Ex-UN President ‘Conveniently’ Crushes His Own Throat Before Clinton-Linked Federal Case Starts
Posted: 27 Jun 2016 09:00 PM PDT
The suspicious circumstances surrounding the death last week of former U.N. President John Ashe has left political pundits and conspiracy theorists alike speculating as to whether foul play was involved in his untimely demise. After Ashe was found dead Wednesday, the U.N. claimed that he had died from a heart attack, according to the New York Post’s Page Six. That claim was later disputed by local police officers in Dobbs Ferry, New York, who said that Ashe had died from a crushed throat during a workout accident. What makes this mysterious death so intriguing is the fact that Ashe was due in court on Monday with Chinese billionaire co-defendant Ng Lap Seng. Ashe was accused of receiving at least $500,000 in bribes to use “his official position to obtain for Ng potentially lucrative investments in Antigua,” according to a criminal complaint charging Ng.
. . .

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Warns of Imminent Crisis — Urges Return to Gold Standard
Posted: 27 Jun 2016 09:00 PM PDT
On Monday, Alan Greenspan, the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve from 1987 to 2006, dropped a bombshell that will both incite panic as well make people scratch their heads in disbelief. Speaking on Bloomberg in an extensive 30-minute interview, Greenspan gave his assessment of Brexit. The former fed chair said David Cameron made a “terrible mistake” by even holding the referendum. Greenspan went on to explain that Brexit will inevitably lead to both Scotland and Northern Ireland declarations of independence as well.
. . .

European Banks Have Their Worst Two Day Stretch EVER As The Global Financial Crisis Intensifies
Posted: 27 Jun 2016 09:00 PM PDT
Over the last two trading days, European banks have lost 23 percent of their value. Let that number sink it for a bit. In just a two day stretch, nearly a quarter of the value of all European banks has been wiped out. I warned you that the Brexit vote “could change everything“, and that is precisely what has happened. Meanwhile, the Dow was down another 260 points on Monday as U.S. markets continue to be shaken as well. Overall, approximately three trillion dollars of global stock market wealth has been lost over the last two trading days. That is an all-time record, and any doubt that we have entered a new global financial crisis has now been completely eliminated.
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  1. America’s War for the Greater Middle East: A Military History — by Andrew J. Bacevich

    Retired army colonel and New York Times bestselling author Andrew J. Bacevich provides a searing reassessment of U.S. military policy in the Middle East over the past four decades.

    From the end of World War II until 1980, virtually no American soldiers were killed in action while serving in the Greater Middle East. Since 1990, virtually no American soldiers have been killed in action anywhere else. What caused this shift? Andrew J. Bacevich, one of the country’s most respected voices on foreign affairs, offers an incisive critical history of this ongoing military enterprise—now more than thirty years old and with no end in sight.

    During the 1980s, Bacevich argues, a great transition occurred. As the Cold War wound down, the United States initiated a new conflict—a War for the Greater Middle East—that continues to the present day. The long twilight struggle with the Soviet Union had involved only occasional and sporadic fighting. But as this new war unfolded, hostilities became persistent. From the Balkans and East Africa to the Persian Gulf and Central Asia, U.S. forces embarked upon a seemingly endless series of campaigns across the Islamic world. Few achieved anything remotely like conclusive success. Instead, actions undertaken with expectations of promoting peace and stability produced just the opposite. As a consequence, phrases like “permanent war” and “open-ended war” have become part of everyday discourse.

    Connecting the dots in a way no other historian has done before, Bacevich weaves a compelling narrative out of episodes as varied as the Beirut bombing of 1983, the Mogadishu firefight of 1993, the invasion of Iraq in 2003, and the rise of ISIS in the present decade. Understanding what America’s costly military exertions have wrought requires seeing these seemingly discrete events as parts of a single war. It also requires identifying the errors of judgment made by political leaders in both parties and by senior military officers who share responsibility for what has become a monumental march to folly. This Bacevich unflinchingly does.

    A twenty-year army veteran who served in Vietnam, Andrew J. Bacevich brings the full weight of his expertise to this vitally important subject. America’s War for the Greater Middle East is a bracing after-action report from the front lines of history. It will fundamentally change the way we view America’s engagement in the world’s most volatile region.

    Praise for America’s War for the Greater Middle East

    “Bacevich is thought-provoking, profane and fearless. . . . [His] call for Americans to rethink their nation’s militarized approach to the Middle East is incisive, urgent and essential.”—The New York Times Book Review

    “Bacevich’s magnum opus . . . a deft and rhythmic polemic aimed at America’s failures in the Middle East from the end of Jimmy Carter’s presidency to the present.”—Robert D. Kaplan, The Wall Street Journal

    “A critical review of American policy and military involvement . . . Those familiar with Bacevich’s work will recognize the clarity of expression, the devastating directness and the coruscating wit that characterize the writing of one of the most articulate and incisive living critics of American foreign policy.”—The Washington Post

    “[A] monumental new work.”—The Huffington Post

    “An unparalleled historical tour de force certain to affect the formation of future U.S. foreign policy.”—Lieutenant General Paul K. Van Riper, U.S. Marine Corps (Ret.)


  2. Collusion of US and Western Industrialist with the Nazis WWII

    Newly released documents expose more explicitly the details of the IBM pivotal role in the Holocaust- all six phases:
    identification, expulsion from society, confiscation ghettoization,deportation and even extermination.
    Moreover, the documents portray with crystal clear clarity the personal involvement am micromanagement of IBM president
    Thomas Watson in the company co-planning and co- organizing of Hitler’s campiagn to destroy the Jews.

    IBM 12 years alliance with the Third Reich was firt revealed in the book IBM and the Holocause written by E. Black.

    The new expanded edition contains 32 pages of never before published internal IBM correspondence,
    State Department and Justice Department momos, and concentration camp documents that graphically
    chronicle IBM’s actions and what they knew during the 12 years of Hitler’s regime.

    Among the newly released documents and archival materials are secrete correspondence setting up the Dutch subsidiary of IBM to work in tandem with the Nazis,
    company President Thomas Watson ‘s personal approval for the 1939 release of the special IBM alphabetizing machines to help organize
    the rape in Poland and the deportation of Polish Jews, as well as the IBM Concentration Camp Codes including IBM’s code for death by Gas Chamber.

    Among the newly published photos of the punch card is the one developed for the statistician who reported directly to Himmler and Eichmann.

    The significance of this document requires context:
    Punch cards, also called Holerith cards, after IBM founder Herman Hollerith, were the forerunner of the computers that IBM is famous for today.
    These cards stored information in holes punched in the row and columns . which then they were “read” by a tabulating machine.
    The system worked like a player piano- but this one was devoted to the devil’s music.
    First designed to tack people and organize a census, the Hollerith system was later adapted to any tabulation or information task.

    IBM’s exclusive punch card technology and its global monopoly of information technology to organizer ,systematize and accelerate Hitler’s
    anti-Jewish program step by step facilitating the tightening noose IBM headquarter in New York and later through subsidiaries in Germany
    known as Deutsche Hollerith Maschinen Gesseltschaft ( DEHOMAG) in Poland ,Holland ,France and Switzerland, as well as other European countries.

    Among the punch cards published are two fro the SS one for the SS Rassenamt or Race Office ,which specialized in racial selections
    and coordinated with many other Reich’s offices. Another cared was custom crafted by IBM for Richard Korherr, a top Nazi statistician and expert in
    Jewish demographics who reported directly to Himmler and who also worked with Adolf Eichmann.
    All cares show bear the proud indicia of IMB”s German subsidiary DEHOMAG.

    Since 1937. with a war looming in the horizon, Hitler bestowed a special ward- created specifically fo the occasion-
    to honor the service by foreigner to the the Third Reich. Watson accepted it, but he returned the medal years later in June 1940,
    as a reaction to public outrage about the medal during the bombing of Paris.

    The return of this medal has been used by IBM apologists to show Watson had second though about his alliance with the Reich.
    Yet, newly released copy of a subsequent letter dated June 10, 1941, drafted in the IBM office confirm that IBM PERSONALLY DIRECTED the activities of the Dutch subsidiary
    set up in Holland to identify and liquidate the Jews of Holland.

    Hence while the medal was returned as a public relation maneuver, the company actually quietly expanded its rol in Hitler’s Holocaust.
    Similar subsidiaries sometimes named as a variant of Watson Business Machines were set up in Poland ,Vichy France,
    and elsewhere on the Continent in cadence with the Nazi takeover of Europe.


    • The prospects are looking dim for the human analog of that mouse utopia. That is without a doubt…

  3. The paradox of control or all’s not well in mouse utopia

    The Reasons Why The Globalists Are Destined To Lose

    By Brandon Smith

    Under the surface of almost every sociopolitical and economic event in the world there burns an ever-raging, but often unseen, war. This war, for now, is fought with fiction and with truth, with journalistic combat and with quiet individual deeds. It is defined by two sides which could not be more philosophically or spiritually separate.

    On one side is a pervasive network of corporate moguls and elites, banking entities, international financial consortiums, think tanks and political puppets. They work tirelessly to reshape public psychology and society as a whole into something they sometimes call the “New World Order;” a completely and scientifically centralized planet in which they control every aspect of government, trade, life and even moral compass. I often refer to them simply as the “Globalists,” which is how they at times refer to themselves.

    On the other side is a movement that has developed organically and instinctively, growing without direct top-down “leadership,” but still guided through example by various teachers and activists, driven by a concrete set of principles based in natural law. It is composed of the religious, the agnostic and even some atheists. It is soldiered by people of all ethnic and financial backgrounds. These groups are tied together by a singular and resounding belief in the one vital thing they can all agree upon — the inherent and inborn rights of freedom. I call them the “Liberty Movement.”

    There are those who think they do not have a dog in this fight, those who ignore it and those who are completely oblivious to it. However, EVERYONE can and will be affected by it, no exceptions. This war is for the future of the human race. Its consequences will determine if the next generation will choose the conditions of their environment and maintain the ability to reach their true potential as individuals or if every aspect of their lives will be micromanaged for them by a faceless, soulless bureaucracy that does not have their best interests at heart.

    As you can probably tell, I am not unbiased in my examination of these two sides. While some of the more “academically minded” cynics out there do attempt to marginalize the entire conflict by accusing both sides of simply trying to impose “their ideology” on the rest of humanity, I would say that such people are generally ignorant of what is at stake.

    There is in fact an elemental force behind this war. I would even call it a conflagration between good and evil. For a more in-depth analysis on the evil behind globalism, read my article “Are Globalists Evil Or Just Misunderstood?”

    Some people don’t adhere to such absolutes or they think good and evil are fantasies created by religion to keep society in check. I have no intention of trying to convince them otherwise. All I can say is, I have seen and experienced these absolutes first hand and, therefore, I have no choice but to remain a believer.

    I would also point out that the general experience of most men and women is that the act of organized and legitimate oppression is inherently evil and such actions in the name of satisfying delusional elitist narcissism are even more evil. While these experiences are subjective, they are also universal, regardless of the culture, place or time in history. Most of us feel the same horror and the same defiance when presented with rising tyranny. We can’t necessarily explain why, but we all know.

    While I am firmly on the side of liberty and am willing to fight and trade my life to stop the “New World Order” the globalists are so obsessed with, I will not turn this examination of their tactics into a blind or one-sided farce. I will point out where the elites are effective just as I will point out where they are ineffective. It would do more harm than good to portray the globalists as “stupid” or bumbling in their efforts. They are not stupid. They are actually astonishingly clever and should not be underestimated.

    They are indeed conniving and industrious, but they are not wise. For if they were wise, they would be able to see the ultimate futility of their goal and the world would be saved decades of tragedy and loss. Their cultism has dulled their senses to reality and they have abandoned truth in the name of control. Here are some of the primary strategies that the globalists are using to gain power and work towards total centralization and why their own mindset has doomed them to failure.

    Globalism vs. “Populism”

    The globalists have used the method of false dichotomies for centuries to divide nations and peoples against each other in order to derive opportunity from chaos. That said, the above dichotomy is about as close to real as they have ever promoted. As I explained in my article, “Globalists Are Now Openly Demanding New World Order Centralization,” the recent passage of the Brexit referendum in the U.K. has triggered a surge of new propaganda from establishment media outlets. The thrust of this propaganda is the notion that “populists” are behind the fight against globalization and these populists are going to foster the ruin of nations and the global economy. That is to say — globalism good, populism bad.

    There is a real fight between globalists and those who desire a free, decentralized and voluntary society. They have just changed some of the labels and the language. We have yet to see how effective this strategy will be for the elites, but it is very useful for them in certain respects.

    The wielding of the term “populist” is about as sterilized and distant from “freedom and liberty” as you can get. It denotes not just “nationalism,” but selfish nationalism. And the association people are supposed to make in their minds is that selfish nationalism leads to destructive fascism (i.e. Nazis). Therefore, when you hear the term “populist,” the globalists hope you will think “Nazi.”

    Also, keep in mind that the narrative of the rise of populism coincides with grave warnings from the elites that such movements will cause global economic collapse if they continue to grow. Of course, the elites have been fomenting an economic collapse for years. We have been experiencing many of the effects of it for some time. In a brilliant maneuver, the elites have attempted to re-label the liberty movement as “populist” (Nazis), and use liberty activists as a scapegoat for the fiscal time bomb THEY created.

    Will the masses buy it? I don’t know. I think that depends on how effectively we expose the strategy before the breakdown becomes too entrenched. The economic collapse itself has been handled masterfully by the elites, though. There is simply no solution that can prevent it from continuing. Even if every criminal globalist was hanging from a lamp post tomorrow and honest leadership was restored to government, the math cannot be changed and decades of struggle will be required before national economies can be made prosperous again.

    Communism vs. Fascism

    This is a classic ploy by the globalists to divide a culture against itself and initiate a calamity that can be used as leverage for greater centralization down the road. If you have any doubts about fascism and communism being engineered, I highly suggest you look into the very well-documented analysis ofAntony Sutton. I do not have the space here to do his investigations justice.

    Today, we see elites like George Soros funding and aiding the latest incarnation of the communist hordes — namely social justice groups like Black Lives Matter. The collectivist psychosis and Orwellian behavior exhibited by race junkies like BLM and third-wave feminists is thoroughly pissing off conservatives who are tired of being told what to think and how to act every second of every day. And this is the point…

    If you want to get a picture of America in 2016, look back at Europe during the 1930s. Communist provocateurs, some real and some fabricated by the establishment itself, ran rampant in Europe creating labor disintegration and fiscal turmoil. The elites then funded and elevated fascism as the “solution” to communism. Normally even-handed conservatives were so enraged by the communist spitting and ankle biting that they became something just as evil in response.

    10 Strategies to Survive and Thrive During Economic Collapse – Subscribe To Get Your Free Copy
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    The U.S. may be on the same path if we are not careful. The latest shootings in Texas will make hay for the globalists. Think about this for a moment — on one side you have Obama telling the liberals that the answer to police brutality is to federalize law enforcement even more that it already is. On the other side, you have some Republicans arguing that a more militarized police presence will help prevent groups like BLM from causing more trouble. Notice that the only solution we are being offered here is more federal presence on our streets?

    I do see, though, a rather large weakness in the plan to ignite a communist vs. fascist meltdown in the U.S., and that weakness is the existence of the Liberty Movement itself. The movement has grown rather sophisticated in its media presence and prevalent in influence. It does have enough sway now to defuse some aspects of a rise to fascism in the political Right. The only option the elites have is to find a way to co-opt us. If they can manipulate the Liberty Movement into supporting a fascist system, then they would be very close to winning the entire fight. This would be highly unlikely given the stubbornness of liberty proponents when adhering to their principles.

    The elites might be able to get a large part of the public to take sides in their false paradigm, but if they can’t con the millions that make up the Liberty Movement into the fold, then their job becomes much harder.

    Moral Compass vs. Moral Relativism

    Moral relativism is perhaps the pinnacle goal of the globalists. Why? Because if you can convince an entire society that their inherent conscience should be ignored and that their inborn feelings of morality are “open to interpretation,” then eventually ANY evil action can be rationalized. When evil becomes “good,” and good becomes evil, evil men will reign supreme.

    The problem is, conscience is an inborn psychological product, a result of inherent archetypal dualities universal to almost all people. It is ingrained in our DNA, or our very souls if you believe in such a thing. It cannot be erased easily.

    Moral relativism requires a person to treat every scenario as a “gray area.” This is not practical. Conscience dictates that we treat every situation as potentially unique and act according to what we feel in our hearts is right given the circumstances. This does not mean, though, that there is no black and white; or that there are no concrete rules. There is almost always a black and white side to any situation dealing with right and wrong. Moral “dilemmas” are exceedingly rare. In fact, I don’t think I have ever encountered a real moral dilemma in history or in personal experience. The only time I ever see moral dilemmas is in movies and television.

    Only in television fantasy is moral relativism ever the “only way” to solve a problem. And despite the preponderance of moral relativism in our popular culture, the ideology is still having trouble taking hold. If it was so easy to undermine conscience, then the NWO would have already achieved complete pacification. We are still far from pacification. Whoever hardwired our conscience should be applauded.

    Collectivism vs. Individualism

    The very core of globalism and the NWO is the position that sovereignty and individualism must be sacrificed for the “good of the group;” in other words, they promote collectivism. Of course, groups by their very nature are abstractions; they only exist as long as the individuals within them recognize them as viable. Unfortunately, collectivists do not accept this fact because it would mean that the group, no matter how utopian, is not the pinnacle of human existence – rather, the individual is and always will be the pinnacle of human existence.

    The elites MUST convince people that individualism is dangerous and that collectivism is the only way to prevent the tragedies wrought by those who wish to be separate. Of course, most of the tragedies we experience on a national or global scale are actually engineered by the elites, not by wild individuals or sovereign nations looking for trouble. They then blame the very concept of sovereignty as a barbaric ritual from the past that must be abolished for the sake of all.

    In order for the globalists to reinforce the need for collectivism, though, they must engage people on an individual psychological level. Most human beings have an inherent desire to interact with their fellow man, but they also have an inherent identity and drive to pursue their own development without interference. We like to be a part of a group as long as our participation is healthy and voluntary and our associations are a matter of choice.

    Human beings are instinctively tribal, but we have psychological and biological limits to the size of the tribe we prefer to be a part of. Robin Dunbar, a professor of evolutionary psychology prevalent in the 1990s, found that there is a cognitive limit to the number of individuals any one person can maintain stable relationships with. Dunbar found this number to be between 100 – 200 people. A limitation also extends to the size of effective groups versus ineffective groups. He found that effective tribes and communities tend to remain between 500 – 2500 people.

    The human mind does not adapt well to vast tribal groups, and recoils from the idea of a “global tribe.” The truth is, human beings function far better in smaller groups and they do not like to be forced into participating in any group, let alone larger groups. This may account for the feeling of isolation that is common among people who live in metropolitan areas. They are surrounded by millions of neighbors and perhaps hundreds of associates yet they still feel alone because they do not have a functioning tribe of acceptable size.

    Vast numbers of people can be tied together by an ideal that resonates with them, which is the only purpose for nations to form (to protect that ideal), but that is as far as the voluntary association goes. Globalist collectivism is simply unnatural. People know it unconsciously, they know it is an act of force and oppression, and will invariably move to sabotage its false tribalism as they begin to see its true colors.

    Total Control vs. Reality

    This is where the globalist philosophy really begins to break down. The elitist pursuit of total information awareness and total social control is truly perverse and insane, and insanity breeds delusion and weakness. The fact is, they will NEVER complete the goal of complete micro-control. It is mathematically and psychologically impossible.

    First, in any system, and in complex systems most of all, there are always elements that cannot be quantified or predicted. To understand this issue, I recommend studying the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. To summarize, the uncertainty principle dictates that anyone observing a system in action, even from a distance, can still affect the behavior of that system indirectly or unconsciously in ways they could never predict. They are also limited by their ability to objectively perceive all available elements of what they observe. Unknown quantities result, predictability goes out the window and total control of that system becomes unattainable.

    This principle also applies to human psychology, as numerous psychoanalysts have discovered when treating patients. The doctor, or the observer, is never able to observe their patient without indirectly affecting the behavior of their patient in unpredictable ways. Therefore, a completely objective analysis of that patient can never be obtained.

    What the elites seek is a system by which they can observe and influence all of us in minute detail without triggering a reaction that they wouldn’t expect. The laws of physics and psychology derail this level of control. There will always be unknown quantities, free radicals, wild cards, etc. Even a seemingly perfect utopia can be brought down by a single unknown.

    To break this down even further to the level of pure mathematics, I recommend study into Kurt Godel and his Incompleteness Proof. This, I believe is the ultimate example of the elites struggling against the fact of unknown quantities and failing.

    Godel’s work revolved around either proving or disproving the idea that mathematicians could define “infinity” in mathematical terms. For, if infinity can be defined, then it can be understood in base mathematical axioms, and if infinity can be understood, then the universe in its entirety can be understood. Godel discovered the opposite — his Incompleteness Proof established once and for all that infinity is a self-inclusive paradox that CANNOT be defined through mathematics. Keep in mind that a proof is a set of mathematical laws that can never be broken. Two plus two will always equal four; it will never equal anything else.

    Well-known globalist Bertrand Russell worked tirelessly to show that the entirety of the universe could be broken down into numbers, writing a three-volume monstrosity called the Principia Mathematica. Russell’s efforts were fruitless and Godel’s proof later crushed his theory. Russell railed against Godel’s proof, but to no avail.

    Now, why was an elitist like Russell who openly championed scientific dictatorship so concerned by Godel? Well, because Godel, in mathematical terms, destroyed the very core of the globalist ideology. He proved that the globalist aspirations of godhood would never be realized. There are limits to the knowledge of man, and limits to what he can control. This is not something globalists can ever accept, for if they did, every effort they have made for decades if not centuries would be pointless.

    As mentioned earlier, the issue is one of unknown quantities. Can human society ever be fully dominated? Or, is the act of rebellion against stagnating and oppressive systems a part of nature? Is it possible that the more the elites wrap the world in a cage, the more they inspire unpredictable reactions that could undermine their authority?

    This might explain the establishment’s constant attention to the idea of the “lone wolf” and the damage one person acting outside the dictates of the system can do. This is what the elites fear most: the possibility that despite all their efforts of surveillance and manipulation, individuals and groups may one day be struck by an unpredictable urge to pick up a rifle and put the globalists out of everyone’s misery. No chatter, no electronic trail, no warning.

    This is why they are destined to lose. They can never know all the unknowns. They can never control all the free radicals. There will always be rebellion. There will always be a Liberty Movement. The entirety of their utopian schematic revolves around the need to remove unknowns. They refuse to acknowledge that control at these levels is so frail it becomes useless and mortally dangerous. In their arrogance, they have ignored the warnings of the very sciences they worship and have set their eventual end in stone. While they may leave a considerable path of destruction in their wake, it is already written; they will not win.

  4. As requested by Willy/the Rogue

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    Donald Trump Officially Clinches Republican Presidential Nomination

    Willy Whitten

    Breaking: Donald Trump Officially Clinches Republican Presidential Nomination | 19 July 2016 | Donald Trump, the businessman whose outsider campaign has both galvanized millions of voters and divided the Republican Party, is the 2016 GOP presidential nominee. The New Yorker’s embrace by the Republican National Convention marks a remarkable moment in U.S. political history and validates a campaign that shattered precedent, defied pundits and usurped the GOP establishment. His son Donald Trump, Jr., cast the votes for the New York delegation that put the candidate over the top of the 1,237 delegates he needed to clinch the nomination, as any talk of disruptive protest votes or walkouts dissipated. “It is my honor to be able to throw Donald Trump over the top in the delegate count tonight with 89 delegates,” Donald Jr. said, surrounded by three of Trump’s other children — Ivanka, Eric and Tiffany.

    ‘A warrior and a winner’: Republicans launch vote on Trump White House nomination | 19 July 2016 | After eliminating 16 party rivals, warring with much of the Republican establishment and provoking controversy at the party convention, Donald Trump on Tuesday had his name formally placed in nomination for the White House. The party began a formal roll-call vote to put Trump’s name in nomination…Senator Jeff Sessions, an early backer of Trump, placed the New York businessman’s name in nomination, calling him “a warrior and a winner.” House Speaker Paul Ryan, the highest ranking elected Republican, ran the meeting and launched the nominating process. The alphabetical roll call vote began with Alabama.
    Now the real woowoo begins!

    Willy Whitten
    1:51 AM (8 hours ago)

    to me
    Don, would you copy and paste the following to In Context V 2016 (newest thread):

    Very interesting, is it not? How one’s book and reading choices reflect our biases. Of course what is considered “just normal politics” to Machiavellian “Might is Right” enthusiasts would certainly be categorized as a ‘Systemic Conspiracy”. Is a matter of Systems Science more than simple ‘Political Science” and is a matter of defining the ‘Architecture of Modern Political Power’. Which as it is for the general population a totally unknown paradigm.

    Those stuck in the manufactured daydream of Lollipop History, simply haven’t a clue as to what is really going on. Naturally, bold frank statements such as the one begining this paragraph are inevitably met with derision by the TVZombies, the vast majority of the population.

    Oh yes, my language is too inventive and has no “official place” in the modern lexicon of Newspeak, that of course deplores word coinage but that which is approved by the Ministry of Truth. Just my language is doubleplusbad to Big Brother.

    Who is Big Brother really??

    Emmanuel Goldstein is Big Brother.

    He started The Party. (See: The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism.)

    And this allegory of 1984 I am framing this in… is the perfect Meta4 and doubleplusgood! The tyrant’s ultimate system is described in eloquent detail. Any who grasp the Hegelian Dialectic can see the machinery at work in the Pubic Relations Regime (Airstrip One)
    There are even some here who actually think that George Orwell was writing ‘science fiction’. And I pity the proles, as I pity the Party Apparatchik – who are the deepest indoctrinated and brainwashed of all. The System is not a man. Goldstien is a metaphor.
    It is 1984 forever and ever until some apocalypse brings a new ending to begin with.

    Then why know? If it is futile why care? As Orwell reveals, it is simply remaining sane that keeps the system from utterly overwhelming the spirit of man. Those who remain sane have their own understanding as reward. Those who remain sane touch others from time to time. Enough to keep the seed of individuality and spirit of Liberty alive.

  5. The 1 Percent’s Useful Idiots

    By Chris Hedges — Bernie Sanders, by capitulating to the corporate machine, sold us out. By calling on us to accept “reality,” he mocked the reality his followers made possible. We will have to carry out the political revolution on our own.

  6. Aloha, bradda Will. It has been some time. Hope you are well. I just had to pop in with this very funny story. You, Will, were among the few early ones to suss out Mr. Zen. We can give Soren some credit for later getting it about this fakir. How would I characterize the whole mess? That is the absurdity business. For those who can make you believe absurdities…..

  7. Are You Man? Person? Persona? Artificial Corporate Property? Which One Are You?
    October 30, 2016

    Man versus Person. Natural versus Artificial. Created by God versus Created by man.
    Statutes never address man. Statutes deal with artificial entities A physical being versus A paper artificial not tangible. Government is a private corporation. Corporations are called persons which corporations.

    Both PERSONS and CORPORATIONS are artificial entities. Artificial entities can only deal with other artificial entities. In law, Statutes, Person is defined as an individual, corporation,association, a trust,estate, partnership or company, all of which are defining an artificial entity. All,including individual to describe person, an artificial entity are in English Grammar, alike. Things of a kind, if you remember third grade English where they show you 5 articles and say which one does not fit. They are words of art and the government uses terms and not words to define person to fit their criminal actions. They now say that natural person means a man. Oh really?

    That cannot be from looking at the above description of MAN and PERSON. Person is always, in law, an artificial entity. The fraud they pull is outstanding. Here is a law book that dispels all the other law books like Black’s and even Ballentine’s or any other Modern Law dictionary. Look in all the law dictionaries and you do see the definition of Man. Even in Bouvier’s 1870 Dictionary the definition of Man on Vol 2, page 93, states; A human being. A person of the male sex. Isn’t it interesting they use person, an artificial entity to describe man just like the other law books? Further on in the definition there is some truth when they say, “It was considered in the civil or Roman law [here the Roman law is alive as civil law today] that although man and person are synonymous in GRAMMAR, they had a different acceptation in law. Now this is where they mix and match and people will then believe that man and person are one in the same. NOT SO.

    This squares with the following law book which is NOT a dictionary so terms cannot come into play. A part of this book is posted in another brief under PERSON. It is Vol. XIII AMERICAN LAW AND PROCEDURE JURISPRUDENCE AND LEGAL INSTITUTIONS. By James De Witt Andrews LL.B. ( Albany Law School ), LL.D. ( Ruskin University ) from La Salle University.

    Here is the truth laid out so well that it would take a moron to not see it when it says; “Ortolan’s explanation of personality.(45) The substance of the above was undoubtedly taken from Ortolan’s treatment of the subject as given in his History of the Roman Law, which is submitted because it is clear and concise:

    “The word ‘person’ (persona) does not in the language of the law, as in ordinary language, designate the physical man.” Man can divest himself out of the physical being, stated in the LaSalle law book, and become a person in law. Thus surrendering, giving away, tossing aside, discarding his unalienable and inalienable rights promised him in the Biblical Code.

    The States and the United States are pure private corporations from their inception and anyone can go on line to MANTA, type in the corporation block the state or IRS or any government agency you want and it will come up with every State, United States, the Senate; The IRS are all private corporations. You are and have been dealing with private corporations all your lives and have not known this due to the fraud they laid upon the people circa 1777 to present. You see, they were private corporations of their limited membership they took on the artificial and they themselves operated as PERSONS, artificial entities. From the Law book this is stated on Character; “In another sense, very frequently employed, the word ‘person’ designates each character man is called upon to play on the judicial stage; that is to say, each quality which gives him certain rights or certain obligations-for instance, the person of 43 Slaves were not persons in the United States until after the abolition of slavery.

    Read PERSON posted under this brief and you will see how they do this. Man can divest himself out of the physical being, stated in the LaSalle law book, and become a person in law. Remember this well, PERSON and MAN, in law is not the same and can never be. How do they determine if they are dealing with a MAN or a man that has lost his physical being status for that of a PERSON with an artificial character? Simply do not use MAN in any statute, but use PERSON. Look at 26 U.S.C. 7701 (a) (1) which defines person. It starts out with “The Term person does it not? Now read the TERMS NOT WORDS article posted under PERSON. So this is telling you that ordinary words are not employed to define person.

    The terms are quoted above in red. So in the IRC do they not say “ANY PERSON LIABLE”? Now how did you get to be a person and leave the status of MAN? Very simple. They said it was your duty to vote so everyone went down to register to vote. This is an easy one to understand. What you did was register yourself as an artificial entity–a person, to become an associate member of that Private Corporation to vote for members of the Board, (CONGRESS) and vote for the private corporate CEO known as the President. NOW you became that “INDIVIDUAL” as defined in 26 U.S.C. 7701 (a) (1). You are now a bonafide person who just gave up your God given natural Law rights as a MAN for “privileges and immunities” of a PERSON, never to get them back again. The other ways are more subtle. Yes, the Fraud they pulled on you is rampant to say the least.

    Ok, here is the oxymoron they use on you to placate you. In many statutes, they say natural person and you believe them that he too is a taxpayer or subject to the statute. Let’s look at this in slight depth. Look at the beginning and ask yourself, in law how can you merge two directly opposites to be one? How can you take a natural physical being, MAN and say he is a person, the artificial entity in Law? That’s exactly what they are doing to you and you don’t have the deductive reasoning to differentiate between that phrase Natural person and Natural man. If you did, no one would fall for it, but you did. How can you be a natural artificial? (Natural person) You can’t be an artificial man for they would have to say that and they can’t. It’s impossibility in law. “Status is not so broad as person, but always related to physical men.” So states the law book on person. Artificial cannot have status, only character.

    Ok, so how do they keep you straight and separate from the physical being never addressed in statute, man made law? Ask your self this. Did God create a person or did he create MAN in his likeness? How would he create a person of General Motors or Food Lion in His likeness? So contrary to every lawyer that is behind this fraud, because lawyers wrote the statutes you the man of status are identified with, your given name written in Capital letters that makes you a person of character that lost your status of MAN. Oh yes, you are a physical being as you bleed BUT, you are operating in the alter ego (character) they put you in.

    However, they know you are a bonafide person and not a physical being (Man), when they write your name in all Caps. That is simple logic of law for how corporations have to write their names in all caps. Yes I know, you say prove it. In Georgia , to register a business, the UCC section of the Secretary of States office says so and other states do also. This info was sent to me by a man living in Georgia when I asked to search for me what he found two years before writing this. I don’t have it and can’t find it in the tons, yes tons of paper documents I have. Do you have even a hundred pounds? Because that’s how much is needed to sort all this fraud out that has been heaped on you year after year. Yes, many a patriot lawyer will say, here we go again with cap letter idiots. But they are there to protect the corporation because MANTA says all the judiciaries are even private corporations and the UNITED STATES Corporation is not listed as their parent company and neither does the United States Post office have a parent corporation. That too is a totally separate private corporation.

    The whole of this country is controlled by private corporations. And patriot myth, being what it is, would still believe the con job was a wonderful document because they think a Republican government is a wonderful body of men, of no corporate character, to protect us. Don’t you believe that for one NY minute. The etymology of the word REPUBLICAN means CORPORATION. There is a Republic of China and there is the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the Republic of Georgia , so what makes the United States corporation ( REPUBLIC) any different than these other countries? They are all private corporations. NOW, you know why the private Supreme Corporation Court in Texas v. White stated “ “For, as the United States guarantee to each State a republican form of government, Congress must necessarily decide what government is established in the State, before it can determine whether it is republican or not.”

    Texas v White 74 US 7 Wall , Lawyers Ed. Congress controls their own private corporation, you don’t and never will. That’s why the Georgia Supreme court stated in the Padleford case; “

    “Now the principle at the bottom of all these propositions is this: The States have no power, by the exercise of which, they can defeat all the ends of government–the General Government, or any of those ends. But the States, by the exercise of the taxing power, can take from their inhabitants every cent the inhabitants can spare, and live. The people of the States who made the Constitution, considered themselves as the sovereign, and the Government as the subject. They were the principal – it the agent. That this is also true none will dispute.

    It wasn’t us people, it was them people called WE, the People. Note the capitalization of the third word, In English grammar denoting a specific People, not you, the scum of the earth to get in their way. They say what they want you to believe that you are sovereign. You, are sovereign? Well why don’t you fire them all if you are sovereign? They have got to keep the fraud ( myth) going. Continuing– “But, indeed, no private person has a right to complain, by suit in court, on the ground of a breach of the Constitution. The Constitution, it is true, is a compact, but he is not a party to it. The States are the parties to it. And they may complain. If they do they are entitled to redress. Or they may waive the right to complain.”

    It’s hard to explain, unless you have been exposed to it as long as I have, when the Padleford court said “no private person.” That terminology is used to confuse the people. There is no “private person” as all are artificial beings and not private, one would assume.

    That is not the case for there are “public persons” (Congress) and “private persons” (that means you and me). They should have used No private Man, but that would expose their system. The history books and courts are used to this fraud and use it well. It’s their ball

    Well what do you have to say now, Voters and members of the corporation? Now do you understand why the courts say don’t you dare use the Constitution in my private corporate court, it has no place here, you US corporate citizen. They don’t say that exactly otherwise you would know what they were doing It’s truly disgusting when I watched the feeding frenzy in all the elections where people were so hyped up waving flags to install the same corporate criminals back into their corporate offices, thinking they did something great. As Spooner stated, not one of those criminals that will be installed in their private corporate offices, can ever represent any man let alone the majority, they only represent the Corporation not you.

    Spooner said; “As all voting is secret (by secret ballot), and as all secret governments are necessarily only secret bands of robbers, tyrants, and murderers, the general fact that our government is practically carried on by means of such voting, only proves that there is among us a secret band of robbers, tyrants, and murderers, whose purpose is to rob, enslave, and, so far as necessary to accomplish their purposes, murder, the rest of the people. The simple fact of the existence of such a band does nothing towards proving that
    “the people of the United States ,” or any one of them, voluntarily supports the Constitution.

    This is the most that any member of Congress can say in proof that he has any constituency; that he represents anybody; that his oath “to support the Constitution,” is given to anybody, or pledges his faith to anybody. He has no open, written, or other authentic evidence, such as is required in all other cases, that he was ever appointed the agent or representative of anybody. He has no written power of attorney from any single individual. He has no such legal knowledge as is required in all other cases, by which he can identify a single one of those who pretend to have appointed him to represent them. No one can come forward and say to him: I appointed you my attorney to act for me. I required you to swear that, as my attorney, you would support the Constitution. You promised me that you would do so; and now you have forfeited the oath you gave to me. No single individual can say this.”

    “No open, avowed, or responsible association, or body of men, [*37] can come forward and say to him: We appointed you our attorney, to act for us. We required you to swear that, as our attorney, you would support the Constitution. You promised us that you would do so; and now you have forfeited the oath you gave to us.

    No open, avowed, or responsible association, or body of men, can say this to him; because there is no such association or body of men in existence. If any one should assert that there is such an association, let him prove, if he can, who compose it. Let him produce, if he can, any open, written, or other authentic contract, signed or agreed to by these men; forming themselves into an association; making themselves known as such to the world; appointing him as their agent; and making themselves individually, or as an association, responsible for his acts, done by their authority. Until all this can be shown, no one can say that, in any legitimate sense, there is any such association; or that he is their agent; or that he ever gave his oath to them; or ever pledged his faith to them.

    On general principles of law and reason, it would be a sufficient answer for him to say, to all individuals, and to all pretended associations of individuals, who should accuse him of a breach of faith to them:

    I never knew you. Where is your evidence that you, either individually or collectively, ever appointed me your attorney? That you ever required me to swear to you, that, as your attorney, I would support the Constitution? or that, I have now broken any faith that I ever pledged to you?

    You may, or you may not, be members of that secret band of robbers and murderers, who act in secret; appoint their agents by a secret ballot; who keep themselves individually unknown even to the agents they thus appoint; and who, therefore, cannot claim that they have any agents; or that any of their pretended agents ever gave his oath, or pledged his faith to them. I repudiate you altogether.

    My oath was given to others, with whom you have nothing to do; or it was idle wind, given only to the idle winds. Begone!”

    End of Spooner’s talk.

    The Founding Fathers were just commercial barons of their time working a fraud to protect their holdings in this country as well as their multi million dollar empire in those days and to hell with the common man, the dupe that he is. They all were business men just like the Morgan’s, The Gate’s, the Rockefellers, the Warren Buffets, and the Firestones of today.

    Washington himself was with the Virginia Land Company selling real estate of the Crown and the East India Land Company back in 1750. So when you read from TERMS are NOT WORDS, to going after the wrong people, to Allegiance to the whole of the writings in various briefs they will now take on a different light I am sure. You have been dealing as a corporation all these years subject to every tax and license they can foster on you, the member backing up the corporation cause all they can do is spend the corporation silly and you fell for it based on myths created years and century before you were born into slavery, voluntary slavery at that; where the involuntary slavery laws do not protect you.

    They, dear reader, are a RICO organization if ever there was one.

    Read 18 U.S.C. 1961 to 1963 and see how they fit like a glove when demanding from you every year protection money, forcing you to get licenses to travel, registering your property with them as a member that has no natural law rights, no rights you your land or house unless you pay them for the use of it, in their fraud to so called “protect your property “from other thieves that are in competition against them. Why you, dear PERSON, don’t have the right to travel anymore, only the privilege to use their car ( you think is yours) and property through license because you are no longer a MAN or WOMAN anymore, just a corporate slave.

    You all must love it, as you stay in the system, locked there as a person arguing as if you are a MAN or WOMAN. Yes, the truth hurts. And those slaves that continually vote, as Spooner said are just as much or more so at fault for the Conditions of America today. Aren’t corporations the bane of mankind that you have heard on and off from time to time?

    Why was it that the black man didn’t use the 14 th amendment until 1930? Because it was designed for corporations of the time and they took advantage of it since 1869. So what are you going to do about the situation once you have been exposed to the fraud?

    If you knew what I knew, I would have to expand this to at least 500 pages, which you don’t have the time to sit in front of the computer reading it all. Plus, it would be too big for me to send internet. There is little that can be done about the situation and those that keep trying to go against the system by trying to get around this will only get into trouble looking for a silver bullet that does not exist peacefully.

    That is why the right to keeps guns are attacked more and more so the people can’t use them against the Corporate CEO’s and Officers and board members. The recent Heller case opinion, of the Private Judicial Corporate U.S. Supreme Court, they never ruled on the unfettered right to keep arms. What they did was say, yes it’s a right provided you get our private corporate license to buy one and to carry one. Now, had the court said that it was a natural law right to buy and carry a gun without getting a permit, license, etc then that would be a genuine ruling for Freedom? But it was not, only enough to make people think they did a good job in protecting their absolute right to own a gun. So everyone would have to stop voting these criminals back into office, and see the con job for what it really is, an R.I.C.O operation document, not a document of Freedom, but one of slavery. How is a corporation destroyed is the question? That includes the state corporations as well as the U.S. corporations. Can we all say, “Just Say NO? If no one bought from Wal- Mart how long would it be, before it went out of business?

    The Informer July 4, 2008

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