This post will be dedicated to the findings of a little experiment now taking place on COTO at:

It is another test of conformity and obedience to authority. So far things are turning out much as I anticipated. As it began with a ringleader already in place, that being Jersey Girl, the subject of the article ‘Big Sister is Watching You’, it has progressed as I had imagined, with her taking the reigns to call for a lynching – in this case a banning of yours truly. 

The chances for success in this are not clear, even though the few participants are certainly all fired up and ready for the rope, there is hardly a consensus of enough members present for quorum. But as is often the case of despots such as the Queen of COTO, such notions of fair and just are jettisoned in favor of pure dictate.

It is only one day in, so we shall see as things develop.



Milgram summarized the experiment in his 1974 article, “The Perils of Obedience”, writing:
The legal and philosophic aspects of obedience are of enormous importance, but they say very little about how most people behave in concrete situations. I set up a simple experiment at Yale University to test how much pain an ordinary citizen would inflict on another person simply because he was ordered to by an experimental scientist. Stark authority was pitted against the subjects’ [participants’] strongest moral imperatives against hurting others, and, with the subjects’ [participants’] ears ringing with the screams of the victims, authority won more often than not. The extreme willingness of adults to go to almost any lengths on the command of an authority constitutes the chief finding of the study and the fact most urgently demanding explanation.

Ordinary people, simply doing their jobs, and without any particular hostility on their part, can become agents in a terrible destructive process. Moreover, even when the destructive effects of their work become patently clear, and they are asked to carry out actions incompatible with fundamental standards of morality, relatively few people have the resources needed to resist authority”.


105 thoughts on “VARIATION ON MILGRAM

  1. “No offense to you Boomer, I know you are trying to make peace, but can you still say you “like” him after he said he is using this blog and our members as an “experiment? Once again he is trying to manipulate the situation when it doesn’t go his way. Don’t be fooled by his bs act. He thinks he is superior to everyone on this blog. He is the one trying to control the situation, not me. HE is the authoritarian. If there was ever a case to kick someone out this is it. Just think about what he is doing to our blog. Is this what we want? Is this the way to get new people or even people that read but don’t post, to comment here?

    This is about us as a group. This is about coto. Is HR to be the spokesperson for us? Do we allow him to go on with his vomit spewing indefinitely? Or do we do what any other respectable blog would have done long ago. Boot his sorry ass out?

    I vote for the boot.”~jerseyg on September 12, 2013 at 5:43 pm
    . . . . . . . . .

    As we see, she is pushing hard for what has been her agenda at COTO for some time now.

    The question that she doesn’t seem to consider here is what the real power and force at COTO, Patrick might think of this. His small showing there so far seems to indicate a justified distrust of Maxitwat, with him asking at one point, “Tell us. You are a spook aren;’t you?”

    So far everyone else there is so hot off the griddle that they don’t seem to have noticed Patrick/Puddy’s subtle hint as to his position.

    More yet to be revealed as the night comes…


  2. “At any rate, no surprise about IP differences, but would expect first three octets of IP to be similar but that there’d be two clusterings. Doesn’t make me a spook.”~Señor El Once on September 12, 2013
    at 7:04 pm

    Of course that alone isn’t sufficient to frame Maxitwat as a spook.

    The question he avoids like a plague is what his purpose is on COTO that Puddy is very clear in asking about. It is this MO of a spook out to assassinate my character that is what is telling.


  3. “Error 404 – File Not Found

    Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.”

    Well apparently the post ‘Big Sister is Watching You’ has been removed from COTO.

    That is the last straw for me.

    Adios COTO!

    What a bunch of chumps, falling for that conman Maxitwat.

    He can have the place and the dupes he’s duped.


  4. The Train To Loonyville Has Departed

    “I think they threw everything but the kitchen sink at the towers….it’s called fail safe. Fact is, how they came down doesn’t matter a bit.” jerseyg on December 22, 2012 at 6:39 am

    So that’s what JG thinks. And this has merit because?? She thinks this because she is clueless about forensic science. She thinks this because she is swayed by Maxitwat’s spurious rhetoric. She thinks this because she is full of shit and full of herself.

    Very little is not known about the destruction of the WTC. One of those things that is known is that there was no nuclear element to the event. There is simply no question when the data is assembled.

    Maxitwat is a master at, Argumentum verbosium – See Proof by verbosity, [if you can’t dazzle with brilliance, then baffle with bullshit]
    Proof by verbosity (argumentum verbosium, proof by intimidation) – submission of others to an argument too complex and verbose to reasonably deal with in all its intimate details.
    Anyone familiar with his encyclopedic convoluted blabbergrind can see this at a glance.

    To actually have read most of this as it developed over the past year and a half, I can say that it is total pap, long winded horseshit.

    And this Nazi-Nanny from DementoSpace is now commandant of COTO! Hahaha!!! What a ship of fools!! They’ve all gone Loony-tunes. It has been clear to me for some time, that is why my participation has been spotty for the past couple months. So the Loony-Train is round the bend to Loonyville and I got off in the nick of time.


  5. “She did it” was the message I got from mystery man.

    Well wildcunts’a’fire of course she did!!

    Verification is no surprise.


  6. I will point out that should anyone from COTO object to anything I say here as an excuse to cause more discord for me there, that this is not your place for censorship to spread to. If my colorful language insults you then don’t come here to read it.

    You can get the vapors over the C-word and faint away over at COTO. There is a lot of Anglo-Saxon that people don’t like, it is a spectrum. Even the word shit makes some people quiver and sweat.
    And you know, Fuck has that old mojo to strike a prude into kneeling in prayer.

    So cut the nanny crap before it begins.


  7. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Is Misogynist a Dirty Word?

    Women have a problem with the word “cunt” – because they know that having a cunt is the problem with women and they don’t like being reminded. Yea the cunt is the factory of all the hormones that turn women into raging maniacs and emotional flyhandles. So the “C-word” becomes taboo lest you want some ax wielding bitch getting you up against the wall.

    You can call a man a prick, and it may be taken as insult, but it doesn’t make them go crazy. What’s the difference? The emotional instability generated by a cunt.

    And it is the worst cunts that can’t take hearing the word cunt. It’s a never ending terror-loop that pussy-whipped men put up with their whole lives.


    • “A creature that can bleed for a week,and not grow weak but stronger in anger, has to be evil.”

      ~an old crank’s tale


  8. So…the results of the variation on the Milgram experiment?

    A character lynching, pure and simple. Led by JG. And then the post was deleted by JG to destroy the evidence of how vicious the attack on my character, and her central roll in that as ringleader.

    Was this precisely what I anticipated? Yes of course. It was obvious in the build up of hostilities over the past couple months and escalating quickly in the last couple of weeks.

    Group-Think, mobs in action. A well known psychological phenomenon.

    NEXT commentary on the AFTERMATH…



    A set of exchanges between JG and I on Prologue:

    I begin with a short comment to see if JG is going to go one interfering on my thread Prologue:
    . . . . . .
    What a fucked up situation JG – and you are just flat out wrong blaming me for all of this – you went on an hysterical warpath using every excuse and point of leverage – the actions of despot – just as I said.

    I am staying off other and current threads. And you can mind your own business when it comes to Prologue.

    By: hybridrogue1 on September 13, 2013 at 8:35 am
    . . . . . .
    “Just one point I’d like to make HR. Prologue is NOT your personal blog. It’s posted on coto. So you are still under the rules of engagement on that post as well. Hopefully, you now understand that any defamatory comments against any coto member will be removed. No one wants this blog to turn into a trash bin of insults hurled all over the place. That’s what it was devolving into. That era has ended.”
    By: jerseyg on September 13, 2013 at 8:52 am
    . . . . . .

    “defamatory comments”~JG

    And that is the heart of the issue – who defines “defamatory”?
    On the very thread that you began flipping out on me on, Bridges was making no less defamatory comments. But you praised him as a ‘gentleman and a scholar’ in so many words.

    You cannot see your own deep biases…and you won’t stop reprimanding, and you won’t let up for a second. Just like coming back in her with your stern warning just now.

    COTOs golden era has long passed as far as I’m concerned. You are not so different from Rob Kall, and you can’t admit that in a thousand years.

    You want to stand over me now and intimidate me, and give me this “don’t talk back” bullshit….

    You are getting your way for the rest of the blog – but you gotta rub it in.

    That’s all I have to say, because you won’t stop until you can get something said here sufficient for a Banning Order.
    By: hybridrogue1 on September 13, 2013 at 9:27 am
    . . . . . . .
    Continued Next Post:


  10. “You started the blowup Will and kept agitating. I never heard you apologize for your crude manner. I know that it’s because you think you have no need to apologize for anything you say. The only thing I have to apologize for is stooping to your level and engaging in a battle of words with you. I do regret that and I’m sorry the members and readers had to be exposed to such bs. As for Senor, you left links at T&S for him to follow. You wanted him to come here and got your wish. Then you cried like a baby because you wanted us to make him go away. Really?

    I have no personal problem with Senor since you were the one that started with the name calling. Then it became a back and forth hate fest between the two of you. I tried to step in a long time ago and again, as usual, you kept up the agitating and name calling. If Senor was to be thrown out, you would have had to go at that point too. Patrick will decide the fate of Senor. I’m done.”
    By: jerseyg on September 13, 2013 at 10:39 am

    . . . . . .

    “As for Senor, you left links at T&S for him to follow.”

    I offered links at T&S to other people for articles I had written so that I didn’t have to rewrite the points over there. It is called making a reference, not an invitation to invade.

    You keep insisting I wanted him to come here – how many times do I have to explain this? The first posts he made here I told him to get out, that he was not welcome. When he persisted I tried going to both you and Puddy warning that, “there is a stranger in our house”. It is this false revisionist history that I keep hearing that really gets my goat.

    You say you have no personal problem with Bridges since I was the one that started the name calling. How do you know that JG?
    You can’t know that because you haven’t gone through the threads at T&S. There was months of him calling me an agent, and accusing me of sock-puppeting another gravitar, and personal insults as well.

    Sure you have no personal problems with Bridges, I am sorry to be frank about this, but he schmoozed you; assessed your personality and rank as a moderator and chose you as entree into a position as a “respected member of COTO”. Of course he used flattery and polished apples to get next to you. He is a conman JG! Are you really so naïve that you can’t see through his saccharine put on? Well of course no one likes to admit they have been snookered — that’s a hard one to swallow.

    Everybody wants this to be “done”, but nobody wants to really get to the bottom of this, they just want to run on their set presumptions.

    And we aren’t going to see eye to eye until you get over your personal anger at me. Everything is going to be colored by that.
    I am sorry for the remarks I made about the Ouija board! I was just so flabbergasted at what I genuinely see as jejune superstition. But I should have backed off when I realized how deep that cuts you. Yes I should have, it has come to haunt me like a real ghost… I admit I was wrong to keep at you about it.

    Frankly, I don’t care if you ban Bridges now or not, it’s sorta like locking your front door after the intruder has gotten inside. The damage is done.

    I’d like for this to be done too, but I want it done right. One cannot take just a glance at something that grew so complex and make a fair judgement on it.

    Patrick has looked over some of the recent blogs on T&S which are quite docile compared to many of the knock-down-drag-outs that have actually taken place there…and come back to say, “If you can follow McKee’s rules, why not COTOs?”

    Neither one of you know how flexible Mr McKee can be when a flamewar starts. He doesn’t relish it anymore than you and Patrick do, and he will eventually step in and say that’s enough. But Bridges and I have been no less combative or “respectful” of one another there than at COTO.

    Yea, I know…this turned into another long comment. But I would at least like to get the real history of this put in perspective eventually.
    By: hybridrogue1 on September 13, 2013 at 12:36 pm

    . . . . . .

    “See? You’re doing it again. Disparaging my character and intellect as if I’m some kind of dumbass. A snookered dumbass at that. You just don’t quit do you? You are quite aware of the things you’ve said. You’re not sorry for anything. I have your number HR. I’m not as stupid as you think I am. YOU started the name calling. YOU didn’t like things that myself and others have written and you feel it’s your job to attack us with nasty comments. You did the same with Senor. I saw it Will. You can’t manipulate me into seeing things your way. Sorry.

    If you remember I asked you to not engage in conversation with Senor if he irritated you that much but that was too much to ask of you. You like throwing insults around at people that challenge your position.. That’s why you stick around here. You have gotten away with it. No matter what you say, I know you would not have gotten away with such behavior at T&S. Not to the extent you did here. Your social skills are absolutely atrocious.

    Btw, I am no longer angry at you. I just don’t give a shit.

    So know you know where I stand on that. I’m not going to discuss this further. Again, you are turning this into a circular argument that always comes around to you being right and everyone else wrong. Fuck that. I’m done.”
    By: jerseyg on September 13, 2013 at 1:25 pm
    . . . . . .
    My commentary will follow…


  11. AFTERMATH [cont’]

    “Pulled the trigger I see, JG. Some experiments belong in the toilet, and get flushed. I hope there’s no bad feelings. Just a waste of my time and brain cells. Perhaps there’s an “alternate reality” thread where stuff can play out for all its worth, and those who stroll into the bar can drink up or walk out?”~boomerangcomesback on September 12, 2013 at 11:12 pm

    “Exactly, Boomer. His little experiment was a big fail. Free speech is one thing. Verbal abuse is another. I don’t think anyone here would stand for a friend or relative behaving that way in their home. We’re not just any blog. We’re a group of friends that meet to share our thoughts. Coto is our home on the internet. Was removing that post censorship? no. It was done to preserve the integrity of coto. Verbal abuse as witnessed yesterday will no longer be tolerated. It shouldn’t be…not by any of us. Not in our home.”~:jerseygon September 13, 2013 at 4:31 am

    Just as flippant as that JG proclaims my “little experiment was a big fail”… I will answer whether it was a failure or not by pointing out the lie of the next two sentences she writes:

    “Was removing that post censorship? no. It was done to preserve the integrity of coto.”

    Yes removing the post was censorship. And more importantly censorship of what the “failed” little experiment proved, which was the subconscious power of the group mind in mob action. It was just after I revealed what the whole thing was really about that she tossed the whole thing down the Memory Hole.
    And this proves the lie of the second sentence in the quote the ONLY way to “preserve [the appearance of] the integrity of coto.” was to hide what the members there said in their comments.

    My very last post before JG jettisoned the whole page was this:

    *Hmm? As obvious as I thought it might be, no one here seems to have had any suspicion that this little experiment here might be a study in ‘Group Think’, and how it can manifest so plainly without the participants seeing their part in it.

    As far as how I might be able to “skew” anything here, I don’t know how it can be said that giving open reign here for all to speak what is on there mind can be anything but a fair exposition of their deepest emotions and feelings. I cannot reveal that which is only theirs to reveal.

    These words are all your own…yes you own them.


  12. Puddy Dunne’s Public Reactions:

    “Now to my other friend, Rogue, Don’t let the Maxitwat get the best of you, lest you end up with a large maxipad to sop up the infection. Let’s let the healing happen and not fall into Cinderfella’s syndrome.

    We know like, the vortex, the truth on JFK and 911 are scattered from Alpha to Omega and their are a thousand ways to die under WMD. On the Anniversary, it would be something if we can all KNOW what it was not and agree on that tonight.”~ Puddy Dunne on September 11, 2013 at 10:08 pm

    “You will have to follow him elsewhere. I’ll be glad to see you go Maximus pain in the Assus.”~ Puddy Dunne on September 13, 2013 at 9:35 am


  13. The Memory Hole

    11 Words of Interest:

    Censor · redact · sanitize · expunge · sterilize · suppress · withhold · eliminate · exclude · obliterate · ban.

    All of these terms can be applied to George Orwell’s concept drawn in 1984 of “Down the Memory Hole”.


  14. “You are quite aware of the things you’ve said.”~JG – on September 13, 2013
    at 1:25 pm [Prologue pg.]

    And of course so is JG. That is why after I reminded her and all commenting on the ‘Big Sister’ thread of the following, that she expunged the page:

    *As far as how I might be able to “skew” anything here, I don’t know how it can be said that giving open reign here for all to speak what is on there mind can be anything but a fair exposition of their deepest emotions and feelings. I cannot reveal that which is only theirs to reveal.
    These words are all your own…yes you own them.*

    It will be noted that JG did not originally ax the thread. No she waited until she realized that I had caught them all in a trap of their own testimonies. And she didn’t even get that until the comment I made above, which began with this:

    *Hmm? As obvious as I thought it might be, no one here seems to have had any suspicion that this little experiment here might be a study in ‘Group Think’, and how it can manifest so plainly without the participants seeing their part in it.*

    That is when it dawned on her, and that is why in her mind it had to go down the Memory Hole.


  15. Señor El Once on September 13, 2013 at 5:39 pm –

    This post by Señora Maxitwat is another prime example of Argumentum Verbosium – [if you can’t dazzle with brilliance, then baffle with bullshit]
    Proof by verbosity (argumentum verbosium, proof by intimidation) – submission of others to an argument too complex and verbose to reasonably deal with in all its intimate details.

    This is a demand to run in circles to the point of utter exhaustion. It is in fact a demand to view every single image from the WTC event from the lens of Judy Woowoo and prove a negative. More than a fools errand this, an idiots game is what is asked for by Maxitwat.


  16. “Again, you are turning this into a circular argument that always comes around to you being right and everyone else wrong. Fuck that. I’m done.”
    ~jerseyg on September 13, 2013 at 1:25 pm

    Lol…well at last she is “done”…again.

    And again, JG doesn’t know the real definition of “circular argument”…no surprises there. I have been trying best I can to make a rational argument based on the verifiable history of the struggle that Bridges STARTED with me on Truth and Shadows, and then proceeded to impose on me at COTO.
    JG is still simply raging from an emotional place. An it has become totally and inescapably obvious that it is futile to get her to stand to reason. She has no time for such niceties, and has no need because she’s got “the power”


  17. “In JG’s case, she’s an angry woman that can’t find any loving because she is angry.”~Dr. X
    . . . . . . . .

    I think you might just be right about JG…she is a very angry person. She has found someone in me to focus all that anger on; A scapegoat, a punching bag to take it all out on. She feels justified, and builds a case in her mind for that justification.

    Now if you really analyse her commentary, you see her expressing her rage at the world in her “If I had my way I’d take’m out and hang’m by the lamp posts” comment, that hasn’t much variation from thread to thread. It may be justifiable rage against “the elites” — but the sentiment is still a yearning for a lynching. And on a smaller personal scale, that is how she has approached me; transferring that blind rage at the world to a token stand-in.


  18. Here is a specific example of that “Lynching” comment so often made by JG:

    “I’d like to see every one of those criminal liars you mention there dragged out of their mansions and hanged.(except for Wayne M that is) Trial? We don’t need no stinkin’ trial. They are proven traitors. It’s amazing how their evil deeds manifest on their faces. They look demonic and anything but human. They have dead eyes and we all know the eyes are the windows of the soul.”
    ~ jerseyg on September 13, 2013 at 10:52 am

    Now she speaks to the eyes as the windows of the soul. But the eye’s are not the only indicators in assessments of pathos of the soul. Such emotional hysterical outbursts in text, are even more specific indications.


  19. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ >>
    “See? You’re doing it again. Disparaging my character and intellect as if I’m some kind of dumbass.”
    ~ jerseyg on September 13, 2013 at 1:25 pm – Prologue
    . . . . . . .
    It is at times like these, when JG proves HERSELF what a “dumbass” she is; by simply reiterating this same mantra over again, while never addressing the actual points I made in my commentary.

    It is just more hysterical emotion-driven blather. What fucking “intellect” and “character” can she possibly be talking about, but ones built of delusions? Her critical facilities appear to have shut down completely at this point.

    It would be a wild guess on my part, but JG may just be entering menopause. She seems emotionally off balance, which seems to accompany the “change of life”…


  20. Listening to the live feed from the DC 9/11 conference this morning.

    I just heard this:

    “It is not true that Cheney did not try to protect that building – he did” ~Honegger, speaking about the Pentagon.

    Have you ever heard a “truther” say anything so utterly outrageous? Just stunning, blathering bullshit.


  21. Well COTO,

    How do you like your new sanitized version of COTO v2?

    Yes, I speak to the “new way” instituted by Nurse JG Rached.
    Do you all feel so much more secure now in your happy “all make nice” home on the range…where never is heard a discouraging word, and the skies are not cloudy all day?

    The jejunefication is complete, you have merged with Amerika.


  22. Hybrid Lexicon

    Gastromancy; prediction, analysis, or assessment by the flavor of one’s belches and the smell of one’s farts.

    Anal Hurlant; expression of opinions gleaned through gastromancy.

    Jejunefication; a reversion to childlike thinking.

    Blabbergrind; argumentum verbosium.



    “The evidence about human evolution indicates that our species evolved in small, close-knit social groups in which cooperation and sharing overrode our individual, competitive self-interests for the sake of the common good. (This scenario is reviewed in my books The Fair Society and Holistic Darwinism.) We evolved as intensely interdependent social animals, and our sense of empathy toward others, our sensitivity to reciprocity, our desire for inclusion and our loyalty to the groups we bond with, the intrinsic satisfaction we derive from cooperative activities, and our concern for having the respect and approval of others all evolved in humankind to temper and constrain our individualistic, selfish impulses (as Darwin himself pointed out in The Descent of Man).”~Peter Corning
    . . . . . . . .
    I know that the crew at COTO would be astonished to hear it, but I agree with this assessment of humanity. I have argued consistently for the case of Empathy.

    But this is not as simple an equation as they might put it. Empathy of the highest order is not that of an utter sap, nor gladhanding soothsaying. To coddle jejune attributes of irrational thinking is NOT a kindness.

    Of course I could write a thousand word essay to make clear such a case. And I am not of a mind to approach such a work at this time…


  24. “You are a vile, bitter man that has too much time on his hands.” ~jerseyg on September 20, 2013 at 7:57 pm

    And you are a self-righteous vindictive hypocrite who vents the stress of your personal life on others.

    “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”~Lord Acton


  25. “Told ya not to mess with me, asshole. ENOUGH”~ jerseyg on September 21, 2013 at 9:06 am

    Let me see…I have mentioned “hypocrite” before….
    Yea – Hahahahahahaha

  26. COTO – Coalition of the Obvious

    Has become:

    COTO – Coalition of the Oblivious

    All due to the dynamics of ‘Group-Think’ and unconscious ‘Mob-Mind. Most of this because of Doomsday Hysteria:

    “The fuckin’ BlueBeam Meanies are coming to get us!!”

    “They are going to get slammed. Death and more death.” ~Puddy Dunne — September 21, 2013 at 12:10 pm

    Yea, COTO has devolved into a veritable loony-bin, led by their very own Nurse JG Rached.


  27. You think I’m abrasive? Yea, I can be abrasive. What good is it to sing gentle lullaby’s to people already sleeping, rocking their cradles?
    I point out the hypocritical nonsense they speak to me in trance and watch their eyelids flutter, like they just might snap out of it. But they don’t WANT to snap out of their comfortable little dreams.

    This devolvement of coto is a direct analog of the larger society, the go-along to get-along bullshit, and happy face yada-do.

    No pain, no gain. That’s the story of, that’s the glory of karma.


  28. Blither blather punkin’ lather
    Loose lip dribble chunky splatter
    Hoisted by an ass pike highly
    Brain a frying o’so dryly
    Humor fumin’ squatting smiley
    Take your screams and slip them slyly
    Past the gates of sane refrain
    That open to eternal pain


  29. “What is WE?
    WE is a Consciousness, a Campaign, and a Collaboration of people, organizations and social change movements from around the world.”~Barbara Marx Hubbard
    . . . . .
    I picked up this quote from a new article at COTO today. And this is a very subtle and interesting situation, how the ‘crew’ there can understand the covert agenda of someone like Hubbard, while acting out in a similar fashion as a self-righteous “WE” themselves.
    As a collaboration of people who have found ‘strength’ in their ‘coalition’ or ‘collective’; “a vehicle for connection, interaction and opportunity for unprecedented cooperation between people..*.”

    * Another quote from Hubbard, that could be taken from the manifesto of COTO itself.

    As I continue to study the subjects of the study now called Variation on Milgram, that being the “Cotocrew”, it should be noted that this is not a screed of animosity, but simply a cold hard investigation of what is clearly a state of subconscious hypocrisy manifest in the commentators on COTO. Although frustrated at times in trying to communicate with them, they were the ones who became angry and hysterical and, “put me out of their synagogue.” — to paraphrase; St. John 16:1-3

    [see: ]


  30. “She was one of the women chased from this blog in it’s infancy due to the behavior of that other misogynist Cinderfella.”~JG – September 22, 2013 at 2:32 pm
    . . . . .. .
    And just who is the “other” misogynist than Cinderfella that Nurse Rached refers to here?? Oh my could her mind still be on me? Nah, surely she is big enough to have gotten past all that {grin}.
    I knew Cinderfella, he was a straight shooter and frank. Hardly the monster that these feminazis make him out to be.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    So now some History from C1 Gumwall:

    “So, you decide who is “real COTO” and who isn’t? Their opinions don’t matter anymore, huh? Their logical arguments don’t matter? Just you and your edit button, huh?

    Maybe you and your new friend, “Coalition of the Obvious” should put togetehr a list of all the words you two will and will not allow on the site.

    Just so that people understand what YOU TWO will and won’t allow.
    And while we are at it, lets make damn sure that everyone knows that if they argue too well for their point of view, it doesn’t matter, cus it won’t STAY UP too long anyway, right?

    Because this is ALL about REAL freedom, right?”

    That is what the coalition is all about, right Jesrey?

    ~willyloman on July 21, 2009 at 6:23 pm

    . . . . . . .

    “Scott.. yea thats right.. those who started this site and put all the work into putting it together get to decide .. how do ya like THEM apples?”~ jerseygon July 21, 2009 at 6:48 pm

    “And again, the issue wasn’t the “C” word, the issue, as oldschoolanarch aptly put it, is the fact that somehere unilaterally banned a member. That is the issue. You keep trying to muddy the waters all you want, but the truth is still the truth”~By: willylomanon July 21, 2009 at 6:16 pm
    . . . . . .
    So to me, this is banning of me is just a redux of the tyrannical attitude that JG has always held.


  31. “The emergence of tyranny therefore begins with challenges to a group, develops into general feelings of insecurity and inadequacy, and falls into a pattern in which some individuals assume the role of “father” to the others, who willingly submit to becoming dependent “children” of such persons if only they are reassured that a more favorable outcome will be realized. This pattern of co-dependency is pathological, and generally results in decisionmaking of poor quality that makes the situation even worse, but, because the pattern is pathological, instead of abandoning it, the co-dependents repeat their inappropriate behavior to produce a vicious spiral that, if not interrupted, can lead to total breakdown of the group and the worst of the available outcomes.

    In psychiatry, this syndrome is often discussed as an “authoritarian personality disorder”. In common parlance, as being a “control freak”.
    ~Jon Roland in an essay, Principles of Tyranny


  32. “Senor i should prob apologize for treating you like shit earlier just because a cyber brother had a beef……now u r here asking deep ?’s and he is……??? who knows, maybe getting kinky w/a Ouija Board.” ~camusrebel on September 22, 2013
    at 4:58 pm

    Hahahaha…Hows that for instantaneous head-snapping-change-omatic group-think? Another twatsnif. I love it…these sniveling pussyboys stab you in the back the second you leave the room….how much one learns as a fly on the wall. Aye?

    You are right, they have no ‘self-identity’ they are in deep Mob-think.
    Something neither of us could countenance even while in the influence mix.
    That ability to remain true to yourself is what makes the cut between mice and men.

    I am learning more in the aftermath than I ever expected.

    No, I’ll never make another comment there. But I will sure be writing about it on my own blog. And these stupid fucks have no idea that it is right there on WordPress open to the eyes of any Internet surfer. I’d bet people looking up Milgram are pretty liable to come across that thread, and some just might be interested in the “little experiment that failed”…Lol

    Coto is a circle jerk of gladhanding self-congratulations.


  33. Aha, so here it is, just what I was awaiting, as I knew that Maxitwat is shadowing this thread…

    “Ok Coto, SEO has posted the link to rogue1′s blog. Yes, this is what he thinks of, not only me, but all of you. Check it out and understand who the disruptive force on Coto has been. It isn’t and never was Senor.
    Here’s just one and the latest posting from his rantings of a mad man. If you have the stomach for it, go read the rest at the link that SEO has posted. The only way this will end is exposing the creep because he will go on smearing all of us until his words are brought into the light of Coto.” jerseyg on September 23, 2013 at 11:16 am

    That was JG’s response to:

    “Dear Mr. CamusRebel,
    Apology accepted. Although one COTO cyber brother on hiatus seems to take issue that you could be so forgiving to me and concludes that his experiment (involving this forum) failed.”~ Señor El Once [Maxitwat] on September 23, 2013 at 10:49 am

    And of course the Señor entity again cannot read the words right before his eyes – I do not and have not considered this experiment as failed. That is the conclusion of the subjects of the experiment, not I the experimenter.

    In fact these continuing testimonies that I am collecting are further proofs of the experiments success.
    I am framed by the despotic JG as “a mad man”, and a “creep” that needs “exposing”. Well, yes then Nurse JG Rached, go ahead then and bring my words “into the light of Coto”.

    Of course JG never “smears” anyone, she is special. When she calls someone a “mad man” and a “creep” and an “asshole,” these are the divinely inspired words of the infallible Queen of Coto, who not only has the “Holy Delete Button”, but can reach out beyond Coto in her wrath and vengeance and proclaim this blog the work of an infidel.

    So go ahead Cotocrew cruisers, feast your eyes on not only my critique, but your own words thrown back in you Janus faces.
    Make your remarks on Coto however, I am not going to bother with looking into the moderation queue here.

    Thank you very much for the cooperation shown so far in this experiment on the group-mind and mob psychology.


    • In Señor El Once’squote above, from September 23, 2013 at 10:49 am>
      The words, “cyber brother” are rubicon text that acts as a button to send anyone clicking it to this blog.

      This is why I justly charge that he is being the provocateur by sending those in the tread here.


  34. It is getting better and better day by day. I don’t even have to say a thing on coto anymore with a PR man like Maxitwat.


  35. “Check it out and understand who the disruptive force on Coto has been. It isn’t and never was Senor.”~JG

    So let us look more deeply into this allegation:

    “Who is and has been the disruptive force”?

    Think rationally people; how can I continue to be “the disruptive force”?

    I am not a participant in the fun and games at coto any longer. It is the Judas Goat – Señor Maxitwat that has brought “the disruptive force” yet again to a page on coto. Is it not? You are such fools to not see what is before your very eyes.

    Coto, Hypocrisy shall be your epitaph.


  36. Yes absolutely Doctor, a continuing circle jerk it is…

    The Judas Goat and the High Priestess of Coto burning a wicker man effigy of hybridrouge in a voodoo ritual – fascinating as a study in cultural anthropology. 

    [a response to an email, not “voices in my head” Lol]


  37. Hey man. Got tossed out of another bar for being too truthful AYE? While the twatman was slipping penny farthings into their non glass bottomed grog mugs during the distraction? Hope they’re happy with their sailing orders.

    • Yo Veri,

      Aye indeed, as veritably made account of on this log.

      Thanks for dropping by, it is rare to have visitors here.


    • To answer here as well…

      Actually the sharpest tool in the coto shed is brand new, Maxitwat is no dummy, he is sly, and smooth and a convincing conman. And has got JG, and therefore the rest of the pack wrapped around his fingers. JG has very limited critical facility – she is almost totally emotional-intuition driven. The actual result is vague and hazy ideas built of badly structured presentation. It echoes and warps and only seemingly makes sense.

      Not just on technical arguments but even in her defamation rants had no real substance to her charges, just hysterical spinning blather.

      Hypocritical Hysterical Anal Hurlant.


  38. Barbara Peterson’s blog was Visited 3,726 times, the first day her story, ‘The New World Order – Doing God’s Work by Killing the Bad Seed’ was published.

    Why would she need puny little coto to post to with success like that? She wasn’t “run off of coto by Cinderfella” she had bigger plans on what she wanted to do.

    A lot of us gathered at coto when the OEN purge first took place. A lot of those didn’t like the obvious likeness of coto to OEN; as it began banning some of those members within but a few days.

    As it is said, “the victor writes history” – just so, and that is the way it is with coto, the “victor” being the one with the “delete button” {“How do you like them apples”~JG to Willy Loman}.

    Many many people huddled there for a short while. How many of those originals remain? But a handful, they can be counted on the fingers of one hand. The seeds of tyranny were planted at coto in its genesis.


  39. As per the assertion just made that It was Barbara Petersen SPECIFICALLY that called for Cinderfella’s banning:

    There is simply no such record of such on the Gumwall at coto.
    And given the source of this assertion, I don’t find any reason to believe it until given a time/date stamped reference to such a call by Ms Peterson.

    The person who made this assertion also claimed that I “invited” the entity calling itself “Señor” to coto. So her interpretation of ANYTHING is suspect as far as I am concerned.

    Perhaps if JG Rached wasn’t in such a rush to toss things down the Memory Hole, there would be a more complete historical record of the events at issue.


  40. These lyrics go out to Boomerangcomesback as a thank you for his part in the BIG SISTER experiment. From Peter Gabriel:

    I got no means to show identification
    I got no papers show you what I am
    You’ll have to take me just the way that you find me
    What’s gone is gone and I do not give a damn
    Empty stomach, empty head
    I got empty heart and empty bed
    I don’t remember
    I don’t remember

    I don’t remember, I don’t recall
    I got no memory of anything at all
    I don’t remember, I don’t recall
    I got no memory of anything
    -anything at all

    Strange is your language and I have no decoder
    Why don’t you make your intentions clear
    With eyes to the sun and your mouth to the soda
    Saying, “Tell me the truth, you got nothing to fear
    Stop staring at me like a bird of prey
    I’m all mixed up, I got nothing to say
    I don’t remember
    I don’t remember

    I don’t remember, I don’t recall
    I got no memory of anything at all
    I don’t remember, I don’t recall
    I got no memory of anything
    Anything at all

    I don’t remember, I don’t recall
    I got no memory of anything at all
    I don’t remember, I don’t recall
    I got no memory of anything
    absolutely anything at all
    I don’t remember
    . . . . .


  41. Psychology of Tyranny for a Philosophy of Despotism

    Jon Roland in an essay, Principles of Tyranny provides a valuable insight.
    “Perhaps one of the things that most distinguishes those with a fascist mentality from most other persons is how they react in situations that engender feelings of insecurity and inadequacy.”

    The consequences that follow disturb psychological attributes often reflected in an Hobbism view of government. Thomas Hobbes, believed that ‘order’ and effective law enforcement were the primary conditions for human survival (‘In the state of nature … no society’) Hobbes viewed human beings as essentially selfish and thought that democracy could easily degenerate into chaos, poor government and eventually civil war. The kind of governments that would have been approved by Hobbes would include benevolent dictators and enlightened despots and monarchies.
    For those who accept this position as a foundation of a pseudo vindication for authoritarian rule, Enlightened Despotism becomes the norm. The masses learn to accept the vicious obvious as the inevitable surrender to the profane. The propaganda used to indoctrinate the public that acceptance of progressive thought as preferable to classic principles of human dignity has a long history.”
    . . . . . . .
    Consciously it is seen as an absurd idea to the members of Coto that they too have taken in this acceptance of despotism as natural and “the way things are”. But in fact the actions of the tribe’s leader, JG is clearly despotic, as is shown in the dialog and analysis above.

    They see it as no more tyrannical than insisting upon “civil” attitudes in the discourse there. But in doing so, they have to willfully fail to notice the uncivil attitudes, language use, and even active harm in purging pages containing months of editorials by the author. None of this matters to the other members as long as ‘order’ is maintained, and that order is held by a duly appointed central authority. It is seemingly impossible to break through their programming and think these issues through for themselves; especially when such programming is reinforced by the authority herself in no uncertain and undiplomatic terms as those used by the classical ‘control freak’.

    This is only the first of a series of summations I hope to make concerning the variation of the Milgram experiment, and investigation of contemporary ‘group-think’ in the digital realm.


  42. “Tyranny is a phenomenon that operates by principles by which it can be recognized in its early emerging stages, and – if the people are vigilant, prepared, and committed to liberty – countered before it becomes entrenched.” ~Jon Roland

    “In our sick society the people who see the truth through the rhetoric, who speak out against lies and injustice, who stand out from the herd, are the exceptions.”~Charwoman

    And in the specific case we investigate here, just how large does “the herd” have to be to suffer from despotic psychological forms?
    Obviously, “the herd” can be as small as a single family in some instances, the size of a country club association, or the size of a small blog community such as Coto. Anywhere that ‘bonding’ takes place is a watering hole for a herd.

    Let me again reiterate a paragraph from above that was also posted on the purged coto page; Big Sister is Watching You:
    . . . . . . . .
    ‘As far as how I might be able to “skew” anything here, I don’t know how it can be said that giving open reign here for all to speak what is on there mind can be anything but a fair exposition of their deepest emotions and feelings. I cannot reveal that which is only theirs to reveal.

    These words are all your own…yes you own them.’
    . . . . . . . .

    Well, JG realized the self indictment of the words on that specific page, and tossed it down the memory hole as soon as she read the paragraph above. However, the words of the subjects continued afterwards as well, and go back throughout the whole textual history of Coto; only a slight fraction of which has been published here.

    Again, I cannot reveal that which is only theirs to reveal. That they have revealed such is now their problem, I have only quoted that which they have said themselves.


  43. One last issue for this evening:

    If JG is not a despotic censor, then where are my threads, ‘Prologue’, and ‘Big Sister is Watching You’?

    Indeed, where is Señor’s, ‘The Gay Porn of Hybridrouge’?

    I certainly didn’t want my threads purged, an I did not request the Señor thread to be taken down.
    JG did this for the sake of Coto’s “appearances” — not for any attempt at maintaining truth, free speech or real honor in actions.

    She does it because she can.

    Yes Coto, all hail the tin horn dictator, the girl from New Jersey.



  44. And now this dish from the Captain’s Table at Coto:

    Puddy Dunne; who in the week or so of this crisis in a teacup was telling me via email that he was convinced that Max Bridges aka Maxwell C Bruecke that is, the anonymous entity Señor Maxitwat, is a spook. Yes Dunne was saying this and giving me readouts of the IP addresses that lend to the profile of a contract agent working for the ‘government’.

    But alas, even if Señor El Once is a spook – at least he’s a GENTLEMAN SPOOK. And since that is all that matters at Coto is the gloss of civility then that is just fine with Captain Puddy …


    Considering all of this I begin to wonder, could COTO be a PSYOP itself?
    I mean acceptance of an agent of cognitive dissonance, as long as that cognitive dissonance is delivered in a civil manner…

    And then thinking more on the profile of Coto itself, the continuing doom and gloom depressing angst generating attitude developed there – certainly lends to a Strategy of Tension.

    I won’t proclaim one way or the other that COTO is a PSYOP – maybe yes, maybe no, but we might expect such subtle and sophisticated operations on the web, to catch mold and hold dissidents of the sophisticated kind.


    • A point, perhaps only intimated thus far, that I want to make clear:

      I did not start it.

      I did not start it with ANY of you.

      I learned at a very young age, in Tai Che, that the only proper course in dispute is self defense.

      I did not start it.

      But I will finish it.

      And when I am satisfied with the finishing product, I will be finished.


      • The theological proposal you make is not quite accurate; I do not propose that I created myself as Willy as creator; but that the creator created Willy as a notion of itself.

  45. The business keeps trickling in on coto…

    So scope this out:

    “So he goes and has a hissy fit because we were unanimous in condemning his behavior here. I think he has left a trail of offended people just about wherever he has been.”~patriciaormsby
    {on September 23, 2013 at 9:19 pm}

    Here is a person that just drops in from time to time, she lives in Japan, and although occidental, is some sort of “high priestess” there.

    So she drops in on the thread where Maxitwat has brought my blog here to JG’s attention, and right below JG’s reaction where she says in bolded text about yours truly:

    “So coto, how do you like him now? BTW, I have no idea who he is supposedly speaking to when he says “you are right” but I’m guessing the voices in his head.”

    So Patricia, reading the mood of the mob, instantly gets into character to “get on the same page” as everyone else, and begins with this gem of an observation:

    “Well, the Rogue apparently did us one good thing before leaving–he brought us Senor El Once over on a rampage, who turns out to be pretty likable.” {That essential “gloss” of civility}
    . . . . . . .
    Here is a woman who doesn’t have ANY IDEA of what she is talking about, hasn’t followed any of this closely and is simply “shooting from the hip” [“On the Net you shoot from your hip.”–4th paragraph]
    But she can magically characterize my “behavior” as a “hissy fit”, because…? Because in the tradition of true mob psychology they were “unanimous in condemning”.

    But that is not enough for Patricia. No, she continues with this bit of pure speculation drawn completely out of her own ass:

    “I think he has left a trail of offended people just about wherever he has been.”

    Really Patricia? You mean like offending Rob Kall at OEN? Well pardon me ma’am…{grin}

    I love it coto, I could never make up such believable unbelievable dialog on my own. This is pure soap-opera bullshit.
    Thank you very much.


    • THIS IS GENESIS of the whole thing that led to JGs relentless pursuit to silence me on coto. I had said she is superstitious for believing that demons and spirits control the movements of the pointer on a Ouija Board. She laid into me like the enraged nannynazi she is…
      That is when I decided I wasn’t going to put up with her control freak despotism anymore.

      hybridrogue1 on August 21, 2013 at 1:09 am

      Alright that is it, JG I have had enough of your pap smear.

      I have not participated here as a member of some fucking “mindmeld” nor to join in some collective herd mind, but to express my opinions frankly and openly.

      Going along to get along is not my style. And if we aren’t getting along it’s because I refuse to go along with what I consider woowoo wacky nonsense.

      I am particularly sick of your nannybating bitchlather. You foam at the mouth while calling me “disagreeable”? Blow me!
      I’m out of here.
      . . . . . . . .
      So I stopped participating in the current threads. Finally Boomer posted his “COTO is a coalition of the obvious” thread, which he revealed was a ploy to get me back into the fold. I respectfully declined.

      JG was not going to have any of this, she wanted a decisive battle. So she pulled a provocation by slipping onto my Prologue thread, and re-posting a couple of Senor Maxitwat’s 2000 word comments that I had blocked. Then underneath she praised Senor and made a snarky remark about yours truly.

      THAT is when I brought these sneaky covert activities forward to the current thread Boomer had posted in his attempt to mollify the rift.
      The rest is the history as laid out here and partially on the Maxifuckanus thread previous to this.

      And all of this is documented right there on coto, but for the two purged threads: ‘Prologue’ and ‘Big Sister Is Watching You’… trashed to get rid of the evidence by Big Sister herself.


    • Here is a digest from:
      Nothing “magic” about a Ouija board at all. It is just subconscious movement caused by both persons fingers tiring while placed on the pointer… once it starts to drift, the subconscious mind directs it..and the more fatigued the players are the smoother the thing operates.
      This is some silly shit here COTO.~hybridrogue1on August 16, 2013 at 9:09 pm

      . . . . . . . .
      “Only silly if you think there are no other forms of existence other than what you see in your own little world.” ~ jerseyg on August 17, 2013 at 2:01 pm
      “No doubt in my mind there are people both oppressed and possessed by dark entities. “~jerseyg on August 19, 2013 
      at 9:06 pm
      “Pat, despite how the arrogant one wants to paint me, I too am an agnostic. “jerseyg on August 19, 2013 
      at 8:25 pm
      . . . . .
      “No doubt in my mind”~JG
      …but you’re agnostic…Lol
      You can’t even keep your story straight in a single page of commentary. Her fall back position that she is “agnostic” is bullshit.
      She believes this magical mystical bullshit deep down in the center of herself. Otherwise she wouldn’t turn queen bitch when confronted over it. It is an excuse to claim I am “arrogant” and “egotistical” because I see through such vapid posing.~hybridrogue1on August 20, 2013 at 9:35 am

      . . . . . . .
      “Discovery..unfortunately.Will has no clue what that is… his mind may as well have a sign on it… CLOSED for all eternity. I don’t see anyone else here not willing to listen to others ideas. Even though they may disagree they are not disagreeable. “~jerseyg on August 20, 2013 at 10:47 pm
      . . . . . . . .
      Alright that is it, JG I have had enough of your pap smear. .….
      ~hybridrogue1on August 21, 2013 at 1:09 am

      . . . . . . . .

      This is the reason I am framed as “arrogant” – simply because I point out the contradictions. Blatant contradictions in comments not minutes apart from one another. Then I am accused of having a ‘closed mind’.

      And this: “I don’t see anyone else here not willing to listen to others ideas.” — BUT of course I am listening to others ideas – I am listening closely enough to point out the blatant dissonance between one idea and another. But this is seen as “disagreeable” — because I refuse to just play patty-cake and sing nursery rhymes with these juvenile lollimakers.

      So that is COTO, a load of jejune bullshit. And THAT is why I reject it, and refuse to be a part of coto anymore.


    • A comment on the sales pitch I got on THE BOOK:
      . . . . . . . .
      The failure of the second ask
      Asking the first time might be brave. Asking again (more forcefully) after you get a no is selfish and dumb.

      I think it’s the artlessness of it that so offends me.

      Someone pitches an idea, tries to make a sale, invites a prospect to participate… and the prospect takes the time to politely decline.

      The response of the pushy amateur? Either to deny that the objection is true (or important) or to merely repeat the offer, this time with more volume or urgency.

      “I can’t afford it.”

      “Yes you can!”

      “It’s too far for me to travel.”

      “Vietnam isn’t that far away!”

      “No, I won’t be able to.”

      “But it’s really important!”

      The thing is, gainsaying an objection never works. Perhaps someone will make a new decision based on new information. But the only new information you’re presenting with your pushiness is information about how selfish you are.

      Alternative: “Sometimes, people feel that way. I totally understand. But when they learn . . . they make a different decision.”~Seth Godin


  46. “The more our leaders silence dissenting voices, the more isolated they become and the narrower their perspective. Tunnel vision makes them paranoid and insecure. Resistant to sources of external influence and afraid of losing control, they become increasingly oppressive, defending their position by “the arbitrary and unrestrained exercise of power”.
    This is the definition of tyranny.”~Charwoman



    This term, “attack” is so often abused by those who falsely believe that their sensibilities can redefine language and true meanings thereof. It seems to me that too many are tossing language about without the slightest thought to context.
    This sort of thing was revealed during the so-called ‘feminist revolution’, when the display of a scantily clad beautiful woman was said to be an “attack” on the sensibilities of the poor fat, and ugly sows that had to suck on each other for relief. It is this era of the 1960s that I recall as the genesis of ‘PC’, the PR for a ‘politically correct’ regimentation of society for the “ideals of equality”.
    Reason tells the lucid thinker that an “attack” is a physical ‘act’ in it’s most basic context. The principles of liberty should remind that freedom of speech protects the speaker from accusations of ‘attacking’ another by the use of mere language or expression alone. ‘Insult’ is only harmful when the one ‘insulted’ takes the ‘insult’ seriously and is bothered by it in their own psyche. It is more that the act of ‘being insulted’ is the interior ‘act’ of an insecure personality, and the sign of over emotional juvenile thinking.
    Assault in the real world is reaching out and touching someone physically. One cannot assault another over the internet by the use of language. One can indeed be assaulted if one is acted upon in such a way as to interfere with one’s online activities. Such as the arbitrary purging of someones’ work from a community site, using the very excuses I speak to here, claiming that such work is “an attack” on others in the community. When in fact, only the self appointed ‘authority’ has the capability of ‘acting’ in such a way as to cause real harm beyond the uses of language as far as real effect is concerned.
    By the way, I used that illustration above about the ‘feminist revolution’, purposely to show the type of language that is often characterized as “an attack”. It can be fairly characterized as ‘crass’ as being ‘in bad taste’ as being ‘uncivil’ and many other such complaints – BUT it is not an attack. It is OPINION.


  48. I know what you mean by having lost respect. However, being retired and retreaded I am hard headed and want to know just who we were dealing with all that time. I discovered this, which I never bothered to look at until now. It explains much, that was only offered in a covert manner on COTO:

    “Granted I am Christian by faith and must defend scriptures as documented prophesy, but I have always said that I let it lead my heart but my head will always prevail. Therefore history has always been the foundation of my basis for explaining the coming One World Order. It’s not really a New World Order because it was an old plan that came long before Christ and the Pharaohs.”~Puddy Dunne


    • Not to be confused with the ancient biblical king, in web-speak,
      if understood correctly; nimrod is a slang term meaning “idiot, jerk”.

      Certain web-blog captains know this perfectly well, yet speak of the land of Shem and Babylon disingenuously…as such is their nature.



    Hahahaha….I just saw that Maxitwat left one of his 2000 word monkey chants on that “New World Order” thread that Boomer put up…
    Ostensibly a “thank you to Patricia” – that turns into War and Peace and another slamdance on the Rogue…

    ..gee, whooda ever thunk it? (grin)


    Look Cotoscrews, Señor El Spook is welcome to coto, and coto is welcome to Señor.

    My recent experience with Coto is an allegory of the novel and film, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – with JG playing the part of the despotic psycho Nurse Rached. It’s as simple as that.

    Although unlike the original story I got out of that loony bin alive.
    The rest of you neurotic nimrods are still there under the influence of that despotic superstitious hyper nun.


  50. I started my HR101 course by binge reading the juiciest, lightest but the longest thread of course…

    Oh my… What drama….

    I have one question… What was a fine brain like you doing in a dump like that to begin with? You were surfin the net one day and your wave crashed on to that site and you decided to stay??? Or did you have connections to some of these people prior to that and it turned in to a bad roommate situation?

    Also, just to establish perspective, are (or were) any of these characters personally, romantically or sexually related to each other (or you?). Or was it purely online?

    Would also love to hear what you actually mean by this “experiment” you speak of.

    (That was definitely more than one question. But I just read all this and I am curious. Hope you’ll indulge me at least a little bit :-}}

    • Hi Lilaleo,

      Yes, one might even say melodrama…{grin} A whale of a tale but true.

      Back story; the characters in this story came together originally on OpEdNews, a racket run by Rob Kall. It is still up as a web site if you want to check it out.

      I had been posting on the Amazon political forums and was told about OEN, and how the platform allowed for both commentary and authoring of stories, by a comrade I met on Amazoo. I ended up posting commentary on OEN, and was not well liked by Rob Kall, who seemed to immediately feel personally challenged by my commentary. He was at odds with others at well, especially one Mr M, who is credited with coining the “Coalition of the Obvious” label.

      I suppose it was around the end of 2007 that I had begun posting there. By the end of 2008 during the presidential election cycle, things heated up and thermometers began bursting. Kall and his sycophants were Obamy sub-porters, while the budding coto folk saw through the Neurolinguistic psychobabble and pointed out that Barry was just another front-man puppet — and it would be another “meet the new boss” scenario when he was extruded into the White House.

      Just after the election Kall pulled a Stalinist purge; somewhere in excess of 20 commentators were excommunicated from OEN. Almost all of them ended up migrating to COTO, including Scott Creighton. Needless to say, Mr M and I were the first ones to get the ax.

      Puddy Dunne, a talented webmaster put the site together. After a row with a guy called Cinderfella and the females of coto, Cinder was banned, just weeks after the new storefront opened. Scott got into it with ‘the ladies’ over that and quit. Coto also split into C1 and C2, or Cotocrew and Coto Report. C2 was the sister’s site began by Rady Antananda, who had been an editor at OEN that had been collaborating with the underground coto group. Yes all the intrigue of a royal court.

      The only romantic aspect is only suspect, but I think JerseyG and Mr M may have hooked up at one point. But that could just be rumor based on innuendo.

      I don’t think many of the coto people have actually met in real world, so it is just an online thing.


    • “Would also love to hear what you actually mean by this “experiment” you speak of.”~Lilaleo

      That was what ‘BIG SISTER IS WATCHING YOU’ was, a thread I put up on coto. But Big Sister purged it after she realized what I was up to. It is simply an exposition of the workings of the mob-mind. That is what this whole thread is really all about.

      The “experiment” is in deconstructing the dialog of Groupthink that took place on coto, leading up to, during, and after the virtual lynching of yours truly on the ‘Big Sister’ thread/

      So, as I don’t have the original commentary from the Big Sis thread, as it was ‘disappeared’, all I can do is reconstruct it and add the further reactions plus the proximate cause–‘lead up’ dialog.
      The clearest examples above being:

      September 26, 2013 at 12:36 pm |

      September 26, 2013 at 1:28 pm |
      Here is a digest from:


  51. Yeah, people really do not like it when they get outsmarted and exposed for what they are… :-}] Especially the intellectually shallow, hormonally challenged characters like JG.

    Although, it does feel like there’s something a little more twisted than that going on there, but what do I know…

    It’s a shame that you can’t get your big sis thread back… No one archived it???? Having discussed this with someone else in a similar situation before, I think you should be entitled to a copy of at least your own posts as your own intellectual property. I know it won’t be the same without all the exchanges, but….

    Well, I’d say you should count your blessings for having escaped such a dysfunctional relationship. You mention having escaped another “bitch” nine years ago… So, maybe there’s an inherent need in you to actually have a “bitch” character in your life… Even if it’s just to have someone around to eventually bitchslap… ;-}}}}}}

    (I’m just being facetious… I really don’t know you or these people well enough to make such observations… But, that never stops me from trying)

    Thank you for your reply and the backstory. Perspective is important for me to understand better.

    • I should have known better than to leave that Big Sis thread unsaved as long as I did. I should have saved it to file as soon as I revealed it’s purpose was to get their own testimony in their own words.
      Alas I did get the Prologue thread saved to file before the Nanny Nun flushed that one.

      You say; “Although, it does feel like there’s something a little more twisted than that going on there, but what do I know…”

      Well there is the element of the intruder whom I refer to as Maxitwat. And that is a very complex tale, some of which is alluded to on this page, as well as on ‘The Carnival of Maxifuckanus’ — another thread here, that I haven’t the URL of at this moment.

      Maxitwat aka Señor El Once aka Maxwell Bridges, is an entity that has haunted me for close to two years now, a stalking horse intent on defaming me as a ‘government agent’, a liar, and cheater, and any other slander du jour that seems clever. This one started in on me at Truth and Shadows, a blog mainly concerned with 9/11 topics.

      But at any rate; this People Magazine type chit chat has come to bore me at this point of reiteration. I would rather move on to ideas, and leave the personalities behind now.

      Thank you for your interest.


      • Oh, I don’t think you have abused your welcome at all Lilaleo,

        I think we have covered what you were needing for context.
        But if you want to backtrack further I would suggest checking out the Maxifuckanus thread, because that is really where the first entries on the problems with coto were posted.

        Of course if you have questions about anything written here on any subject feel free to ask.


      • I did not want to carry on discussing HR1 vs. wordpress issues on Scott’s blog, so I brought it here. Hope you don’t mind.

        As much as being able to receive notifications when something new is posted would be great, I can certainly live without.

        However, as I occasionally stop by your blog to see what’s going on, unless I happen to remember the comment post count on any of the entries during my previous visit(s), it is impossible to tell if there is anything new unless I click on each entry and scroll to the bottom of the comments.

        You might want to put in a recent posts widget on the page… Or, at least a time/date stamp of the most recent post under each blog entry where it specifies the comment count.

        Lastly, I feel it would be much much clearer if the list of articles at the top of the page appeared in a more legible, plain text format… Unless you have a preference in favor of the relatively raw look of spelled out full http links.

        I don’t mean to assume you don’t know, but in case you don’t, the syntax you’ll find through this link will do the job:

        Click this link for syntax example

        which would change this:

        Declaration of Independence”

        to something like this:

        Conspiracy Theory 101 / Declaration of Independence / Jan 25 2013

        or however you’d like to format the title of the articles.


      • Thank you for your blog advice Lilaleo,

        I am going to have to study up on this. I need to make the site more convenient for myself as well as others, because I have to spend and inordinate amount of time looking to see if anyone has commented here or where, etc.

        Funny thing is this recent comment of yours had to be reapproved — likely because it contained web addresses and other blueline text.

        At any rate, I will look into these suggestions of yours. I might run into a situation where additional functions are only available in one of the “pro-packages” from WordPress. This type of page is the bare-bones free edition. And I frankly cannot afford anything beyond the essentials of life at this point.

        Thank you,

      • Hi Willy. (Funny that you are the Willy here and Scott is the Willy over there)

        Just checked, and seems like “Recent Posts” widget is part of the free package, and it is as easy as a drag’n drop when you are in Dashboard mode, under Appearance/Widgets.

        I am not sure of this part, but I believe the location and the format of how it appears on the page is dependent on the theme in use.

      • Well I went to ‘Appearance’ to ‘Widgets’ and highlighted the contact by email response widget – but I see nothing changed or took.

        I”ll have to read the tutorial and see what I didn’t do to codify my highlight attempt.

        When I figure this all out, I want a new appearance and all the bells and whistles that come with this free package.


      • Great Lilaleo,

        At least I am making some headway in figuring this out.

        And now I presume you have checked that box and have received this comment in your email.



    • Lialeo,

      I see “Notify me of follow-up comments via email” just under the comment box now. Do you?

      Thanks, Willy

      • I see you have been busy with the blog layout… This one is a much better looking one, and it is much easier to navigate… Looking great…

        (I am posting this also to check if I will get an email if i check that box, which I forgot to do last time)

      • Email notification a no go… (just reporting the result of the test… no pressure)

        But, since it says “Notify me of follow-up comments via em” I am wondering if it is limited to replies to just to my post… I couldn’t test that since my comments do not have a Reply option.

        BTW… All this blog-construction chat might be unnecessarily diluting your COTO thread… Let me know if you wanna carry on with these exchanges on another page.

      • “BTW… All this blog-construction chat might be unnecessarily diluting your COTO thread… Let me know if you wanna carry on with these exchanges on another page.”

        No this is fine right on this page…I have a feeling your guess as to why the email didn’t send is right…

        Yea, I like the look better, and the navigation has some batter options too.


      • So Lilaleo,

        If you are still dropping by let me ask you;

        What do you think of Scott {Everyman}’s mode of argumentation on the LAST conversation we had on this thread:

        You haven’t noticed that the rule there is you kiss his ass and agree with everything he says or your a stupid asshole? He grows a garden of sycophants and yes-men. Trims those hedges well he does.


      • You know Lilaleo,

        I would be inclined to agree with Scott Creighton about his PETN hypothesis, as it all seems quite reasonable. But a lot of theories can seem reasonable, or plausible but for one fatal flaw – lack of exclusive evidence. By that term ‘exclusive’, I mean evidence that can only be interpreted in that single fashion.

        This is how persuasive rhetorical arguments are built; by a series of plausible suppositions that seem so very reasonable in such a presentation. Even the nuclear and DEW hypotheses are “reasonable” on those terms. Where they both fail is in lack of DIRECT EVIDENCE.

        Scott draws upon the RJ Lee Report on the WTC Dust. They discovered the metallic microspheres that indicates massive heat. So it would be the obvious next step to do the analysis seeking the PETN degradation products; PETriN, PEDiN and PEMN. But nothing is mentioned in the report as to finding such products.

        Some might argue that the RJ Lee technicians wouldn’t be looking for PETN, that no one suspected explosive demolition at the time of their assessment. But in fact the RJ Lee mandate was to analyse the dust for what ever findings it would show – an open ended mandate. They were looking for everything and anything.

        They certainly found something odd and suspicious in the metallic microspheres, and were then obviously aware of incredible heat being involved in the destructive process. But things they did not find were; PETN degradation products, or indications of radioactive products.

        Scott is perfectly willing to rely on the report – but only up to the point where it becomes a deficit to his theory. And that deficit is in the thorough analysis published, showing all of the chemical elements and their relationships in the dust and water samples.
        No markers for PETriN  (pentaerythritol trinitrate) nor, PEDiN (pentaerythritol dinitrate)
        nor, PEMN (pentaerythritol mononitrate), and certainly not PETN itself.

        Having read the report and understanding the thoroughness of the procedures involved, the lack of such findings seem to me to indicate very strongly that those products were not there.

        So where does that leave us? With the one study, using just as sophisticated technologies that did find explosive residual materials; the Jones-Harrit Report on the discovery of ‘nano milled thermitic material’ – the only empirical physical evidence to date of explosives in the WTC Dust.

        I am left with the proposition of an exotic solgel, until further developments prove different.


      • Scott makes the point on his PETN thread that fires are always considered “criminal investigations” for forensic investigation. But this reference is to the RJ Lee analysis of the WTC Dust. They are not bound by the laws of criminal investigation as are police and fire officials.

        RJ Lee were investigating for a private client, an insurance firm which would be liable for certain properties in and around WTC. It is also highly doubtful that their analysis would not have brought to light the PETN residues. Regardless of Scott’s arguments to the contrary.

        It gets really frustrating arguing with people who just want to win, whether they are really right or not.


      • Just finished reading the ones from T&S, willyloman and P4T. Balsamo’s a nasty fuck. Scott, at least he’ll keep the debate open and Craig seems to be too nice a guy. Us sock puppets want to nominate “Ed The Sock” for next president. He’s a lot funnier than “W” and “W” was serious but then what can you expect from a dyed in the wool clown. He’s a much more gifted orator the OBUMMER and he doesn’t lie, he means it. He could use maxitwatimus as his groom of the stool, he’s already an ass licker. He wouldn’t need to bring soap and water, just mouthwash

      • Hi HR1,

        I really haven’t had time to participate in any blog discussions lately due to heavy load of work… As I like to say, “I am self employed, and my boss is an asshole”. So, it’s the first time since a while ago that I am visiting HR1 blog.

        I did follow the PETN discussion. To be honest, the ultra-technical aspects of the whole thing are not only above my pay grade, but also, I do not have much interest in it. I certainly do value the research others have done on the nitty gritty of how the buildings were brought down… But, philosophically speaking, it really doesn’t matter how exactly they did it. One would think that just the sheer physical impossibility of a spontaneous collapse (or rather three spontaneous collapses) would have been enough for foul play to be damn apparent to even the dumbest ass out there. I really don’t need to know the exact secrets of the trick to know that the illusionist did not really cut his assistant’s body in half.

        As for your questions and comments about Scott…

        Scott is what Scott does… Scott is what Scott writes… Scott is WYSWYG…

        I know I have a decade and a half to catch up with your odometer, but, at 50 years of age, I have learned to value this kind of open, sincere and genuine personalities (online and offline) as opposed to the ocean of slime most of us spend a lot of energy just to manage to not drown in it. Even when I do not necessarily agree with him, or find his replies and reactions a little overboard, I have a lot of affection for his character and his convictions, and I genuinely value the fact that his writing, his opinions and he, as a person, don’t seem to be compromised in any shape or form… At least not by any outside forces… And, that, my friend, is a very rare thing to come by these days. And, that is why I have stuck around at his site, and that is why I will read everything he writes.

        I think I can see the source of your frustration. You are trying to adhere to scientific standards where a theory, no mater how much sense it might make, is only as good as the evidence that supports it. And Scott’s tone of utter certainty goes against the grain of peer reviewed science… Fair enough… At the same time, the “proof” or the evidence you seek which might allow you to accept the theory is not available, will not be available… If any real evidence did exist and it did somehow surface, the “gatekeeper truthers” and the alphabet agencies will certainly destroy it, discredit it, debunk it with logical fallacies, confiscate it, kill for it, die for it… So, if I needed to bet, my money would be on the fact that you shall never have the proof you seek.

        This is not like an episode of Love Boat when all the sub stories get neatly wrapped up at the end. The 9/11operation, or any of these false flags and psyops for that matter, are always live… As one of the biggest most obvious false flags in history, I am imagining there being huge teams of operatives actively covering up, destroying or manufacturing evidence, murdering, threatening and intimidating victims and compromised operatives, and constantly and perpetually altering and deleting historical records, documents and anything else they might feel is in their way until everyone involved is long dead or the chain of culpability is forever destroyed. There are two ways state secrets can be exposed: Revolution (bloody) or invasion (bloodier). Even then, people, organizations and governments who sit on this kind of data must have certainly devised a way to destroy it all if and when it becomes apparent that they will lose.

        I am sorry I cannot comment on, or argue for or against the specific reports, explosives, taggants, etc. as it is not my area of any level of expertise. But, I do consider myself somewhat of an expert on “people”, with half a century of field experience. So, let Scott be Scott… He is a good man… Perhaps imperfect like all the rest of us… But, he is a good man, he does not compromise, and he tries his best… More than i could say about most people out there.

  52. “Moreover, when some scientists seemingly were endorsing the official version, in many cases what was happening was they were given a stilted premise and money to prove its plausibility. “Why, sure, I can draw a plausible connection between tritium levels draining from the WTC and airplane exit signs, weapons sights, and time pieces.” Such stilted scopes at the onset does not mean that their fine work documents the truth. //”~Señor El Once
    OCTOBER 23, 2013 – 2:23 PM
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    THIS is a provocation. One would have to understand the complex nature of the situation between myself and this entity calling itself, Señor El Once, to grasp the subtext here that is aimed at me for a reaction on that blog. Which would give the entity another excuse to go into his carousel of maxifarting again.

    It is in his references to “tritium levels” and his assertions to “stilted scopes,” that is meant to prompt a reply from myself that he can piggyback another ultra-verbose tirade onto.

    He might even be slimy enough to read these remarks here, and then take them over to that thread and do it anyway. As I know he shadows these pages as well. Aye Maxitwat?


    • Actually Veri,

      Maxitwat has posted several comments that have not been and will not be approved.

      He was one of the first to comment when I first posted the Brutal Frank thread. He was gushing praise. But as you know his MO as well as I do, if I approved one of his comments, I would forever more be plagued by his thousand word rhetorical blasts that I would have to then go into the moderation page to get them back down.

      Yes, I decided it wouldn’t be worth what would surely turn into an editing nightmare.
      At any rate, you know and I know he is a slinking spook, and totally untrustworthy.


      • Come to think of it, I do remember something of it in the beginning. Glad you’ve got your trigger finger on the delete button in regards to him/it. Wonder what kinds of hanky panky twat’s doing over on coto and when jerseyjerk’ll nail the button on that.

  53. “Ergo, the moral of this story is that sincere 9/11 truth seekers should be mindful of the errant, but as of yet unsaved, nuggets of truth in newly labeled “disinformation” sources, such as Ms. Honegger’s work. Do not be too swift in REJECTING ALL OF THEIR WORK in one fell swoop.”~Señor El Once on September 13, 2013 at 5:39 pm

    Of course, Mr Ruff, who this “moral” is aimed at, has the right to denounce Honegger as a disinformist nevertheless. In doing so he isn’t necessarily “REJECTING ALL OF THEIR WORK in one fell swoop.” In fact no one on the thread at Truth and Shadows who are calling out Honegger on her bullshit are rejecting all of her work. Much of that work is standard logical 9/11 conclusions…but it is not exclusive to Honegger, and there is the point…these so called “nuggets of truth” are available from others who don’t mix bullshit into the mix.
    So the “moral” of Maxitwat’s story is after all, groundless and ill-conceived, just like the bulk of his/her’s argumentum verbosum*.

    { *Argumentum verbosium is a form of Argument from Intimidation – in this case, by being incredibly verbose, using a plethora of complex words to make one’s case.}


      • “Juvenile, stupid, and hilarious”….hahaha…yea I can relate to that when I encounter the MAXITWATAMUS and his perpetual “sock puppet” routine.

        Thanks for the pause for refreshing humor Verity. So, how is that aircraft interior coming..I hear you are loosing your sox over it…er no that would be ‘shirt’ woontit.


  54. That too. be glad to be back to the fast easy work. Ya gotta give the twat one thing. He’s provided us a good straight “er” thing to play off of. Between you and I, we’ve come up with some good one liner stuff that’s had me in stitches from time to time.

  55. Well the Maxitwat has got a temperature and is foaming at the mouth on Truth and Shadows again…as if anybody else there gives a shit about our differences. He even brought up the old bullshit about A Wright being my sock-puppet again – now according to el Twistifart, I have two sock-puppets,,,You, Veri, and the Wright thing.

    I tell ya, this entity Senora Bimbolooney is a full on psycho. Probably has his mamma stuffed and sitting in a rocking chair in his attic.


    • What do ya expect from some/it who’s KO shot is hitting below the belt. Have you heard this one?
      “How to put someone in real estate?”
      ” Kick him in the balls”
      “Give him two achers”
      This is fun, taunt the asshole and don’t have to “not” read his 2000 word inane retort.

  56. “One final thought returning to your frequency of postings. It deserves to go down even further on T&S and increase significantly on your blog, now that you have such a wonderful “wacky wanking” blog to capture the witticisms of others that you feel compelled to post & share. Focus. On your blog. Not here.”~The Maxitwat

    Now this is the summation of a comment that begins with a quote from Balsamo:

    “who made you King of the debate?”

    The utter fuming hypocrisy of the twatboy is astounding. He acts as the thread monitor with his diktat, but accuses me of acting like king of the blog there. Like Adam Ruff says; the twatboy is a “jerk.”


  57. A Belated Official Theory of Thermite as Cause of WTC Destruction:

    This is a curious paper claiming that “thermite” was created by the mix of materials of the building materials and melted aluminum aircraft. And this was what caused the violent explosive destruction of the towers.


  58. LympHoManiac

    So recently some psychokiller stalker publishes my personal email account on COTO.
    I put a message up to the administrators of the site to remove it. Nothing happens, so I end up sending an email to JG, asking her to remove my email address from that page. The bitch tells me, it’s my fault for taunting this lunatic who has since threatened to look me up for a personal “talk”…{yea right} …

    So I send another email to Deb at

    As it has been almost a week now, I thought I would return the favor.


  59. Hi Lilaleo,

    I just got back to this page today and found your comment of November 19, 2013 at 5:34 pm.

    Thank you for a well thought out and expressed commentary. I hope you don’t get the wrong impression as to how I view Scott. I see him much as you do, as a benefit and a truth teller.

    I think Scott has more of a problem with me, than I do with him. I didn’t leave his forum in a huff really. I am just giving him his space for awhile. I did continue a discussion with Allende A. on the Evergreen thread. But that came to resolution, and a new debate started on T&S that has kept me quite occupied.

    I have also began composing music again after a long hiatus. I find that a refreshing development inspired by the work of Dave Porter, who did the score for BREAKING BAD. His style is very much up my alley; the same genre. I suppose ‘Industrial House Minimalist’ or something on that order might describe it.

    I am glad you drop by from time to time, I have enjoyed our conversations.


    • “I think Scott has more of a problem with me, than I do with him.”


      If I may say as a friendly note, everyone seems to have more of a problem with you than you have with them. I am not even gonna go in to why I feel this may be so, because I sense that you already know… And, as you have expressed on a few occasions in the past, you don’t really “give a shit” about what people think about you… :-]]

      So, when you adopt a tone deaf argumentative persona and ignore people’s reactions to (mostly) your language, and you don’t give a shit, It just creates a cycle of feedback inhibition that gets out of hand on hot topic discussions. Especially with people who have steadfast with their convictions and don’t easily get intimidated by “language”.

      On a side note, I did get a notification email this morning when you posted your JFK article(s). So, seems like new post notifications seem to be working, but comment posting notifications don’t.

      And yes, I do stop by occasionally to sniff around, but haven’t had much time lately to participate in any discussions.

      Until next time, take care.

      • Hi Lilaleo,

        I tried to send a couple mp3s to you but the email address for you here doesn’t arrive.

        If you want to leave your email here and not have it posted, just send a couple of URLs along with it, and I will have to moderate…and won’t but will pick up your address.

        Thanks, Willy

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