El Once – AUGUST 28, 2014 AT 12:26 PM
    “My only current and active sock-puppet is “Señor El Once”, and it has been that way since we first locked horns. Period.” ~ //

    Aha, so there we have it, just because the entity says it is so, it must be true…
    Hahahahahahaha … just like every other pile of bullshit left by the Once and future fucknob.

    • I look on in amused wonder as Maxweird gleefully stomps the trigger of every landmine I lay for him on T&S.

      And the colored girls sing, “WTF?”

      • Take the following for example:

        –“I already know “about [Mr. Rogue’s] current views on 9/11, Judy Wood, and Fetzer,” so I don’t need to ask; I don’t need to go there and crank that carousel.”~Maxweird

        Would anyone expect a pro sockpuppeteer to pose as knowing all the info that the puppeteer knows? Of course not. It would be perfect cover to inquire to things the agent already knows. This pretense of naivete in itself can be seen as a mere ploy.

        How stupid does Maxweird think the T&S readership is? Again like Fetzer, he appeals to the weakest minds.

      • The twatty entity misframes my words yet again. BLOWING them out of proportion, which is all I mean by “landmines” – He takes my brief passages and EXPLODES them into a rhetorical tap-dances of utter bullshit.

        I don’t need any fucking proof to be suspicious that Maxifucker is, or is puppeting the counterfeit HR2 of CNN. The word “suspicious” means I SUSPECT such, nothing more nothing less. How can anyone prove anything about covert entities? El Zero //, El CNN? El Dumbfuckery.


  98. I would propose that if HR2 wants to play an open and sincere role on T&S, that he discard the “HR2” costume and start anew with something more apropos.

    • Maybe CMcK_Lite? ;-}]

      He does not seem to be an idiot, or that young…. Which means that this can’t possibly be his first ever handle on the interwebs… Which, in turn, would mean that HR2 was purposely chosen.

      As to what purpose that might be… I suppose it depends on whether or not he will rematerialize, which I doubt.

      He might be someone sent to profile you… Or someone sent to replace one of the twats who seem to have lost their traction at T&S…

      I’d be very suspicious of any new characters who might materialize at T&S and try to establish themselves as a regular… (Unless their name is Lilaleo of course :-))

  99. Señor El Once – AUGUST 28, 2014 AT 5:22 PM:
    More hopeless twaddle from this covert entity Maxiterp. Let my original words be read in context here.

    The entity asks:
    –“Mr. Rogue found nothing objectionable in Mr. Lite’s name when he gave his amused approval. Why now?”
    The progression of my transition to objection is plainly revealed in the commentary above. There is no mystery here in the disenchantment that began to dawn on me as HR2 disregarded my offer to chat by email rather than draw the thread out of topic as he was.
    And then my curiosity leading me to finding the CNN affiliation hidden behind the HR2_Lite moniker. And this all happened on the thread there as well as being discussed further here.
    The first comment here about HR2 is actually by Lilaleo on August 25, 2014 at 5:47 pm

    What seems likely to me is that although Señor el Twat gives the URL to this blog, he figures few will take the time to follow the lead here.

    • Oh and how I do wonder where Mr CNN has gone off to now. And I do wonder at his disappearance and that vacuum now being filled by our favorite Covert Entity the Señora Maxitwat.

      And how long it will be before these words are copied and pasted on T&S creating the very fucking carousel that the Señora Cunt claims to wish to avoid…. ???

  100. So now several new comments have landed on T&S from HR2. And we are supposed to take them at face value?

    Who’s face?

    Oh wait … NOW he is serious … {grin}

    How could this character suppose that everything would not be turned into a matter of “personalities”, when he stumbled on stage rouged as rogue, tap dancing and farting like the Señora Cunt, kissing asses while sticking pins in them?

    And now “Big Daddy” is a “hard man to please”…

    What dumbfuckery is this?

    No, really.

  101. HR2 mentioned that I liked the series BREAKING BAD interpreting that as meaning I have some sort of sympathy with the lead character Walter White.
    Actually I was fascinated in the series as a study in the pathos of modern Amerikana, a descriptive passion play of a psychopathic society.

    Yes, I suppose that like most viewers I felt some sympathy for Walter White in the initial introduction to the character and his dilemma. But as things developed that sympathy turned to disgust. The theme of the antihero in Amerikan literature and cinema is pretty much traditional; Jesse James, Bonnie and Clyde…more subtly, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Custer and other “heroes” of that mythos.

    It may seem at times that I lack a sense of humor. But I see the tragic/comedy of our situation as human beings clearly… often a choice between laughter and crying.

    “Laughter holds a key
    Watch it closely and see
    It will grimace with a leer
    Or chuckle with a tear..”
    ~Lyric; ‘Prayer of the Wet People’ – 1970 {ww}

  102. Now, I have mentioned this before, but let me reiterate it again:

    My thoughts and commentary are put to this blog in a rather profuse manner. As it is an open journal/diary in the main, the HR1blog is not intended as a ‘forum’ as many others are. I do allow commentary from a select few well vetted friends – but unlike T&S it is not meant to be a public forum for all comers to debate on.

    I have also mentioned that HR1blog should not be seen as an extension of T&S. If I have commentary meant for T&S I will post it myself there. Others who copy and paste my commentary from HR1blog to T&S without my permission or prior knowledge do so at their own responsibility, and any such reposting of my words there that is out of the overall context of the way I meant them here is the liability of the plagiarist who does the copying and pasting.

    And it is Maxitwat Bridges that is the culprit, guilty of this misframing quotes from this blog to T&S almost exclusively. So I will remind this silly little cunt one more time; this blog is not a tributary of T&S. Further Bridges has not been invited here simply by the title of the current thread. Bridges will also never be granted posting privileges here, nor do I give permission for him to copy and paste my words from this my personal blog.


    I recognize there is nothing I can do to restrain the twat from being a twat, of course.
    But I do want to make my position on these matters clear.


  103. “I’m tired of the incessant inward-looking analysis of the discussion process itself. I don’t want to read about an exchange that took place on COTO or anywhere else. I don’t care what you all think of each other. And I don’t care about which of you can out-clever the other. Frankly, I’m getting sick of clever. I’ll take sincerity over clever any day. And based on how many people are regularly commenting here of late, I think I’m not alone.

    I want this forum to be about genuine and productive discussion. Those who want the same thing are welcome.”~Craig McKee – 8/29/2014 AT 2:27 PM

    I agree with Craig entirely. I have this blog here for my personal analysis of the discussion process and those I find disingenuous and why. I can be quite satisfied with this arrangement going forward.

    We finally seemed to just be getting Maxitwatimous tamed when suddenly this HR2 pretender showed up. I do not like ‘coincidences’ – I do not think it is coincidence. And again one more fucking time – HR1blog is NOT and extension of T&S. Lifting commentary from here is part of what Craig is speaking to. Enough bullshit kiddies. Aye?

  104. I have what must seem shocking news to the Covert Entity:

    Calling a man a cunt is not an insult to women, it is an insult to the pussyboy being called a cunt.

    This comment applies to the Maxitwat’s post of AUGUST 29, 2014 AT 6:03 PM

    And it also applies to the many other times he has attempted to frame me as misogynist.
    I may have further things to say here about the twatboy’s latest novel length argumentum verbosium. If the notion strikes me to make further analysis of this boring cunt of a person.

    • Well as per anymore commentary on Maxitwat’s post of AUGUST 29, 2014 AT 6:03 PM…

      I wont have anything more to say, because the post has been removed.
      But it was the same old story, same old song and dance my friend.

  105. owenmeister on AUGUST 30, 2014 AT 4:18 AM, writes to Maxitwat;
    “I am saddened to read that you are a Mason.”
    . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Yes, just so. Secret societies are secret societies. They are covert activities. Covert activities are by their very nature conspiracies. The foot soldiers in any organization are not privy to the knowledge of the true agenda of the elite leadership. Only fools and eunuchs pledge liege to that which they do not grasp.

    …Knights of the Temple and all that medieval bullshit time travelling into the now…
    It’s fucking idiocy to trust such lunacy.

    • Those of us who have been at this for many years are well enough aware of the hierarchical structure of secret societies such as the Masons.

      Max’s excuses are made with two possibilities in aspect. One, he is a useful idiot, duped into seeing only the outer realms of his little Mickey Mouse Club. Two, is that he is on a privy counsel and would make the exact same excuses to the outside world as that useful idiot he pretends to be. That is the whole reason for the hidden inner chambers of secret societies.

      One is caught in the dichotomous trap as soon as one crosses the line and joins one of these secret groups; suspicion follows your every encounter. And it’s your own damned fault.

  106. “Masonry, like all the Religions, all the Mysteries, Hermeticism and Alchemy, conceals its secrets from all except the Adepts and Sages, or the Elect, and uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be misled …”

    “The Blue Degrees are but the outer court or portico of the Temple. Part of the symbols are displayed there to the Initiate, but he is intentionally misled by false interpretations. It is not intended that he shall understand them; but it is intended that he shall imagine he understands them. Their true explication is reserved for the Adepts, the Princes of Masonry.” (pp. 104, 105 & 819)

    General Albert Pike wrote those words in a work called Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, 1871.
    At the time his title was The Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite in Washington D.C.

    “FREEMASONRY is a fraternity within a fraternity — an outer organization concealing an inner brotherhood of the elect. Before it is possible to intelligently discuss the origin of the Craft, it is necessary, therefore, to establish the existence of these two separate yet interdependent orders, the one visible and the other invisible. The visible society is a splendid camaraderie of ‘free and accepted’ men enjoined to devote themselves to ethical, educational, fraternal, patriotic, and humanitarian concerns. The invisible society is a secret and most august fraternity whose members are dedicated to the service of a mysterious arcanum arcanorum. Those Brethren who have essayed to write the history of their Craft have not included in their disquisitions the story of that truly secret inner society which is to the body Freemasonic what the heart is to the body human.” ~Manly P. Hall 33°
    Lectures on Ancient Philosophy and Introduction to the Study and Application of Rational Procedure, p. 397 [Chapter 19 – Rosicrucian and Masonic Origins]


  107. “The true name of Satan, the Kabalists say, is that of Yahveh reversed; for Satan is not a black god, but the negation of God. The Devil is the personification of Atheism or Idolatry.

    For the Initiates, this is not a Person, but a Force, created for good, but which may serve for evil. It is the instrument of Liberty or Free Will. They represent this Force, which presides over the physical generation, under the mythologic and horned form of the God PAN; thence came the he-goat of the Sabbat, brother of the Ancient Serpent, and the Light-bearer or Phosphor, of which the poets have made the false Lucifer of the legend.”

    – Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma, 3rd Degree, III – THE MASTER, p. 102


  108. I suppose it must be written somewhere; that truth, that the powers that should not be, will not be eventually. The eventual light at the end of a dark tunnel. Like a birth canal.

    Liberty is not an INVENTION of revolution.

    Liberty is the DISCOVERY of enlightened reason.


  109. METAPHORIA * The realm of the space-time-continuum

    It is my view that “evil” is defined by material humanity as that which leads to physical pain and death. I do not accept the concept of a metaphysical evil, or the personification of such as the ‘devil’ nor ‘hosts of demons’.
    Misinterpretation of ideation is inherent in missing the core point that all human language is metaphor.

    • Sans Concrete

      “I sat down at my desk. I opened the drawer and pulled a sheet of paper and set it before me. I picked up my pen and began to write….”
      . . . . . .

      What in the above sentence is metaphor?

      All of it:

      Sitting down implies a “chair” a subtextual metaphor, the most vague of them in the sentence. The readers mind imagines the sitting position without mention of the chair that must be there to sit in. That “chair” is “any chair”, as all the items mentioned in the sentence. It is the ‘allegorical chair’, the allegorical desk, the allegorical drawer, sheet of paper and pen. The imagination of the reader fills in the details with the most intimate examples of these items in the reader’s own life. It is imagined that such items are “like” those known to the reader.

      “Like is not.” The words of the Taoist sage.

      This could be the beginning of a very long treatise on human language as metaphor, and human life as allegory and ‘self-story’ in an eternal moment of now, based on memories true and imagined, and projection into a hoped for or feared future.

      All things occur in the present moment, even memories of the past occur in the now.
      It is in grasping that the present moment is the only moment you have ever known, that can set you free from belief in Maya. And the beginning of true understanding.
      ~Magus Maverik

      • One {that’s me} wonders why the Maxitwat copied and pasted the whole of ‘Sans Concrete’ {above} and posted it to his blog under the title of “Señor El Cunt” .. ??
        And in that wondering, why he did not include the preamble above that: METAPHORIA.

        And whether he understands a word of what he just lifted … ??

        Somehow I doubt it.

  110. “I called Mr. Rogue repeatedly a liar, a cheat, and agent”~Señor El Once – MARCH 4, 2013 – 1:13 PM

    “This is what the ignorant cheat and liar, Agent Rogue, wants us to believe to.”~Señor El Once – MARCH 4, 2013 – 7:30 PM

    “I called Mr. Rogue repeatedly a liar, a cheat, and weasel”~Señor El Once – ad nauseum

    ”If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.” – Joseph Goebbels (Hitler’s Propaganda Minister)

    Maxwell Bridges aka Señor El Once has learned the Strategy of Deception well. Perhaps as part of his Masonic training, likely a “god-given talent”, surely put to use as an disinformant agent on the Internet.

    And apparently he means to engage me “until death do us part”… and this is such a drag and a bore that I can barely express it properly here, there, or anywhere.

  111. AUGUST 25, 2014 AT 11:46 AM
    “Mr. Rogue and Mr. Lite,
    My apologies for “rude” remark. I take it back.”~Señor El Cunt

    Don’t you dare apologize to me Max. Not for trivial shit like this. Not after all the reams of bullshit lies you have told, all the deceptions you have attempted; all the failed attempts at character assassination.

    What a squirrely little punk you are, attempting to make good appearances through saccharine decorum, you disgusting little disinfoslut.

  112. I would never have expected an excuse for a Maxisquall on the current thread on T&S, as the topic is the current police state. And there should have been little argument about any aspects of that.

    But the unexpected appearance by some strange entity posing as a second edition of yours truly, certainly set the stage in new props and dressings.

    And so again strange disruptive winds blew through the blog. I have no patience for coincidence theory and remain suspicious as to the timing of this grand entrance by yet another covert entity. Too bizarre.

    And Maxitwat tells me I need proofs for my suspicions. Bullshit, I need proof for a judgement, not for suspicion. He always seems to talk from the ass of his trousers.

  113. Señor El Once – AUGUST 31, 2014 AT 5:42 PM
    “Dear Mr. McKee,
    I absolutely love what you did above with my comment from August 29, 2014 at 6:03 pm! And for justified reasons, I might add.”

    Thus begins one of the best ass-kissing’s I have yet read on the blogs… I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, or puke … so I just sat here in wonder.

    • –“I’m boinking and hitting a truther wall called “apathy.”~Señor

      What a delightful prospect, the covert entity burning out and getting bored with it all.
      Could we really be so lucky?

      But these things are clear, his ‘Nookiedoodoo’ agenda being blunted; His disruption tactics being blunted, leaves poor poor Maxitwat rather void of relevance by his own perspective.
      We will see if his superiors agree with that assessment.

      If so, we may have already been introduced to a possible replacement.
      Time will tell, as is said.

    • Just like his affliction of Nookiedoodoo, Maxtwerpius PRESUMES that if he hasn’t been made privy to the real inner workings of Masonry that such does not exist.
      Perhaps the mediocre such as the covert entity are channeled to a side pool to play with their peepee.

      OR perhaps as with much else we get from Cuntbottom, all of his denials are bullshit. Who knows? We don’t even know who this “person” is. Only his hairdresser knows.


    (CNN) — ISIS is a cancer that must be stamped out, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry wrote Saturday in an opinion piece for The New York Times.
    Kerry called the Islamist extremist group, known for beheadings, crucifixions and terror campaigns against religious and ethnic minorities, a “unifying threat to a broad array of countries” that needs to be confronted.
    His article appears in the aftermath of the political uproar that engulfed the White House this week after President Barack Obama said “we don’t have a strategy” on ISIS in Syria.

    “If the United States is serious about thoroughly defeating ISIS, it must, somehow, go through Syria.”~Obama

    This is obviously a ploy to finally invade Syria. Everyone in the Intelligence community knows that ISIS is a creation of western intelligence services, just like al Qaeda is.
    The ‘controlled enemy ploy’ is centuries old and has worked all that time on tranquilized populations brainwashed by their elites.

    • Again the “conspiracykiller” punk has to butt in on the discussion I was having on this thread… What an arrogant little prick.

    • I see Mr Woods, your topic is tight and there are no tributaries that feed these waters that have any bearing on what flows under your particular view from the bridge.
      And just so, I take my leave into the wider world with a panoramic view.
      Thank you for your time and limited scope.

  115. The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism
    by Emmanuel Goldstein

    …is the fictional book that is an integral thematic and plot element in the dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949), by George Orwell. In the totalitarian society of Oceania, ruled by the seemingly omnipotent and omniscient Party, in its propaganda, Emmanuel Goldstein is the principal enemy of the state — a former member of the Inner Party – continually conspiring against the leadership of Big Brother. Early in the story, Winston Smith, the protagonist, thinks to himself: “There were . . . whispered stories of a terrible book, a compendium of all the heresies, of which Goldstein was the author and which circulated clandestinely here and there. It was a book without a title.
    People referred to it, if at all, simply as The Book“.


  116. “Even the Catholic Church of the Middle Ages was tolerant by modern standards. Part of the reason for this was that in the past no government had the power to keep its citizens under constant surveillance.”~Emmanuel Goldstein

    And this, “ludite Mr. Rogue” {Maxitwat’s term} is well aware of the dangers of the technological society sublimated by the somnambulist masses, who are unaware that they are tools to technology and not the other way around.

  117. “The slightly more favoured workers whom we call ‘the proles’ are only intermittently conscious of the war. When it is necessary they can be prodded into frenzies of fear and hatred, but when left to themselves they are capable of forgetting for long periods that the war is happening. It is in the ranks of the Party, and above all of the Inner Party, that the true war enthusiasm is found. World-conquest is believed in most firmly by those who know it to be impossible. This peculiar linking-together of opposites — knowledge with ignorance, cynicism with fanaticism — is one of the chief distinguishing marks of Oceanic society. The official ideology abounds with contradictions even when there is no practical reason for them. Thus, the Party rejects and vilifies every principle for which the Socialist movement originally stood, and it chooses to do this in the name of Socialism. It preaches a contempt for the working class unexampled for centuries past, and it dresses its members in a uniform which was at one time peculiar to manual workers and was adopted for that reason. It systematically undermines the solidarity of the family, and it calls its leader by a name which is a direct appeal to the sentiment of family loyalty. Even the names of the four Ministries by which we are governed exhibit a sort of impudence in their deliberate reversal of the facts. The Ministry of Peace concerns itself with war, the Ministry of Truth with lies, the Ministry of Love with torture and the Ministry of Plenty with starvation. These contradictions are not accidental, nor do they result from ordinary hypocrisy; they are deliberate exercises in DOUBLETHINK. For it is only by reconciling contradictions that power can be retained indefinitely. In no other way could the ancient cycle be broken. If human equality is to be for ever averted — if the High, as we have called them, are to keep their places permanently — then the prevailing mental condition must be controlled insanity.”~Goldstein/Orwell


  118. “The essential act of war is destruction, not necessarily of human lives, but of the products of human labour. War is a way of shattering to pieces, or pouring into the stratosphere, or sinking in the depths of the sea, materials which might otherwise be used to make the masses too comfortable, and hence, in the long run, too intelligent. Even when weapons of war are not actually destroyed, their manufacture is still a convenient way of expending labour power without producing anything that can be consumed.”~Goldstein/Orwell


  119. “Even the humblest Party member is expected to be competent, industrious, and even intelligent within narrow limits, but it is also necessary that he should be a credulous and ignorant fanatic whose prevailing moods are fear, hatred, adulation, and orgiastic triumph. In other words it is necessary that he should have the mentality appropriate to a state of war. It does not matter whether the war is actually happening, and, since no decisive victory is possible, it does not matter whether the war is going well or badly. All that is needed is that a state of war should exist. The splitting of the intelligence which the Party requires of its members, and which is more easily achieved in an atmosphere of war, is now almost universal, but the higher up the ranks one goes, the more marked it becomes. It is precisely in the Inner Party that war hysteria and hatred of the enemy are strongest. In his capacity as an administrator, it is often necessary for a member of the Inner Party to know that this or that item of war news is untruthful, and he may often be aware that the entire war is spurious and is either not happening or is being waged for purposes quite other than the declared ones: but such knowledge is easily neutralized by the technique of DOUBLETHINK. Meanwhile no Inner Party member wavers for an instant in his mystical belief that the war is real, and that it is bound to end victoriously, with Oceania the undisputed master of the entire world.”~Goldstein/Orwell


  120. I will point out that it is this point about the “entity of technology” that has ruled mankind for eons that Orwell was struggling to comprehend at the end of the first chapter of Goldstein’s, ‘The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism’, and why it was at the point where it trails off unfinished with, [….] that we see that Orwell himself wasn’t clear on the “why” of the urge to stomp out individuality completely and forever. For it is not something the entity generated by technology can grasp or understand: the Human Soul.

    This is also why the prophesy of 1984 turned out to be only somewhat allegorical of the present panoptic police state. But this doesn’t guarantee that the future of the New World Order in full fruition will not more closely resemble the world of 1984. And it is likely that Orwell’s warning has had something to do with holding off that totality of horror for a time.

  121. “A latest DNA study solves the long standing controversy regarding the origin of Europe’s Ashkenazi Jew” Thus:
    ‌”This suggests that…” – “may indeed have..” – “they seem to have..” ““….This suggests that” {again} – etc, etc, etc.

    But as is said the Khazarian genesis of Ashkenazi is “definitively debunked”.
    Which certainly depends on your definition of ‘definitively’ – as maybe yes, maybe no, but certainly maybe.

  122. It is a grave disappointment that what I had considered the premier 9/11 blog on the Internet, Truth and Shadows, has gone missing in action on the 13th anniversary of that paradigm changing PSYOP.

    Many other outlets and practically everyone involved in the movement to reveal the truth and counter the propaganda made contributions to commemorate the event, while the mainstream press presented a veritable Propaganda Blitz running 24/7 all this week.

    I find it tragic that T&S dropped the ball.

  123. I don’t suppose there will be much more fodder for this thread moving forward.
    Specters always seem to fade away come dawn’s morning light…

  124. I didn’t quit 9/11, because it happened on Earth, where physics defines a reality that can be discussed in context.

    The WTC blew up due to specific signature causes, not by a multitude of causes defined by personal theologies, be they ‘religious’ or ‘scientific’. You might as well claim NIST is as correct as anyone else if you are going to play to voodoo science.
    Reply to Puddy Dunne at COTO:

    Puddy and I do the headbang-boogaloo on that C1 Fulford thread…

    As far as I am concerned C1 is a perfect place for someone like Maxitwat, they should spin their woowoo yo-yo’s together, singing “Daisy Daisy give me your answer do…”


    This is interesting, Maxitwat is now doing his nookie boogie on Facebook, and getting very much the reception he gets everywhere else he spews his woowoo.
    Yes he get’s some ad hominem tossed his way, after frustrating the readership with his argumentum verbosium and assertions of conjecture as though they are proven fact.

    He suggested I go to Facebook and get out of his face on Truth and Shadows.
    I will do neither.

    You are a jackass Maxitwerp, I am with those who want to know just who the fuck this anonymous entity is. Well asshole? How long you gonna hide in the shadows wearing your mask? Until you fess up to who you really are you remain just an anonymous asshole.

  126. Very curious … this particular thread has had a lot of activity the past week or more.
    I know it isn’t just the subject of the thread himself, because some of the hits are from Europe and other far off places like the Mars Colony. And since Pluto has been upgraded to planet status again I guess Mickey and the club are all excited and having a Milkyway bite-size candybar party at the Ritz all week.

    Oh yea, by the way; fuck you Max … (grin)

  127. Señor El Once – OCTOBER 10, 2014 AT 11:48 AM
    . . . . . .
    My Reply – OCTOBER 10, 2014 AT 12:36 PM:

    “Thus, DEW and nuclear discussions becomes a textbook cases of Mr. McKee’s #5: The workings of disinformation.”~Señor //

    As is this comment of Señor’s, a textbook case of disinformation.

    *IMPORTANT! Comments on this article should about which topics we should focus on in our ongoing effort to awaken the world to the lies of 9/11. I DO NOT want to hear the scientific case for or against Judy Wood or nukes or no planes, etc. This isn’t the point of the article. If people do this anyway, I will remove their comments. And for this thread, please limit comments to 500 words. Thank you.~Craig McKee

    FAQ #3: What’s Your Assessment of the Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) Hypothesis?
    Written by Jonathan Cole, P.E., Richard Gage, AIA, and Gregg Roberts
    Sunday, 18 May 2014 00:00
    Max claims this is an insufficient argument against DEW, when actually it utterly destroys the DEW proposition, and mortally wounds the nuclear aspect as well.
    Max wants ‘explosive events” for the nuke aspect, and wants nukes driving DEW for other aspects. And all is based in pure speculation. There is not a single indicator for a nuclear/radiological event to have occurred at WTC. Everything is explained specifically and exactly as an explosive demolition.
    Max has nothing but verbosity of rhetoric, ie; BULLSHIT.

    • A Hypothesis in Search of Facts

      “One of the observations that seems to have motivated Wood to come up with her directed energy weapon hypothesis is that the debris pile at Ground Zero does not seem to be tall enough to contain enough steel to equal what was in the Twin Towers before they came down. She departs from verifiable fact quite early with this claim. FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, performed the first technical review of what brought down the Twin Towers and WTC 7. Even in its report, FEMA acknowledges (inconveniently for the official story, which cannot account for this fine destruction of the Twin Towers) that roughly 90% of the Twin Towers’ mass fell outside their footprints. Indeed, the entire plaza was covered with steel pieces and assemblies. Some of the structural steel was thrown as far away as the Winter Gardens – 600 feet.

      Given all this, there is no reason to expect a taller debris pile at Ground Zero than the photographs show. Wood’s belief that some of the steel must have been turned into dust rests on a completely spurious interpretation of the visual evidence. Her hypothesis is an attempt to solve a nonexistent problem. As we will show, it can be sustained only by additional poor analysis and leaps of faith, just as in the official explanation.”~Jonathan Cole, P.E., Richard Gage, AIA, and Gregg Roberts

  129. “Hundreds of eyewitness accounts of multiple explosions

    The many qualified witnesses to the sights and sounds of explosions are easily explained with the controlled demolition by explosive hypothesis – but not with the DEW hypothesis. Wood questions the credibility of the witnesses of explosions (amounting to hundreds) throughout the Twin Towers.


    We do not support the DEW hypothesis because it is not supported by the available evidence. In contrast, the explosives/incendiaries hypothesis for the WTC destruction is well supported by the evidence. In addition, we believe the DEW theory raises far more questions than it answers, such as the energy requirements and other issues outlined in the suggested references listed below.

    Based on what we know today, it is our opinion that the destruction scenario that best addresses the evidence is some type of explosive demolition using some combination of thermitic incendiaries and explosives that were placed inside the structures.”A&E FAQ#3

    And I agree with this assessment totally.

  130. I just went out with the parrot for a while. It is raining, rather gently now.
    I glanced over across the street where the office has an Amerikan flag. It is stuck to the pole and wriggling obscenely like a red white and blue slut poledancer. Such an appropriate image for the evening…

  131. “Technically, Mr. Syed’s comments were “off topic” in his newly found “paradox” et al on Facebook, but they were permitted and responsed to, so became on-topic.”~Maxitwat

    Oh yea? Who is this arrogant little bitch to define what is off or on-topic? And then to assert that his “comments have been on-topic with multiple tie-in’s to the overall thread and the specific topic of this area. They can be ignored. In Mr. Rogue’s case, I highly encourage that he ignore me.”

    The fact is his comments were on topics specifically forbidden by Craig. At the same time Craig was in on the discussion that Maxispook claims were off topic. The utter hubris of this charlatan!

  132. So as far as I am concerned Señor has shown himself to be an idiot or a spook. I think the details here lend to the spook being most likely.
    This is my own assessment, and I would not presume to speak for the blog here.
    I will let those of the candid world decide for themselves.

    Meanwhile as I have often stated, I do not attempt to move Señor, I counter his disinfo to highlight what it is and how it works. I go into it in more detail at this site:

    And let me remind one more time for the poisonous person – what I do write on my blog is meant to stay on my blog and not transferred to T&S. If I think something is appropriate for T&S I will post it there myself.

  133. “Given that Mr. Rogue can’t be bothered to lend Mr. Syed and Mr. McKee a hand on Facebook (where he belongs), Mr. Rogue should put up some more meaningless comments and filler to his blog.”~Maxicunt

    I can’t be bothered? WTF?? FB is juvenile bullshit for the most part, tacky ‘social media’ for chit-chat.
    No, Facebook is more up Maxi’s anal alley.

    And as far as my commentary here being, “meaningless filler”, Lol, who the fuck is this nannycunt to judge me? I have read Bridges’ blog of spurious jabberwhocky, tendered in his pseudo-academic jargon. “Meaningless” is too kind a term to apply to this flaming anal hurlant Maxi spews. But he could certainly fill up a barn with that horseshit.

  134. Señor El Once – OCTOBER 10, 2014 AT 11:48 AM

    “Dear Mr. Syed,

    With regards to the Pentagon plane (or lack thereof) you wrote on October 8, 2014 at 6:48 pm:

    This is the damage that people like Kevin Ryan, David Chandler, Jon Cole, and Frank Legge are doing.

    You continued on October 8, 2014 at 6:56 pm with:

    People like her and Ken Doc have no problem howling down and marginalizing DEWers (since that’s actual disinfo), as well as blitzing them with facts that will fill the holes in their knowledge, but when we do it to them re the Pentagon, we’re perceived as somehow not being respectful to a mere difference of opinion.

    I agree that most “DEWers” peddle some disinformation purposely and with no openness to modifications and tweaks to their opinions when faced with new information. They try to compartmentalize DEW in a manner that excludes nuclear devices as DEW’s most likely and easy-to-come-by power source. “DEWers” have an additional problem of framing — or allowing it to be framed by opponents as — “space-based weapons” and getting it misapplied to instances of the whole where it doesn’t apply.

    Likewise, most “Nukers” peddle some disinformation and with no openness to modifications and tweaks to their opinions when faced with new information. They malframe the nature of the 9/11 device such that its energy output and side-effects won’t match the evidence. They often exclude the collected evidence of the DEW camp, when in fact most modern nuclear weapons all fall into the category of DEW.

    Major disinformation is in an unwillingness to have a trial marriage between the two.

    Whether we’re talking DEW, nukes, or chemical explosives & incendiaries, the proponents of each have been too obtuse (and other adjectives) to acknowledge that the 9/11 event was ~not~ mutually exclusive in any of the forms of destruction. The proponents add a layer of disinformation by saying “X was found here at A, therefore X must apply to A, B, and C as well. And by extension of this faulty assumption, Y & Z were not involved.” No! The destruction of each of the seven or so buildings at the WTC needs to be studied individually to see what unique collection of methods might have been involved with each.

    I have different issues with Mr. David Chandler and Mr. Jonathon Cole, which are data points fitting your trend line.

    Mr. Cole did those wonderful thermite experiments. While fascinating to watch, they leave major gaps in getting super-duper nano-thermite to explain the observed destruction as well as the duration of under-rubble hot-spots. They purposely omitted the calculations and analysis to prove that NT could reasonably go the distance in the pulverization and hot-spot duration without completely whacked and obscene quantities.

    Moreover, the only dust samples that show NT were handed to Dr. Jones. The USGS did not report anything about NT; the RJ Lee Group reported nothing; the Paul Lioy report didn’t have it either. Although we have basis to believe that such information might have been purposely edited and suppressed from those untrustworthy reports, many other damning things from those reports weren’t suppressed from being measured and reported in tables, albeit the plain text explanations ignored them (like the presence of Uranium and other trace elements of nuclear involvement).

    Back to the DEW front, Mr. Chandler and Mr. Cole (among others) have spoken up loadly regarding (misframed) DEW being disinformation. Yet they don’t offer specifics. It should have been deja vu for some T&S participants when they were challenged like Mr. Chandler was to review Dr. Wood’s book for the good, bad, and ugly, something still sorely needed by the Truth Movement. The issue would not have been finding bad and ugly. The issue would have been acknowledging any of the good, because it’d have to get married in some way to other things they were propping up without getting those things shot full of holes.

    Mr. McKee on 2014-09-15 updated the comments to a closed thread on behalf of Mr. Gage that tried to point to FAQ #3 on the AE911Truth site to supposedly debunk DEWish topics. The correct link to FAQ #3 should have been:

    Of the FAQ #3’s terse ~2,600 works, only a mere ~1,500 words (57%) were devoted to the topic of DEW itself and have zero references to anything specific in Dr. Wood’s work. [Another case of a book report without having the book.] The remaining 43% went off topic and into the weeds with a distraction into NT.

    To give readers an idea of how few words that is, this comment alone is already about half of what their “final authority” FAQ #3 devoted DEW.

    Thus, DEW and nuclear discussions becomes a textbook cases of Mr. McKee’s #5: The workings of disinformation.”~//


    “*IMPORTANT! Comments on this article should about which topics we should focus on in our ongoing effort to awaken the world to the lies of 9/11. I DO NOT want to hear the scientific case for or against Judy Wood or nukes or no planes, etc. This isn’t the point of the article. If people do this anyway, I will remove their comments. And for this thread, please limit comments to 500 words. Thank you.”~Craig McKee

  135. Señor El Once
    OCTOBER 10, 2014 AT 2:49 PM
    Mr. Rogue wrote:

    ‘I do not agree that these postings by Mr Syed are in anyway “off topic” as is asserted by a certain anonymous poster here.’

    Technically, Mr. Syed’s comments were “off topic” in his newly found “paradox” et al on Facebook, but they were permitted and responsed to, so became on-topic.

    My comments have been on-topic with multiple tie-in’s to the overall thread and the specific topic of this area. They can be ignored. In Mr. Rogue’s case, I highly encourage that he ignore me.

    Mr. Rogue promises on his blog:

    I am not going to argue with [SEO] about this shit. It is your blog Craig! … FUCK!!!

    Given that my comments are only 3.8% of the total while Mr. Rogue’s are ten times that, he can well afford to let my words pass on by.

    But Mr. Rogue doesn’t:

    I do see a “poisoning of the well” beginning to take place on this thread, yes indeed. But neither Mr Syed, Mr Ruff, myself, and certainly not Mr MCkee have any hand in that.

    Thus, we must express our wonder at Mr. Rogue’s inability to see how his engagement of me — hardly 13 minutes after his blog’s promise — becomes the very “poisoning of the well” that he supposedly fears. An instigator, in its purest form, eh?

    I have hope that Mr. Rogue doesn’t repeat the slip-up and will regain hold of his resolve to stick with his own promise.

    I’ve said my piece(s). If Mr. Rogue doesn’t engage with his faux hysteria and rabble-rousing, I’ll have no further opportunity to express my views. If others engage (which I doubt), different story. I’ll need 60 or more comments, though, before I match Mr. Rogue’s output.

    Given that Mr. Rogue can’t be bothered to lend Mr. Syed and Mr. McKee a hand on Facebook (where he belongs), Mr. Rogue should put up some more meaningless comments and filler to his blog. //

    I’ll save this for further commentary later.

  136. “Fools to the left of me, jokers to the right…”

    Yes, I know I have made citations against several characters as spooks in the last 13 years. How can one not run into moles and toadyboyz when occupied with the questions of 9/11. It is no secret that the corporate state has fielded legions of such operators.

    And of course the most dangerous is the covert agent, not the blatant apologists for the official story.
    That is the whole point of covert operations, to create a strategy of tension within attempted groupings of thinkers, to create cognitive chaos and make bonfires of communication.

    I do trust my analysis, my own thinking abilities, no one is infallible, but I can tell a snake from a bunny. I have been at this a long time. Profiling stooges. They have distinct MO’s, some more clever than others, but the techniques are apparent once you are familiar with them.

    I know that Bridges thinks himself to be very clever. He is fooling himself, his appeal falls to the lowest common denominator. Only dipshits and other agents agree with his psychobabble. And when you find a whole gaggle of psychobabblers rolling on the floor squawking glossolalia, you know you have found a raving coven. Max claims he isn’t in league with any of these other squatdumpers, but I don’t believe a word this juked-up junker says. If nothing else he is a sneaky little bastard.

    I am delighted to know that he is getting fed this stuff I write delivered right to his email box. Here’s to the virtual ice picks in his eyes!! Vidie well anonymous asshole!

  137. What I find to be bizarre is that all of the other commentators on T&S fade back into the woodwork once Maxitwat and I start at each other. As if there is no longer any room for anyone else to go on about whatever business they were into before the scrap between he and I started.

    And then the thread goes dead. What are the psychological issues involved with that? It is not like a blog is a physical arena where two enraged bulls are charging around with sharp horns so people have to flee to safety. But it seems that is the way the commentators on T&S react. No one has ever drawn a single drop of blood, and no one has ever bled from a flamewar!

    Why is everyone so squeamish? I find this a strange ‘crowd dynamic’. It must have to do with socialization and upbringing. But the fear becomes palpable as all become silent as lambs.

  138. Terry Friel, “Dangerous Recycling Said to Be Poisoning India,” Reuters, September 6, 2002:
    “About 70,000 tons of scrap steel from the World Trade Center was shipped to India before it was stopped by objections from environmentalists and unions, says Greenpeace India. Greenpeace says the scrap is contaminated by asbestos, polychlorinated biphenyls, PCBs, plastics, and the lead, mercury, and other contaminants in the computers and fittings inside the twin towers destroyed on Sept. 11 last year. … A preliminary study in India found no toxins, but Greenpeace and other environmental groups question the study’s accuracy.”

    Notice: No mention of radioactivity!


  139. “I believe we need to continue to hack away at the official story until we find a vulnerable point that will begin unravelling the public’s trust in that story.”Craig quoted by Max

    “I believe that the vulnerable point is 3rd/4th generation nuclear involvement.

    Public realization of the literal message of 9/11 nuclear involvement should have figurative massive nuclear fall-out all over, which is why it becomes the line that cannot be crossed, and organizations will be co-opted to park it: “thus far and no further.”~Max

    The point at which to speculate becomes to expectorate, is when such speculation is presented as fact.

    I will point out here that the source that Max himself uses is the very paper by Andre Gsponer and Jean-Pierre Hurni, that I highlighted below:
    . . . . . . . .
    .Fourth Generation Nuclear Weapons

    The Physical Principles Of Thermonuclear Explosives, Inertial Confinement Fusion, And The Quest For Fourth Generation Nuclear Weapons

    by Andre Gsponer and Jean-Pierre Hurni

    Fifth Edition: March 1999

    Review Comments:

    Andre Gsponer and Jean-Pierre Hurni provide an extremely valuable service by issuing this report. The report consists of two principal components

    a very informative overview of first and second generation nuclear weapon technology (that is, pure fission devices, boosted fission devices, and staged thermonuclear designs);
    and an excellent summary of current research directions in weapons-applicable physics, such as the U.S. Science-Based Stockpile Program, and the prospects of developing a new generation of fourth generation nuclear weapons.
    [It should be noted in passing that third generation nuclear weapons include such devices as hot X-ray and enhanced neutron emission (“neutron bomb”) thermonuclear weapons, specialized devices that were never procured in large numbers, and have been largely abandoned as of little military interest.]
    Of special interest is their excellent and extensive bibliography that brings together many references regarding weapon history, basic weapon physics, and fourth generation weapon concepts</em ;. To people interested in these subjects the bibliography alone is easily worth the modest cost of the publication.
    As I have noted in my comments about this, the paper is very informative on the science of what is used at this time. It is also very explicit in differentiating between what has thus far been achieved and what is speculation for the future. I have highlighted the terms to make this abundantly clear.

    • So really and gawd dambit people!!

      The title of this source Maxitwat uses for this 4th generation nukes sales pitch says it all right in the blooming title! “The Quest For Fourth Generation Nuclear Weapons”!

      Quest; search, seeking, hoping to find, looking for…etc.

  140. Nothing but hyperbole built atop conjecture, this is all that Bridges has. His core arguments rest on the Tritium Ruse and the pure speculation of 4th generation nukes. The rest of the detail is nonsense rhetoric leading in circles. And to get through all of this argumentum verbosium is like finding your way through and finally out of an elaborate maze that led nowhere but to the place you started – a huge complex circular argument.

    huge swallow


  141. Adam Syed – OCTOBER 12, 2014 AT 1:20 AM
    “Cui bono?
    Not Larry Silverstein, according to Kevin Ryan.”
    – – — — – – – –
    There are certainly many legitimate criticisms to be made against Kevin Ryan. But claiming that he never fingered Larry Silverstein as one of the likely perpetrators behind 9/11 is not one of them:

    In his March, 2006 presentation “9/11 – A Closer Look,” Ryan presents Silverstein’s statement “And I said, ‘We’ve had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it. And they made that decision to pull and then we watched the building collapse.”- Kevin Ryan, March, 2006

    Ryan was in fact one of the main voices revealing Silverstein’s “pull it” quote in the early days.

    • Given a long enough time frame you are bound to have a disagreement with anybody. Seven Year Itch’s come to mind. Marriages lasting longer than 7 years generally become sexless, not always – but it is common. A week would be more pleasant if it were only six days long. It’s all opinion and I may be wrong.



  142. The Corporate State

    “Fascism’s theory of economic corporatism involved management of sectors of the economy by government or privately controlled organizations (corporations). Each trade union or employer corporation would, theoretically, represent its professional concerns, especially by negotiation of labour contracts and the like.”

    “Corporatism, Italian corporativismo, also called corporativism, the theory and practice of organizing society into “corporations” subordinate to the state.” — Britannica

    “Corporatism, the fusion of the state and corporations; corporate-state despotism” ~Magus Maverik

  143. Señor El Once – OCTOBER 10, 2014 AT 3:39 PM

    “Dear Mr. Rogue,

    Stop your lying:

    -‘You are reading the comment after Craig edited it. SEO reposted the whole thing again farther down the thread – PLUS more BS.’ [quoting me]

    Nothing has been edited or deleted (yet). It probably won’t be either, because it is on-topic and short & concise (for me) within allowable tolerances. Everything is as it was originally posted, typos and all.

    Because nothing was edited or deleted, there hasn’t been any need to re-post anything.

    Your anger is clouding your brain and forcing you to make stupid mistakes with your promises, your stupid lies, and your hyperventilating tattle-tailing.

    For the record, you purposely posted your rabble-rousing comment in the wrong place to obscure your nefarious hand and got your ass handed to you.

    PLUS, it isn’t your duty to call out the “BS”.

    It isn’t your job to put out fodder to engage me.

    You’ve got a big enough buffer in your comment count, you can afford to ignore me. Please take advantage of that lead by STFU. Your lying and disinfo antics are unbecoming to this forum.”~ //


    This is the kind of overblown hyperbolic bullshit of making a mountain out of a molehill that needs to be addressed for what it is.

    Yes I made a simple mistake, I posted my comment as a reply after one of two comments made by Bridges, and mistook both for one. The reply was applicable to the second part, but I mistakenly posted it under the first part (thinking -wrongly that they were both the same post).

    It was a mistake having no bad intent whatsoever.

    The fact is that the second part of Maxitwat’s comment, that is in fact a second comment; IS in violation of the rules set by Mr McKee for that thread. It was a dissertation on nukes and DEW and disinformation about nano-thermite, and another sales pitch for his bullshit agenda of Nookiedoodoo. Exactly a topic McKee supposedly didn’t want discussed.

    Claiming that I, “purposely posted your rabble-rousing comment in the wrong place to obscure your nefarious hand and got your ass handed to you.” is horseshit based on Bridges own obscurantist presumptions. He will in fact take any and every opportunity to frame me as a liar and cheat etc..
    Which is exactly why it is my
    “duty to call out the “BS”…and it is my job, “to put out fodder (sic) to engage” this covert entity calling itself ‘Señor El Once’.

    His summation in these terms, “Your lying and disinfo antics are unbecoming to this forum,” is blatant framing with ill intent and an attempt at defaming my character. This is why the Maxibitch is a tramp.

    And this is why as long as that cunt is posting on T&S, this page will remain active.

    • “..your promises, your stupid lies, and your hyperventilating tattle-tailing.”~Maxitwat

      Oh, “tattle-tailing”! grin… I haven’t heard that term since around the 4th grade!
      Only cold brains would dig that up.

      Yes Bridges continues to frame anything I say as “promises” and “lies”. One thing I promise, it is Maxifucker who is the liar. Everything he weaves are veils of lies and distortion.

  144. “The premise of this discussion is that 9/11 was a nuclear event that involved per WTC tower multiple neutron DEW devices. Everything about 9/11 including the lock-stepping of those in the on-going cover-up. Think about it: wiffs of nuclear-anything on 9/11 vastly reduces the list of possible suspects and would have figurative nuclear fall-out in all aspects and levels of what constitutes the status quo in the USA. We’d vote our government out, and maybe the USA into separate regions. But I digress.”Bridges

    “…on-going cover-up..” therein Max means a cover-up of “neutron DEW devices” in WTC. That argument is preposterous and dealt with sufficiently on this blog.

    But this! “We’d vote our government out..”! As preposterous as the nookiedoodoo argument. Bridges cannot be naive enough to actually believe that voting has anything to do with this despotic so-called “government” squatting in DC. Police states are not “voted out of office”, Lol the thought is absurd!

    As I said I have addressed Max’s imaginary “neutron DEW devices” quite fully enough, so the rest of the nonsense found in the page referred to above can be taken with a grain of salt.

  145. The Effect of Covert Bridges

    I am going to address here the current situation on T&S. I am doing it here on this specific thread because it is Mr Bridges’ effect that is a large part of that situation.

    The current thread ‘Here are 10 things about 9/11 that deserve more attention – and 5 that deserve less’ is a presentation by Craig McKee with an invitation for an in-depth discussion of the sociopolitical state of the world as it stands. Craig has left the forum pretty much wide open, only asking that certain subjects be avoided so that these deeper issues can come to the fore.

    The discussion was moving along at a good pace and many issues were touched upon. But also a couple of interlopers nudged in with commentary on the topics Craig wished to avoid getting trapped in. Things still had some momentum after that … until … yes until Max Bridges took the slightest excuse to blow the thread into the weeds again.

    Some of how this was accomplished is already attended to here. Some is still not properly explained. I was provoked into participating in this ruse again by Bridges’ infuriating rhetorical nonsense – nonsense that needs to eventually be fully addressed on T&S, but never seems to get to that point. And at the heart of this dilemma is the fact that Craig is not fully convinced of Bridges covert intent. I am at a loss as to how something so obvious can be missed. But Craig is concerned with the larger issues and will not take the time to really study Max’s MO. Thus Max gets an undeserved benefit of doubt from Mr McKee.

    It can all be untwined by understanding the spurious bullshit that Max’s “Nookiedoodoo” agenda is. Once the depth of this deception is grasped, seeing how he puts it to work as a project of cognitive dissonance comes into view. Although I have illustrated this very carefully and clearly on these pages, Craig is not apt to read here. It would be a time sucking project for him to go through all of this material. He doesn’t see the need, even though the need is critical, as his blog is being undermined by the nefarious game that Max is able to pull off.

    So the current thread now lays fallow, the momentum once brought to a standstill as it has been done here, is difficult to get put back in motion. Hard feelings and confusion now stands in the way. The distraction Max caused has had its intended effect. Now he sits back in satisfaction gloating in his success in goading me and in the effect of that putting a roadblock to further discussion there.

    This is why everything I have to say about Max will be put here. No more confronting him on T&S. He will be monitored closely, and yes “tattled on” when I see infractions. Calling whistle blowing “tattling” is the lexicon of covert operators. And most of what Max says is in the lexicon of covert operations, because that is precisely what he is, an anonymous covert operator. Eventually this truth will out.

    So fuck you Maxitwat, and enjoy the gif animations and dirty pictures!

  146. “The point in countering propaganda is not to change the propagandist’s mind, but to lay his techniques and dissembling bare to a candid world.“~Willy Whitten aka HybridRogue1 (February 2012)

  147. So I know that the Maxitwat is sitting there at his computer with his eyes spinning around in their sockets, counting how many posts I keep making on the current T&S thread. And I know the room he is in needs fumigation because of the anal hurlant spewing from his trousers as he fumes and rages! Grin.

    Happy Gas Trails to you Maxifuckanus!!!

  148. “Guns encased in concrete from the WTC-6 armory hint at a different story and energy forces regarding WTC-6 not being “collateral” but part of the plan.”~Señor El Once – October 17, 2014 AT 2:03 PM

    Concrete is a very complex mixture of different metal oxides, hydroxides, and silicates (many of which form extensive, interpenetrating networks), mixed with a filler material such as gravel or rock. It does not maintain its chemical identity when heated. If concrete is heated to a high enough temperature, the hydroxides decompose to form oxides and water; the water is quickly lost as the vapor. The remaining metal oxides are quite refractory; they remain solid at very high temperatures. The rock components of concrete will decompose or melt at differing temperatures depending on their mineral composition.
    Concrete will decompose rather then melt when heated, and the material that remains after it cools back down will unmistakably not be concrete.
    . . . . . . . .

    “Due to its low thermal conductivity, a layer of concrete is frequently used for fireproofing of steel structures. However, concrete itself may be damaged by fire.

    Up to about 300 °C, the concrete undergoes normal thermal expansion. Above that temperature, shrinkage occurs due to water loss; however, the aggregate continues expanding, which causes internal stresses. Up to about 500 °C, the major structural changes are carbonation and coarsening of pores. At 573 °C, quartz undergoes rapid expansion due to Phase transition, and at 900 °C calcite starts shrinking due to decomposition. At 450-550 °C the cement hydrate decomposes, yielding calcium oxide. Calcium carbonate decomposes at about 600 °C. Rehydration of the calcium oxide on cooling of the structure causes expansion, which can cause damage to material which withstood fire without falling apart. Concrete in buildings that experienced a fire and were left standing for several years shows extensive degree of carbonation.

    Fire will expose the concrete to gasses and liquids that can be harmful to the concrete, among other salts and acids that occur when fire-gasses get in contact with water.”


    • The point in countering Maxitwerps assertion above is – that nothing “hints” to anything when the assumption the hint is drawn from is bullshit. Whatever the material the guns from the #6 armory are encased in is not concrete – unless they are props made after-the-fact – which I entirely doubt.

      It seems certain that assumptions are being made all ’round. Whether the party displaying these pieces have done a chemical analysis of the material is not stated; or more specifically I have not found such a statement.

      The bottom line to this is that again the twat entity is building a case of “DEW/Nuke” based on flatulence. Everything he sees magically translates into evidence for his fantasy weapon.

  149. “For example, while NT incendiaries can get very hot locally to the point of being able to cut steel columns, the desired destruction wouldn’t require NT to be placed everywhere, least of all on the concrete around a weapons store supporting nothing. Likewise, while explosives also can get very hot, their true destructive energy is rapid and violent changes in air pressure to “blow things to smithereens.” It isn’t as if explosives even in combination with incendiaries would leave large, lingering patches of sizzling, unspent material to be the heat source for fusing the concrete aggregates to the weapons and creating other “meteorites”.
    ~Señor El Once – OCTOBER 24, 2014 AT 11:27 AM

    . .. . .
    Maxitrwerp contends that “the desired destruction wouldn’t require NT to be placed everywhere..”

    And yet as we can extrapolate from the Jones-Harrit paper on the explosive materials discovered in the WTC dust – NT was indeed spread “everywhere”. The most logical supposition to be drawn from this is not to leap into fantasyland and nookiedoodoo nonsense, but rather to suppose that there was a good reason to salt the whole thing with nanothermetics: to eat the remains! The perps obviously wanted the crime scene destroyed as utterly as possible. It would therefore by logical that the plan was to, not only blow up the WTC, but to have the remains dissolve themselves – very like a murderer dissolving a victim in a vat of acid.


    • Ah yes, the covert entity, Lol

      Keeping serious about “debating” with the loonball is hard to do!

      You see how his is a circular argument? Positing that these details from #6 are “further proofs” of something he hasn’t even begun to prove!!
      When the “debate” has a history as ours has, I see this clearly as an extension of his whole schlep. But some who haven’t kept up with this boinking blither might have no idea that Max is speaking in hot air from the seat of his trousers.

    • I would hazard a guess that the great majority of the readers at T&S have no idea of the history of the scrap between the entity and myself. I would imagine that overall many don’t care one way or the other. Those who have an opinion one way or the other will agree with which ever one of us supports that opinion.

      Yes for the most part this side-issue has become a non-issue by this late date. So what is written here on my blog is addressed to those who have followed this ‘argument’ between the covert entity and myself.

      • Bridges, you are such an insufferable asshole. T&S isn’t interested in your stupid nookiedoodoo trip.

        No one has shown the slightest interest in the scrap between us. At least there on those pages. However there has been a notable uptick in visitors here – quite a few visiting my Controlled Demolition thread, and they link here from two directions, one is T&S and the other the Gumshoe article [Australia].

        44 visits here today, and a substantial portion to Controlled Demolition.
        And surprisingly to this page as well.

  150. Maxwell Bridges is a covert operation, it is a fact. His appeal to the use of nom de plumes by the Federalists is utterly irrelevant to today’s situation. The corporate state already knows who this character is, the only ones who do not know who he is are we, those who have to deal with his spurious bullshit. And a blatant part of his spurious bullshit is the reference to the Federalists as an excuse for his autonomy. The argument is out of context in this panoptic police state, which already knows every single detail about this entity.
    His MO screams “agent provocateur”! How anyone who studies the national security state can miss this baffles me to no end…

  151. A continuing misperception is clearly seen in the counter commentary to what I have been saying here; and that is that is that ALL of the metallic spherules in the dust are the nanothermite. The vast majority are not, they are the RESULT of the explosion: vaporized steel. So the assumption that the mass of these are equivalent to the mass of superthermite planted in the towers is false. ~\\][//

    Señor contends that “the desired destruction wouldn’t require NT to be placed everywhere..”
    And yet as we can extrapolate from the Jones-Harrit paper on the explosive materials discovered in the WTC dust – NT was indeed spread “everywhere”.~\\][//

    . . . . . . . . .
    Señor contenues to answer that with:
    What the Jones-Harrit paper [that Mr. Rogue didn’t link] said was that they found in the dust “everywhere” a significant percentage of iron spheres. They make a huge-ass ASSUMPTION that these iron spheres were the direct resultant of NT reacting with steel in the various buildings (primarily WTC-1 and WTC-2).
    . . . . . . . . .

    But it is hardly a “huge-ass ASSUMPTION” by Jones-Harrit, and anyone who knows the paper knows the solid proofs they show for the existence of nanothermite in the dust. There samples were from varied places, there is little reason to speculate that it was different or special in any way. And as I above in a post from 2012, I am well aware that there is a majority proportion of simple metalic spherules. Señor is the one who leaps to the conclusion that I meant all of the spherules were the solgel product. What I do mean is that it is reasonable to conclude from the Jones-Harrit samples that they were typical of the WTC dust, which they also show is in the same unique signature of the Paul Lioy et al standard for WTC dust. Therefore it is very likely that the dust is of the same general composition throughout the debris field. The constituent molecules of the nanothermate are listed in the graphs used by Paul Lioy et al.

    Further, as to Radionuclides:
    “A published study by Paul Lioy et al. presents data regarding radioactive isotopes (radionuclides), such as would be produced in abundance if atomic bombs were in fact deployed.

    Radionuclides. We analyzed the gamma spectrum of the samples using an EG&G/Ortec high-purity Ge detector (50% relative efficiency) gamma counter (EG&G/Ortec Instruments, Inc., Oak Ridge, TN). We analyzed approximately 50 peaks based on statistical significance (counting/lack of interferences). These included thorium, uranium, actinium series, and primordial radionuclides. Liquid scintillation analyses were conducted for emissions on the total dust and smoke samples using a Packard Tri-Carb Model 2770 TR/SL (Packard Instrument, Meriden, CT). The MDA for alpha radioactivity was 0.30 DPM (0.14 pCi) based on a NIST-traceable 226Ra standard (National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD).

    Results: We found only background levels of alpha radionuclide activity by liquid scintillation counter analysis of all three samples. Beta activity was slightly elevated, but not more than twice the background level. There were no levels of gamma activity > 1 Bq/g except for naturally occurring potassium-40.
    These very low levels of radioactive isotopes (radionuclides) in the WTC dust are by themselves sufficient to rule out the use of atomic bombs (even as triggers) at the WTC, which could be construed as an absurd notion as it confronts the empirical facts. . . . . . . .”
    . . . . . . .

    The question is asked, “Why would the government look for radiation without the suspicion that it might be there?” This question is of course meant to indicate government knowledge that there would be radiation, “because they used nukes.”

    But the fact is these tests were not done in order to look for radiation, but instead were tests to find out what all the substances were in the smoke and dust.

    As I have gone over a rebuttal to the entirety of Bridges assertions over and again, I will not repeat that again. I only wanted to address his current erroneous contentions.

    • What all of this scrabble that Bridges threw onto T&S is meant to do is to distract from my assertion that it is reasonable to conclude that the perpetrators would have used whatever means available to destroy the physical evidence as part of the planning of the event. Thermitic material salted throughout the catacombs of the wreckage would have been a brilliantly devious plan. And what is the reason to assume that the thermitic product simply is in the dust as a result of happenstance? The very ground features of this case is that it was a carefully planned operation. Everything was calibrated to achieve the results we find. What could not be hidden was the actual demolitions themselves and the signature characteristics so blatantly on display.

      And as this would be a rational explanation for the lingering heat in the pile, the covert entity attempts to interrupt the train of thought by leading off into the weeds of his spinning yada. He asserts that “nuclear fizzle” is what heated up the pile for so long. But what is “fizzle”? It is fissile nuclear activity and it produces heat through radioactivity. There is NO RADIOACTIVITY found in the evidence. None! There are four blog pages addressing this bullshit Max is trying to sell; this one of course, ‘DISINFORMATION: DEW-Nuke’, and ‘The Demise of WTC’, and “Maxifuckanus” … all four lay out arguments against the nookiedoo nonsense.

  152. “Mr. Rogue wrote:
    ‘It all turns circular as [this] posits that this evidence “proves” the existence of such exotic weapons.’

    Such a wonderful, erroneous turn of a phrase regarding “this evidence ‘proves’ the existence of such exotic weapons.” In error because such exotic weapons do not need 9/11 to prove their existence. We can admire the extent with which information about them is classified and hidden. Yet still, important nuggets come to light in the published, researched, overview works of scientists that sneak out and validate the premise.

    Therefore, the evidence isn’t proof of their existence, but of their use.”~Señor El Once – October 30, 2014 @ 12:20 PM

    . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Señor maintains this same line of rhetorical nonsense despite the fact that I have revealed his sources who have brought “to light the published, researched, overview works of scientists that sneak out and validate the premise”: And that is nothing more than a premise based purely on conjecture:

    This is Señor’s prize source;
    ‘The physical principles of thermonuclear explosives, inertial confinement fusion, and the quest for fourth generation nuclear weapons’
    Andre Gsponer and Jean-Pierre Hurni Independent Scientific Research Institute Box 30, CH-1211 Geneva-12, Switzerland January 20, 2009

    One would note that is says right there in the title “the quest for”, and in the body of the work it is made even more clear that this quest is looking some 20 years into the future for such developments to perhaps come about.

    Señor sums up with: “Therefore, the evidence isn’t proof of their existence, but of their use.”
    And this is the crux of the entire matter, there is no evidence of their use. Señor’s whole sales pitch is based on conjecture, false extrapolation and rhetorical spin.

    • And goddammit! It is the fact that I have made these points time and again for the past years, and they have yet to be addressed by this covert operator. All of it handwaved without any comment, as if I have never addressed these subjects, that go to show what a spurious and insincere actor this Señor Bridges is.

      Oh yes, he claims to address them, and then you go to his blog and you find the same fucking arguments repeated over again, without addressing the critiques I have already made of those same fucking arguments. Then when I speak to what a carousel the Maxitwat makes, he turns around and accuses me of the one driving the carousel! And by god this is all in the record for anyone who wishes to sort this mess out!

      And this is why I say this guy Bridges is a cunt.

  153. Well it is hilarious to read of Maxitwat’s misadventures on FaceBook … Lol

    They got him all wound up and twisted by outing his real name. He is hysterical about anyone knowing who he really is, and he is hypocritical in using knowledge of others real names for his own tactical purposes.

    Such as his knowledge of my mother’s last name, different from mine because she remarried. He played that one hard to accuse me of using a sock puppet on T&S. In fact hypocrisy is seen to be at the very center of Maxi’s being. His vicious campaign to defame my character is persistent and long standing, and it is my own real name which is what he attempts to tarnished, as he knows I am well known by that name and it is well known in these circles we both attend to. It doesn’t matter to this anonymous asshole.

    He again goes into his specious song and dance about the Federalists using nom de plumes when writing their famous Papers prior to the constitutional convention. But as I explained recently that argument is not relevant in the present era where the corporate state already knows who this screeching asshole is. The only ones who do not know who they are dealing with is the ones he spies and spits on with regularity.

    I remain convinced as I was when I first determined what this shitty little punk was up to, that he is a mole set onto the Truth Movement – a deeply covered profanity in our midst. I still say without reservation that I would reveal this cracker’s real identity if it should ever fall into my hands with surety. I would dedicate a new thread to such an outing. Yes yes Maxitwat, dig yourself in as deep as you can – I am looking for the real you!

    • Yea, I thought about getting hold of Elizabeth Tague, but I’ll be damned if I am going to join facebook – so you’re off the hook as per that lead…
      She might be found through other methods however … hmm???


    This thread and the one before it have Señora Twatimus making strong arguments for Shack and Clues.

    Señor El Once – November 12, 2011 at 8:41 am
    “Dear Mr. Zarembka,

    Because you may not be familiar with my writing, I should preface my remarks by noting that I represent the educated, rational, articulate fringe (???) who believe the supporting evidence of the bat-shit crazy views of television pixels of planes and directed energy weapons.”

    Simon Shack himself shows up – Señora showers him with sugary praise…two disinformants from the same pod.


    • In my view it matters little that Bridges has since renounced NPT and video-fakery, the point to me is that he was stupid enough to fall for such hoaxes in the first place, and had to be led by the hand to finally get it.

  155. 2.1 Liberal and vocational education

    During history there has always been a clear division between the education of the elite and
    the ‘training’ for the rest of the population. Wilson’s desire for a two class society separated by
    differences in education was a wish of the economic elite of that time, represented by
    extremely well-financed philanthropies such as the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegy
    endowment later supported by the Ford Foundation (Lionni, 1993). In their eyes, the American
    economy needed many more workers than thinkers. So a plan was hatched in which the
    desired transition was brought about through a gradually increased influence of focused
    education bureaucrats at the cost of teacher control. A point man in this transition was David
    Snedden. Labaree has analyzed Snedden’s role in depth in a recent article “How Dewey lost:
    The Victory of David Snedden and Social Efficiency in the Reform of American Education”
    (Labaree, 2011). This article outlines a confrontation of ideas of which Labaree writes:
    Snedden’s ideas come across as educationally narrow, politically conservative, and quaint.
    He argues that “social economy” calls for a system of vocational education that prepares the
    “rank and file” to become efficient “producers,” asserting that this form of schooling needs to
    be separated from liberal education, which — although its purposes “are as yet shrouded in
    the clouds of mysticism” — may still be useful for those who are the “utilizers”. In contrast,
    Dewey’s ideas seem to resonate better with current political, social, and educational,
    thinking. He charges that Snedden’s system of “narrow trade training” leads to “social
    predestination” and argues instead for a broad vision of vocational education that has “as its
    supreme regard the development of such intelligent initiative, ingenuity and executive
    capacity as shall make workers, as far as may be, the masters of their own industrial fate.”

  156. Bridges Claims Nano-Thermate is Part of Official Story

    Please do not attempt to deny that this is precisely what you wrote here Mr. Once:

    “…the framing that the perpetrators absolutely do not want applied, and it is why they worked so feverishly to build and maintain their malframes of gravitational collapses and super duper nano-thermite ”~Maxwell Bridges

    I would like to point out that the fact is that the official story as framed by the government, specifically the 9/11 Commission and the NIST Reports, the “collapse” of the WTC is presented as the result of airplane crashes and fire damage causing gravitational collapses.

    The attempt to “reframe” the government position as containing the “super duper nano-thermite” frame is so disingenuous that the intent of someone asserting this should be questioned very carefully.

  157. Once again, Señor attempts to confront me on issues he is utterly ignorant about on T&S

    Addressing Señor’s post on T&S of December 5, 2014 at 4:45 pm

    As far as Señor’s assertions that I agreed to any of the claims of video fakery is simply false.
    As far as the Orb goes my opinion at the time was that the orb (the most simple form to model digitally) was not from an original attempt to mask in a plane where there was nothing – it was an after the fact tampering with the shot of the plane coming in, and the orb had simply been inserted where the plane actually was.

    >>”The first paraphrased was that the experts didn’t know what caused the ghosting until much later. The second paraphrased was that this film couldn’t be faked because of the ghosting. Unfortunately, these, together with the stamp of authentication, expose a chink in our visual effects expert.”~Señor

    Señor misframes this argument grossly. Any one who wishes to can go back through the thread and see that it was Fetzer’s original misframe that Señor now repeats as my words.
    I did not say ” until much later” – I said specifically it was not until 34 years later that anyone knew the cause of the ghost frames. And I have made the argument fully as to why this point disproves tampering with the original Z-film.

    The issue here is that Señor has no more understanding of film, video or special effects than Fetzer.

    >> “Mr. Rogue demonstrated a strong unwillingness to mine (for example) September Clues for other nuggets of truth in this vein and right up his alley of expertise. Once Mr. Rogue had convinced himself that the over-arching concept of “no planes at the WTC” (NPT) was disinformation, he exerted no more effort to find other instances of imagery manipulation”~Señor

    I in fact “mined” the Clues forum extensively and found not a single instance of anything even approaching expertise in their so-called “video analysis”.

    As far as NPT, it connects to video fakery but is not the same issue. My critique of video fakery was substantial and to my (yes expert) opinion, false beyond any reasonable doubt.

    As far as NPT,Señor himself finally came to reject the “theory” – is he now retracting such rejection?
    . . . . .
    And as far as the rest of Señor’s post, it is simply the result of his almost total ignorance of film, video and special effects. Señor is in the same shoes as Fetzer and his minions, they don’t know what they are talking about when it comes to the issues of film and special effects’

    >>”I believe that a true visual effects expert would have exhibited more open-mindedness with regards to viability of imagery manipulation with both JFK and 9/11. The broad brush with which it gets so confidently dismissed raises a flag and gives the whole Rogue-Fetzer discussion a bit of a MAD-style spy-vs.-spy feel.

    In light of similarly executed accusations of me being an agent, guess that makes this comment a classic Mexican stand-off.”~Señor
    . . . . . . . . .

    “..a true visual effects expert”?? Whatever is this supposed to mean? My experience in the field is well acknowledged. And everything I say about it is attended by full explanations to my best ability to convey it to those without such experience.
    . . . . . . . . .

    >>” The broad brush with which it gets so confidently dismissed raises a flag and gives the whole Rogue-Fetzer discussion a bit of a MAD-style spy-vs.-spy feel.”~Señor

    This obvious innuendo that I am somehow in league putting on some sort of theater takes us back to “the good old days” of Señor’s allegations as to my being a Q-group agent, and all the other defaming squattle he has attempted to frame me with.

    No there is no “Mexican stand-off,” Señor is laying in the sand mortally wounded,.

    • So, what’s up with the anonymous entity this time? Is he again fronting for Fetzer? Or is he just stupid?
      If Fetzer shows up anew on that thread, I will lay you odds that this was a set up to massage the forum for another fucking circle jerk.

      • So how does the Maxifuckanus do it? How does he place his comment where it is? Does he use his blank post technique to save that space and come back again with text?

        His post should have ended up at the bottom of the thread if he pushed a reply button, if he had used the standard box at the bottom his comment would have ended up high into the thread like mine have when I forgot about the thread being off whack sequentially.

  158. My comment of December 5, 2014 at 6:56 am was originally just below Jiffydiver’s comment of December 5, 2014 at 6:43 am
    It was that way since this morning, now suddenly Señor has a comment posted between those two comments with a date/time stamp of December 5, 2014 at 4:45 pm

    This is obvious tampering with the sequencing of the thread. How was this accomplished? I have no idea.
    But I think it is worth investigation.

    This ties into another situation on another thread where I responded to a comment by Señor, and rebuffed by Adam Syed for it addressing something Señor hadn’t said. But I knew he had said it as an extension of what was then found lower in the tread. I was convinced I had seen that comment all together as a whole earlier. But gave in because I couldn’t prove it. Now I am again convinced that this anonymous entity has the ability to fuck with the comments section in some way.

    First of all, the comment Señor made that appears between Jiffydivers comment and the one I posted just below it: hybridrogue1 — December 5, 2014 at 6:56 am:
    “An argument against Fetzer’s cheesy bullshit is not an argument for the official story.”

    Señor’s has a time/date is “pm” while both mine and Jiffydivers are “am” — but it has been placed IN-BETWEEN the two!

    So, WTF is going on?

    • I have a screen shot now of this comment by Max with a PM time stamp sandwiched between two AM posts…

      Visual evidence of hanky panky with the sequence on T&S.

      I have also verified that when using the regular reply box at the bottom of the thread it throws the comment way up further into the middle of the thread.

  159. So just where will this comment show up on the thread?
    . . . . .

    Well it ended up way in the middle of the thread after posting it in the regular box at the bottom.

  160. jeffydiver
    December 5, 2014 at 6:43 am
    Yeah, that’s a long one, I copied it so I can read up on the thoughts of the many theories of conspiracies, but there’s only one thing to keep in mind; any conspiracy or assassination cannot be formulated and conducted by the public sector of society, it’s not possible, it’s impossible. Everything from material purchases to associate payments, leaves a track for investigation. If there’s no track for investigative purposes, sorry, the government is guilty. In all aspects of destruction there is a cost, only absolute nothing is free. Legal council cannot charge citizens over thoughts, they can only charge for actions they commit. A civilian can have thoughts of conspiracy to execute for decades but I assure you, it’ll never get any further then their mind. So, when the Justice department claims a suspect planned and executed a conspiracy, just go back and look at the funds and associates, if it’s not there, then there’s no conspiracy. In the case of Oswald, he never had time to have associates to formulate a complete conspiracy. So, the only associates he could have had was our government, and that’s heavily documented; and sealed up in the archives too. What do you call that ? An act of Justice ?

    Señor El Once
    December 5, 2014 at 4:45 pm
    I have been a real-time lurker on this thread, but until recently I haven’t had sufficient opinion to put on my waders, despite a corporate re-organization at the end of the October fiscal year that gave me almost as much free time on my hands to play on the internet as a retiree, were I not successfully avoiding the temptation (this comment exempted).

    Two links. Mr. Rogue posted the first link already and at a top level, which sets the direction of the discussion that I won’t be pursuing beyond this comment, although I look forward to the on- and off-list circus act that it will generate. Woo-hoo! The second link is owned by Mr. Rogue and is relevant but not pretty.

    I have to admit that the first link is a rather convincing ding against Dr. Fetzer and runs parallel with my suspicions. The second link is not very convincing, although Mr. Rogue will thank me for the free advertising. Alas, anyone — like me — foolish enough to dive into the content of the 2nd link and the spirit of the endeavor taken in both isolation and as a blog whole readily sees Mr. Rogue ultimately ding himself with it.

    My two cents on this JFK discussion and the players here, are that both Mr. Rogue and Dr. Fetzer have both truth and error in their arguments and tactics. Sometimes the error is put there on purpose, sometimes by stupid stubborness to re-arrange the evidence to support more viable theories.

    Mr. Rogue, the self-proclaimed visual effects expert, has consistently taken the position with regards to JFK and 9/11 that imagery manipulation did ~not~ happen to great measure and to the extent that it changed what was viewed to affect perceptions and understanding. To clarify on 9/11, I know of one instance for sure where Mr. Rogue says the image was manipulated, and of a second instance [4 versions of helicopter shot: (1) nothing, (2) orb, (3) plane, (4) mask-and-use in new perspective] where Mr. Rogue would agree to the obvious manipulation.

    Yet despite this, Mr. Rogue demonstrated a strong unwillingness to mine (for example) September Clues for other nuggets of truth in this vein and right up his alley of expertise. Once Mr. Rogue had convinced himself that the over-arching concept of “no planes at the WTC” (NPT) was disinformation, he exerted no more effort to find other instances of imagery manipulation, to apply the known cases to a different paradigm, or to speculate into what the NPT circus was distracting from.

    [The strong unwillingness to mine disinformation sources for nuggets of truth is one of Mr. Rogue’s consistent traits demonstrated previously and rather thoroughly with regards to Dr. Wood’s work.]

    With regards to JFK and the Zapruder film, Mr. Rogue has essentially said that he finds it authentic. I followed the discussion about the ghosting supposedly caused by the sprockets and its double-exposure. In the course of the discussion, Mr. Rogue made two comments that had me raise flags. The first paraphrased was that the experts didn’t know what caused the ghosting until much later. The second paraphrased was that this film couldn’t be faked because of the ghosting. Unfortunately, these, together with the stamp of authentication, expose a chink in our visual effects expert.

    Given the history of the Zapruder film and its many versions — like those edited for television –, IT WAS MANIPULATED and we’re foolish to believe otherwise. Probably no version made public can be trusted to be exactly what Zapruder’s camera captured raw. Given our distance from the source material and our analyzing the analysis of others 2nd and 3rd hand, a broad stamp of authentication calls into question the agenda of the visual effects expert, particularly when factored with the following.

    Somewhere on the internet is a video that explains how the Zapruder film could have been manipulated using Hollywood techniques of that era, otherwise known as trick photography. It involves making copies from the original from which masks for background and foreground (e.g., limo) are created [manually]. Once separated, foreground and background can be manipulated independently from one another, such as inserting or removing frames, before being overlaid into a single composit. In this manner, they could hide an event such as the JFK limo at one point coming to a complete stop. Ghosting would be one of the side-effects of inattentive overlaying efforts. Another side-effect would be aspects of the background no longer being congruent with the foreground.

    One example of this that I recall (hazily) is of a red coated lady with camera on grass who seemingly wasn’t focusing her attention or camera on the limo. The theory goes that she was part of the background mask and that after limo-stopping frames were removed from the foreground mask, the background lady’s body positioning was out of synch with the limo.

    Duped useful idiot that I am, I buy into the interpretation of the Zupruder film artifacts that suggest the entire film was manipulated with near state-of-the-art 1960’s Hollywood technology. The delay in its public release helped soften its bombshell that multiple shooters were involved; the manipulation of the film itself helped obscure elements (like a stopped limo) that would suggest active enablement.

    The sprockets double-exposure argument? Many decades experience with film and many generations of cameras [and the flaws they introduced] leading up to 1963 would surely have pointed the experts to the equipment [and to test using Zapruder’s actual camera] for explanations on ghosting. It wouldn’t have taken over a decade to say “sprockets.” “Sprockets” becomes a back-stopping afterthought that the PTB invented a decade late to help DISTRACT from the lingering questions and anomalies of the JFK event.

    I believe that a true visual effects expert would have exhibited more open-mindedness with regards to viability of imagery manipulation with both JFK and 9/11. The broad brush with which it gets so confidently dismissed raises a flag and gives the whole Rogue-Fetzer discussion a bit of a MAD-style spy-vs.-spy feel.

    In light of similarly executed accusations of me being an agent, guess that makes this comment a classic Mexican stand-off.


    December 5, 2014 at 6:56 am
    An argument against Fetzer’s cheesy bullshit is not an argument for the official story.


  161. Señor Hack

    So now I will be quite clear here regarding Señor Covert Op, and his mistake of posting a PM comment in-between two AM comments on T&S yesterday.

    This is clear evidence of hacking and manipulating the sequence of the thread. I am sure that the entity would deny this emphatically, but who would expect anything but a denial of guilt by a covert operator?

    I am sure Mr McKee would never dream of Mr Bridges ever doing anything so dastardly behind his back, as it is so underhanded that most anyone who believes they are friends would find such hard to expect.
    But Bridges is a lie, he lives a lie, and has proven himself a highly qualified agent of deception. Among those qualifications is the entity’s expertise with high tech and with computers specifically.

    I will note here that ridges has the mysterious ability to post a completely empty comment – no text whatsoever, and yet the post manifests in my moderators queue; no comment but his gravitar and email address and date/time of posting and to which thread. My suspicion is that he uses this to place a blank unposted comment at a certain time. Then when he wants to cut in with it he pastes the text into it at that time, and the formerly blank comment posts publicly on the thread. There would be more to it than that, as far as the techniques of accessing the queue process and such. These are details of a technique I know little about, but I will say this, it didn’t happen by magic. And it didn’t happen because of a quirk of wordpress. That quirk is understood and is already manifest in the way it always does, by sending a comment put into the normal comment box at the bottom of the tread to an area farther up in the thread The only way to get a comment to go at the bottom of the line of comments is then to push the Reply button of a post just above or in that particular line of comments. This is clearly not what happened to the PM comment sandwiched between two AM comments in this case.

    I have experience with such outside manipulation of comments on both COTO1 & C2. One involved an obvious and open agent of the state posting under the gravitar of “Shooter” and also using “AEAffiliates”.
    On a 9/11 discussion on C2 this operator was able to totally rearrange a series of comments, making a jumble out the argument so that it was incomprehensible.

    On C1 this same poster and one of his affiliates made comments on one of my administrated threads. The were posting in tandem and making jokes about “conspiracy theorists”.

    After a day or so the comments from the associate simply disappeared. Of course I was the moderator and the only way that they could have been disappeared was for someone to hack into the moderators dashboard, or some other hightech hacking technique.

    As I had the dashboard for this thread I was able to take note of the email address of both of these agents. One traced back to a dentist. This dentist was easily found with a web search. I found out the dentist’s name, but wasn’t certain that it wasn’t someone else in the office using that computer for nefarious work.

    This tale grew very complex over the next few days in ways that are beyond the the reason I am writing about, so I won’t delve into it.

    At any rate these are the only other two examples of what I detected Bridges doing with the T&S thread

    If Bridges isn’t a real agent, he is certainly a skunk. I vote for both options.

    • This might simply be a bug… All three posts I’ve ever made on T&S have been placed out of sequence in the past while I have not encountered this problem on any other wordpress site… Since I lack any weight whatsoever on T&S, i doubt that anyone would bother to hack them… But, who knows?…. I suppose once someone possesses the ability to mess with message sequence on a wordpress blog, they might do it just to fuck with people…

      Well… Just when I was about to hit “post comment” I noticed your August 15 2014 comment right below this one, which is December 6 2014…Maybe it does happen a lot on wordpress…

      • Yes it happens a lot on T&S and it can happen here if I entirely remove a post. A post was removed on the threat at the thread on T&S I am discussing.

        As I pointed out, I checked twice as to where a post would end up by posting from the regular comment box. You will notice that those test posts appear just under yours, not arbitrarily somewhere within the thread but at that specific location.

        The key here is a PM comment inbetween two AM comments, not where they would be expected, in the same portion of the thread as your comment and my test comments; which post in timely sequence there.

        Does this make it more clear to you Lilaleo?

      • It doesn’t… But that doesn’t matter at all.. Thanks for the reply anyway…

        Like I had said before, I quite enjoy your Fetzer exposé and have been following it (reading) closely. Thank you, and more power to you.

        All the best.

      • By the way, if anyone reading this page get’s it, it is Bridges himself who fully understands the error he made, and what it proves.

        We have established that the glitch on T&S involves posting from the standard comment box at the bottom of a thread. conbined with this fact we find a particular and distinct glitch present in the comment of Bridges with a PM timestamp.
        Bridges himself tested this and we find that his comment of December 6, 2014 at 6:15 pm was posted to be placed in the current discussion near the bottom of the page. We draw from this that he was aware that one had to reply to a comment in the lower part to get it placed therein that discussion.
        So Bridges knew to use the Reply button to a previous poster to achieve this.

        The question becomes, how did the AM-PM-AM sandwiching of those posts occur? Are we seriously to assume that it happened just out of the blue like magic? I think not, the idea is absurd.
        The only reasonable conclusion is that Bridges did something ‘special’ to make it happen.
        I submit that any denial of this is simply untrue and will be based on him knowing that the circumstantial evidence can only become material with his confession. Regardless of how absurd a denial might be, in his situation it is his only option.

        So we come to the point where I cannot convict but in the acceptance of the circumstantial.
        I therefore leave it to the jury of my readership to make up their own minds on this issue.

  162. I see that Bridges made commentary on the JFK thread again. He totally reversed what I was describing as the effect of using the Reply button and the standard box at the bottom of the thread…
    And in his faulty experiment when he finally did use the standard comments box, well WTF do you know?
    His comment ended up right there with Lilaleo’s and mine just above – jfetzer2012 -November 27, 2014 at 3:12 pm

    As Bridges is oft times dense purposely, I think that is what he was doing with his ass-backward experiment. I see it as another flimsy see-through ploy to confuse a very simple issue.

    Well obviously Bridges isn’t going to reveal what he actually did to get his PM comment sandwiched between the AM comments. He is going to say he pushed one of the reply buttons and it went just below that comment, but the problem with that explanation is my direct AM answer to Jiffy’s AM, that appears after his PM comment. So Bridges’ only out will be to play dumb and exclaim he doesn’t know how it happened – his usual sashadik disingenuous blather.

    • Of course it is understood that it would go counter to Bridges’ “professional ethics” to reveal any means and methods of his craft. So there is little to be gained by questioning him on this matter.
      However he surely understands that I am keeping a close eye on his machinations, and will keep a record in much the manner as above, His luck will run out at some point should he persist in monkeying with the threads at T&S.

  163. Señor El Once Submitted on 2014/12/03 at 7:34 pm to, PROFILE OF A STOOGE – ALBURY SMITH
    & Submitted on 2014/12/01 at 4:23 am to, JAMES FETZER PROFESSIONAL CONSPIRACY THEORIST
    He also Submitted on 2014/10/14 at 3:05 pm to, IN CONTEXT: Current Events

    All of these were blank, empty posts.

    These aren’t the only ones Bridges has read however, just the ones he posted a blank on. I know he is likely back on the followers list, so could just be reading his email updates. Either wqy he responded to my commentary here by trying the test out, regardless of how clumsily or spuriously that was. These very blank postings are one of the most troubling issues. In my experience it is impossible to post a blank email. The comment box frame turns from black to red when I push the button to post, and it simply does not post the empty box. And I postulate there is something in this little magic trick that is part of posting out of sequence and rewriting posts he has already posted.

  164. Maxitwerp said that my page on Fetzer is “ugly”. He has no taste! I think it is laid out quite nice. The photograph of Fetzer is certainly an ugly person, but well representative of him. The balance of the title and subtitle is nice. The introduction is brief, to the point and joined by a clever little story called ‘Little Bird Meets Big Plane: A Fetzer Tale’, which is a scathing and informative critique of our dear subject. There is plenty of meat and substance to the following commentary, with opinions of quite a few others added to my own, in fact even Señor is represented making some prescient arguments – which shows he is capable when not seeing to his agenda of attacking me.

    No his criticism of that page is biased, he knows just as well as I do that Professor Humpty Dumpty is either stupid or he’s the cops…and there is the chance that it was theater between Fetzer and he. Nothing is certain in “Mad Magazine, Spy v Spy” flavored Psyops.

  165. “My opinion at this point in time is that Mr. Rogue is not an agent, but a cantankerous curmudgeon retiree with too much time on his hands, a chip on his shoulder, long-standing social interaction issues, and age-related mental problems. And I love him so!”⸮~Maxitwat

    My observation is that Bridges is totally disingenuous in practically all that he writes.

    Now getting beyond all the scrabble of whether Maxitwat Bridges is capable of hacking or not, the crux of the matter here is as always this fanatic’s agenda of attempted defamation and degrading me.

    It is obvious to any who give it a bit of thought that this covert op doesn’t give a shit about the subject of the thread he posted these recent remarks to, which is the Z-film. No, his entire tilt is in criticizing my person. This has been an ongoing rage of this crackpot for more than two years, and it is displayed thread after thread, with very few unattended by his lunatic rants towards me. Thus this, and the Maxifuckanus page on this blog: a collection of his nonsense as a history of his cyber-stalking.

    The best advice for this covert entity known as Señor el Once, Maxwell Bridges and whatever other socks he may wear from time to time, is to retire from his agitation provocateur position and web presence and enjoy is claimed “family life”…his “real life” as he puts it. Because the longer he persists in his agenda here, the more the chance that I will at some point discover who this fuckhead really is. And if and when the day comes that I do get a positive ID, that “family life” he claims to cherish so, will be put in jeopardy by my revelation of his real identity.
    Just like his monkeying around with the T&S comments queue, he is skating on thin ice the longer he sticks around.

    • Addressing Bridges’ assertions: “long-standing social interaction issues, and age-related mental problems.”

      I have addressed these issues with the question; What does it mean to be well adjusted in a psychopathic society?

      So how does one ‘interact’ with a society that is terminally psychopathic? Is such interaction healthy?
      I think not, I think a large degree of isolation is preferable in order to inoculate oneself from what is in fact a contagion of psychopathy.

      It is not that I am isolated in toto, I have interactions practically everyday with the TVZombies. I can amicably chit chat with these brainwashed creatures. I can even make subliminal hints as to the actual situation they are in, and they will often say, “Oh yea! I never looked at it that way”. But it is not within my means to ‘reprogram’ these people.

      The following paragraph may help in understanding what Bridges interprets as a profile of “curmudgeon”:

      “If you choose to travel the road to the truth, then you must be prepared for the obstacles that await you. You may be condemned or criticized by your family, your friends, your lovers, or your co-workers. This is their programming that began at birth that is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do. You’re going to have to be stronger than that. You must realize that there is a reality that exists outside of this controlled artificial system. Like Indiana Jones in the Last Crusade, he took that ‘leap of faith’ over the bridgeless canyon in an attempt to get to the other side. Like Neo in the Matrix, he took the red pill from Morpheus in his attempt to cross over to his real self. Once you wake up, it’s as if a hypnotist came along and snapped his fingers. You wake up and say to yourself, “Oh my god. I can see it now. Why did it take me so long to wake up?!” For some of you it can be a major shock. Like anything else, take this information and knowledge in stages. If it took a lifetime for them to mold your reality for you, then you know that it may take longer than a day to fully awaken. Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”


      • So now the question attendant to my comment above should be briefly addressed: What is Bridges’ problem? He obviously has a problem with me, he is fanatical on it. He said at the end of the quote I am addressing; “And I love him so!”

        Yes a love-hate dialectic drives his emotions here. I see admiration twisted into jealousy, plus a rage that I do not love him back. I love humanity as a whole, and Bridges is not excluded from that generalization. But I also do not want his attentions – that is something he cannot seem to grasp. I find him an exhausting bore. This “relationship” is forced upon me, I am coerced into it by his constant sniping.

        I do not need his psychosis slathered on me with the constancy it has been. I want him to go away. I want him to refrain from addressing me on T&S, and I want him not to refer to me in anyway. I have had too much of this attention. Enough!

      • The wings of Time are black and white,
        Pied with morning and with night.
        Mountain tall and ocean deep
        Trembling balance duly keep.
        In changing moon, in tidal wave,
        Glows the feud of Want and Have.
        Gauge of more and less through space
        Electric star and pencil plays.
        The lonely Earth amid the balls
        That hurry through the eternal halls,
        A makeweight flying to the void,
        Supplemental asteroid,
        Or compensatory spark,
        Shoots across the neutral Dark.
        Man’s the elm, and Wealth the vine;
        Stanch and strong the tendrils twine:
        Though the frail ringlets thee deceive,
        None from its stock that vine can reave.
        Fear not, then, thou child infirm,
        There’s no god dare wrong a worm.
        Laurel crowns cleave to deserts,
        And power to him who power exerts;
        Hast not thy share? On winged feet,
        Lo! it rushes thee to meet;
        And all that Nature made thy own,
        Floating in air or pent in stone,
        Will rive the hills and swim the sea,
        And, like thy shadow, follow thee.

        ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


      • What does this poem by Emerson mean?

        Put in a nutshell, you’re going to get what is coming to you.

        You will be compensated in kind.

    • So I see it is easy enough to post a blank when one has control at the dashboard, as I do as moderator here. My problem is the mystery of having the ability to post a blank off site, without hacking a dashboard.

  166. >>”Bravo in your speculative innuendo regarding my “agent” hand in the juking of the recent comments to this thread! Too bad that this thread had its comment sequencing juked back in 2013. Comments in the moderation queue and deleted comments were part of the cause and remain so today, to everyone’s consternation.”~Señor El Once – December 8, 2014 at 1:55 pm
    . . . .
    It is not “innuendo” in any sense of the word whatsoever. I am accusing you point blank.

    Your pointing out “comment sequencing juked back in 2013” is a hand-wave of the issue I have pointed out that you refuse to acknowledge, having nothing to do with the out of sequence posts that you, and I, and even Mr McKee tested. No your post of December 5, 2014 at 4:45 pm is entirely unique and has nothing to do with the standard “juke” that occurs on many wordpress threads when a comment is removed.

    Your post of December 5, 2014 at 4:45 pm, does not end up in the thread as per such a standard glitch as we are all aware of. That PM post ends up between two AM posts which were in sequence before your comment was posted and mysteriously ended up sandwiched between them.

    Your pretense continuing here, that you do not notice the distinction is very telling.

    I will address your other squattle meant to distract from your spurious “missing the point of PM between AM” in another post.

  167. >>”I also commend you on the mighty fine, crafty little hair-split that you’ve manufactured.
    After-the-fact”, “before-the-fact”, or “quasi-real-time”: video fakery happened in the 9/11 realm. We’re in rabid agreement. As such, I kindly ask you to reframe from making further overblown, over-generalized, hypnotic assertions that tries to take the whole meme of video fakery in 9/11 off of the table. It is okay to say when you think specific examples are authentic (e.g., not imagery manipulation).”~Señor
    . . . . .
    It is hardly a “crafty little hair-split” to explain that the issue of the Orb video is not one of the videos that can be characterized as one of the items that were manufactured ‘Before the fact’ as something shown on television on 9/11. This video is something that was later manufactured – ‘After the fact’, and has no bearing on the original “Video Fakery” charges. Again your pretending that you do not grasp this distinction is just more of your spurious rhetoric.

    “We’re in rabid agreement” in absolutely nothing here, and don’t pretend that we are.

    The whole section here beginning with: “The comment section is generated, the result set of a database query…” is absolutely irrelevant – this thread is not under moderation. Thus this section is again argumentum verbosium – a lengthily stretch of text having no bearing on the question at hand.
    . . . .
    >>”Mr. Rogue, I do not have a track record of screwing with the comments when the sequencing is normal. You do. You’ve been reprimanded in other threads for placing comments where they don’t belong. You regularly continue discussions by needlessly forking too soon to a new top-level comment. Your technique of multi-comments in response to one deviant or “bat-shit-crazy” comment often involves posting a “child” response, a “sibling” response, and sometimes a top-level response as a cap to the thread and the last words in the forum to date. An agenda of shutting down the deviant (already with multi-responses and multi-prong tactics from ridicule to malframing) would benefit from sequencing juking for its negative effects on latter-day-lurker readability.”~~Señor

    More distraction; when I posted something “out of sequence”, it was clearly done on purpose and had nothing to do with the problem we are addressing today – those comments you complain of were clearly dated later and are “children” of a comment made before – I did not place them there by any subversive technical means – which IS the question we face today.

    As far as your grasp of film and video manipulation, I stand by my advice to stay away from the topic as you continue to show no understanding of the topic. The only topic you clearly are masterful at is disingenuous rhetoric and fraudulent gamesmanship.

    Now, as I know you are attending my blog, you know perfectly well that I abhor these continuing hijackings of a thread’s subject matter. Again, you sat out the whole argument on the Zapruder film. When you finally did comment, it was bereft of any substantial discussion of this topic; it was AGAIN an attack on me.
    I have told you too many times how old and boring this situation is.

    I repeat, I do not need your psychosis slathered on me with the constancy it has been. I want you to go away. I want you to refrain from addressing me on T&S, and I want you not to refer to me in anyway. I have had too much of this attention. Enough!

  168. Obviously Maxifuckanus does not want this page to come to an end, as he continues to harass me at T&S with utter tripe.

    Bridges again dodges the question and makes up long spurious distractions to hide the fact that he will not explain the PM sandwiched between two AM comments. Worse than simply claiming that he simply doesn’t know, he goes on and on with bullshit to baffle and confuse the very clear issue that must be cleared up, and this spew of mud does the opposite of clearing up.

    “I think the twat doth protest too much” is a good point to make here.

    • Keep it up Bridges! For any with the slightest lucidity, the garbage you continue to spew on the Z-film thread just digs you into a deeper hole. A naked mole rat like you should be very careful of getting caught in the light:
      naked mole rat

  169. Today on HR1blog:
    7 referrals from:

    People may not be piping up on T&S Bridges, but they are coming over here to check on the facts

  170. There has been another post that has gone up on high by error on the Z-film T&S thread. In the same area of the thread as the rest of the test comments:

    Al Heyward – December 8, 2014 at 5:13 pm
    “What I find oddest in amongst the oddities on this thread is the fact that a p.m. comment can end up between two a.m. comments.”
    . . . .

  171. Let us deconstruct the latest jibber-jabber presented by Señor el Once:

    “The comment section is generated, the result set of a database query. The query includes walking recursively through a parent-to-child heirarchy (sic) of all of the comments in the result set. If you are logged into the blog, this identity information gets included in the query and does affect the result set. Specifically, you will see comments that you posted but sit in the moderation queue at the location in the thread where they belong as well as their offspring tree regardless of their status (published or moderation queue). Anybody else (other than the admin) will not see the moderated comments from you. When a parent comment is relegated to the moderation queue (or deleted), its published children become orphans. In ambiguous cases, the algorithm seems to favor placing these orphans (and their offspring tree) ~AFTER~ the heirarchy (sic) that it was able to parent-child step through properly. Hence introducing a juke.”~Señor

    This entire comment is immaterial to the issue. This thread is not moderated., so this whole exercise is just Señor doing his standard distraction ploy.

    Then after two more immaterial paragraphs we finally get to this:

    “My PM comment posted between two AM comments referenced T&S only, although my hypothesis at the time proved incorrect, due to not considering the n-th level effects being imposed when the orphans are published at the top-level. *AM-PM-AM comments on another blog, I know not, nor do I care.*”~Señor

    So his “hypothesis at the time proved incorrect” … yes indeed, NO SHIT SHERLOCK.

    It “proved incorrect” because it was scrambled bullshit used as a distraction. As for his “AM-PM-AM comments on another blog” .??? WTF? No one has said anything about any AM-PM-AM comments on another blog.

    I mention his ability to post blank comments on my blog, but never anything about AM-PM-AM comments.

    His final exclamation of “I know not, nor do I care,” in fact refers to the T&Sblog.
    Max finally admits via subtext that he is claiming ignorance as to how his AM-PM-AM comment was accomplished on T&S. And this is hidden between all manner of needless verbosity.

    This scurrilous and disingenuous verbal runaround has become all too typical fare for the anonymous covert operator Señor el Once.

    So Señor claims innocence, leaving only the blatant circumstantial evidence and grins like the conman he is because he gets out of one more tight spot.

    How anyone could buy his story is beyond me.

    • “[1]You’ve been reprimanded in other threads for placing comments where they don’t belong. [2]You regularly continue discussions by needlessly forking too soon to a new top-level comment. [3]Your technique of multi-comments in response to one deviant or “bat-shit-crazy” comment often involves posting a “child” response, a “sibling” response, and sometimes a top-level response as a cap to the thread and the last words in the forum to date.”~Señora Nannybitch – December 8, 2014 at 1:55 pm

      . . . .
      [1] I have been reprimanded by who? By YOU! Because I did it on purpose to piss you off for your nannycunt bullshit that you are repeating now, which includes the next two points: [2&3]Which are nothing but your own personal gripes. Your gripes 1 & 2 were in fact what prompted me to piss you off for breaking Your Rules, not the rules of the forum.

      So this section of your immaterial commentary is another blast of anal hurlant, having zero to do with the actual issue of a PM post sandwiched between two AM posts. In plain words another distraction.

      “Juked comments are not in my agenda’s best interests.”~Señora Nannybitch

      Certainly they are when your actual agenda is to aggravate me. Don’t attempt to evoke this lame excuse as a reason to accept your innocence in this affair.

      • And you attempt to turn these words of mine back against me:

        >> “if you are ever proven to be hacking the queue, your ass will be grass.”

        This is redefining the term “hacking”, when my actions entailed no special technique of breaking into a system by stealth with expert methods.

        So far just about every word you have written in your post of, December 8, 2014 at 1:55 pm, has been shown to be bullshit of one flavor or another.

      • Anyone inclined to give Bridges the benefit of the doubt on this issue is quite gullible and naive.

  172. Wow!! Señor just proved me wrong!

    Not by anything he said, just by showing how a later comment can be posted between earlier ones. It’s to bad he had so much more to say, I would have apologized for my mistake. But of course he had to go on and on about other shit, which really sorta spoiled his victory on the other point.

  173. >> “[Replied made to my December 8, 2014 at 1:55 pm comment. Owing to juking, I predict that it will be published at a top-level below Mr. Rogue’s December 9, 2014 at 3:50 am.]”~Señor El Once – December 9, 2014 at 4:26 pm

    It did not, it appeared just below my top-level December 8, 2014 at 2:26 pm post, as another top-level.
    But I suppose his prediction is close enough for rock’n’roll…

    >> “Pillar # 2 of Mr. Rogue’s latest SEO-is-an-agent charge is that I have the “agent IT trick” of being able to make blank comments (like on his blog.) HTML syntax is not an empty comment, even if rendered as a “blank.” Mr. Rogue and the vast weaknesses of his arguments do not permit any direct replies from me on his blog, so it doesn’t behoove me to write anything. Just because a comment never gets out of the moderation queue or is deleted doesn’t mean that checking the box for “notify me of new comments via email” won’t be honored.”~Señor El Once

    I understand that it doesn’t “behoove” him to write anything – that still doesn’t explain how he can post an empty ‘comment’. The only way I can- and only on my own blog, is to write something, post that, and then Edit that and remove the text, and then ‘Update comment’.

    My question remains; how does Señor accomplish the same thing without having access to the dashboard as a moderator would? Note that this is not an allegation but a simple question.

    >> “Mr. Rogue’s argument is that the original video fakery premise only applied to manipulation of imagery ~before~ (or ~at~) the event so they could be played on the day of the event. He wants to exclude all imagery manipulation relating to 9/11 if it was “created” and/or made public ~after~ 9/11. How much “shocking” video of 9/11 was aired on 9/11? Versus, how much trickled into the public domain in the days, weeks, months (and years) after 9/11? The answers to these questions alone prove that Mr. Rogue’s “after the fact” argument is pulled directly from his rear.”~Señor El Once

    Let’s get this straight once and for all. The argument Shack makes for digital fakery is made to what was broadcast on television during the event and up to a couple weeks of the TV show “Attack on America” on MSM. And this is the “Video Fakery” argument I have disputed.

    There is no doubt, and I do not dispute that years after the event that more modern video editors being in the hands of a larger public, that “video fakery” is more common place. And it is in this later era that this Orb video was produced as an AFTER-THE-FACT fake video. Many After-the-fact fake videos of 9/11 have been produced in the years since 9/11. There is no question as to this fact. I do not argue that modern day video manipulation is available on a mass market scale. But this was NOT the case in 2001. One had to have some very sophisticated and EXPENSIVE equipment, and great skill to achieve these ends back then.

    Now to address the arrogance of Señor in the rhetoric used in this issue. Whether he misinterprets my meanings on purpose, or simply doesn’t get it is beside the point. The same state of mind he accuses me of attends to his state of mind: Assuming the worst – guilty until proven innocent. That is both of our attitudes towards one another. And I say fucking so-be-it. There will be no reconciliation, so WTF?

    This is why there will be no apologies offered to Señor. I will concede to the facts when I am wrong. But he continues his cheesy tango when he is wrong. So fuck him.

    • One more comment, because Bridges tries to make hay out of it; I said he sat out the Z-film discussion, and he points out his few comments of 2013 during that years round of debates. I think any reasonable person would agree that he sat out the 2014 episode, and that is what I meant. But taking the cheesy lawyer stance, he bawls at me for a ‘technicality’.

      All I will say about that is, big-fucking-deal

      • Bridges squawks about my not getting email notifications for comments made on the threads.
        I don’t need email notifications – I get notifications directly from WordPress. And they are archived chronologically, with the full text of the comments made.

      • “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate. All those moments will be lost in time… like tears in rain…” Roy Batty – Blade Runner

  174. This is the comment that Bridges claims I was “juking the thread” – wherein the body of it you will notice that the comment is plainly described for what it is, a jibe at the nannyshit from Bridges. It was not posted covertly, and I clearly state I am making fun of him, and posted it at the near beginning of the thread on purpose:

    hybridrogue1 – July 8, 2012 at 2:48 pm
    I predict {with the help of hindsight} that Señor El Sashadik will be on this thread when Fetzer is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to be “less than truthful” in his claim that Superthermites a non-explosive. And this will come about through information from his own cohort, Hightower.
    Señor will also look up Lewis Carroll’s ‘Jabberwocky’ to learn some assonance cipher. He will acquire two deserving and applicable new names. This will cause some confusion with his chin in his Odell’s for a time…almost 400 posts in fact.

    And the topper will be when he finds that I have posted this, in “Q fashion” totally out of order in the thread to “confuse” the poor readers who can’t walk a straight line without the assistance of el perfecto completo sasha sacha totaldik.

    Yea…it’s my crystal ball…never fails me.

    Now…Lol…if Craig will even see this to post it.

    I do hope he does, as this is meant as humor as I really have no ill feelings for our ever buoyant Señor.~ww
    . . . . .
    I even make this clearer in my second post ‘up-positioned’, just above where Bridges goes into his oinking and beancounter routine again! He’s Mary Poppins in a Zorro mask fer crispy-sake!!!

    hybridrogue1 -July 9, 2012 at 7:25 pm
    Obviously the whole reason I posted that comment is because Señor goes spastic over every little infraction in HIS RULEBOOK of the way things should be here, from our formatting to our style and delivery, and whether they match his approved frame.

    And because of his spurious use of “tallies” as accusation, regardless of actual word count.

    And because of this bullshit frame of “agenthood A-List of the NSA Q-Group”

    I recognize the angst of Señor, as apparently he had this blog pretty much as his own personal bully pulpit until the fatal day that a rogue element was added to the mix.

    Craig can handle this any way that he wants. As far as I’m concerned leave it all to hang out.

    Meanwhile, let us attend to things at the current point in the thread, that should please sashadik…if anything possibly can.~ww

    . . . . .

  175. splitting hairs

    I would like to point out that when someone says their opponent in a debate is “splitting hairs”, what they are actually complaining about is that their opponent is speaking specifically in pointed detail, as counter to the vague bullshit the complaining party is offering.

  176. Bridges again proves his utter ignorance of both film, special effects, and sound recording:

    Señor El Once – December 22, 2014 at 8:38 am
    Trying an experiment from my phone from Argentina and replying to a notification email.

    I’m in agreement with Mr. McKee. The special effects artist is way too quick to confidently proclaim things as being authentic, as in 100% in agreement with reality. All it takes is 1% faking in the right place to achieve goals of misrepresentation. Further more, light travels faster than sound in air. When a gunshot is heard at the same moment damage is perceived to the eye (as it often is in movies), it means (a) the recording device was placed close to where the bullet discharged from the gun, or (b) Hollywood took liberties with the production so as not to confuse the audience. Hunters will tell you how a bullet affects its target well before others in the herd react to the distant gunshot sound.

    As this relates to the JFK film, different perspectives (e.g. Distances from sources of gunshots) would put different time delays on film between observed effects and the sounds’ sources. If all perspectives were synched too closely with one another, it passes muster with Hollywood audiences, but not with thinkers or reality.

    If multiple shooters were involved from different locations, their orientation with respect to recording devices also at different locations from one another would result in expected variations in the recorded output. Thus tweaking to hide things might well start with synching the sound, whereby too much agreement with one another and to the image could betray the manipulation.

    Further, there are many ways that multiple “tracks” can differently insert and remove “frames” yet seemingly all start at 0 and then end together.

    Yet these forms of subtle manipulation are precisely what a special effects artist wants to give his stamp of authenticity to. A bit too much “all or nothing” to his argumentation. ~ //

    Señor, as is often the case, should consider his own such advice as being too quick to dispute “the special effects artist”. He should have first referred to the source material the “special effects artist” draws his findings from. There Quick Draw Señor would have discovered that the author of said source material, Dr. Randolph Robertson; has taken into account such concerns:


    What is a Shot Impulse Time? A”Shot Origin Time”? What is the difference between them?

    Shot Impulse Time is the time a gunshot report reached the motorcycle with its DictaBelt microphone — not when the shot originated. The time that the shot was taken is its Shot Origin Time.
    Shot Origin Time is calculated by subtracting the distance between Officer McClain’s motorcycle and a sniper’s nest, and then dividing that number by the speed of sound (1120 feet per second). This results in identifying the exact time and place that each shot originated.”~Dr. Robertson

    Bridges also asserts:
    “Further, there are many ways that multiple “tracks” can differently insert and remove “frames” yet seemingly all start at 0 and then end together.”


    What the fuck is he trying to say here? There is no such thing as “multiple tracks” in film. There are multiple tracks in sound recording, but these are distinct mediums. They can be combined into a finished product, but they must not be confused as per techniques to create each.

    Bridges proves two things there; 1. The only interest he has in T&S is to harangue me, and 2. That he doesn’t know that the fuck he is talking about when in comes to film, special effects, and sound recording.

  177. “Dear Mr. Rogue,

    You’re an idiot too proud to acknowledge flaws in your logic as well as in the evidence you rely on.

    Evidence of involvement of chemical based explosives — to the meager extent it was provided having chain of custody issues as well as lack of collaboration by several reports — does NOT equate to them being both the primary as well sole cause of the destruction for everything at the WTC. Such sophomoric, moronic, logic mistakes…”~Señor El Once on my “Controlled Demolition thread”

    . . . . . . . .

    Thus begins Bridges in his standard harangue, put to me over and again for years.
    He calls the evidence of chemical based explosive “meager”. I am sure he is referring to the ‘physical’ evidence, which is not meager, nor weak in any sense. But there is more in the visual and testimonial evidence of chemical based explosives, that indeed combine to proofs beyond reasonable doubt.

    Whereas with Bridges nookiedoo “theory”, there is nothing but conjecture and square pegs forced into round holes. As is pointed out, his main source for the 4th generation nukes states clearly in the title of the paper that such devices are still in the realm of speculation. And if the word “meager” is applicable to anything it is the amount of Tritium that seems to excite Bridges prurient interests to the point of hysteria.
    He would have a better time with a blow-up sex doll than riding his rocking horse.

    • “Dear Mr. Rogue,
      The vast majority of the evidence that you could point to regarding chemical-based weapons overlaps with 4th generation nukes. The meager amount that suggests NT (solely) has no correlation anywhere other than what Dr. Jones was handed with chain of custody issues, logistics issues, physics issues, etc.” ~Señor El Once

      . . . . . .

      Are you trying to convince me Bridges? Do you seriously think that anything you can add to your science fiction tale about nukes at WTC is going to have any effect? Just your opening sentence above, which you repeat ad nauseam, becomes a dull headache as I have countered this too many times to remain amused by your raving nonsense.

      I will repeat one more time Max, you have zero evidence of nuclear devices being used on 9/11; nothing. The only overlap of evidence is in your fevered imagination.

      You are wasting your time here Señor, take it up with others – I have had enough. Seriously.

  178. The case for the use of nuclear devices at WTC on 9/11 is a frivolous argument. I have made my case and stand by it. I consider the case closed.

  179. I would say that Truth & Shadows is as dead as a doornail … just passed on tho blog heaven, I suppose.

    Tragic really. The only posititve point is that it means no more dealing with Maxitwat!

  180. “For all the dings that I’ve given the near cult-heroes of the 9/11 Truth Movement, the focus was their work and deficiencies therein. Their reputations could be saved with a simple:

    “In light of new analysis that exposes data points that were near hidden in plain sight in many official documents, purposely never connected, and purposely skewed or omitted to give false impressions to downstream efforts (e.g., me and my work), I change my opinion and see where such-and-such is just as plausible — if not more so — than that in which I have been promoting with a vested interest these last N years. I apologize for the oversight and for any misinformation that I might have spread. And amend my views accordingly…”

    Personal honesty and integrity.” // Maxwell Bridges on:
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    “For all the dings that I’ve given the near cult-heroes of the 9/11 Truth Movement…”?!?!?!

    One might inquire, WHAT DINGS? This is a boast without foundation. Bridges has given no “dings” to anyone’s reputation but his own. If he really had this, “Personal honesty and integrity” he claims for himself, he would be the one to apologize for the oversight and for any misinformation that he might have spread. And amend his views accordingly.
    . . . . . . .
    While I am delighted that T&S has stirred back to life somewhat with this new post from Craig, the downside that comes with it is having to put up with the bullshit from this twat Bridges again.
    “Personal honesty and integrity” what fucking bullshit!

  181. So this agitprop son-of-a-bitch Maxitwat is at it again, full guns on T&S targeting Mr Ruff with his usual defamation tactics. And a verbose load of steaming bullshit it is.

    I won’t have anything to say to this anonymous cocksucker unless he targets me personally. But if he does, it won’t be to discuss his nookiedoodoo shit, that is said and done. But I will point out that this disingenuous shit he spews about not wanting to hijack the thread again is clearly a lie. He’s a fucking pussyboy.

    Go fuck your mama Max.

    • Señor El Once – January 28, 2015 at 4:25 pm


      Déjà vu all over again!

      How many times have we sat stunned and dazed like this after the spook storm passes?

      “where have all the flowers gone…?” and et cetera …

  182. “Personal honesty and integrity.”~Maxwell Bridges

    This is the same kind of scurrilous bullshit you get from the CIA, and all the other fucking psychos in this pathological society. How anyone can be fooled by this clad disguise is beyond me.

    I don’t know when McKee will ever learn, Maxitwat is the worst enemy T&S has!

  183. YET AGAIN!!!!

    Bridges arrogance is overwhelming and fanatical. He is clearly insane. Just under the comment that Craig eliminated just the day before, he again makes this challenge to Adam Ruff, EXACTLY the reason Craig gave for removing his comment in the first place! Astonishing and absurd.


  184. So this cunt Bridges wants to challenge both Mr Ruff and I to a debate. The he/she/it thing even suggests its own blog site for such. But there is nothing to debate. That debate is long over, it is done. As I pointed out before:
    Debating whether nukes were used at WTC on 9/11, is like debating whether Martians actually attacked Earth during Orson Welles’ broadcast of War Of The Worlds.

  185. “Judy Wood is offering the hypothesis that the twin towers were taken down by directed energy weapons, and the problem is that nobody knows what she is talking about, including herself.”~Niels Harrit


  186. Hey Max, have you gone into hiding? You rolled up in a fetal position babbling to yourself?
    I thought you were hot to “debate” Mr Ruff! Why haven’t you answered his emails?
    Did pussyboy Max make peepee in his diaper again and is crying to his mommy?

  187. Protocol 13, subsection 6


  188. In my ‘General Complaints‘ department, I post this:

    ” always be very respectful of anyone who affirms the twin towers’ criminal controlled demolition and its self-evidence, irrespective of her/his bizarre beliefs on other issues” ~Daniel Noel

    Ridiculous! Bizarre untenable beliefs should always be denounced, and I denounce this “belief” by Daniel as untenable.

    This is again seeking a consensus so generally drawn, as to dilute the truth to a matter of the opinions of the lowest common denominator. I object most strongly to this tepid idealism.

    Is that a call for civility? No! That is a call to ignore blithering nonsense that has grown galloping legs and trampled all over the truth that has been established by reason and fact.

  189. I notice the Maxitwat has posted more of his anal hurlant on T&S.

    Nobody gives a shit about his rocking horse nookiedoodoo. He should just fuck off and fade away like a good little troll.

  190. Max, you are out of your fucking mind!!!

    Seriously you are a blithering idiot! You need to be put in restraints and sedated. You are a danger to yourself and those around you.

    I don’t know why the fuck Craig puts up with your flaming bullshit…

  191. “I flag the above comment irrelevant. Doesn’t apply to Facebook. Doesn’t apply to 9/11. Doesn’t apply to this thread. Just another example of trolling and “intelligence-padding”, quoting extensively other people’s writings in the hopes of reflected brilliance onto the poster. Padding failed to improve intelligence rankings, because otherwise posting would have been made to an appropriate T&S thread.”~Señora Maxitwat

    Hahahaha!! And I flag Maxitwat as a disgruntled assfuck who is making an irrelevant comment from bitter spite and naught else.

    Go hump your doorknob you smarmy little twat.

  192. I notice that Maxitwat has dropped off of the HR1blog for updates… Lol … good fucking riddance!!

    I hope never to see your gravitar again Maxifuckanus.

  193. M. C. Bruecke has left a new comment on the post “Dr. Wood and Late-3rd Generation Nuclear Devices”:

    Part 2/2

    One month ago, I wrote as a well intentioned warning in Saving face and the pickle you’re in:
    +++ begin
    {Mr. Ruff,} you boasted the claim of intent to post the definitive set of links (and/or author the definitive verbiage?) that debunks whole genres (Dr. Wood & Holograms); and I’m having you pony-up. Otherwise if you default or fail, I will gain considerable leverage over your integrity under the meme “boastful lying hypocrite” etc., something I am loathe to use and is just another distracting detour from my hobby-horse…

    Dr. Wood’s work can’t be debunked without acknowledging nuggets of truth, which ends up serving as an effective objectivity test. “Faithful in the small, faithful in the large…” It can be a risk to your character if mishandled. …

    I did not relish shalacking Mr. Rogue with “liar, cheat, and weasel,” because my earnest desire was an objective discussion. … I do not wish a similar fate for you, Mr. Ruff. … Take this somewhat seriously and apply some earnest effort. [Or back out now.]
    +++ end


    I find it amusing that you think your opinion of me is somehow important. I don’t consider it important at all and I really do not think there are many people out there who do consider your rantings and ravings important either. So as far as I am concerned you can proceed with whatever contrived BS statements you want to make about me to whoever you want to make them to. You slander me though and all bets are off. I doubt there is anyone out there who will give a shit what you say about me. I originally said I would debunk Judy Wood and hologram planes and that is what I agreed to “debate” you about. You quickly and very deceitfully attempted to change the debate to nukes. I pointed out you moved the goal posts, which you did, and then I said I would get around to debunking the nukes meme when I had time to do so. I have not had time to do so properly yet, and to be frank with you, you are very low on my priority list and I am involved with other things that are far more important to me. I will eventually get to it but it will be on my time frame not yours and your attempt to badger me is useless because I do not value your opinion AT ALL nor do I care what you say to others about me. I will tell you this right now though:

    The nuke theory is stupid and unprovable disinformation because there is literally no physical evidence at all that you can point to which shows conclusively that nukes were used at the WTC. On the other hand there is all sorts of physical and eye witness evidence that explosives and incendiaries such as thermite/nano thermite were used. You also have no actual verifiable evidence that these 4th generation nuke devices are anything more than theoretical at this point in time let alone in 2001. Yes there are scientists talking about them but do they actually exist in physical reality? You have no proof they do. Furthermore you have no eye witnesses to such devices nor any video evidence which shows anything other than that which can be easily explained by conventional explosives and incendiaries. In other words you haven’t got shit to back up your speculations with. Finally there is no physical need to use nukes in the first place to bring down the WTC buildings since conventional explosives and incendiaries could do the job just fine. There was therefore no logical reason to leave behind a radiological signature from a nuclear device that could be traced back to a source reactor and possibly expose the responsible parties. It would have been moronic to use nukes for that exact reason because it could be traced back to a specific reactor. So your disinformation was DOA in the first place for all these reasons and a few others but since you are literally OCD to an extreme level you will never be capable of admitting your mistake or stopping your OCD behavior of pushing this crappola. At this point you are like an insane priest spouting biblical revelations as though it is all literally coming true right now. You will NEVER stop because you can’t stop. At any rate this is all the time I have for you now.”~Adam Ruff
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    The never ending bullshit carousel of the Maxifuckanus… what a bore. Mr Ruff should just shine on this lunatic and let him bounce around his rubber-room at his blog.

  194. Gsponer, André / Hurni, Jean-Pierre
    TITLE Fourth Generation Nuclear Weapons: The Physical Principles of Thermonuclear Explosives, Inertial Confinement Fusion, and the Quest for Fourth Generation Nuclear Weapons
    PUBLISHER Independent Scientific Research Institute
    CITY Geneva, Switzerland

    Adam, The key to this whole argument is in the title of Maxitwat’s prize source for his info on the topic of fourth generation nuclear weapons.
    The term “Quest” is the operative word here. The military is hoping to someday achieve such weaponry. It is speculative at the current level of research.

    I have notified the twat about this countless times, that the whole thing is conjecture and speculation. Just like his whole “theory” it is speculative fiction at this point. “Speculative Fiction” is popularly known as “Science Fiction”, and that is what Maxhole is trying to sell with his Nookiedoodoo nonsense.


    Bill Clarke
    April 15, 2015 at 3:01 pm
    Willy Whitten
    April 15, 2015 at 8:32 am

    No matter what evidence is produced to support the known fact that John Kennedy was determined to pull the military out of Indochina, there is a contingent of alleged “experts” on ‘military history’ who have some scurrilous argument to apply against it.

    bc. That would be because what little evidence you have is this “Jack told me” crap. NSAM 263 and the White House tapes are hardly a “scurrilous” argument.

    We are NOT speaking to the narrow topic of “military history” here, we are speaking to the larger topic of history in general.

    bc. Nice diversionary attempt here Willy. What we ARE speaking to is you making a false statement about what NSAM 263 says. If you are going to reference NSAM 263 you should do so accurately. You don’t get to reference it and then plug in your own disinformation. Not and remain credible.

    Half truths are no less lies, and the full picture is not simply in the military record, although it has clues that if properly interpreted in light of the civilian history of this matter will show the Whole Truth.

    Last time I looked NSAM 263 was NOT a military record. Did you miss that?

    Willy Whitten
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    April 15, 2015 at 4:50 pm
    “Last time I looked NSAM 263 was NOT a military record. Did you miss that?”
    ~Bill Clarke

    Oh dear, excuse me Bill, what was I thinking? You are absolutely right!
    NSAM 263 has nothing whatsoever to do with military history! It was a memo about catering services for banquets at the White House.

    I am going to point out one more time, with the graces of our moderators, that your characterizing those who disagree with your interpretation of NSAM 263 as “dishonest” is as insulting as any other form of ad hominem.
    It is scurrilous and a slur. I am sure that all who disagree with your interpretations would agree to that.

    Your argumentation such as the last comment about NSAM not being a “military record”, is a form of parsing language in a disingenuous manner. You seem to pretend here that “National Security” ie; “NS” in “NSAM”; in this instance referring to military affairs as “NOT a military record”, when in fact it would plainly be part of the military history of the Vietnam War.

    I think you are going to great lengths to win your argument, stretching it to the breaking point, with what I can only call insincere rhetoric.


    Bill Clarke
    April 15, 2015 at 6:26 pm
    Willy Whitten
    April 15, 2015 at 9:26 am

    He was coordinating a coup d’etat, which was his specialty.

    “Some evidence please.”~Bill Clarke

    Are you seriously asserting that Landsdale was not a master at perpetrating coup d’etat?


    If so, his biography is clear enough on the matter.

    Or are you suggesting that it is not Landsdale in the photos from Dealey Plaza?
    If so, the pictures speak for themselves.

    Perhaps. But you have no evidence that he was there coordinating the coup d’etat.

    Can you handle this one for me? bc. I have heard Prouty make the claim but I have never heard Krulak make the claim. You have a reference for that?
    So here we have it. My comment in reply to Clarke’s last comment on April 15, 2015 at 4:50 pm, is still not published an hour and a half later – but Bill gets another shot at me.

    “Can you handle this one for me? bc. I have heard Prouty make the claim but I have never heard Krulak make the claim. You have a reference for that?”~Bill Clarke

    Yes, Prouty who was very close to Krulak quoted what Krulak had answered back, that he agreed it was Lansdale in Dealey Plaza. But as Bill says about anyone who he disagrees with, he says that Prouty is a liar. Just like Bill called me a liar. Bill Clarke’s arguments are founded on scurrilous rhetoric and ad hominem. That is how he settles any dispute made to him. And if JFKfacts won’t allow me to out Bill Clarke as a punk and a fraud on their site – by God I will do it here!

    Bill Clarke, You can kiss my ass.

  196. I just felt it was a good time to point out how pleasant it is on the web now that Maxifuck has been effectively silenced.


    • Maxitwat has written me to say that I am treating Jimbo poorly on T&S. He has written to tell me what a bum I am for not giving him voice on my blog.
      He has written in vain yet again.

      mucha by manara

      • What a dumbfuck Maxitwerp, you still do not understand the difference between quoting someone and characterizing what they say…like my saying you wrote to tell me I am a bum for not giving you a voice here… whining about it for a whole page of mindless verbosity … pretending it does not anger you to have no voice on the web but for your seldom viewed blog that no one gives a shit about.

        No my memory is just fine toots, go gobble some more dick.

      • Señor El Once aka Maxitwat, etc…
        2 minutes ago
        “Dear Mr. Rogue,
        Stop polluting your despicable, vile, disinfo smear job on me with meaningful but inapplicable dribble from others!!! It’s just a lame attempt to get their wisdom to rub off on you. Focus, asshole, and don’t water down your efforts! As probably the one and only subscriber to this thread, I do not need the constant reminders that your wisdom isn’t so wonderful, necessitating you borrowing from others.
        Go fuck around on your other threads. This one should be purer in it’s Rogue-ian poison.” //
        . . . .
        So now this arrogant son-of-a-bitch is trying to tell me how to manage my own blog, my own threads!! He wants everything on this thread dedicated to himself only!! I think Maxi needs some new friends, contact him at:


  197. Illuminati Fabian Society – Luciferian One World Collectivist State
    Have you ever heard of Amitai Etzioni and his “Communitarianism” front? “The Third Way”, they call it.
    It is the synthesis of fascism/communism as the new statism for the New World Order.

    Understanding communism today and it’s far reaching effects on our society through institutions like the Fabian Society, and understanding it’s ultimate aim to destroy Nations, Cultures and Traditions in order to bring about a One World Government.. Known today as the New World Order.

    The Fabian Society originated in England in 1884, with the purpose of forming a single, global socialist state. They get their name from the Roman general Fabius, who used carefully planned strategies to slowly wear down his enemies over a long period of time to obtain victory.

    “Fabian Socialism” uses incremental change over a long period of time to slowly transform a state as opposed to using violent revolution for change. It is essentially socialism by stealth, a slow march towards a New World Order.

  198. Final Warning: A History of the New World Order
    Illuminism and the master plan for world domination
    — by: David Allen Rivera, 1994, source:

    MHP hypertext version for non-profit educational use only

    “As civilization becomes more complex, and as the need for invisible government has been increasingly demonstrated, the technical means have been invented and developed by which public opinion may be regimented. With printing press and newspaper, the telephone, telegraph, radio and airplanes, ideas can be spread rapidly, and even instantaneously, across the whole of America.”~Edward Bernays

  199. Was Plato’s Republic meant to be ironic?

    A recent article at []
    Anders Mikkelsen argues that inThe Republic, Plato (using Socrates to speak for him as the main character) was not describing a just and prosperous city, or proposing a model of “good government.” Instead, he argues, Plato was using the Socratic method, attempting to show how grotesque, unjust and shocking a statist political system would necessarily be in order to function as intended. Plato wasn’t describing a utopia, but rather a dystopia.

    The idea behind the Socratic method is that, rather than arguing a point directly, the philosopher leads people to reach conclusions by themselves, by walking them through the steps so they can discover their own errors. The template Plato describes for all of the tyranny, communism, corporatism, military classes, imperial invasions of neighbors — pretty much everything about the welfare-warfare state, from antiquity to today — was an exercise in irony, a way to lead the student or reader to extend his premises to their inevitable conclusions, and thereby realize that the premises were faulty all along.

    This is not a new interpretation of The Republic. The Mises article doesn’t mention Allan Bloom, but he (and who knows how many others before him) proposed reading The Republic as an exercise in irony quite a while ago. I don’t know what the prevailing wisdom is on the subject in schools these days.
    I’m going to have to dig out a copy of the Republic to see if it holds water, but it is certainly an interesting idea. It would be a fine irony indeed if several centuries of statists and tyrants have justified statist authority using Plato when Plato was actually advocating a kind of quasi-anarchist, voluntaryist society by revealing how the state is inherently and inevitably corrupt.

    “The state calls its own violence law, but that of the individual crime.”~Max Stirner

  200. “Does it follow that I reject all authority? Perish the thought.
    In the matter of boots, I defer to the authority of the boot-maker.”
    ~Mikhail Bakunin

  201. Semantics
    the branch of linguistics and logic concerned with meaning. There are a number of branches and subbranches of semantics, including formal semantics, which studies the logical aspects of meaning, such as sense, reference, implication, and logical form, lexical semantics, which studies word meanings and word relations, and conceptual semantics, which studies the cognitive structure of meaning.
    the meaning of a word, phrase, sentence, or text.
    plural noun: semantics
    “Such quibbling over semantics can be petty” – it depends on context, and whether words are used rhetorically for prevarication, or sincerely to be distinct.

  202. I got you right where I want you Maxiturd, bound and shackled in the cellar with your mouth taped shut, you pathetic impotent cunt. Thanks for your latest drunken squalling whine.

  203. For years this cunt Maxiturd stalked me through the Internet, harassing me at every website I commented on, called me a weasel and a cheat and a liar with serious intent to defame my good name, and Now he wants me to leave him “out of it”. Just as late as 2015/07/27 at 4:40 am, I got another whining complaint that poor little twatdog Max wants me to leave him alone.

    Well maybe if you would shut your lying fucking mouth and stop badgering me here on my own blog I might just forget about you Bridges. But no! You have to snivel and bitch like some whining cunt – STILL harassing me. If you don’t like what you read here, you stupid motherfucker, then don’t drop by and read it! It’s that easy you silly chump!

  204. Let us shut down this whole nasty business with something hauntingly beautiful … and just like life, too short.


  205. Just Another Stooge Marinated In Statist Indoctrination
    The Legend: ‘Simpleton’ Template (Subtle)
    Operative: Roger the Dodger
    School: Sunstein
    Team Leaders: James Fetzer, Maxwell Bridges
    Operative Cover Name: Roger Gloux
    Site of Engagement: Truth & Shadows

    Profile Clue: “Back to 9/11 and all the expertise everybody is expending. I’m just a truck driver”~Gloux – August 23, 2015 at 7:18 pm

    Clue # 1. “I stopped getting involved. That is until I saw what Willy Whitten was saying.”~Gloux

    Aggression Level: High, and revealed in very first comment: “All this crap about absurd and all the fine language letting on you are smart, explain some of these problems”

    Note; This is directed at me personally although Roger only hints at this by the mention of the term “absurd” (“but I fail to see why legitimate questions and legitimate points must be described as “absurd.”~Craig McKee) – so Roger subtly ingratiates himself with the site owner, and calls me out in the same subtle fashion.

    Progressing snippets of Gloux’s nomenclature:
    August 24, 2015 at 10:04 am:
    > “That sounds like a politician answering with a non-answer.”
    > “Your “kiss off” reveals you are stumped as to what I said in my previous post.”
    (I never told Gloux to ‘kiss off’)
    > “What are you smoking?”
    > “Your reply is foolish or you can’t reply because you have no clue.”
    . . . .
    > “Well buddy I’m provoking you, buy the book and look at the pictures. If your broke borrow it from Craig.”
    > “Why is it pseudoscience? Did you read the book? Your burnt out in more ways then one because you spout off as if your an expert and when you look at it more closely your like a politician answering with non answers.”
    > “I know you are not going to look because you are a glib armchair expert and got it all figured out.”
    > “Now I’m just a simple truck driver who hauled all sorts of steel..”
    > “You need to get the book. Buy the book.”
    > “Besides, no plane hit the towers.”
    > “I haven’t read all the posts since the inception of this site but I can see who dominates in this last part. The part I decide to step into the fray. Articulate verbal…. errrr expressions may intimidate some people but it don’t have that effect on me.”
    . . . . .
    August 31, 2015 at 1:08 pm:
    > “hybridrogue1 Well Mr. William Rodriguez you have everything to say about everything else yet one photo that shows there isn’t anything at ground level with an undamaged ambulance right outside where the front doors used to be and a fireman walking on the street reveals there is no material to say it was a controlled demolition using explosives.
    That leaves you speachless? You figure your a true believer. You appear to be a “spook” working for the Government trying your best with your articulate manner to ridicule everything that points to the truth.
    Again you tell an un-truth.”
    > “hybridrogue1: Mr. William Rodriguez…”
    > “But now your back tracking because you see absolutely no damage under Building 4 and 5.”
    > “I look past your articulation and see a guy who wants to be important and figures he can pull it off. I don’t buy it.”
    > ” You appear to be a “spook” working for the Government trying your best with your articulate manner to ridicule everything that points to the truth.”
    > “Only a spook would say the opposite of what these pictures say.”
    > “Either your blind or your a spook. Or maybe your to caught up with yourself and your sophistication.”
    > “I agree and that’s what your doing with your glib articulation. Considering all the people you choose as experts the list reveals your much like a spook who is trying to deflect any information that has truth in it.”
    > “I know you got the book … Only a spook would say this is full of debris when you can see all the floors except half of the first floor. All I can say to these folks is buy the Book and see what this spook Willy Whitten is saying.”
    > “So far you have been backtracking because you can’t explain why there isn’t the evidence you say there is, when the pictures are saying the opposite of what you say.”
    Okay, enough of these quotes by Roger the Dodger for the moment. I will leave it to the beancounter Maxitwat to count how many times the Dodger calls me ‘a spook”. I wanted to clarify that what Gloux calls “backtracking” are my attempts to clarify his seeming misinterpretations of what I have said. I never backtracked once in our conversation. And it was at this point I began to realize that Gloux is only playing at being a simpleton “truck driver”.
    But when he said this; “You better read the Book Willy. You got it for nothing so make sure what you present doesn’t make you look like a fool,” it occurred to me that a needling suspicion I had that Maxifuckanus could be involved in the background sprung more forward into my thinking.


    • Almost everything Roger Gloux writes is, ad verecundiam and appeal to authority. And the worst part of that is this appeal is to a fucking lunatic, Judy Wood.

    • Lol, Maxitwat! How you spin your wheels responding to this blog when you know you will never ever EVER be published here. But I love smelling the desperate aggravation and frustration in your blathering rants!
      Fuck off monkeyboy, the jokes on you…the joke has always been on you! Hahahahahahah!!! Oh yes, I still have the Book! It would be stupid to destroy it, I told you that fib because I knew it would steam your stinking ass more than anything. Others know that I didn’t rip the pages out for cage liners as well – yea it was a joke on you, you stupid shit! I offered you the damned thing back and you refused, you have NOTHING to say about it beyond that point. Now stew in your own juice.


    • Again aye Bridges? You are farting in the wind sending me your bullshit.

      The problem with your complaint and allegations that I “lied” about the book are shown to be blather, as you yourself admitted there is NOTHING of substance in the BOOK, that was not previously found on Wood’s web site. You conned me into accepting that Book. Well one con deserves another counter con.
      On top of that I offered to send you that Book back in pristine condition, you refused, hoping to con me into fulfilling a promise to review said book even though I discovered you pawned it off on me under false pretenses. This is all in the public record, in fact the quotes by yourself admitting the book had nothing of substance over the web site are somewhere in the stack of comments above. You claimed that even though there really wasn’t a spit worth of difference from the site to the book, that the plastic card with the layout of the WTC that came with the book was worth the price. Am I jogging your faulty memory monkeyboy?

      You call me a liar and a cheat and a weasel throughout your spurious slurs against me at any rate. You are the one that lied, and started this entire tempest in a thimble. I have proved that by quoting your own words.

      Now, it makes no difference to me if you rant and rave, scream and stamp your feet, because it is futile here. You will NEVER be given a voice on this blog because indeed it is you who are the depraved liar, and cheat and weasel.

      • “The record shows that your refusal to do any good-faith efforts into fulfilling the conditions of the agreement came first.”~Maxitwat

        The record shows that the “agreement” was made under your false assertions that the book was different than the website. That annuls any agreement as it was false advertising and a con. I owe you no “good-faith efforts”, because you made bad faith efforts to con me into accepting that book.

      • ”The website was never completed. It even has notes from 2006 saying various pages are still under construction. Many errors from the website were fixed in the book, which is one reason why the book should be considered the final source. The book provides as near to the most definitive statements on various concepts as we can get from Dr. Wood (until addressed in version 2 of the book or something on her website.) This being said, definitive statements are few and far between, as are definitive connecting of concepts. But if you want to peg Dr. Judy Wood for saying or supporting anything as of today, the book is your nearest source. Go review my June 4 2012 at 1:55 pm posting. The correlation of pictures to map positions in her book is vastly superior to her initial attempts on the web, and worth the price alone.”~Señor – MAY 5, 2014 AT 3:19 PM

        . . . . .
        I hereby reiterate and reaffirm that I have not purposefully told any lies on the blogs, and the entity still hasn’t proven a single one.

        Señor boasts:
        — “Not impossible; already done; link provided to more than one.”
        And then continues with:
        — “The lie that Mr. Rogue promoted was him (or other sources) having completely and entirely debunked Dr. Wood’s work, whether it is framed as her book or her website.”

        And here is the crux of the matter, the entity calling itself Señor is making a subjective case as to what a “lie” is. He defines a “lie” as that which he disagrees with. Whether Dr. Wood’s work is “debunked” entirely, in great part, for the most part, or not at all is OPINION.

        The entity obviously puts a great deal of faith in his own OPINION, in fact to the point of hubris, that vanity that blinds the senses and causes delusion.

        It is so obvious on inspection that the entity is just a context-shifting word twisting-shill.

        Example, the entity already did its Beancounter slink, numbering my comments of yesterday’s compared to his/her/its; but what is missing there? CONTEXT, the entity spewed how many thousands of words on the page yesterday? I am loath to even attempt a count, but one certain thing is that they overwhelm my word-count by a vast margin.

        And his every point is veiled in the same stinking cheesecloth. Just rhetorical spin jive bullshit. ARGUMENTUM VERBOSIUM to the max.

        Wood’s BOOK v Wood’s website according to the Señor entity:

        — “The website was never completed. It even has notes from 2006 saying various pages are still under construction. Many errors from the website were fixed in the book, which is one reason why the book should be considered the final source. The book provides as near to the most definitive statements on various concepts as we can get from Dr. Wood (until addressed in version 2 of the book or something on her website.) This being said, definitive statements are few and far between, as are definitive connecting of concepts. But if you want to peg Dr. Judy Wood for saying or supporting anything as of today, the book is your nearest source. Go review my June 4 2012 at 1:55 pm posting. The correlation of pictures to map positions in her book is vastly superior to her initial attempts on the web, and worth the price alone.”~Señor

        Parse this closely and what is really found in this spin?

        – “Many errors from the website were fixed in the book,” Well, which errors?

        Well deconstruct this:

        – “The book provides as near to the most definitive statements on various concepts as we can get from Dr. Wood …[BUT]… This being said, definitive statements are few and far between, as are definitive connecting of concepts.”

        That’s it; the most definitive statements are few and far between … WTF?

        The entity doesn’t say what is in the book that was left off the website that was “under construction”. He makes no mention of what is new of substance. The only thing Once can come up with here is, – “The correlation of pictures to map positions in her book is vastly superior to her initial attempts on the web, and worth the price alone.”.

        Is it? Part of what the entity refers to here is a plastic card, pretty durable, that has the layout of WTC as an areal view, with all the buildings numbered and the names of the streets. Is this “worth the price alone”? Preposterous. The card is handy no doubt, but the rest is more hyperbole. And I reiterate again; the entity cannot think of WHAT it is of substance that is revealed in the book, but missing from the website – he merely asserts that there is, and then offers these expansive remarks about a card with the Legend to the buildings seen from above.

        Can I say, ‘Whoopty-fuckin-doo’?
        Or should that read, ‘Whoopty-fuckin-DEW’? Lol


      • hybridrogue1 – May 14, 2014 at 8:48 pm
        Seenyor Once lied when he claimed there was a substantial difference between Judy Wood’s website and the BOOK. This becomes a ‘Damned Lie’ in that he continues to promote this falsehood despite clear prima facea evidence to the contrary.

        This is compounded by the fact that he uses this lie to make further lies concerning my honesty and character; slurs and defamation by false witness and perjury.

        Each and everyone of these false assertions are “Counts” – ones that Seenyor, being the beancounter that he is; should tally one day to illustrate what a lying cheating scoundrel he truly is.

  206. From a YouTube forum [“Dr. Reynolds exposes 9/11 TV fakery on FoxNews”]:

    “Bush didn’t do it. Who did then”~RabbitSnare, the military under the direct command of Dick Cheney {under ‘continuity in government powers*} Rumsfeld and Condi Rice were in on it, as well as all the co-signatories of the PNAC document that made the recommendation for such an op to go forward. Of the twenty-five people who signed the PNAC’s founding statement of principles, ten went on to serve in the administration of U.S. President George W. Bush, including Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Paul Wolfowitz…report titled Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategies, Forces, and Resources For a New Century. Citing the PNAC’s 1997 Statement of Principles, Rebuilding America’s Defenses asserted that the United States should “seek to preserve and extend its position of global leadership” by “maintaining the preeminence of U.S. military forces.”] The report’s primary author was Thomas Donnelly, and Donald Kagan and Gary Schmitt are credited as project chairmen. It also lists the names of 27 other participants that contributed papers or attended meetings related to the production of the report, six of whom subsequently assumed key defense and foreign policy positions in the Bush administration. A section of Rebuilding America’s Defenses entitled “Creating Tomorrow’s Dominant Force” this passage suggested that the transformation of American armed forces through “new technologies and operational concepts” was likely to be a long one, “absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.” So it can be shown by close study of the details of the event and the build up to it, that 9/11 was a classic PSYOP, (psychological operation), and can also be termed a “False Flag”. Of course the cover-up is always the final proof of an operation of this kind. And the rhetorical bullshit from the 9/11 Commission, and the pseudoscience nonsense from NIST, and the collusion of the mainstream press & media put the finishing touches on the Mythical Burlesque of social engineering that was 9/11.

  207. Maxitwat is squawking to Adam Ruff via email and me here, and likely tweeting blather all over the social sites, why hasn’t he just posted his complaints directly on Truth & Shadows? Why does he pen these verbose woeful harangues and send them here where he KNOWS DAMNED WELL they will never see the light of day?

    Why does he claim that I “reanimate” him, when I don’t even let him speak here? Why doesn’t the asshole just disappear completely rather than haunting the HR1blog like some spook? Lol… because he has been a spook all along! — “Señor El Caspar the Fiendish Ghost”! Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  208. Craig McKee — September 6, 2015 at 2:51 pm
    “Wright, please explain why someone who believes the 9/11 official story, which is maintained by virtually every mainstream media entity in the Western world, would spend YEARS on a blog like this telling people their “theories” are inane, blah, blah, blah. Tell me why I should believe that you are anything but a troll. And tell me what is to be gained by me allowing you to continue regurgitating your disingenuous crap.”

    So…let’s see how long Agent Wright waits to pop into T&S with more of his disingenuous crap.
    He may wait for a spell, thinking we will forget this direct question put to him by Mr McKee. But I would wager that quite a few of us will remember, and will be quick to remind the shill that he has ‘some splainin’ to do’.
    Of course it has been my opinion that Wright has been given much too much rope already…

    I wonder if Sunstein hires additional stooges during the month of September as the anniversary of 9/11 nears? I’d wager that this is done every year.

    • A.Wright — September 5, 2015 at 1:45 am
      “Listening to a debate about DEW vs thermite vs nukes is like listening to people argue about what kind of cheese the moon is made of. They do agree on one thing though, that we need to campaign and wake people up to the fact that the moon is made of cheese. No it’s not. It’s made of rock, not Roquefort.”

      Actually what we need is a debate on what sort of cheese Agent Wrights head is full of. I think that Roquefort is a good prospect. But it just may be a softer kind such as Velveeta.

  209. Rabbit Snare: Web Disinformant

    Modern Popular History Prevails Against All Evidence — Coincidence Theory — Incompetence Theory — Blowback Theory

    It is asked: “Now Willy, why would I be interested in the amateur babblings of another wanker who thinks he’s a scientist?” Note that nothing specific is offered here. What scientist is Wanker Rabbit referring to here? How does his Incompetence Theory stand up against the facts of the case? I have in fact offered a series of factual and substantive comments in this thread, while our furry little plush-toy, anonymous commentator “Rabbit Snare” has offered nothing but inane general and unfocused assertions with absolutely no substance or proofs behind them. Consider how this Wanker Rabbit defeats his/her previous and quite recent assertion that “no one is reading this conversation” by taking the time to attempt to win his/her unwinnable position. Notice how when it is convenient for his/her argument, the wondrous system that he/she is so proud to defend is suddenly framed as “incompetent”, and amateur, lacking skills and professionalism. But then of course at his/her disingenuous convenience he/she accuses the experts that make proofs against the official narrative in the same way as he/she has moments before framed those who have made the official narrative.

    NOW — This thread, this conversation between my plush-toy adversary and myself has, with the comments of just a few others, grown to more than a hundred comments. The readers are invited to review the material above, and the further commentary I have added below, and decide for themselves if there is any merit to ‘Rabbit Snare’s’ convoluted coincidence theories. I think a candid world will recognize that our little Rabbit character has to be included in the ranks of incompetence that he/herself has just promoted.

    [Excerpt from comments section on YouTube titled: Dr. Reynolds exposes 9/11 TV fakery on FoxNews]

  210. Hahaha! I can imagine that the Maxitwat is just squealing with joy because of the recent developements on T&S.

    Hey maybe you can get your stupid ass reinstated there! Give it a try Maxifuck!!! Can’t hurt to try!

    Getting you back on there with Uncle Fistfucker, the Flat Earthers, maybe TamborineMan…and all the rest of the fruitcakes that used to post there would be a real Hoedown of Lunacy!!!

  211. I am the only one who reads your whinyshit comments to HR1blog Maxitwat.

    You see that is the difference between you and I. I don’t need T&S as a platform for my ideas and commentary. I have a blog of my own that gets from 150 to 200 hits every 24 hours.

    So I have a voice on the web. You don’t with your measly little twat-blog.

    You sending me your whining commentary proves that to me. So wallow in your angst all alone you pathetic little shit.

    • There are informed opinions.
      There are empty, uninformed opinions.
      There are misinformed opinions.
      And then there are lies masquerading as opinions.


  212. “It won’t stick because of the absence of moisture. So how can boots make those well-defined impressions on the moon? They can’t!”~Uncle Fester
    “Okay, so I have a small tub of Johnson’s baby powder. It’s powdery and dry. To simulate a notched boot sole I am using a plastic packet of two pills I use for my prostate. So I press the pill packets a few times into the powder and there are very distinct tracks in the powder. You may disregard what Fetzer sensei says and know that boot prints on the moon are entirely possible.”~Jimbo

  213. ruffadam — April 4, 2016 at 3:45 pm

    “For the record if you invite Senior El Once into your circle of contacts you are going to regret it because the guy is OCD to the extreme and will NEVER leave you alone! Ever. I told him many times to stop contacting me and he kept doing it anyway. He sends very long elaborate diatribes which are confusing and hard to decipher and which are full of all sorts of erroneous conclusions and logical fallacies. By contacting him you are letting a crazy person into your company. You have been warned.”

    A great Public Service Announcement By Adam Ruff there!!!


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