Jungle Demon


Acrylic on canvas by Willy Whitten (2002)


149 thoughts on “JUNGLE DEMON

  1. Bill Brent, a long time artist pal of mine, was influenced by Frazetta as well…

    brent 1

    ‘FUTILITY’ by Bill Brent

  2. Kent Bash

    Bash Bug

    ” I live in this slice of time, therefore, it is this time I am most capable of painting about.”~Bash ’82

    Bash and I have been friends since the 60s – we met working together at Aaron Bros. Art Mart in Tarzana, California.
    Kent is one of the most amazingly prolific painters I have ever known.
    Check out his website: http://www.kentbash.com/


  3. The PsychoSlut

    psychoslut 1

    This is the only picture I have of the bitch…
    …and she’s the one who wanted the fucking bulldog!!

  4. Halloween!


    When I grew older, like around 12 years old (grin), Halloween became my favorite holiday, surpassing even Christmas.
    It still is as a memory. Those spooky trick-or-treat outings! And later the Artists and Models Ball in Hollywood!


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