C.O. Hippocratesin heaven

Arzak Arch


35 thoughts on “IN HEAVEN

    • I suppose I should make clear that the top piece at the very top of this post is a sculpture, a full sized bronze bust of Hippocrates that I did while in Georgia.
      The second is a pen sketch I did for kicks.
      The third is my version of the Arzach character originated by Moebius.

    • Stairway to Heaven is OBVIOUSLY a ripoff of this song; Taurus
      Anyone who attempts denying it are simply biased. Page and Plant are clearly guilty of plagiarism.


  1. Now here’s a funny for y’all…

    hope? nope!

    Hope?? Nope!!

    HOPE DOPE. Electronic smack delivered on the airwaves by the Public Relations Regime.

    And everybody is hitting an all time low…


  2. In every dream home a heartache
    And every step I take
    Takes me further from heaven
    Is there a heaven?
    I’d like to think so
    Standards of living
    They’re rising daily
    But home oh sweet home
    It’s only a saying
    From bell push to faucet
    In smart town apartment
    The cottage is pretty
    The main house a palace
    Penthouse perfection
    But what goes on
    What to do there
    Better pray there

    Open plan living
    Bungalow ranch style
    All of it’s comforts
    Seem so essential
    I bought you mail order
    My plain wrapper baby
    Your skin is like vinyl
    The perfect companion
    You float my new pool
    De luxe and delightful
    Inflatable doll
    My role is to serve you
    Disposable darling
    Can’t throw you away now
    Immortal and life size
    My breath is inside you
    I’ll dress you up daily
    And keep you till death sighs

    Inflatable doll
    Lover ungrateful
    I blew up your body
    But you blew my mind

    Oh those heartaches
    Dreamhome heartaches


    Songwriter: BRYAN FERRY

  3. “The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread.”~Anatole France

    “For the majority of people, though they do not know what to do with this life, long for another that shall have no end.”~Ibid

    “If fifty million people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing.”~Ibid

  4. The gods conform scrupulously to the sentiments of their worshippers: they have reasons for so doing. Pay attention to this. The spirit which favoured the accession in Rome of the god of Israel was not merely the spirit of the masses, but also that of the philosophers. At that time, they were nearly all Stoics, and believed in one god alone, one on whose behalf Plato had laboured and one unconnected by tie of family or friendship with the gods of human form of Greece and Rome. This god, through his infinity, resembled the god of the Jews. Seneca and Epictetus, who venerated him, would have been the first to have been surprised at the resemblance, had they been called upon to institute a comparison. Nevertheless, they had themselves greatly contributed towards rendering acceptable the austere monotheism of the Judaeo-Christians. Doubtless a wide gulf separated Stoic haughtiness from Christian humility, but Seneca’s morals, consequent upon his sadness and his contempt of nature, were paving the way for the Evangelical morals. The Stoics had joined issue with life and the beautiful; this rupture, attributed to Christianity, was initiated by the philosophers. A couple of centuries later, in the time of Constantine, both pagans and Christians will have, so to speak, the same morals and philosophy. The Emperor Julian, who restored to the Empire its old religion, which had been abolished by Constantine the Apostate, is justly regarded as an opponent of the Galilean. And, when perusing the petty treatises of Julian, one is struck with the number of ideas this enemy of the Christians held in common with them. He, like them, is a monotheist; with them, he believes in the merits of abstinence, fasting, and mortification of the flesh; with them, he despises carnal pleasures, and considers he will rise in favour with the gods by avoiding women; finally, he pushes Christian sentiment to the degree of rejoicing over his dirty beard and his black finger-nails. The Emperor Julian’s morals were almost those of St. Gregory Nazianzen. There is nothing in this but what is natural and usual. The transformations undergone by morals and ideas are never sudden. The greatest changes in social life are wrought imperceptibly, and are only seen from afar. Christianity did not secure a foothold until such time as the condition of morals accommodated itself to it, and as Christianity itself had become adjusted to the condition of morals. It was unable to substitute itself for paganism until such time as paganism came to resemble it, and itself came to resemble paganism.”~Anatole France
    The White Stone (1905) Ch. III, p. 135

  5. Dense fumes of Theology filled his brain…

    “Devout believers are safeguarded in a high degree against the risk of certain neurotic illnesses; their acceptance of the universal neurosis spares them the task of constructing a personal one.”~Sigmund Freud,

  6. Dr. Craig Spencer: Ebola? Flu? Hospital food? Nothing?
    –Jon Rappoport

    I have to agree with Rappoport. I think that this whole Ebola thing is hysterical bullshit. It is PR induced panic and fear-mongering; another strategy of tension.

  7. 6:22AM, Nov. 1st, here in Indiana..It’s still pitch black outside. The only light here is the monitor; often the case for me – with my frugal ways and means.

    I would be seeing the beginning of the light of dawn at this hour just a few weeks ago…

    The winds last night took down and blew away a whole lot of leaves. The landscape is quickly turning to sticks and gray-brown. Winter is definitely just around the bend. I hate being in the deep of it, like the next few months are gonna be!


  8. Remember…
    The purpose of countering propaganda is not to convince the propagandist and change his mind, it is to lay bare the techniques and agenda of such propaganda to a candid world.

    • If this is the way it is, then that was the way it was because it is the obvious precursor. Don’t you see?
      Is it not obvious? Oblivion is a state of mind. Nothing more, nothing less.


  9. This article is to Inform you of only one aspect of government and banking that you do not know about.
    How you are controlled in this country by private corporations.

    This is called fascism and how Mussolini operated in WWII. We have it here today and the people (slaves in reality) think it is wonderful. With no real money in the hands of the people, its all debt, they have no idea what real money is. Gold standard is a scam devised by bankers way back in
    1788 to put paper money into effect that had no value unless backed by paper on a par basis. By that I mean a coin containing a certain amount of silver or gold was the same value of a paper dollar. The paper dollar could be exchanged for a dollar of metal coin. Today you cannot do that because there is no parity and the bankers have seen to it that it cannot exist so as to unjustly enrich themselves at your expense.

  10. “The visit of Morgan in company with Baker, and Assistant Secretary of State, Robert Bacon,
    former partner of J.P. Morgan, was described in
    the public press as follows:


    “Washington, D.C., November 22, 1907.–The establishment of a Central Government Bank has been
    earnestly discussed within the Administration circle for the last week.
    “Two things have contributed toward making the Administration favor the plan.
    “First, as has been stated, the relief funds released by the Government have not been handled by
    the banks in a way to bring aid to the real business interests of the country, but rather to build
    up cash reserve and favor specialized interests, the real business demands being ignored.
    “Second, in the issue of the $100,000,000 certificates of indebtedness, the banks practically
    have demanded that the Government turn the money over to them without recompense of any sort. The
    Secretary of the Treasury was compelled to compromise with the bankers in order to get anything at
    “Mr. Cortelyou announced this evening that he purposed to return to national banks subscribing
    for the certificates, as a deposit of public money, 75 per cent. of the cash paid for them. The
    remaining 25 per cent. will go for the time being to strengthen the cash balance of the Treasury.
    “The transaction in the certificates of indebtedness leaves the
    Secretary of the Treasury in a ludicrous light as a financier. Briefly, summed up, it is revealed
    that for the first time in the history of the world probably a Government pays interest on its own
    deposits in the banks.
    “Taking a round million as a basis under the terms made with the banks, the following
    transaction takes place: The banks put up $250,000 and we promptly returned $1,000,000 in
    This article is to Inform you of only one aspect of government and
    1 of 4 4/2/2013 5:41 PMcertificates of indebtedness exchangeable for currency.”
    “These certificates of indebtedness carry 3 per cent interest. The other $750,000 supposed to be
    put up is promptly returned to the banks as deposits.
    “The purpose of the Treasury as announced by the Secretary to-day is to leave the money in the
    banks and to increase the supply in the banks in every manner possible.
    “In order to carry through the arrangement with the banks in the most expeditious manner, the
    Secretary and the banks have completed described and the issuance of bank note currency may all be
    accomplished simultaneously.
    “The banks will include in their offers for certificates applications for increased circulation.
    They will make the payments for the certificates in cash and securities to the sub-treasuries, and
    receive in return, not the certificates themselves, but bank notes to the full amount of the
    certificates purchased.”
    This last deal with the United States Treasury occurred less than a month after the Secretary of
    the Treasury had given these men the use of $34,033,000 of the money of the tax-payers of this
    country, at a critical time during the panic. This was in addition to over $150,000,000 that had
    already been deposited of the people’s money in national banks without interest, and by December 31,
    1907, amounted to $245,556,944. This enormous amount of the people’s money was deposited in these
    banks, when by the testimony before the Banking and Currency
    Committee of Congress these national-banks were unable to pay into the United States Treasury the 5
    per cent. cash guarantee to the Government to protect their bank-note circulation.
    This brings to mind the one-sided partnership that exists between the Treasury of the United
    States and the banks. Here is a specimen on how the business is carried on by the fiduciary
    department of the Government representing the people, and the present banking system.
    “The United States Treasury does queer things. On August 22, 1907, I personally directed the
    attention of Secretary Cortelyou to some $4,000,000 of false entries made daily at the sub-treasury
    in New York. These entries are described in the report on fiscal system (page 76) as receipts of
    checks ‘converted into cash before final credit is given in the accounts involved ‘–that is,
    checks’ are received from the clearing-house and paid with other checks sent there for collection,
    the checks being exchanged or swapped without handling any money except the difference–but the
    amount balanced is falsely entered as gold certificates, for the most part, with additional entries
    of United States notes, silver certificates, fractional silver, nickels, and
    copper to make up the exact sum. My letters to Secretary Cortelyou detailing falsifications to the
    amount of $1,279,563,526 for the fiscal year 1906 were printed in the Congressional Record March 2,
    1908, pages 2829-31.
    “False entries engender false ideas. The false entries I complain of are made to conceal the
    fact that every year checks aggregating several hundred million dollars are received at the
    sub-treasury in New York and paid by balancing accounts.
    “In 1907 the Treasury Department had over $250,000,000 of available cash balance on hand or in
    banks, and $111,000,000 of United States bonds to pay off. By the use of bank deposits and checks
    drawn on them the operation would have been as simple as checking $111 out of $250 deposited. The
    Treasury seems to have considered the operation impracticable. Secretary Cortelyou paid $61,000,000
    of the bonds and to pay off $50,000,000 more, instead of using the cash on hand or in banks,
    borrowed $50,000,000 to be repaid in 23 years (1930), with $1,000,000 a year interest, that is, the
    Secretary bound the United States to pay $23,000,000 before paying the principal, which was as
    purely a waste of $23,000,000 as if it had been stolen.”
    ~JAMES C. Hallock, Washington, D.C.

    It can be clearly seen that Congress and the United States Treasury no longer represent the
    people. The greatest standing reflection upon the boasted intelligence of our people is their
    thoughtless submission to the present infamous currency system–money based on debts, Banks of
    Issue, and gold redemption.

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