Carnival d’Maxifuckanus

Carnival d’Maxifuckanus


It was a year ago this January that I first began posting on the blog, Truth and Shadows

Within the very first exchanges on the blog, the anonymous poster using the moniker, Señor el Once aka Maxwell Bridges began trying to frame me as a “government agent” – calling me a “NSA ‘Q Team’ Agent”…Whatever that is supposed to mean.

I looked it up on the web one day out of curiosity. *The only thing I found was a bowling team for NSA called Q-Team or Team-Q…something like that.

*[Note: I have since found two mentions of this on the Internet – pages that not longer seem active. The term is “Q-group”]


Projection it is said, is the best shield of a spook.

No one knows who this operator is, or if there isn’t a whole agency there I am dealing with. All the things I am accused of are likely what he or they are doing.

The point was obvious from the start. This anonymous entity is the cops, out to spot bloggers who are well informed and capable of lucid argumentation.

He/they have got some very deep games, and can be very convincing to the uninformed.


The most recent encounter on Truth and Shadows found this in the commentary:


> “I called Mr. Rogue repeatedly a liar, a cheat, and agent”~Señor El Once – MARCH 4, 2013 – 1:13 PM




> “This is what the ignorant cheat and liar, Agent Rogue, wants us to believe to.”~Señor El Once

MARCH 4, 2013 – 7:30 PM


We will come back to more about this thread in a moment, but first a bit of background, as this has been over the course of more than a year, and the situation has spread beyond just that blog, but has infected my home blog of COTO. And even the way in which this came about is now a manufactured controversy, with this unknown entity giving a revisionist version of the actual history of the whole affair.


There is a larger picture to grasp here. It has to do with a group or groups of moles that were injected into the 9/11 Truth Movement. These are double-agents, not the open shills and stooges that argue for the Official Story, but those who bring the ‘manufactured controversy’, what I have dubbed The New Wave 9/11 Movement, an organized PSYOP of apparently vast resources and departments.


I have written about this in articles and notes to be found at the following links:


The ‘Señor’ entity is mainly involved in the last entry, on the topic of DEW and Nukes as responsible for the destruction of the WTC complex on 9/11. This has been the topic of our dispute. Although the entity formerly championed the No-Planes theory for a time, and gave credence to the Video Fakery camp for some time as well. These ‘giving ins’ are, as I see it, a ‘schmooze campaign’, a technique of the ‘confidence racket’. It lends the sheen of being “open minded,” – and this entity I speak of has used that very boast as ‘ammo’ in current commentary.


The latest from the entity – MARCH 5, 2013 – 7:05 PM:

. . . . .

Agent Rogue writes the following hypnotic PR assertion:


The whole thing hangs on the fact that there simply was no appreciable radiation.


Nope, it does not. Agent Rogue ignores…


1- the correlation of elements in the dust that spell out fission.

2- the massive energy requirements of sudden pulverization.

3- the pulverized remains.

4- the duration of under-rubble hot-spots.

5- the damage to distant vehicles along Broadway and in the park lot.

6- the damage to Banker’s Trust eventually leading to its demolition despite having been “fixed”.

7- the first-responder ailments.

8- the security around the WTC.

9- the rapid destruction of evidence.

10- the lack of testing on the evidence.

11- the elevated tritium levels.

12- the relatively low decibel measurements during the destruction (e.g., can’t be brissant explosives).


Agent Rogue makes his living by saying “no” and ridiculing other’s work. He fails to provide adequate substantiation for his own theories…”

. . . . .

This is absolutely untrue, I have indeed addressed every one of these dozen points in detail and many times over, in fact several in the very thread that this nonsense is posted to. This is why I refer to the tactic this entity uses as a ‘carousel’ – it goes ’round and ’round and never acknowledges that I have in fact addressed the points. And it is THAT technique that is the spiraling hypnotic chant.


1] There is no “correlation of elements in the dust that spell out fission” – no actual correlation has been put forth other than assertions that those elements being present together must mean something, regardless of the fact that they are all ubiquitous in the environment generally. And in fact on MARCH 5, 2013 – 5:14 PM – I give a detailed run down on those elements and how they relate or not to the event, and in which ways they do or don’t. My post was up less than an hour before the entity makes the first charge above.


2 and 3] “the massive energy requirements of sudden pulverization,” “the pulverized remains,” both are exaggerated by dismissing the fact of the actual character of the “pulverization,” which simply was not as complete to ‘dust’ as is posited by the parties who promote these exotic weapons.




It seems that the 9/11 truth community likewise “has been slow to

understand” that the WTC dust particles in greatest abundance

are the “supercoarse” variety rather than “fine” particles, and

that significant chunks of concrete were also found in the WTC



A previously published study of the WTC dust noted: “The

environmental science community has been slow to understand that

the acute health effects were attributable to a complex mixture of

gases and particles and that the particles in greatest abundance

(mass) in the dust were the unregulated supercoarse (>10-μmdiam)

particles, not the fine (<2.5-μm-diam) or coarse (2.5–10-μmdiam)

particles that are typically measured.”

ure_lioy.html ] Their supportive data are shown in the table at that URL.


As we examined the WTC-debris sample*, we found large

chunks of concrete (irregular in shape and size, one was

approximately 5cm X 3 cm X 3cm) as well as medium-sized pieces

of wall-board (with the binding paper still attached). Thus, the

pulverization was in fact NOT to fine dust, and it is a false

premise to start with near-complete pulverization to fine powder

(as might be expected from a mini-nuke or a “star-wars” beam

destroying the Towers). Indeed, much of the mass of the

MacKinlay sample was clearly in substantial pieces of concrete

and wall-board rather than in fine-dust form.”~Jones – Jan 2007.

[*MacKinlay at 113 Liberty Street, just across from the South



4] “the duration of under-rubble hot-spots.” – Can the nano-thermites explain the hot spots?


Yes. Since these products are capable of melting both concrete and steal, and supply their own oxygen source, I think nano-thermites can explain the hot spots.


As the obvious goal was to totally destroy the towers, I think the destruction was designed in such a way as the evidence would “eat itself” with this extended burn within the rubble. I don’t think it is ‘happenstance’ that there is unreacted thermites in the dust – I think the contingencies were well thought out and the results witnessed and documented were purposely planned for.


How this was accomplished is a matter of refining postulates that take a good deal of explanation, previously addressed:


Rubble Hot Spots:


Anyone who has watched I fire in a fireplace should understand the physics of what a chaotic wandering flare will act like; how a piece of paper can suddenly flame up from heat in the ashes.

We are not dealing with a packed fuse situation in the rubble pile.


In a sense one could say that with these new chemically nano milled metals, and the addition of various gels and even biological material, a sort of ‘time-release capsule’ can be created, useful in propellent design – but can reach out to other tasks as well, such as simply growing ‘warm’ in a sort of slow motion reaction…or reacting so quickly that it can create an open field implosion, such as the so-called fuel-air bombs, known to have been used in Iraq that creates a vacuum within the blast zone as if the area itself is a chamber.


It is when an explosive material is ‘salted’ throughout a salad of other material and items that the efficiency is lessened. The point I make in the mix scenario is not “burn-rate” which is only correct in a continuous ‘burn scenario’ and that is the whole point – wandering smolder throughout — not a continuous burn.



As for the effects of heat, the products of the pyrolysis of 1,3-DPP at 375°C are styrene and toluene, in equal amounts (Poutsma and Dyer 1982). This can occur directly in the dry composite (Kidder et al. 2005). Additionally, high temperature oxidation of toluene is known to produce benzene (Brezinsky et al. 1984).

The spikes in VOC detection could also be explained as a result of the rapid combustion of typical materials found within a building structure. If energetic nanocomposite materials, buried within the pile at GZ, were somehow ignited on specific dates (Table 1), violent, shortlived, and possibly explosive fires would result. Such fires would have quickly consumed all combustible materials nearby. The combustible materials available, after a month or two of smoldering fires in the pile, might have been more likely to be those that were less likely to have burned completely on earlier dates, like plastics. Later combustion of such plastic materials, in violent but short-lived fires, could explain the spikes in VOCs seen on those

dates.”~Ryan et al


Understand that a ‘burn-rate’ of a material is not the same as a ‘burn case scenario’:


A “scenario’ implies a variety of circumstances, and in the case of the rubble pile a exponentially chaotic and complex theater – A ‘rating’ defines one single controlled circumstance.



5] “ the damage to distant vehicles along Broadway and in the park lot.” – These vehicles were not damaged at these distant points but were towed there to make way for the clean-up crews and dumptrucks. See: [reference] Dr. Greg Jenkins, “The Overwhelming Implausibility of Using Directed Energy Beams to Demolish the World Trade Center”, Journal of 9/11 Studies, Volume 8 (February, 2007)


[reference] Supplemental: Miscellaneous Topics DEW-Demolition Contrary Evidence

Also: Forensic Metallurgy


Metallurgical Examination of WTC Steel Suggests Explosives


Eutectic corrosion is typically a chemical attack, the rate being affected by many factors such as temperature, pressure, chemistry, presence of wear, etc.


6] “the damage to Banker’s Trust eventually leading to its demolition despite having been “fixed”

This is pure supposition and nothing but hypothetical hyperbole.


7] “the first-responder ailments.” – This point is addressed *in the very thread I am accused of ignoring this issue; Extreme Toxicity of the WTC Dust is due to its Nano-Particulate Nature:


*Asbestos in the WTC Dust was reduced to thin bundles and fibrils as opposed to the complex particles found in a building having asbestos-containing surfacing materials. Gypsum in the WTC Dust is finely pulverized to a degree not seen in other building debris. Mineral wool fibers have a short and fractured nature that can be attributed to the catastrophic collapse. *Lead was present as ultra fine spherical particles. Some particles show evidence of being exposed to a conflagration such as spherical metals and silicates, and vesicular particles (round open porous structure having a Swiss cheese appearance as a result of boiling and evaporation). -Materials transformed by high temperature (burning). These transformed materials include: spherical iron particles, spherical and vesicular silicates, and vesicular carbonaceous particles. These heat processed constituents are rarely, if ever, found together with mineral wool and gypsum in “typical” indoor dusts.”

~RJ Lee report


This stuff was a caustic as Drano. Asbestos can cause some types of lymphoma and the towers were full of it. [*MARCH 5, 2013 – 9:30 AM]


8 – 9] “the security around the WTC. the rapid destruction of evidence.” – This point has no bearing to a “nuclear event” to exclusivity, these policies were to hide the evidence of chemical explosives, arguing otherwise must be attended by proofs of a nuclear event beyond this secondary assertion.


10] “the lack of testing on the evidence.” – I presume the entity called ‘senor’ means the lack of tests for other residues while Jones and his team were testing for Thermite. Jones and his team had already good reason to seek out the thermite as their previous tests indicated that this was what the material was they had detected. Plus it should be noted that Jones did personally check the dust, and also a steel beam he had access to for residual radiation, and found none.


11] “the elevated tritium levels.” – Tritium has been addressed ad nauseum.; especially on the page where this is again breached. There was simply none beyond an astronomically minuscule amount of radiation.



12] “the relatively low decibel measurements during the destruction (e.g., can’t be brissant explosives).” – It is IMPOSSIBLE to measure dB from sound recordings, and I have explained this over and again when this silly proposition has been put forward. I have also pointed out the ‘ear witness’ testimony, which fills the record with reports of “explosions” “bombs going off” “three loud booms” “bang bang bang” “like when they set off charges around a building for demolition”. Simply hundreds of such testimonials from those near the area, and many from those actually in the towers while the initial charges were going off.


458 thoughts on “Carnival d’Maxifuckanus

  1. I note that this is a work in progress, and that the body of it will be expanded in the main article as time permits.


    • Carnival
      Italian carnevale, alteration of earlier carnelevare, literally, removal of meat, from carne flesh (from Latin carn-, caro) + levare to remove, from Latin, to raise.
      First Known Use: 1549


    Of course what this anonymous entity calling itself ‘Señor El Once’ aka ‘Maxwell Bridges’ and who knows what else, was the source of many of my posts to his Nookiedoodoo thread – taken from his latest Defamation Jamboree on Truth and Shadows:

    So Maxmixer drops his phony veneer of ‘gentleman scholar’ with this:
    . . . . .
    FEBRUARY 25, 2013 – 3:36 PM:
    “And I am defaming you, Mr. fookin’ no-nookin’ a$$hole Rogue.”

    FEBRUARY 27, 2013 – 1:25 PM:
    “Let me put this in a form that your simple mind will understand: Fuck you, Mr. Rogue, and your bullshit chowder about defamation of Dr. Jones.”
    ” I call him “simple-minded” with respect to nukes and write “fuck you, Mr. Rogue” (because I know him so well.)”

    FEBRUARY 28, 2013 – 7:50 PM:
    “ write on COTO & here about “the true nature of things”, then WTF? You’re not just being a clueless idiot; you’re being a purposeful a$$hole whose motives we’ll need to question for why you are here… in overbearing quantities.”

    MARCH 3, 2013 – 8:28 PM:
    “I called Mr. Rogue a liar, a cheat, and agent, and I stand by that assessment.”
    “Because Agent Rogue’s superiors were not satisfied that his ad hominem against me would be adequate..”
    “Liar, cheat, and Agent that Mr. Rogue is…”
    “Were he not a liar, a cheat, and an agent, Mr. Rogue would have seen the light a long time ago.”
    “Agent Rogue, where’s your little pincer buddy Mr. A Wright?”

    MARCH 4, 2013 – 1:13 PM:
    “I called Mr. Rogue repeatedly a liar, a cheat, and agent… each with substantiation. So desperately does Agent Rogue desire the last word to solidify his dominance, he proves again what a liar, cheat, and agent he is.”
    “it is more of a question of Agent Rogue failing an integrity test”
    “Mr. Rogue continues playing the agent to suppress nuclear means-&-methods by spouting the lie..”
    ” just him demonstrating what a lying cheat he is.”
    “Lying, cheating agent Rogue wants to keep framing things as minuscule and “a trillionth” and to steer readers into believing it means “nothing” and is equivalent to “zero.”

    MARCH 4, 2013 – 7:30 PM:
    “Agent Rogue does not disappoint us with a further example of his lying and cheating ways.”
    “But because he is an agent with an agenda to PREVENT knowledge of nuclear means-&-methods..”
    “And of course, this is the song-and-dance that Dr. Jones enlightens us with to “prove” that fission or fusion nukes weren’t used. This is what the ignorant cheat and liar, Agent Rogue, wants us to believe to.”
    ” here is a “fucking lie” from Agent Rogue;
    [So rather than there being LESS radioactivity from a Neutron type device we have enhanced radiation.]”
    “Gloating Agent Rogue, as is true to his lying and cheating ways..”
    “It ain’t as cheatin’, lyin’ Agent Rogue frames it..”
    “Agent Rogue is just paid not to see it, and to pull any trick he can to prevent others from seeing the truth, too.”
    “When an agent is paid to promote an agenda, he can never admit fault or error; he can never give an inch; he can never allow his target (e.g., me) the last word on the agenda topic; he has to dominate the forum; he will pull out every nasty trick in the book in order to hold the line given by the agenda…”
    “Mr. Rogue isn’t free to think for himself or to consider drawing different trend lines through the data points that are present. Agents never tire of going through the same merry-go-round points over-and-over, which Mr. Rogue has done not just with me, but with fellow agents Mr. A.Wright, Mr. TamborineMan, etc.”
    “I stand by by assessment that Mr. Rogue is a liar, a cheat, and an agent, as well as being an asshole. I’m sorry. The luster of having an agent as a sounding board has wore off; Mr. Rogue belongs back on this COTO crew-cut home court.”

    MARCH 5, 2013 – 5:23 PM:
    “Agent Rogue demonstrates that he is a convincing liar and cheat..”
    ” Mr. Rogue being a liar, a cheat, and an agent.”
    “Why is Agent Rogue defending Dr. Jones so viciously?”

    MARCH 5, 2013 – 3:28 PM:
    ” Mr. Rogue is a liar, a cheat, and an agent.”
    “Weasel, weasel, weasel! My, does Agent Rogue squirm!”
    “And before I forget, here’s another example of Agent Rogue’s fucking “genius”
    “Agent Rogue proves that he was lying about being a “genius” in any subject at any point in his life.”
    “proving what a lying fucking cheat Agent Rogue is!”
    ” Mr. Rogue, you are and have been T&S’s govt infiltration, no doubt.”
    “[*Ear-to-ear grin with middle-fingers raised in an appreciative salute to Agent Rogue*]”

    MARCH 5, 2013 – 7:05 PM:
    ” TEN-TO-ONE!!! Agent Rogue never shuts the fuck up!!!”
    “Agent Rogue makes his living by saying “no” and ridiculing other’s work.”
    “Agent Rogue and his clackerless cowbell needs to be put out to pasture.”
    “Agent Rogue may technically have his own blog, but if he doesn’t use it, he’s a liar to even consider himself a blogger.”
    “P.S. Agent Rogue acts the innocent: “NSA ‘Q Team’ Agent… Whatever in the fuck that is supposed to mean.” It was explained several times, thereby proving Agent Rogue lied about being a genius artist among countless other lies to steer this forum.”
    . . . . . . . .
    “Because Agent Rogue’s superiors were not satisfied that his ad hominem against me would be adequate..”~Anonymous Entity known as ‘Señor’

    The staggering hypocrisy of a complaint of “ad hominem” – after reading the ungodly list of ad hominem ‘Señor spewed onto the forum at Truth and Shadows, is a tell for anyone with the slightest lucidity.

    I do believe this anonymous entity should take on a new assignment and keep his filth off of COTO.
    . . . . .

    I posted this reply to the URL above, that led to an Anal Hurlant of defamation and slurs against my self. So I repeated some of what he had done on Truth and Shadows in the same manner.
    . . . . .
    HOWEVER; a few comments later I went back to the link for Maxifucks story on COTO and found this:

    Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.
    . . . . .
    So I assume Puddy or JG deleted the vile thing.


  3. “Lest there be any doubt, I’m a religious zealot, so therefore have some carousel parallels, but the difference is I’m religiously fanatical about TRUTH.”~the entity called, Señor El Once

    There can be no doubt that this creature is a “zealot.” It is the question of it being fanatical about TRUTH. Which is shown to be a lie when first and foremost the rhetoric from this entity is ‘False Witness’ against an innocent – myself.

    These accusations that I am an “Agent” are preposterously scurrilous. the entity’s “proofs” of such are simply the spinning delusions of a maniac, OR a PSYOP tactic.

    Whatever it is, I don’t care. It has projected all that it is upon me. Whether this is an individual psycho, or a product of CONTEL is irrelevant to me. All I know is that it is supreme bullshit.

    Whatever this entity is, it should drop off the planet and go to Hell where it came from.


  4. This anonymous entity called Senor el Once is a professional character assassin. Disingenuous rhetoric – word voodoo – bullshit, is all this crankshaft has.

    Señor El Once – March 7, 2013 – 4:10 pm says:
    “Dear Mr. Ruff,
    Proving yourself a liar, too, because you said you didn’t read my postings and that they didn’t merit responses. Whatever. I won’t make hay on your backpeddling and will do you the favor of a serious response.”
    . . . . . . . . . .

    Max is acting as though we don’t have the right to change our minds when we are unhappy with a product or deal we have entered into.

    This is the same attitude we are taught to put up with in this vile system…that you have some special obligation to live up to your end of the bargain, no matter how crappy the merchandise.
    The bottom line here is Max spent some fifty bucks or so on a book, that he “gifted”[1], for either a ‘good-bad-ugly’ review, or pay him for the book.

    After realizing what was inside THE BOOK, I decided that I wasn’t going to waste my time dealing with what was essentially a scam on the part of Max. I was assured that the book had information beyond what I had already discovered on the Wood website. Max’s assurances were utter bullshit. As he admitted himself, the only thing new is a couple of charts and a ‘nice’ little plastic card illustrating the WTC complex and numbering the buildings [whoopty-fuckin-doo].

    Max fucked himself trying to corral me. I don’t buy into this bullshit system that he is trying to lay on my head. What is just and fair is not always “living up to agreements”. This is EST conditioning bullshit – this is “business as usual” – this is TV World plastic morality, this is voluntarily giving into Shylock his ‘pound of flesh’ – this is Zionist scam artist trickery…

    To sum up; this is the mindset of a chump.

    I offered to send the book back to Max. It was in perfect condition, like new. And if this item is such a ‘valuable’ item, such an essential tool of knowledge, he should have been happy to get it back into his hands – for surely there are others deserving of this ‘great fount of knowledge’.

    Max had the chance to recoup whatever loss he incurred, he is the one who turned down that chance. His “loss” is due to his own choice.

    But further; I charge that his actions were those of a High Pressure Salesman.
    I charge that he used False Advertising. I charge that he is now using the same underhanded tactics in his High Pressure Defamation attack on me. And I charge that this all was a set-up from the very beginning.


    • As Mr Adam Ruff and I are both publicly known as who we are, and the fact that the anonymous entity makes public defamation of both of us, myself in great particulars; I say the time has arrived for the entity to be identified as to who he actually is.

      Shall we proceed to go forward with this process of identification Seenyor?


  5. Ruffadam on MARCH 9, 2013 – 8:26 AM Says:
    “For the record I skipped right past SEO’s and TM’s most recent posts and will not be reading them at all. I will henceforth treat Judy Wood supporters, nuke supporters, video fakery supporters, and hollogram supporters the way I treat the Mormon missionaries that come to my door now and then. In other words I am not going to answer the door.”

    By, “SEO” Mr Ruff speaks of “Senor el Once”, and TM is Tamborine Man, another fruitloop of a different flavor than SEO. TM is off on some woowoo mystical tour of totally irrelevant fantasy jabber that is meant to derail any reasonable and rational discussion. Like SEO, this twinkle-toed twat has been after my blood for months. He came in as a back-up group with Fetzer. He plays the part of Fetzer’s lapdog. He is so ridiculous I rarely pay attention or acknowledge his presence.

    I begin to wonder…that I am such a ‘high value target’ that these COINTELPRO type ops are seemingly aimed specifically at me. Not a pleasant thought, considering the depravity of this system.
    Too late to worry about it now – I’ve been out of the closet as a dissident, and opponent of this criminal syndicate parading as “the government” for years and years. What would I do now? Turn around and say, “oh I was just kidding, I LOVE you warmongering motherfuckers”? Hahahaha…sure. Fuck’m.


  6. Señor El Once Replies to Mr Ruff on MARCH 9, 2013 – 2:29 PM:

    “Bravo, Mr. RuffAdam! Bravo!
    Way to go and shoot a hole in your credibility, reputation, and foot with that excellent exposition of Amerikana Ignorance and burying your head in the sand!

    I don’t blame Mr. Ruff for not doing any legwork to substantiate or debunk the hypothesis that I champion, which involve Dr. Wood and nukes, because that can be a time suck.

    But to admit skipping right passed my postings, not reading them, and with a promise never to read them, why that takes the cake in setting new standards about what constitutes intelligent & rational debate. A “belief” in what caused the WTC destruction that is so iron-clad and foolproof, it can’t stand having inconvenient evidence and analysis presented that would ruffle feathers.

    “Ignorance is Strength.”

    If Mr. Ruff is inclined to give his MVP a hand or even a vote of moral support, he does him (or this forum) no favors.

    …… …… ….. …..
    And my reply to the maniacal anonymous entity is such:

    MARCH 9, 2013 – 3:58 PM:

    The anonymous entity called “Señor” says on MARCH 9, 2013 – 2:29PM:
    > “If Mr. Ruff is inclined to give his MVP a hand or even a vote of moral support, he does him (or this forum) no favors.”

    Oh to the contrary, Mr Ruff is well respected here and on many other blogs.

    It is preposterous for this anonymous entity to pretend to speak to; “what constitutes intelligent & rational debate”. It is equally absurd to assert that Mr Ruff would be missing anything of substance by ignoring the blathering of “Señor” and this TM character.

    To make the assertion that anyone is ignorant of the facts concerning 9/11 because they have rejected Wood’s pseudoscience, is in itself good enough reason to ignore these ranting lunatic ravings of this entity the so called “Señor”.

    It speaks as if all of the evidence Wood presents is her exclusive discovery. All of the data and information is in the 9/11 record itself. It is the spin of her presentation of such evidence that is her own production. There is nothing original there but her wanked out slant.
    And again, this sales pitch that one must have THE BOOK, is false advertising, a scam and a con.

    This entity called “Señor” is a vicious character assassin, if you don’t buy it’s bullshit, it sets out to defame and destroy you. “Señor” is a bullshit artist with a pressure sales-pitch.



    This is a discussion of Kevin Ryan’s new book on T&S.
    Again Maxifuckanus makes small little noises about the actual topic of this thread, but at the slightest opportunity he launches into his high-pressure sales pitch on his one and only product: Nookeedoodoo.

    Like Onebornefree, who was finally jettisoned from the forum, Maxoid has one and ONLY ONE objective, to screw this nonsense nuke theory into the conversation. It is anal hurlant {screaming asshole}.


  8. “To assume that these twisted beams are the immediate result of the explosions is without foundation. You do not know that they were not bent and twisted while deep within a pile of material weighing thousands of tons on top of them, nor do you consider the reports of it being “like a foundry” down in that mess.”~Rogue

    “What was it that sustain the foundry like temperatures? Let me guess. I say the hot-spots resemble nuclear devices fizzling”~Senor

    Notice that Senor does not answer my point at all, but leaps to another topic entirely. And he never comes back to the point that he has no proof of when those beams were deformed, after his assertion it happened during the explosions. The whole post is at the URL below on December 26, 2012 at 11:28 am for you to see for yourself.~Rogue

    And the issue I just covered as an example of Senor leaping ahead spewing encyclopedic rhetoric, while never actually addressing a given point, this is his constant MO. While I have attempted to get him to address head-on the known profile of a chemical demolition, and the fact that both the towers and Bldg7 have every single attribute.

    Senor will not address this point, but will insist that “we must take the whole event as the profile” – this is a clear and obvious dodge – we WILL take the whole event as profile, after we address the prime questions first. And one of those primary questions is, how is it that the destruction of the buildings matches the profile of a chemical explosive demolition in every single detail, if it is not in fact, chemical explosive demolition?

    He simply insists that it couldn’t have been because of the ‘hot spots’, but that is another issue that does NOT answer the primary question, but leaps ahead to his argument about hot-spots.
    The fact is that the profile of a nuclear destruction of the WTC would differ substantially from the known profile of the chemical demolition. One of these would be the tell-tale blinding flash of a nuclear detonation. The walls of the buildings would not contain this like normal light. This is also accompanied by an electromagnetic pulse which would have fused electronics for miles around the Trade Center. That would mean there would have been no videos or broadcasting of the events at WTC on 9/11.

    Senor’s come back is always ‘but these were tiny little nukes’, that is also why they didn’t make any radiation. The nuclear flash would take place if the explosion came from a device the size of a grape. If this had the power to turn the concrete to dust as Senor exaggerates, then the profiles of such a powerful device would be apparent.

    But Senor does attempt to address an EMP, but again he misframes the actual physical effects, claiming it can scorch steel and blow up cars. A powerful enough atomic blast can cause such damage. But that would be a blast that would have been even more visible. But more; all of the materials would be radioactive. Not some little bit of tritiated water in a basement, the whole place would have been hot with real radiation. All of Senor’s pleading otherwise is simply unmitigated bullshit.

    And this is a discussion about the profile of the destruction of the WTC – the actual explosive event, and leading into what the results would be with nuclear, but actually are in fact.~ww

  9. To continue the discussion above. For it is not just this one point about the flash of a nuclear device. It also takes into account that one of the telltale signs of explosive demolition is the rows of explosions around the perimeter of a building. And the evidence for just such events is overwhelming; video, audio, and scores of witness testimonies. Unmistakable evidence and proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

    The published Testimonies of the First Responders is easily found in a search of the Internet. The breadth of this evidence is expansive and conclusive.

    And yes there will be testimony as to the furnace-like conditions with molten metal described. But this must be taken in context with the other testimony describing an explosive demolition using the known techniques thereof.

    The first assumption that then follows is: Isn’t it most reasonable to consider such explosive products as the most likely culprits in keeping the rubble burn going? To reject this as the most likely prospect is a nonsequitur as far as reason in forensics. The reasons to reject it would need be compelling. I have made a long case as to why I do not find the nuclear, the DEW, nor the blend of the two as a compelling argument.


    • Max stated somewhere recently that thermite does not technically supply it’s own source of oxygen, that it is oxygen in the steel that it is effecting that supplies the oxygen. This is simply not so, and is another link of bullshit sausage offered up by this clown.

      Once ignited, thermite supplies its own source of oxygen. It can potentially burn underwater when mixed properly. The oxygen, is already there in the iron oxide (Fe 2 O 3), and simply get’s “transferred” in the reaction. If thermite is dumped into a glass container of dry ice, it continues to burn explosively.

      So yes “technically” thermite does indeed supply its own oxygen via the iron oxide that makes up the material. This is a most common point of knowledge, and it is simply astounding that Max would choose to dismiss this simple fact.


    • Judy Wood’s “Text Book”? What makes it a ‘text book’? The fact that it has text in it? That it has illustrations and photo’s? That would make it a ‘picture book’. Perhaps that it has charts and diagrams?

      NO! The fact is that the term ‘text book’ is meant to lend it an air of authority – it is a rhetorical trick of PR, nothing more. The actual situation is, when one reads the assertions of Wood’s supporters, it seems they view her book as a holy book, a ‘Bible’, the divine word of Truth. They exhibit all the characteristics of a cult. And few of them that I have encountered could explain any of it in such a way as to show they had any grasp of what it meant. Just that the buildings “went poof” and “dustified”. Just the fucking woowoo language of ‘true believers’.



  10. The seismic evidence points to explosions in the basements. We have gone over this previously. There were explosions in the basements. There is nothing else that explains the seismic evidence.

    So if a bomb went off, can the nuclear dew advocate claim it was a nuclear device? Not after all of the complex arguments describing the weapon as energizing a beam in a contained process. The proponent cannot have it both ways. Either they were bombs or they were beam weapons. If they were bombs all of the attendant arguments for the lack of substantive radiation fall flat.

    And this point is augmented by all the other arguments made showing how ubiquitous these minuscule amounts of radiation are:
    Why ineffective leach fields are the most likely source of most of these substances in metropolitan industrial centers. Which the city of New York most certainly is.


  11. “No where in that tritium report is there this unfounded speculation of “leach fields” with tritium flowing back to the WTC in New York and attributing the anomalous nature of the 9/11 evidence, tritium in particular.”
    ~Señor Maxitwat on September 1, 2013 at 2:31 pm, on COTO

    . . . . . . .. . . . .

    And by the same token; nowhere in that tritium report is there the unfounded speculation of nuclear devices producing the infinitesimally tiny amounts of tritium at WTC, compared with the billions of times larger amounts that would be produced by such weapons.

    That’s right folks, as has been explained over and again the amounts of radiation of any kind that can be pointed to at WTC is inconsequentially small, in fact in such amounts that are ubiquitous to modern metropolitan areas regardless of EPA guidelines.

    In fact every type of toxic substance is present in these metropolitan and industrial areas over the guideline amounts because corporate industry owns the EPA and all regulatory agencies to the point that such ‘guardians of public health’ are neutered, for the sake of profit and political power.

    It is only naive dolts such as Señor who seem to think such guidelines are mandated and enforced by God. Not so, these numbers are tinkertoys from the minds of man.


  12. From – Señor El Once – SEPTEMBER 3, 2013 – 3:11 PM

    “Mr. Rogue wrote:

    So let me delight Dsn6 with the same gift. This ends our conversation as well. I have no more time for these childish games.
    I, for one, hope that Mr. Rogue can keep with this promise, because he has failed in so many other instances of similar promises.
    And if Mr. Rogue is sincere, his gift should apply to what he writes on Prologue and his blog, even given that they are barely read. Regardless of the limited number of human eyes that see it, Google will, and Mr. Rogue shouldn’t be tempted into laying down immoral and unethical smear today to be vacuumed up for delayed-damage later.”
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . …

    The gall of that son-of-a-bitch Maxitwat telling me what “the rules” are; telling me what I can and cannot write on my own blog spaces, ones that he horns-in-on despite being told to stay out of.

    It’s like some maniac breaking into your own house and screaming at you that he told you not to smoke in the house. I would call that ‘misplaced authority syndrome’ if it weren’t simpler to just say that the motherfucker is crazy as a shit-house rat.

    And now you can bet your ass that this drooling mad monkey will say that I am “continuing the dialog” with him __ I am NOT conversing with him goddammit, I am complaining about him – but he can’t distinguish between his pot and my boots.The crackpot is hilarious.


  13. “2013-08-30 {This sat in the moderation queue. I asked Mr. McKee either (a) to publish my response or (b) to delete my Rogue’s comment (2013-08-29) and my response. I prefer (b), because it is a distraction from Mr. McKee’s article and Mr. Rogue has other places where he’s re-posted the same.}”~Señor El Once [] Submitted on 2013/09/01 at 6:43 pm – Carnival d’Maxifuckanus
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    It is absolute bald faced balderdash that Señor “preferred (b), because it is a distraction from Mr. McKee’s article” – Señor preferred (b), because my post that he wanted to disappear: “So Let Us Speak to the Issue of Ad Hominem” of 8/29/2013 – 5:34 PM*, is one of the most embarrassing displays of Señor’s own words being thrown back in his face that he has ever experienced; line after line of vile ad homenim said in hypocrisy, as to his constant complaining of my use of ad homenim towards him.



  14. “I don’t know why the soda-squirt of a bookwright (2013-09-03) took offense for being compared to Luntz. Reliance on a faulty tritium report and relentless skewing it (as opposed to rejecting it) is a pretty good Luntz-ish example.”

    One wonders if the obsolete man astride his obsolete hobby horse comprehends the nature of this suggestion: “as opposed to rejecting it” — “it” being the “faulty tritium report” — the rejection of which leaves one with NO TRITIUM to consider whatsoever!


  15. I cannot recall a single thread on Truth and Shadows that Señor El Obsolete hasn’t used some squalid excuse to make his SALES PITCH for his screwy nuclear DEW fantasy.

    And every time he does this it is coupled his frenzied defamation campaign against myself. He has recently added Adam Ruff to his unfounded derogitorials as well.

    Señor is obviously suffering from a psychotic obsession. And his only answer to this observation will be his usual second grade taunt; “I know you are but what am I?” comeback.


  16. “I called Mr. Rogue repeatedly a liar, a cheat, and agent”
    ~Señor El Once – MARCH 4, 2013 – 1:13 PM

    “If you see anyone attempting to “debunk” someone using character assassination methods, you should automatically see this as a direct signal that they have absolutely no valid argument whatsoever.”~Jeremy Rys


  17. So now Maxitwat says that he/she is concerned about MY reputation! Hahahahahaha!!!

    Yea, that’s it shuuuuuuuure…


    Who the fuck is this twat trying to kid? After slamming my character for a year and a half now, he/she comes up with this turd lollipop?


  18. NOTICE:

    For Maxitwat to try to make out as if I am somehow restraining him from making his case is ludicrous, he/she has the whole Internet to shout it from the digital mountaintops. It just isn’t to be done on my home sites, which I have defined. As I have stated, I owe this entity nothing, I have zero obligations, and I choose not to discuss anything with this crank.

    Given all the history of this affair, it is clear to see that for Señora to gripe about my insults is pure hypocrisy. Add to that this situation where he/she monitors my sites to gather “evidence” is blathering tragicomedy and cheap burlesque.

    If this wankhead would just stay out of my face, I would run out of things to say about it. But it keeps badgering as if there is some masochistic aspect — that this creature thrives on insult.

    Consider that I do not invite anyone to my blogs but on rare and select occasions. But this ‘shrinking violet’ wants to advertise my blistering commentary on Señora’s latest ridiculous escapades in misconceiving the actual context of what is going down here.

    These very words are NOT addressed to Señora Entity! If the eyes of the wanker see these words, it is against my wishes. Said entity has the sole blame in that case.


    • I am not arguing ‘with’ the anonymous entity. I am arguing ‘against’ the anonymous entity.
      The distinction between the two terms “with” and “against” are clear. The common refrain of “you are either against us or with us” is ample illustration of this.

      I do write arguments ‘with’ commentators on the blogs, wherein I address them personally in a dialog. But here, for the most part I am addressing my points not ‘to’, but ‘at’ the anonymous entity. As there is no possibility of his response here, this cannot be characterized as an argument ‘with’ him, it is an argument against him.

      At the point of reaching redundancy, let me put it this way. One can argue against the writings of Thomas Jefferson. But one cannot argue ‘with’ Thomas Jefferson, as he and his arguments are ‘past tense’. My arguments at the entity posing as Mr Once are past tense, in that I am arguing against words he has already made. Combined with the fact that, for all practical purposes the entity is as ‘dead’ as a ‘persona non grata’ here as Thomas Jefferson is in the wider context.



    Grasping the actual context of the situation one is dealing with is necessary in formulation of a proper response. A response that is out of context is, simply put — an erroneous response.

    So let me put this very clearly and simply as possible; I am not talking TO the Señor entity here. I am talking ABOUT the Señor entity. Thus this is not a CONVERSATION.

    If the entity is compelled to make a response it must occur in the proper context, or that response will be preposterous.

    I have stated in no uncertain terms that the entity is not to make comments to me here. Señor entity can say anything that it wants somewhere else. But I reserve my right to point out when such comments are out of context. The entity can gripe about the context, but it cannot alter the context.


  20. I just received a third email from this crank!

    The entity claims I am “cheating”.

    Cheating at what? Any ‘engagement’ that this numbskull imagines we have is hallucination. It claims that I cannot “win” on “an even playing field”…
    “Win” what? The entity still does not comprehend the context. This is NOT an argument to ‘win’ or ‘loose’. There is no engagement, there is no argument.

    Hahahahaha…and then it gives me “an assignment” for the weekend, as if I am a student in one of this badger’s HS classes.

    As I said, it is preposterous!


  21. It’s too late to fall in love with Sharon Tate…

    And it’s too late for the Maxitwat to expunge all of the ad homenim and character assassination from its COTO nukeedoodoo2 page.

    I downloaded the whole thing to HTML in my personal files. Not just the article but the whole page of commentary.



    It is the authors, stage-managers, and producers of the goat’s play who are the real political power on this planet. The various standard acting parts of ‘the strong man’, ‘the villain’, ‘the victim’, are played by a huge rotating cast of characters…this burlesque theater is the Tyrants Game. It is the Public Relations Regime that is at the core of the human dilemma.

    As late as 2011 there are still Blind Men Squawking, who cannot see the obvious right before there eyes:


  23. In a dicey context, it’s a 7 come 11 day today…innit?

    The skids are greased with bullshit for another US invasion in the Middle East by the same military-industrial-complex that pulled off the 9/11 Psyop to get that ball rolling. Meanwhile the eyes are spinning like pinwheels in the sockets of all the enchanted TVZombies.

    The Hegelian bicycle keeps sequencing through the PR Regime channels, while Milgram’s Exit Signs flash unnoticed as the theater fills with smoke.


  24. Señor El Once — JUNE 6, 2012 – 6:00 PM T&S Judy Wood thread…

    This is the whole sales pitch thing on THE BOOK. Insisting I must have THE BOOK!

    “In your case given your tenure here, the dominance of your postings, and your anti-Wood stance, at the very least you should be making your arguments from the latest efforts of Dr. Wood. Her website ain’t that, neither are the 3 years older Jenkins criticisms of her work (e.g., website.)”~Señor Maxitwat

    FALSE ADVERTISING: There is NOTHING of substance that is new in this book that is not on that website! So there is nothing out of date as per Jenkins’ criticisms either.

    Maxitwat is already flipping nuclear boogers at this point as well. Whatta short order crook!


  25. The RJ Lee Group performed an extensive study of the Banker’s Trust building at 130 Liberty Street to assess structural damage as well as dust contamination. The dust analysis this group performed is, as it is self-proclaimed in the reports, one of the most extensive dust studies performed costing 33 million dollars. Within one of the reports,vi they state:

    “The WTC Dust and WTC Hazardous Substances contaminating the Buildings’ mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems are conductive, corrosive and abrasive. WTC Dust has permeated every component in the [Banker’s Trust] Building. The WTC Dust has been shown to be corrosive to unprotected metal, to affect the conductivity of circuit boards in a manner that will cause intermittent failures, and to be severely abrasive when present in lubricants at only five percent of the volume.”

    “Dust which may be conductive can short electrical systems in vehicles which might spuriously ignite vehicle fires. Metallic particles, various carbonaceous molecules (constituents of soot, graphite, some office toners, etc.), moisture mixing with the many cations, anions, and salts, are all constituents of the dust which conduct. The electrical conduction of the dust will depend upon the thickness deposited. Thicker dust results in higher electrical conduction. This may explain why the Vesey/West Street parking lotand West Broadway/Park Place vehicles were not ignited by the initial dust cloud from the South tower, but required the subsequent added dust from the North tower collapse. Once the fires had stripped the paint from the vehicles, the heated steel from the fire caused rapid surface oxidation. Steel will rapidly oxidize on the surface when exposed to high temperatures, moisture, and a ready supply of oxygen.

    The already oxidized and exposed metal corroded at an accelerated rate after the fires subsided and the corrosive ambient dust resettled upon the vehicles. Fine dust is easily agitated becoming airborne.”~Study

    Pg. 4 -5 Supplemental: Miscellaneous Topics -DEW-Demolition Contrary Evidence By Dr. Gregory S. Jenkins


  26. Ah, so now…

    Maxitwat won’t give it a break for even a day. Now the entity is back to throwing up his chunks of 2000 word posts on Prologue at C1.

    Where does the impetus newly derive? He has swayed one of the weakest minds on COTO, who happens to be a co-site-manager.
    So he is playing is hard deep infiltration trick, right there on my home site. And this has been this motherfucker’s end game the whole time.

    He has done his best to get me axed at T&S, but Mr McKee is to smart to fall for his shit. So now he rushes in to get JG to put a knife in the back of one of COTOs core members.

    How could anyone wonder that I consider this anonymous twat an vicious badger with evil intent?


  27. “Hey CR…good to see you. I agree. I don’t hold grudges but I will defend myself when attacked.”~jerseyg on September 8, 2013
    at 7:38 pm –

    This is absolute nonsense – JG is still pissed off about my comments about her being a silly jejune superstitious nitwit, for believing that the Ouija Board is driven by dark spirits and demons. She has been spitting fire at me since that time.

    And the real history of her being “attacked” in this current round of bullshit is that she went out of her way to confront me in defense of this disingenuous saccharine gentile posing, of “Dearest Señor El Once” on a thread on C1 that is essentially defunct as far as attendance.

    And now she and others want to frame me as a misogynist because she is a woman, forgetting that my main antagonist and complaint is son-of-a-bitch Señor Maxitwat, who claims to be a man.

    And then to frame me as being unreasonable, for ‘holding grudges’ unnecessarily, when this stalking badger Maxitwat is on my ass every single day for weeks, months, years….WTF?

    It was just last night that he spewed more of his filth on my thread that I made clear he was not welcome at. Just two days before he was sending me personal emails!! And this isn’t stalking? What the fuck? Has the whole world gone insane?

    Well I know one psycho stirring itself into this mix, and that is Maxitwat who is insanely jealous because of my continued standing at T&S – where noting he has done to assassinate my character has been effective. He used to consider himself as essentially, Craig’s right hand man there. But it wasn’t my doing that caused any changes to take place, it has been his continuing obsolescence due to insisting on bringing up his one-trick hobby-horse of “nuclear Dew”…no matter what the topic of the thread.

    I told this stupid fuck this would be his downfall. His copying of my sign-off of: \\][//, with his, // might have been seen as the highest compliment of trying to be like me. But who wants a nutball to obsess like an abscess on your olfactory glands? Who needs such a stench in ones life?


  28. It is “comforting”…{grin} to know that I am still under 24/7 surveillance by Señor Maxitwat. For which I, for a time, will keep a counter surveillance posture.

    But I certainly don’t feel it necessary to ‘study’ his/her blathering nomenclature – but rather scan through it casually for a sense of what he is spinning in his/her rhetorical spasms.

    He/she does certainly work hard to produce such a mass of twirlydwag, for something so flawed at the base.

    I just have one specific item to point out from his/her latest textual hallucinations:

    “as stated by Dr. Jones himself] “Something maintained those hot-spots (not just NT)”~ Señora

    This passing statement is what is known in law as ‘Orbiter Dicta’:

    an opinion voiced by a judge that has only incidental bearing on the case in question and is therefore not binding.

    I am sure Maxitwat will feel slighted that my ‘critique’ is so small; only some 30 words compared to his/her hefty 4,800 words. But I find the rest of Señora’s effort futile and and unworthy of comment.


  29. “I did NOT go to your blog. I went to a post on coto.”~JG


    JG went to MY post on COTO.


    You say you want to move on beyond this?

    Then don’t trifle with me.

    You are NOT the spokesperson for COTO. Your bias as to what is and is not “respectful” is obvious – as in coalition of.

    We each and every one of us here have our own dashboard and controls for our own pages on COTO. I demand that JG desist in overstepping her assumed authority and fucking with the internal affairs of our own pages.
    . . . . . . . . . . .

    JG wants to move beyond this my ass!

    She is as transparent as the sheer nightgowns that a woman her age should have given up long ago.


  30. You know Deb, I am as tired of squabbling with you as you are with me.

    I just want a consistent definition out of you as to what you mean when you use the words “respectful” and “disrespectful” and how you parse the two when assessing Maxitwat’s commentary and mine.

    As far as what is obvious so far on the thread, the words are malleable and can morph from one to the other depending on who you are pissed off at and who you are not.

    As “co-administrator” of COTO, that doesn’t give you the post of ‘official spokesperson” on the blog, and making blanket statements as to who is and who is not a “respected member” of COTO. That is clearly a personal opinion, and attempting to put the “authority” vested in you to delete and not delete comments is what is called ‘Ultra Vires’ – “going beyond law” or unilaterally stretching that authority as you see fit. If you consider it “trifling” with you to point such things out, you might consider what the definition of ‘arrogance’ really is.

    The way you are acting really reminds me of Nurse Rached, with all your ‘nanny knows best’ bullshit. It may piss you off to hear it, but you’d make a good commandant at a concentration camp. And the tip off is, you really can’t take straight talk, frank assessments of your behavior.

    You give me this; “you can dish it out, but you can’t take it” bullshit, when you are obviously no better. And that is the crux of the matter isn’t it? This ‘Do as I say, not as I do’ crap that your tin horn authority bubbles up in yout soft head. It is the blindness of this arrogance that occludes your vision and lets you embrace such an obvious cheap used-car-salesman con as Max Bridges. It is truly pathological.

    And if you are so far around the curve that you can’t see it now, I see little hope for this ever working out between us.

    And you know what the truth of the matter is? It shouldn’t matter, because YOU ain’t COTO baby, everyone of us there are – except the intruder that you are coddling now.


  31. “Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) first helps define the problem of terrorism and then profits from that problem through contracts worth tens of billions of dollars. … [SAIC] has become a private business that cannot be distinguished from a permanent form of government. In short, SAIC is the “fraternal twin of the intelligence establishment.” [849]
    [849] Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele, Washington’s $8 Billion Shado, Vanity Fair, March 2007
    “Therefore, LTC Blirtch of SOCCOM and SAIC had the means and opportunity to neutralize any unwanted explosives that might have been buried in the pile at Ground Zero.”~Kevin Ryan
    . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    LTC Blirtch of SOCCOM and SAIC > also had the means and opportunity to augment and and re-purpose any explosives and incendiaries that might have been buried in the pile at Ground Zero. Which would support my contention that the pile was designed to continue to burn to ‘eat the evidence’.


  32. ‘To a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail’

    This old saw has to do with Bias in problem solving.

    I took the quotes of Kevin Ryan from Señora Maxitwat. To his/her hammer, EVERYTHING looks like a nuke.

    Even the extreme security at the destroyed WTC site is asserted to be a cover for the use of nukes, even as obvious as it is that the security was a cover for the illegal erasure of the crime scene.


  33. September 11th is now an official US national holiday.

    What a sick joke it is that it is called ‘Patriot Day’; as anyone who understands the despotic ‘Patriot Act’ will surely understand.

    This act and ensuing “legislation” from that time establishes a tyranny under the moniker of “Homeland Security” – so Naziesque in flavor and detail that any who miss it are living a delusion of historical amnesia.

    Gawblesmerkah! Hahahahahaha!!!


  34. “You are very close to being banned. Don’t push me and I’m dead serious.”~Nurse JG Rached – September 11, 2013 at 7:37 pm


    Hot damn cuntcakes!!!

    It’s Rady 2.0




    “That’s a very good idea, Wiz but keep in mind, I will still be monitoring your comments. I’ll be looking for anything of a derogatory nature about myself or any other member of coto. Lemme see.. yes, the DELETE button is right here ;)”~ jerseyg on September 11, 2013 at 11:43 pm

    With all of the talk talk on COTO deploring Authoritarianism, COTO finds itself under the yoke of that very same phenomena.

    All this jabber about ‘civility’ is just a cover for our dear Lady of the Vengeful Sword — the real issue is that I have challenged her authority.

    And if COTO actually had the vision to see THE OBVIOUS they would all take this as an insult become injury to their own sovereign rights to free speech and expression.

    This insistence that this is now JG’s blog to run as she sees fit is no different than the arbitrary totalitarianism we have complained about taking over the nation.

    It is in defending the rights of those you disagree with that is the mark of one who understands the Rights of Liberty. Any mob of halfwits can congratulate themselves on how much they love freedom while they crucify dissenters.

    I have no more interest nor motivation to interact with a warden such as JG, she can rule the rest of this place with an iron fist, and she can even seek me out in my private ashram here and delete this post, but she will only prove my points by such arbitrary uses of power as she has illegitimately taken into her own hands.


  36. Well my little experiment on COTO with ‘Big Sister is Watching You’ is turning out much as had expected.

    The core group is having a sort of drawn out ‘5 Minute Hate’ fest.

    The main Captain of COTO, Puddy Dune made a single comment to Maxitwat and asked, “You are a spook. Aren’t you?” – which shows his deeper cognizance than the rest of the crew.

    It has been up for just today, so we’ll see how long it takes them to burn out on the dog-pile.

    I will post some of the more outrageous comments at some point, likely on a new thread here dedicated to just that.


  37. Oh here is a good one wherein JG is coming completely unglued!
    So now she starts the banning wagon. Very good.
    “Let’s have a vote while the iron is hot” – the words of provocation before a frenzied lynch mob.
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    “No offense to you Boomer, I know you are trying to make peace, but can you still say you “like” him after he said he is using this blog and our members as an “experiment? Once again he is trying to manipulate the situation when it doesn’t go his way. Don’t be fooled by his bs act. He thinks he is superior to everyone on this blog. He is the one trying to control the situation, not me. HE is the authoritarian. If there was ever a case to kick someone out this is it. Just think about what he is doing to our blog. Is this what we want? Is this the way to get new people or even people that read but don’t post, to comment here?

    This is about us as a group. This is about coto. Is HR to be the spokesperson for us? Do we allow him to go on with his vomit spewing indefinitely? Or do we do what any other respectable blog would have done long ago. Boot his sorry ass out?

    I vote for the boot.”~jerseyg on September 12, 2013 at 5:43 pm
    . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Hang’m high JG!!


  38. “This is what the ignorant cheat and liar, Agent Rogue, wants us to believe to.”~Señor El Once – MARCH 4, 2013 – 7:30 PM

    JG characterizes this as “sarcastic” … Yea, she does …

    But my saying to Boomer,

    “Look dude, you put up a post like this one and then don’t like what happens…what can I say? Unexpected consequences… that’s life pal.”

    And JG explodes like I was telling Boomer to go fuck his mamma.

    So…what’s the deal? She is exceedingly biased and on a personal warpath against me. She is no ‘fair witness’, she is hardly an ‘disinterested party” – if this were a court of law and she were a judge, she would lawfully be liable to recuse herself from the case.

    But now she is acting as “Judge, Jury, and Executioner”. And she accuses me of being a pathological narcissist, of having no heart and soul.

    JG is insane because she actually believes this bullshit!!

    Yea, I get it, she doesn’t have to be reasonable – because she’s got ‘the power’.



    The truth is that when I apply reasoned argument to some commentary and show that that commentary is simply emotional driven twaddle, my analysis is said to be “disparaging their character” — when it is the very emotional drivel of their commentary that is disparaging their own character. And I have seen nothing but escalating emotion and hysteria replacing reasoned argument here, when it comes to dealing with these issues.

    What is really foreboding for COTO, not myself, is that if I dare state the above frankly there will be calls for my head.

    And this is why I agree with you Puddy, that it is best to take a hiatus from COTO. I don’t even dare post this at Prologue, as Big Sister keeps reminding that she is Watching “every move I make”. If this isn’t intimidation I’d like to know what you would call it.

    I am not pleading for a change of anything at COTO, I am simply describing how things are.


  40. Chomsky and Cockburn want to blame the system first, then slap the hands of the CIA. But how could corporate America operate, at least abroad, without the CIA? Socialist economist Victor Perlo very aptly joked that the acronym actually stands for “Corporate Interests of America”. In their desire to denigrate “the system” Cockburn and Chomsky do all they can to unjustifiably trash the Kennedys. In fact their attacks would make covert operators like David Phillips proud. Their motto seems to be as Phillips’ murderous agent in the Letelier bombing stated: “Any shit would confuse them, the jury is so ignorant that one of the best defenses at this time is to throw more shit in and stir it up.”

    And this comment from the article above is not far removed contextually from what I speak to concerning JG and Maxitwat: They simply, “throw more shit in and stir it up.”


  41. “If they can fly a plane low over the Pentagon from one direction, plant evidence it came from another, and through the MIC media outlets get the world to believe it hit the Pentagon, then they ought to be able to afford a few dozen neutron nuclear DEW devices as part of the missing $2.3 trillion in DOD spending.”~ Señor El Once on September 13, 2013 at 5:39 pm

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    After his Argumentum Verbosium of thousands upon thousands of words spinning and spanning two separate threads…THIS is his summation?
    This is fucking idiocy, pure and simple.


  42. Statement to COTO this morning – September 8, 2013 at 8:19 am:

    I support Boomer’s sentiments to a degree. But I don’t think all acts are forgivable. I don’t think all opinions are equal; although we are all endowed with an inalienable right to our own opinion, that doesn’t mean an opinion held by ignorance is right.

    I can put up with some degree of hypocrisy, as it is simply human folly. I cannot however agree to the PC Cops, here or anywhere.
    Nor to nanny-nagging and driving a ‘politically correct’ point home without stepping back and accepting real critical reasoning when the push comes to shove; to arrogantly charge others with arrogance while making self contradictory statements while doing so.

    And while this group hug here is all very touching, I still remain self sufficient and not much inclined to join in the festivities beyond these few remarks.

    As you were. ~ww
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ >
    I had no intention whatsoever of posting anymore comments. I did not want to argue with them.

    BUT THEN – Then I discovered that at the same time this mushy group hug was going on at Boomers thread, JG had intruded into Prologue, and was essentially giving a blowjob to Maxitwat there. Fawning all over his comments that had suddenly appeared after I had deleted them.
    Max denies re-posting them and claims JG had to have done it.
    If that is so, her actions were even more underhanded and vicious.
    That she was egging me on for a showdown was crystal clear.

    So rather than have that showdown in the shadows of Prologue, I brought the issue to Boomers current thread where most were still attending and commenting at.

    It was at this point the JG went absolutely hysterical, and turned into Nurse Ratched, Nazi-bitch from Hell.

    So this was the proximate cause event, JG dropping into Prologue and screwing with me there, just when Boomer was trying to get everyone on board for the snooze train to sugarplum fairyland.

    They can go on with their strawberry fields forever woowoo trip on their own, led by the superstitious nanny knows best JG.


  43. Taking note of another attempted posting from Maxitwat.

    My only comment thereto would be, that he/she is more than welcome to COTO. Let him/her spin its poisonous webs as it wishes.


  44. Now that Maxitwat is an odd-man-out at T+S, he/she may be tempted to swap for COTO.

    But that will end in heartbreak as well for this cheesy little spook.

    The real pants in the family at COTO, the actual editor in chief has this entity’s MO sussed, is not duped by the saccharine facade, and will eventually crush the little dung beetle and his little ball of dung.

    Karma is not far off now.


  45. Yes yes, the Maxitwat continues to badger, never letting up:

    >”I loved your engagement of Mr. Rogue.
    Please do not be offended by Mr. McKee’s Walmart greeter who thinks he owns the store, has an attitude, has bullying issues, and has also a wee bit too much extra time in his retirement.”
    ~Señor El Once – SEPTEMBER 19, 2013 – 11:55 AM

    He joins forces with any sniper who shows up on T&S to act as a spotter and urge on the slurring defamation, this time another pussyboy:

    Mark Farris – SEPTEMBER 16, 2013 – 11:58 PM
    >”Onesliceshort & hybridrogue1 birddog this site like they have something to gain, or lose.”

    Mark Farris – SEPTEMBER 19, 2013 – 3:28 PM
    >”Up front I guess I owe you Mr. hybridrogue1, an apology. I accused you of bird dogging on this site and that is not accurate. Truth is you are more or less the self proclaimed guard dog lurking about here.”

    And both of these assholes whine that I am rude. The hypocrisy is stunning.


  46. >”It will fall the exact same vertical distance as if it wasn’t in horizontal motion, which is D = (32 ft/(sec*sec)) x (mere seconds)^2.”~Señora Maxitwat

    In answer to my argument that a plane hitting the light poles on the trajectory towards the Pentagon would, due to inertia – NOT drop like a stone at the point of impact with the light poles.

    Yes it will fall the same vertical distance “as if it wasn’t in horizontal motion” – however it IS in horizontal motion, and will remain in that horizontal motion until it falls the vertical distance. It would due to momentum, still travel some distance dependent on it’s original speed, or vertical energy. As per the following examples of Newtonian Mechanics:

    The horizontal component is independent of vertical component
    An object dropped from a moving vehicle will have the same vx as the moving vehicle.

    A bullet is fired from a gun & dropped from the same height at the same moment. They will both hit the ground at the same time.
    Distance fallen during projectile motion (dy) & free fall are the same.
    But note in the above; the bullet has traveled that horizontal distance.

    NOTE: It is gracious of Señora Maxitwat to advertise the URLs to my personal blog, and the Prologue thread on COTO. However this blog is automatically moderated, and I do not often check for incoming calls. So posting here will likely not be profitable.
    However, anyone other than the Maxitwat entity is invited to post on Prologue.


  47. “Mr. Rogue (2013-09-10 at 12:21 am) is under the mistaken impression that when he posts in other public venues boastful links to his “works”, he can pick-and-choose to whom the “invitation” is intended and who can and cannot read it.
    Another mistaken impression that Mr. Rogue harbors is when he insults someone (repeatedly and as his main argument in the debate), he believes that this person is not allowed to defend themselves or correct the record. And should they be so bold, they must do it at his gutter level.”~Maxitwat
    ……. …….. ……..
    So now I will point out two obvious errors in the above assertions:

    >”he can pick-and-choose to whom the “invitation” is intended and who can and cannot read it.”

    It is obvious that I cannot choose who cannot read it. I have no delusion to supernatural powers. However his adjunct to this that:

    >”he believes that this person is not allowed to defend themselves or correct the record.

    Again, it is obvious that Maxitwat has the capacity to defend himself, as he does so on his very own blog:

    Where he is able to not only defend himself but slur me with such remarks as; “they must do it at his gutter level.” And he can reframe the history of our situation as fraudulently as he desires in the rest of the Jabberwacky he posts therein.


  48. A reminder to visiting readers:

    This blog is on automatic moderation, which means that if I do not check the queue, that any comments might sit there a great long time, as I have little occasion to look into the queue.


  49. “I knew opportunity had many doors. [Grad school, study abroad, employment abroad…]”~Señor

    Not ‘necessarily’ the profile of a spook, however these attributes are most often those of a spook.


  50. “Full disclosure #2: During my many moons of games on T&S with the “exiled”, he’d slink back to his hardly-subscribed-to thread on COTO and craft insults, lies, and malframed arguments that were so weak, he wouldn’t tolerate counter-arguments.”~ Señor El Once
    on September 24, 2013 at 1:51 pm
    . . . . . . . .

    Oh how bold and brave is the Maxitwat referencing my “hardly-subscribed-to thread”… which is Prologue, the one that Rached purged, and no longer available to check for the veracity of Señor Spook’s statements above.

    Amazing what a slinky little spook will say to a group when his opponent is no longer there. At least I knew that on Prologue no one was paying attention to the thread any longer, except for the cheesy little spook and Big Sister–Nurse Rached.

    Go ahead Señor Spook, preach your vile bullshit to the choir of the dazed. You are indeed Coto now, as ‘glorious’ as that is (grin).
    Welcome to the Synagogue of the Decieved.


  51. “I can’t lie.”~jerseyg says:September 24, 2013 at 10:57 am on the Dagonswift blog.


    She has to be lying to herself to say that with a straight face!

    Total anal hurlant.

    But seriously folks, when you are a nut-ball like her, you really don’t know the difference. Wow…


  52. “Well, the Rogue apparently did us one good thing before leaving–he brought us Senor El Once over on a rampage, who turns out to be pretty likable.”~patriciaormsby

    No I did not ‘bring’ Senor over. I am not his taxi cab. The entity brought itself over. Only those who cannot distinguish contexts will even formulate such nonsense in their fragmented minds.

    ‘Shinto Priestess’? What the fuck does that mean in the 21st century? More fruitless ritualistic bullshit for “people who need people” thinking they are “the luckiest people in the world”.
    You are “children, needing other children.”

    Japan – Hell lit by neon.

    “The roar of the greasepaint and the smell of the maddening crowd”


    • ‘Japan – Hell lit by neon…’

      Lol__I am not striking back emotionally – I strike back in a calculated strategic fashion to twist your panties in a knot..!


  53. La Strange…while working on my latest HR1 Blog entree, Brutal Frank, I looked up and noticed my stats counter was registering an average of 27 views pr hr for the last 48 hours…???

    I guess that goes to prove that old Hollywood adage that “any press is good press” — and that the quickest way to “notoriety” is to be universally reviled …Lol


  54. 10 Characteristics of a Controlled Demolition:

    1. Each collapse occurred at virtually free fall speed; 
    2. Each building collapsed straight down, for the most part onto its own footprint; 
    3. Virtually all the concrete was turned into very fine dust; 
    4. In the case of the Twin Towers, the dust was blown out horizontally for 200 feet or more; 
    5. The collapses were total, leaving no steel columns sticking up hundreds of feet into the air; 
    6. Videos of the collapses reveal “demolition waves”, meaning “confluent rows of small explosions”; 
    7. Most of the steel beams and columns came down in sections that were no more than 30 feet long; 
    8. According to many witnesses, explosions occurred within the buildings; 
    9. Each collapse was associated with detectable seismic vibrations (suggestive of underground explosions); 
    10.Each collapse produced molten steel (which would be produced by explosives), resulting in “hot spots” that remained for months.


  55. Email from, Bruecke [aka Maxifuckanus] at 3:54 pm 3/4/2014

    “Dear Mr. Whitten,

    Thank you for clarifying that “it is not the technical issues that [you are] concerned about.” Explains a lot and really puts things into focus about where your priorities are. A sincere seeker of truth would know the difference between the message and the messenger. [Hint: look at the PDF file into 4th generation nuclear devices.]

    If I am really on your “no fly list”, then why don’t you have filters set up, already? Receiving something from me doesn’t mean (a) you have to read it or (b) RESPOND to it.

    And as for your assessment of “[my] history of vile character assassination”, you and I both know that this is really just another game of yours, that of you playing “the victim.” You’re just upset (a) that I wasn’t nearly as vile a character assassin as you were, (b) that you earned any and all pennies-on-the-dollar payback from me along these lines, and (c) that my meager jabs were lethal to your character because they were valid and substantiated. You had whole threads/articles (plural) removed from COTO because of your ” vile character assassination.” [The one thread of mine removed had all of two joking lines. The rest of the posting was pure, unadulterated you copy-and-pasted, making it really more your failure than mine.] The greatest weakness of your blog is that you continue with your “vile character assassination” where you should excise it and delete it.

    Hey, I could have let the AWright stuff settle and be forgotten (several times), but you were the one who would regularly stir the pot on the accusation. And that was aside from your antics in engaging Mr. AWright at all. [You’re so quick to throw in the towel with respect to me while I was trying to have a serious, substantiated debate. Yet in the face of Mr. AWright’s obvious game playing and insincerity, you are the first to engage him when he was more deserving than I of being ignored.] I was more concerned about the many instances of you lying to eek out a seeming edge in the debate, only to have the exposed lie and deceitful debate tactics snap back at you.

    Can’t handle my emails? Don’t respond to them. //
    . . . . . . . . . . .

    As to the content of this email, I need not respond to it by email nor here, as the issues have all been covered adequately on this page to prove that “Bruecke” once again misframes, mischaracterizes, and simply lies his ass off.

    I will also note that I have demanded that this entity refrain from harassing me by personal email over and again.


    • As to the above, “Bruecke” emailed to say that he had given up promoting his Nookiedoodoo hypothesis, and was now pursuing another angle.

      This other angle turns out to be a nuclear powered X-Ray Laser.

      Again, even in this “giving up” of promoting ‘Nuclear DEW’, he is disingenuous:

      What is un-nuclear about a ‘fusion powered’ X-ray laser?

      What is a laser but a ‘directed energy weapon’?

      Again we get spurious rhetoric from Maxifuckanus, he has in no way ‘given up promoting the Nuclear DEW angle, he has simply adjusted to phase 3? 4? how many shifts in his hypothesis is impossible to keep up with. All of them supported by nothing but supposition.


      • As far as the preposterous idea that COTO has any “integrity”, a look at my thread, ‘Variation on Milgram’ should extinguish the idea for anyone grasping the history.


  56. Scientific Critique of Judy Wood’s Paper “The Star Wars Beam Weapon”

    By: James Gourley

    A. Introduction

    “This paper critiques the work and thesis of Judy Wood and Morgan Reynolds
    suggesting that a “Star Wars” beam weapon was used in the destruction of the World Trade Center towers (referred to herein as the “WR thesis” or “WR paper”). The WR thesis is presented in a web-based paper entitled “The Star Wars Beam Weapon”, which can be found here. The central claim of the WR thesis is that the phenomena observed during the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers 1 and 2 are only consistent with the use of some type of directed energy weapon, either originating from outer space or reflected from outer space (thus, it is referred to herein as a “space beam weapon”). The main arguments in the WR thesis are examined in this paper and a case is made that the WR thesis and its supporting paper contain several scientific flaws, including, the use of corrupted data, ignoring data that contradicts its claims, not considering more reasonable explanations for observed effects, and, in the case of the Kingdome demolition, incorrectly comparing data.”

    Buildings have collapsed from earthquakes, collapsing buildings have never caused an earthquake.~ww

    “The Richter reading is an indication of the energy magnitude for an earthquake, but not an indication of the total GPE of a building for a building implosion.”~Gourley

    Note: “GPE” stands for; Gravitational Potential Energy.


  57. There is this assertion by Wood supporters that she brings exclusive evidence to the 9/11 table, but makes no ‘hypothesis’ as to what this evidence means. This is the ground layer of bullshit that all the rest is pile upon.

    All of the imagery, all of the issues addressed by Wood is a part of the standard research. The only thing exclusive brought to the table is the irrelevant issue of the demolition of the Kingdome. Which as Gourley explains in his rebuttal, was a structure in no way comparable to the WTC Towers. Which is doubly troubling for Ms Wood as it is made a central issue in her exposition, linked with the seismic data – also an unscientific assertion, as detailed in Gourley’s paper.

    In an ironic twist, Wood has no hypothesis only in the sense that her’s is so bereft of substance.

    All of the 9/11 imagery and evidence can be found in many and varied places throughout the Internet. One doesn’t need Wood’s website to find such.


  58. Max creates a miserable argument through synthetic opulence. He continues to seek a proposition that can make no proofs, and therefore cannot be disproved. This sort of proposition relies on the classical false argumentum sans-falsification. This is why he is now reaching for the X-Ray Laser, of which it is claimed uses nuclear power that has no detectable radiation, it’s work is done invisibly. The ‘perfect weapon’ of the imagination.

    One may as well claim that “the gods” in their displeasure with man destroyed the towers out of caprice.


  59. Falsifiability or refutability of a statement, hypothesis, or theory is an inherent possibility to prove it to be false. A statement is called falsifiable if it is possible to conceive an observation or an argument which proves the statement in question to be false. In this sense, falsify is synonymous with nullify, meaning not “to commit fraud” but “show to be false”. Some philosophers argue that science must be falsifiable.[1]
    For example, by the problem of induction, no number of confirming observations can verify a universal generalization, such as All swans are white, yet it is logically possible to falsify it by observing a single black swan. Thus, the term falsifiability is sometimes synonymous to testability. Some statements, such as It will be raining here in one million years, are falsifiable in principle, but not in practice.[2]
    The concern with falsifiability gained attention by way of philosopher of science Karl Popper’s scientific epistemology “falsificationism”. Popper stresses the problem of demarcation—distinguishing the scientific from the unscientific—and makes falsifiability the demarcation criterion, such that what is unfalsifiable is classified as unscientific, and the practice of declaring an unfalsifiable theory to be scientifically true is pseudoscience. This is often epitomized in Wolfgang Pauli famously saying, of an argument that fails to be scientific because it cannot be falsified by experiment, “it is not only not right, it is not even wrong!”


  60. One of Max’s common approaches of fantangled bespangled rhetoric torrents is formally known as Argumentum Verbosium.

    Argumentum verbosium is a form of Argument from Intimidation – in this case, by being incredibly verbose, using a plethora of complex words to make one’s self sound incredibly smart, and dazzle the opposition. The opposing side is meant to struggle to understand what is being said, and appear to “lose” the debate.

    Maxwell is infamous for his book-length convoluted commentary posted on blogs. He is equally infamous for his patronizing saccharine style, such as the use of “My Dearest Mr. So-and-so”, employing the “charm” of a gentleman snake.

    And like the film monsters who never really die, but return for countless sequels; just about the time I have forgotten about the snitfiddling pest, I find his telltale turds on my doorstep again. It is like being stalked by Renfield.


    • Hoare’s dictum

      This dictum is named after computer scientist C.A.R. Hoare, who said, “There are two methods in software design. One is to make the program so simple, there are obviously no errors. The other is to make it so complicated, there are no obvious errors.”

      This applies to logical arguments as well: you can make the argument so simple that there are obviously no errors. Or you can make it so complicated that there are no obvious errors.


  61. Another example of why I despise this little punk calling himself Señor El Once.
    He continues with the same slurs, defamation and lies I have already highlighted on this thread…
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    Señor El Once
    APRIL 8, 2014 AT 12:56 AM
    Mr. Rogue wrote this priceless reflection of his true inner-character:

    This reply by the anonymous entity calling itself “Señor El Once” is spurious bullshit, as both myself and Mr Ruff spent many months in reasoned debate wherein the entity refused to bow to reasoned argument while spinning long arguments of verbosity based on nothing but assertions based on weak presumptions. “Señor” has never had “the character or integrity to admit when he was wrong”.

    I count three lies in that paragraph alone. Lie #1 is that “Mr. Ruff spent many months in reasoned debate [with me].” Never happened, even though Mr. Ruff has been called out by me many times to substantiate his hit-and-run “no radiation at the WTC” hypnotic suggestion. Every time a debate of substance tried to begin, Mr. Ruff would huff and puff and scurry from the scene under the auspices of “not wanting to feed the trolls” or other bullshit. He prided himself on not reading my comments.

    Lie #2 is contained within the same grammar-challenged sentence, re-written as “Mr. Rogue and Mr. Ruff spent many months in reasoned debate [with me].” Lopping off Mr. Ruff and concentrating on Mr. Rogue’s efforts alone, “many months” applies, but the “reasoned debate” does not.

    “Reasoned debate” implies all sorts of qualities that Mr. Rogue lacks. For one, it implies objectively reviewing the material that the other side brings to the table. To this end as but one example, Mr. Rogue admitted not only to not finishing Dr. Judy Wood’s textbook but also to violently defacing it to use as bird cage liner. In exchange for receiving his copy, he was charged with producing an objective “good, bad, and ugly” review chapter-by-chapter and with paying it forward or passing it on when finished. He welched spectacularly on the deal. I probably would have been in agreement with any of “the bad and ugly” he might have offered up, but his inability to acknowledge any of “the good” contained therein — however closely or sparsely spaced they might be — is an excellent example of Mr. Rogue’s definition of “reasoned debate” that doesn’t hold muster.

    Whereas Mr. Rogue can point to his one-sided blog as proof of his time commitment, titles like “Maxifuckanus” give more than a hint as to the quality of his “reasoned” efforts for bored readers and gluttons for punishment. What the same readers won’t find is a “debate”, because Mr. Rogue purges dissenting views.

    Lie #3 is his second sentence: “Señor” has never had “the character or integrity to admit when he was wrong”.

    I used to be a no-planer, but not any more. I offered up a public apology in several places including these T&S forums.

    I can provide other examples of me admitting being wrong, but this one suffices to corner Mr. Rogue (yet again for the umpteeth time) as being a LIAR, and thereby allowing me to call Mr. Rogue a LIAR whenever I see fit without consequence, because it was — and now is again — a substantiated, valid, character assessment.

    Mr. Rogue continued:

    This entity calling itself “Señor” clearly has no interest in any discussion here unless he can make an attempt to make it appear plausible that something said in the commentary is ample excuse to make a sales pitch for his singular product, the faulty nuclear/DEW gambit.

    This tidbit about me supposedly having no interest in any discussion here (outside my hobby-horse nuclear area) becomes lie #4, as demonstrated by other comments to this thread and to all other threads. For example, I read Kevin Ryan’s book, which neither Mr. Rogue nor Mr. Ruff did, despite them making many comments to that thread. Noteworthy is Mr. Ruff trying to bluff why he wasn’t going to read it (based on hearsay), another lame excuse similar to his refusal to read Dr. Wood’s book. We can’t call their objectivity into question if they haven’t gotten over their ignorance of the actual subject matter, a much worse reflection on their style of “reasoned debate.”

    Big words that Mr. Rogue utters, “the faulty nuclear/DEW gambit,” but he’s shooting blanks. In fact, neither he nor Mr. Ruff can prove the corner-stone of their “no-nukes” premise namely, “no radiation at the WTC”. If they had the character or integrity to admit when they were wrong, they would acknowledge that ~all~ 9/11 reports on the radiation and dust are faulty, with the delays in taking samples being the most glaring one, sufficient to cover-over the side-effects of 4th generation nuclear weapons whose radiation is not lingering.

    At best and in an honest moment, Mr. Ruff and Mr. Rogue could say that neither radiation nor the lack of radiation can be proven at the WTC, so it can’t be used as a determining factor either way. The case for nukes or no-nukes would need to be built on other evidence. Too bad that neither Mr. Ruff nor Mr. Rogue has ever admitted to being wrong about chemical-based explosives and incendiaries in not being able to account for all of the observed evidence, such as the duration of hot-spots and the relative quiet decibel levels.

    Mr. Rogue concludes:

    This shall not be construed as a challenge to once again “debate” an issue that should have long ago been relegated to the trash bin.

    If Mr. Rogue had a better memory and more integrity, he wouldn’t be so easily trapped and outed as a liar. Yet his faulty memory is actually a dubious tactic, whereby he purposely mis-remembers and hypnotically suggests that nuclear topics were discussed and, based on sound arguments and “reasoned debate,” relegated to the trash bin. Didn’t happen.

    Mr. McKee has been dragging his feet on writing his own article on nuclear 9/11 themes, or publishing an article from me. On this forum, nuclear themes have only been touched upon tangentially.

    On Mr. Rogue’s former home court, he was pwned so badly by me on this subject that from the onset of my arrival there he came unhinged against me and a female admin, so much so that he was || to being banned. Indeed, Mr. Rogue’s efforts to counter my nuclear arguments that he has re-published on his blog should have been edited & cleaned up long ago, or relegated to the trash bin. Instead, he serves them up as supposed “proof” of his “reasoned debate.”

    Nope. “Reasoned debate” on nuclear themes has yet to commense here. I give my debate opponents an advantage, because almost the entirety of my nuclear 9/11 position is available on my blog and can be addressed section-by-section, point-by-point in advance. The one deviation that I haven’t had a chance to write up is that I no longer champion neutron nuclear DEW. In yet another instance where some evidence from the Dr. Wood camp [the dust and pulverization of the towers was “cool”] had me admit where I was wrong, I’ve moved from nuclear devices further into Dr. Wood’s DEW via Fourth Generation Nuclear Devices that tweak my proposed neutron nuclear DEW devices further, exchanging heat & blast wave yields for energy at wavelengths, ala Project Excalibur, Casaba-Howitzer, x-ray lasers, etc.

    P.S. Mr. Owen Meister, your assessment of the “oh elite and pedantic one” is very good.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    I have address every single one of these spurious points on this page already.
    What amazes and sickens me is that even now, after all of this time, Maxifuckanus is still spreading this bullshit. He even partners up with a low life papsmear like Owenmeister, who has not made a single comment of substance on the current thread at Truth and Shadows:


    • Full-Monty Delirium

      Another fusillade from Maxitwat of non sequiturs, misinterpretations, and full frontal lies.


      • I remain convinced that Señor El Once is the cops.

        Who does he attack on Truth and Shadows? Mr Ruff and myself. Who are the most active commentators on Truth and Shadows?
        Mr Ruff and myself – although I admit that I am “guilty” of being the most engaged there.

        Señor Maxitwat is not interested in anything but promoting spurious nonsense, and defaming those who make strong arguments. This is the profile of an agent; a clever mole eating the roots of 9/11 truth.


  62. “In yet another instance where some evidence from the Dr. Wood camp [the dust and pulverization of the towers was “cool”] had me admit where I was wrong, I’ve moved from nuclear devices further into Dr. Wood’s DEW via Fourth Generation Nuclear Devices”

    Again the little twit is confused. It has never been my or any other’s position that the pyroclastic flows were particularly hot. That was Maxi’s misinterpretation.
    “Pyroclastic” has several uses in geological sciences. The original term is applied to volcanic eruptions, and such pyroclastic flows are indeed hot. But the term has also been adapted to oceanography in the study of collapsing sand bars beneath the sea that have the very same characteristics as the pyroclastic flows of erupting volcanoes. The nature of such flows within the liquid medium of water is identical in every way but for the extreme heat. It is a matter of particulates hanging and churning in a medium before that medium mixes with the surrounding medium.
    As Jeff King first explained this situation, he made it clear that the pyroclastic flows during the explosions of the towers matched the same phenomena as the oceanic events.

    Note: Hazardous asbestos fibers at the WTC exposed more than 110,000 people to the dangerous material; this includes 80,000 tower workers, 30,000 area residents and nearly 4,000 first responders. Asbestos exposure is directly linked to mesothelioma cancer and other asbestos-related diseases.

  63. Yes, it is always Señor’s assertion that it is my fault for answering his bullshit, and not his own for spewing the bullshit in the first place. This is nonsense, that I am giving him further opportunity to spout his crap, he is the one responsible for the crap not me.
    It is a form of intimidation to silence me and a blatantly spurious technique.


  64. If I were McKee I would kick Señor’s ass if the blog right now. Despite Craig’s wishes Maxitwat has gone on and commandeered the thread with Nookiedoodoo and No-Planes crap…. it is piracy clear and simple.


  65. I think Max and Clare and this Owenshit are all in a coven of Sunstein gamesters…Clare is coy and bitchy one moment and praising me the next.
    I think Fetzer is behind the scenes managing, and the Maxifucker is the prime agent posting. Owen just runs interference best he can manage.
    Dsn6 and A. Wright might be in the same org…all with different positions to play from.

    It is a full court press at the moment.


  66. Wow, Señor is certainly a vicious little prick. I would posit that his wife has had a “headache” for the last couple years and little Maxitwat is frustrated and needs to take it out on the world. And I am obvious the world that he has targeted for destruction. I cannot recall being hit with such psychopathic rage. Not even X3 was anywhere near this degree of lunacy…and she was ‘certified’…Lol


  67. “another blast of argumentum verbosium; an attempt to baffle with great heaps of bullshit piled atop his initial proximate errors.” ~December 22, 2013 at 2:35 pm

    Well, what is his prime proximate error? Not to account for the clear and obvious signature of a controlled demolition. As Griffin pointed out, “there has never been a complete collapse of a skyscraper that wasn’t a controlled demolition”

    Every single one of those signatures are clearly discerned in the demolition of the WTC Towers.

    The one that Señor cites so triumphantly, the sound of the blasts; he proclaiming that there is no evidence of this, is utter tripe. There are countless reports of bombs going off the whole time the towers remained standing after the airplane strikes. One can watch the demolition waves as they move down the buildings. And yes the squibs that Señor cannot deny, so he says that “yea they were just the fuses that set off the nukes”. The most simple and direct interpretation is that they were the actual blasts that were blowing out the facade members.
    He claims that there are no sound recordings of the blasts. There are several reasons for this where the claim is true, although there are certainly videos I have seen that recorded blasts, obviously explosives detonating. One of the reasons that some of the films don’t have sound is that NIST manipulated scores of videos while in their possession, cutting out parts, both sound and visual. This was discovered after a law suit that freed the library from NIST and was published thereafter on the Internet. There are copies made by NIST that have been altered, and there are corresponding originals that show what was actually recorded, as well as sound that had been edited out.
    Another reason is in the mechanics of recording itself. The microphones in video recorders are attenuated. This means that when there is a spike in volume the mic cuts out to protect it’s diaphragm from popping or being damaged by the vibration.
    As I noted before I often encountered this while recording thunderstorms as a field recordist. Señor is obviously ignorant of the materials and techniques of sound recording. That or he is relying on the ignorance of others to pass this under the radar.
    The final nail in his coffin however is the hundred plus eyewitness testimonies of the first responders. It is overwhelmingly clear that there were loud explosions during the destruction of both the towers and building 7. So this notion of “quiet explosions” is another myth this stooge is propagating.


  68. Max is utterly relentless like a vicious hyena that smells blood. My simply being patient will result in his eating his own tongue…he is already chewing on it. That’s the blood he smells.


  69. When I first got involved with Truth and Shadows, just about two years ago now, I used to kid back at Max when he would accuse me of being an agent. Then after awhile I started getting the feeling he was serious. Then I finally got it; he didn’t actually think I was an agent, but he was seriously trying to convince everyone else that I was.

    It was at that point that I began to imagine what could be the purpose in this. The only practical purpose I could imagine was that he himself was an agent. But even then this struck me as a really weird thing to do. I mean it seemed to me utter nonsense that anyone would fall for such butt butter. But as things went along, and he began stalking me and ended up braying at COTO, I finally was convinced of his psychosis. And psychopathic personalities are just the type chosen for vicious covert operations.
    I still waffled back and forth on this for some time – he could just be a ‘lone nut psycho on a terrorist binge. But it has been so persistent, and his MO of promoting screwy shit that blasts the foundation from under the case of 9/11, I began to see the relationship of his MO with that of Fetzer, and Morgan Reynolds. This began to lead to the probability that he was actually involved with these pros. And I have come to the well considered conclusion that this is the case.
    I think the core contingent, is Fetzer, Reynolds, and Legge. I think Judy is a ditz that was picked up and promoted by the core leaders of this coven. I would posit it is a pretty large op all considered. I think that Kevin Ryan is more of a dupe under the influence of Frank Legge. And he may be compromised in some way, blackmail or lucre. Who knows. Clare is obviously a protege’ of Fetzer. She can be Nurse Rached, or fem fatal – honey trap or assassin. I think Tamborene Man was part of the crew for some time, and likely Onebornfree too. Dsn6 and Owenmeister seem to take bit parts and are probably novices. A. Wright and other obvious apologists could well be in the same camp, just dialectical duties.

    And hey, none of this can be certain beyond a reasonable doubt. But this is what I figure is going on. I could be wrong, all of these people could simply be fruitcakes.


  70. Craig McKee – April 8, 2014 AT 9:39 PM


    I don’t want to read any more of this exchange. I do not want to see any more comments on this thread dealing with nukes, no planes, anyone’s comments on another blog, mention of discussions on another blog, and rehashed personal attacks (whether deserved or not) relating to any of these.”

    These were my sentiments exactly, so I totally agree – it is almost verbatim, what I was thinking earlier in the day, and wondering why Craig was putting up with the blatant pirating of his blog. But as is usual Craig’s timing was perfect, giving Max d’ass just enough time to prove what a total vicious lunatic he is.

    Bravo Mr McKee.


  71. It can be difficult to regain momentum lost. Trying to regain the thrust I was on before the flashbang… some reconstruction is in order. We were considering the psychological tensions created when the curse of “antisemitism” is leveled. Like many aspects in an Orwellian state, it is a designed strategy of tension. The differing reactions of various personalities can be dramatic. Mostly it will result in confusion and the average person just turning off and away from the whole subject, as if it doesn’t exist.

    But when it is constant solid-state paradigm, there will be other reactions, some hyper and hysterical, some reasoned and well thought through, and all manner in-between.
    I think the example of Owen is something that can be highlighted. He is obviously very angry. He also feels that he is shielded from criticism of his hyper-reactionary stance to the question of “the Jews”. He feels justified in projecting his unfocused hatred towards a whole group without reasoned distinctions being made.

    Those who point out such reasoned distinctions to someone like Owen is met with more reactionary hysteria. His protective shell grows thicker. And as I have been trying to articulate here, this is exactly the desired result of those playing the ‘control game’ of the Hegelian dialectic. Owen has chosen a team. And this team has its own particular form of groupthink. And Owen marches in lockstep to a rather militarist drum beat. Of course this is the “true-believer” syndrome, that comes in so many varied shapes and sizes. It is a dogmatic state of mind, and a hard one to reason with.
    . . . . . . . . . . ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    That first part is likely appropriate for the Truth and Shadows thread. But this next is not, so I continue here for my personal thoughts to go on freely.

    The “flashbang” I refer to above is the ‘stun grenade’ thrown into the crowd by Senora Clitora d’Maxifuckanus. As I assert earlier, this was by design, the classic disruption technique. The question remains however; how does Max figure he can get away with mutiny on Truth and Shadows? WILL HE get away with such blatant hijacking? Will the smarmy little fuck just saunter on in on another thread like A. Wright? As if nothing untoward has ever happened?

    I think in all likelihood he will, he will resurrect himself and slip on in hoping no one will look at him sideways. I think it is his job, and so he must keep on keeping on, rather the same analog as the Wright widget. Certainly no dramatic sea-change has occurred, the ‘game’ must go on. So much of this reminds me of ‘The Good Shepherd’. But this is real life intrigue, not memorex.


  72. “I only want to silence Mr. Rogue in spreading his defamation and lies. And if he isn’t going to discuss Fourth-Generation Nuclear Devices in good faith, then indeed he should STFU there, too, and just ignore me.”~Señora Clitora d’Maxifuckanus

    The entity’s reference, “should STFU there, too” means I should shut the fuck up here too… advice on how to deal with things on my own personal blog. I have gotten many points of advice from this flop-tart over the past couple years. Of course considering the source I never fail to ignore such advice.

    Now Maxitwat thinks I should “discuss Fourth-Generation Nuclear Devices in good faith”.

    Well I think Maxitwat should discuss the signature characteristics of controlled demolition in good faith; which would result in the realization that discussion of Fourth-Generation Nuclear Devices is irrelevant to the discussion of the destruction of the WTC towers.
    I have in fact read a lot of interesting facts and projections, that is military wish lists of what sorts of weapons can possibly be created. It is nice to know such things about the maniacs policing the planet. But it has no bearing on 9/11 unless one is willing to toss a lot of verified information out the window in order to fantasize on exciting science fiction scenarios.

    The twatpatty entity cannot see to the proper sequence of deductive reasoning, but must leapfrog ahead in its non sequitur daze from the pan into the fire, and the pile of the aftermath. One must eventually consider the aftermath – but first one must analyse the actual events themselves. One cannot build a theory on the events by ignoring the clear evidence of those events, and preempt such evidence by issues of aftermath. If the evidence can reasonably be explained by the conclusions reached in the investigation of the actual events, then it is unreasonable to alter such conclusions without overwhelming evidence being presented to do with the aftermath.
    It is just this sort of cart-before-the-horse happy-jack dizzy thinking offered by Maxitwat that takes his case to the waste basket.


  73. It is also advised by Señora Clitora d’Maxifuckanus, that I extinguish this entire thread, because “it makes me look bad” So touching how he looks after my best interests… Lol

    I could pick out the portions of “substance” I am advised, but censor out all of my colorful language. My well considered answer to such is: FUCK YOU Maxitwat. My colorful language is my signature style.

    So my advice to Señora Clitora d’Maxifuckanus is twofold:

    1. Keep your fucking nose out of my blog, and my business.

    2. Write an essay on the disgusting sins of Lenny Bruce and their adverse effects on modern society, and send it to Congress to make an appeal to have his conviction in NY reinstated. And to write this essay nude while squatting and diddling your cunt.


  74. Señor El Once
    APRIL 9, 2014 AT 10:34 AM
    APRIL 9, 2014 AT 11:48 AM

    “Mr. Rogue contended in 2012 that the cars along West Broadway were towed there. Towed there between when the towers came down and this CBS film crew arrived (and before WTC-7 came down)? Hardly.”~Señor

    The South Tower collapsed at 9:59 am, less than an hour after being hit by the plane, and at 10:28 am the North Tower collapsed. Later that day, 7 World Trade Center collapsed at 5:21 pm.

    “Hardly”? In more than five hours from the time of the second collapse, Maxitwat contends that it would be inconceivable for cars to have been towed out of the way of the first responders. Is it so unlikely? Perhaps/perhaps not, but that distance from the collapsing towers is not beyond the area that would have suffered the incendiary initial debris at any rate.

    What relevance this dispute has to do with the Nookiedoodoo assertions is unclear.

    But the most distressing aspect of this is that Señora Clitora d’Maxifuckanus continues to address this issue in defiance of Mr McKee’s clear and concise orders to desist. I don’t know which is worse, the twat’s arrogance or its stupidity.


  75. “Mr. Rogue contends without substantiation that the damaged vehicles in the following video were towed to West Broadway between 10:28 am and 5:21 pm.” ~Señor

    By the same token Señor disputes without substantiation that the damaged vehicles in the following video were towed to West Broadway between 10:28 am and 5:21 pm.

    And Señor indeed is an arrogant and insufferable asshole, to pretend that he did not know perfectly well what Mr McKee meant when he said “enough”.


  76. Señor El Once – APRIL 9, 2014 AT 2:09 PM:
    “Don’t stop there, Mr. McKee. Keep going. You should begin your selective purging around April 7 going until the present. //”
    . . . . . . . . . . . .
    But that would be expost facto to go back beyond the date of stricture. Although I do agree that the vile horseshit would be better off purged from the site.

    Frustrating isn’t it Max, to come face to face with instant karma for you vile arrogance.
    Reminds me of that tale by Harlan Ellison, ‘I HAVE NO MOUTH AND I MUST SCREAM’.

    It seems a form of masochism to keep coming here to read and receive a sharp stick in the eye each time…???


  77. Because of the video evidence the destruction of the WTC Towers and Bldg 7 can be carefully analysed to determine the mechanisms of the collapse sequence.
    Because there are still some remnants of physical evidence these can be used in conjunction.
    And especially that there are volumes of testimony from those that were actually present, this is perhaps the biggest source of evidence.

    Now it has been determined with a great degree of finality that the destruction of the buildings all show the signature characteristics of controlled demolition; that is explosive demolition using chemical explosives which have a singular signature in themselves.

    Those who persist in denying these obvious facts, especially at this late date, are either ignorant of what those facts are and how they have been deduced, or they have some agenda to deny what is obvious. Those who claim that I do not grasp the counter arguments made are simply wrong. I have spent an inordinate amount of time investigating these ‘alternate’ explanations, and I have found them to be not only wrong, but to be red herrings and wild goose chases. In other words distraction and misdirection.

    It’s too late to fall in love with Sharon Tate, and it’s to late to spin more fairy-tales about the events of 9/11.


    • “It’s too late / To fall in love with Sharon Tate / But it’s too soon / To ask me for the words I want carved on my tomb…”~Jim Carroll – ‘It’s Too Late’


    • 10 Signature Characteristics of a Controlled Demolition:

      1. Each collapse occurred at virtually free fall speed;
      2. Each building collapsed straight down, for the most part onto its own footprint;
      3. Virtually all the concrete was turned into particulates and dust;
      4. In the case of the Twin Towers, the dust was blown out horizontally for 200 feet or more;
      5. The collapses were total, leaving no steel columns sticking up hundreds of feet into the air;
      6. Videos of the collapses reveal “demolition waves”, meaning “confluent rows of small explosions”;
      7. Most of the steel beams and columns came down in sections that were no more than 30 feet long;
      8. According to many witnesses, explosions occurred within the buildings;
      9. Each collapse was associated with detectable seismic vibrations (suggestive of underground explosions);
      10.Each collapse produced molten steel (which would be produced by explosives), resulting in “hot spots” that remained for months.

      \\][// ®

    And one more thing: in cyberspace it is at least theoretically possible to log off. In your own well-wired home, there will be no “opt out.”
    You can almost hear the ominous narrator’s voice from an old “Twilight Zone” episode saying, “Soon the net will close around all of us. There will be no escape.”
    Except it’s no longer science fiction. It’s our barely distant present.

    As more and more household devices — your television, your thermostat, your refrigerator — connect to the Internet, device manufacturers will undoubtedly follow a model of comprehensive data collection and possibly infinite storage. Your home will know your secrets, and chances are it will have loose lips.
    ‘They embrace that which they perceived as the way it was — but the way it was, was not that which they perceived, an artifact believed: The Golden Calf.’ ~ Willy Whitten, lyric


  79. For a fair reading of Maxifuckanus in his own words. Any who wish are hereby afforded a quick and easy link to a massive circus verbosium, Be my guest:

    One note as to this, one should notice that Max says that he “allegedly” said such things. But he does not deny saying such things. He cannot deny saying these things because he knows that he did. Many of these things were said on Truth and Shadows. They can be verified, however I refuse at this point in time to go back through all of those threads and pick out the cite time/date tags as Max is so adapt at. He knows as well as I that he said such vile and disgusting things about me. He knows that the major work of pure venom was deleted from COTO, so it is down the memory hole along with my thread there called Prologue. Max misframes it thus:
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    “Regarding his [third] retread posting (2013-08-29 – 5:34 pm and here) that tries to summarize all of the bad filthy words that I’ve used to describe Mr. Rogue — cheat, liar, weasel, (in the past) agent –, the cherry-picked quotations from me lack substantiating links.

    Ah, too bad! Mr. Rogue forfeits on a technicality while demonstrating a major deficiency in his “doctorates equivalent studies in … the techniques of propaganda and perception manipulation”. Had he provided substantiating links to the source locations where I allegedly wrote those terrible things, the context could be reviewed and his premises validated (or not). Mr. Rogue is afraid of the “or not.”~Max Bridges


  80. Max makes the assertion that his is an “accumulative argument”, and that disproving a single point does not destroy the whole argument. This is only so to a certain extent.

    A building is constructed by “accumulation” or piece by piece, foundation, and accumulative structure. If the foundation is laid of sand, regardless of how sturdy the structure built atop of it, all it takes is shifting sands to topple the whole thing.

    This analogy is true of argumentation as well. If the basic premise of an argument is shown to be a presumption, or a false assumption, all of the argument accumulated upon the false assumption will collapse, just as in the building allegory.

    Max constructs a foundation of sand by ignoring the signature characteristics of a controlled demolition, as enumerated above. In particular he handwaves points, 6, 7, 8, and 9, while giving almost exclusive attention to point 10.

    But this is just the beginning of Max’s trouble, as his accumulation is non sequitur as well, that is that his points do not necessarily follow from one to the other. He takes us on great leaps of speculation, high into the structure itself, beyond the fact that his whole base is nothing but speculation in the first place.

    For illustration of this see near the beginning of this thread in the body of the article before my commentary begins:

    MARCH 5, 2013 – 7:05 PM: Max’s 12 points that he claims I do not address. Wherein I address these 12 points AGAIN, after having done so on numerous occasions before.

    Even unto this very day, Max will not admit that these issues have been addressed, but claims I have used “cheap-tricks” [SEE: his comment on April 10, 2014 AT 10:59 AM on



    In any investigation using the method of deductive reasoning, the very first step is to discover the ‘proximate cause’ – or the ‘proximate event’, and work out from that point to develop a case that has a clear sequence of reasoning.

    As far as the proximate event in Manhattan it is the airplane strikes on the towers, the second of which is heavily documented visually, both still and moving pictures.
    The subsequent periods of time between the crashes and the collapse then is to be considered.

    The proximate event in each ‘collapse’ is the sudden onset. The resulting virtual freefall times of each. Again all caught on video and still cameras. This is what is called ‘Best Evidence’ in the case for determination of ’cause’ of destruction.

    As there are live witness testimonies of those who were there, people in the buildings as well as first responders, there is a vast trove of evidence here to place in conjunction with the visual evidence.

    It is the thorough analysis of this evidence that will give us the strongest case as to the mechanisms of the destruction of these buildings. This analysis has taken place it is compelling in it’s completeness and reasonableness, taking all aspects into account.
    I need not repeat mine and others expositions of the findings of this analysis for they should be well known by any serious researcher at this late date.

    That analysis concludes that the towers were brought down by a unique variation of a standard controlled demolition using chemical explosive charges. The unique variation was that it was made to appear as if the planes and fires where the crashes took place were the cause of the destruction.

    Now, and only now do we begin examination of the immediate aftermath. It is the proponents of the Nuclear and DEW who error by skipping to the aftermath to attempt to dismiss the conclusions drawn from the actual event that created this aftermath. And as it is said, “extraordinary claims demand extraordinary proofs”.

    I would assert that what is offered by both the DEW, and Nuclear camps is far from “Extraordinary Proofs”, but is in fact pure speculation. I have made the detailed arguments on each of the points offered by these ‘alternative theories’ already. These are here on this page as well as the companion essay and commentary on another thread of this blog:


  82. “Normal Background Radiation” is never defined by the nuclear 9/11 advocates. What is defined are the “limits” of toxic and radioactive elements to be tolerated by EPA standards. These limits are concerned with risks to human health, but they do not define what the background radiation normally is, nor that the “limits” are often raised for political reasons by corporate lobbying and influence.

    The actual normal background level of Tritium is discussed in the link below:;filename=EP%20Note%2028%20September%202012.pdf;version=1

    So when the proponents of the nuclear aspect to 9/11 speak of “normal levels of background radiation” they actually mean what the “Limits” are as set by the EPA.
    The EPA is and has been lax in enforcement. The needed testing of environmental toxins, biological, chemical, and nuclear has been lacking as well, as it is a fact that in industrial areas pollution of all three toxin categories is ubiquitous.

    I make this point in various ways in several dialog’s in the Disinformation DEW/Nuke thread. This situation is prima facea, and should not come as a surprise to anyone paying attention to the general state of affairs we are faced with.


    • The first obvious point made in the post above, is that the assertion of “55 times” an unknown quantity of tritium is nonsense. It certainly isn’t “55 times” the background radiation, and only perhaps is it “55 times” the minimum level set by EPA. This combined with the utter trivial amount of tritium that even “55 times” is, makes for an argument based on nothing but pure assertion, an assertion proved by nothing but gross presumption.

      It is very likely that the current level of tritium contamination and pollution is still an unknown. That that level is heavy can be discerned by the information that the leach fields meant to contain toxins from landfills does not successfully contain tritium. And a fix for this situation has not come to my attention since I began study of this issue.

      The fact is that all types of radioactivity are ubiquitous in the modern industrial world. Attempts to contain these levels are constantly blocked by corporate interests that put the radioactive materials to use in manufacturing. It is again the profit aspect that trumps sanity in this paradigm.


    • At the height of atmospheric testing, the atmospheric levels approached 1000 TU. The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency posts a similar website. Refs. 3 and 4 report that present values in rain water are about 50 to 100 TU, or 0.16 to 0.32 pCi/ml. These levels are well below the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency standard for the allowable tritium concentration in community drinking water systems of 20 pCi/ml.

      Source: Background Levels of Tritium by J. Donald Cossairt, Ph.D. C.H.P.
      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
      “Traces of tritiated water (HTO) were detected at the World Trade Center (WTC) ground zero after 9/11. A water sample from the WTC sewer, collected on 9/13/01, contained (0.164±0.074) nCi/L of HTO. A split water sample, collected on 9/21/01 from the basement of WTC Building 6, contained 3.53±0.17 and 2.83±0.15 nCi/L, respectively.


      • Tritium in context:

        1 curie (Ci) = 37 gigabecquerel … (µCi) = 37 kilobecquerel (kBq) 1 nanocurie (nCi) = 37 becquerel (Bq) 1 picocurie (pCi) … 0.000 000 001 = 10^-9 = 1 billionth


  83. Depleted uranium weapons manufacture domestically is a reasonable source to suspect for the presence of heightened levels of radiation in the environment as well.

    There are three aspects to DU: heavy metal poisoning, radiological poisoning, and small particle toxicity.
    The obvious issue of nuclear power plants that produce this toxic substance must not be overlooked either. Anyone who is confident in what we are being told by the PR Regime as to the reality of this situation is clearly barely conscious of their surroundings.

    I have already gone through a long list of substances used in industry that contaminates the environment in a comment called the Prager Psyop, found at the New Wave Nuke-DEW thread mentioned several times here.


  84. Uranium is a radioactive element {radionuclide} that occurs naturally in low concentrations (a few parts per million) in soil, rock, and surface and groundwater.
    Many contemporary uses of uranium exploit its unique nuclear properties. Uranium-235 has the distinction of being the only naturally occurring fissile isotope. Uranium-238 is fissionable by fast neutrons, and is fertile, meaning it can be transmuted to fissile plutonium-239 in a nuclear reactor. Another fissile isotope, uranium-233, can be produced from natural thorium and is also important in nuclear technology. While uranium-238 has a small probability for spontaneous fission or even induced fission with fast neutrons, uranium-235 and to a lesser degree uranium-233 have a much higher fission cross-section for slow neutrons. In sufficient concentration, these isotopes maintain a sustained nuclear chain reaction. This generates the heat in nuclear power reactors, and produces the fissile material for nuclear weapons. Depleted uranium (238U) is used in kinetic energy penetrators and armor plating.
    Uranium’s radioactive properties were discovered in 1896 by Henri Becquerel.

    Source: Wikipedia


    • Source for next item:



    “In 2004 and 2005, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP)
    identified the presence of tritium (3H ) in over 90% of the landfill leachate samples from 54 permitted landfills in Pennsylvania. While 3H is produced naturally in the upper atmosphere by cosmic ray interaction with nitrogen (14N) in air, it is also produced artificially during nuclear weapon production/use, as a byproduct in nuclear power production, and for other uses. It is these other uses that are most likely to be disposed of in municipal solid waste landfills, and most notable among these are gaseous tritium light source (GTLS) devices used as emergency ‘EXIT’ signs. Despite regulatory requirements, accidental disposal of GTLS devices in municipal solid waste landfills is not uncommon (PADEP 2005, 2006a). These exit signs typically contain 10-15 curies of tritium but some contain as much as 30 Curies, and they typically have usable life spans of 10-20 years due to the relatively short 12.32 year half life of tritium1
    Tritium is not a treatable constituent in landfill leachate.”


  86. Tritium Weapon Sights:

    A complete sighting system is 0.054 curies.
    A hundred sighted weapons would be 5.4 curies.
    There was an ATF armory in Bldg.6 WTC.*
    There were also ATF, CIA, and FBI headquarters in No.7 WTC.

    Also, tritium watches, which have up to 0.200 curies or roughly four times as much radioactivity as a single weapon sighting system

    Sources for the tiny levels of tritium found at WTC are abundant when we consider the ubiquity of groundwater contamination and the sources mentioned here.

    * 2001; Cummings, 2002). US Customs and the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) were housed in WTC 6, also called the US Customs House.


  87. “Mr. Rogue seems to point to the Paul Lioy report for his 0.14 pCi measuring of tritium. Tritium wasn’t the purpose of that report; lamely explaining away radioactive isotopes was. It had elements of “garbage-in”:~Señor El Once – April 8, 2014 AT 5:05 PM

    Señor states that; “Tritium wasn’t the purpose of that report; lamely explaining away radioactive isotopes was.” This is pure anal hurlant, the purpose of the report was to discover the nature of the materials left in the aftermath. They were not looking for anything in particular. It was a forensic investigation to determine the nature of whatever was there. To posit the intent of covering up anything by this company, which was contracted for insurance purposes is more empty speculation on Señor’s part.

    It is in fact a form of circular reasoning to begin with the assumption that there was a nuclear aspect to the WTC destruction that needed to be covered up, that leads to such spurious speculation by Señor.



    “The conclusion from NIST (via Wikipedia) said:
    The investigation cited as evidence the claim that no blast was audible on recordings of the collapse [of WTC-7] and that no blast was reported by witnesses, stating that it would have been audible at a level of 130-140 decibels at a distance of half a mile. {17}

    The US Government, its agencies, and work sponsored by the same have deliberately limited the scope of such reports. The reports were proven incomplete in their data collection and in their analysis thereof. Worse, however, is that respected scholars within the 9/11 Truth Movement have utilized the entirety of these faulty works unchallenged and introduced skew and omissions of their own to steer the public away from considering nuclear methods being involved at the WTC.{20}”~Max
    ,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .,

    I find it more than a bit curious that Maxitwit can place these two paragraphs, literally one atop the other, and not see the inherent hypocrisy – as the “respected scholar” that he attempts to pose as.

    The NIST statement, “that no blast was reported by witnesses,” is one of the most obvious lies from this government agency. BUT, it serves to bolster Maxitwit’s argument, so it is advantageous for him to accept such a bald face lie into his bag of bullshit.
    But on top of this Seenyor uses this spurious statement from NIST while at the same time faulting any other reports as “limited in scope”. What is the definition of “limited” in this construction? In that these reports do not include an investigation as to whether nukes were used. But this is absurd; there is nothing whatsoever in the evidence that would indicate, that would suggest the use of nuclear weapons. NOTHING.

    All of the farting and tapdancing in the world is never going to produce such evidence. One has to imagine such evidence exists and then go merrily skipping along creating a fantasy scenario, pretending it real.


    • No Evidence of Bombs at WTC?

      “Explosion…. huge explosion… loud blast… secondary explosions… secondary device… flashes… bombs… shockwave… detonators… controlled demolition… the thickest steel, bent like a pretzel…
      molten steel … lava … [underground] fires of hell… more than 2,800 degrees F [1540°C]…”
      – As you will see, typical terms used by witnesses to describe their experiences during the attack and the clean up of the World Trade Center site.

      Waiting for Seven: WTC 7 Collapse Warnings in the FDNY Oral Histories
      Prof. Graeme MacQueen, January 2008


      • Now I am going to reiterate here one more time:

        It is IMPOSSIBLE to measure dB from a sound recording. One can only measure the decibels of a live sound. Anyone that doesn’t get this is simply ignorant of the mechanics of sound recording.


      • It is in the nature of any recorded medium, that it is in fact an artifact, it is not the thing itself. This artifact has only the relations to other artifacts contained in the medium the record was made in.

        With a sound recording these relationships are set and cannot be separated. The loudness or dB will then depend solely on the playback mechanism, the VU meter registering the settings on the playback. In a studio recording gleaning the true loudness of the drums compared to a guitar is impossible once the recording is mixed. One would have to then refer to the premix recording to adjust the levels.

        In a field recording where there is only the mix created by the circumstance of the set relationships at hand at the moment a recording is made, there is nothing but a mix recording to refer to, the levels are set and the dB of the entire recording is set in those relationships.


      • One more thing about sound recording; those who have seen the films, ‘The Conversation’ or ‘The Good Shepherd’, may have seen the way EQ can be used to play with frequencies in a sound recording to mask or enhance a sound in a recording. These tricks are available to a talented recording artist. But it must be understood that
        ‘frequencies’ and ‘decibels’ are separate issues. Thus, assuming that the dB is somehow being manipulated by such techniques in in error, what is manipulated is the frequencies.


    • “Traces of tritiated water (HTO) were detected at the World
      Trade Center (WTC) ground zero after the 9/11/01 terrorist
      attack. A water sample from the WTC sewer, collected on
      9/13/01, contained 0.164±0.074 (2σ) nCi/L of HTO. A split
      water sample, collected on 9/21/01 from the basement of
      WTC Building 6, contained 3.53±0.17 and 2.83±0.15 nCi/L,
      respectively. These results are well below the levels of
      concern to human exposure. Several water and vegetation
      samples were analyzed from sites outside ground zero, located
      in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Kensico and Croton
      Reservoirs. No HTO above the background was found in those
      samples. Tritium radioluminescent (RL) devices were
      investigated as possible sources of the traces of tritium at
      ground zero. It was determined that the two Boeing 767
      aircraft that hit the Twin Towers contained a combined 34 Ci
      of tritium at the time of impact in their emergency exit signs.
      There is also evidence that many weapons from law
      enforcement were present and destroyed at WTC. Such
      weaponry contains by design tritium sights. The fate and
      removal of tritium from ground zero were investigated, taking
      into consideration tritium chemistry and water flow
      originating from the fire fighting, rain, as well as leaks from
      the Hudson River and broken mains. A box model was
      developed to describe the above scenario. The model is
      consistent with instantaneous oxidation of the airplane tritium
      in the jet-fuel explosion, deposition of a small fraction of HTO
      at ground zero, and water-flow controlled removal of HTO
      from the debris. The model also suggests that tritium from the
      weapons would be released and oxidized to HTO at a much
      slower rate in the lingering fires at ground zero.”

      Click to access 241096.pdf

      A split water sample, collected on 9/21/01 from the basement of WTC Building 6, contained 3.53±0.17 and 2.83±0.15 nCi/L, respectively.”

      There was an armory in WTC Building 6 belonging to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. It stands to reason that the highest reading for tritium would be found in this area due to the tritium weapon sights.



    “Newly obtained video that was reluctantly released by NIST after a lawsuit by the International Center for 9/11 Studies shows two firefighters on 9/11 discussing how secondary explosions occurred immediately before the collapse of the twin towers, providing damning new evidence that explosive devices were used to bring down the buildings.”

    “Despite numerous attempts to glean information from Red Cross officials, McPadden and other first responders were told nothing while one official, shortly after talking to firemen, held his hand over his radio and told them to “just sit tight” and “calm down” before admitting “they’re thinking about bringing the building down.”
    “He took his hand off for the last three seconds of it – and you hear three, two, one,” said McPadden, adding that the official then gave a heartfelt look and told the first responders, “just run for your life.”

    McPadden got the impression that the Red Cross official had been ordered not to give the first responders a warning that the building was coming down.

    “And you heard – boom, boom, boom,” said McPadden, describing the sound of bombs tearing down the building.

    He also highlighted the fact that “vicious security” was quickly set up around certain areas of ground zero and that people were barred from accessing certain areas for no reason and also had their cameras confiscated.

    When McPadden attempted to report that secondary explosions were heard by numerous people, he was harshly ordered to “shut up” and “don’t repeat it” by superiors.

    He also talked to numerous firefighters who acknowledged that they also heard secondary explosions, but said that “Obviously somewhere in their command structure, they were told to shut up.”
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  90. “542 comments on “The Judy Wood enigma” on Truth and Shadows, and still no resolution.

    Craig finally shut the comments down because WordPress was choking on the too massive content. I contend that a new article on Nookiedoodoo would end up as the same sort of brawl. I don’t see the purpose in hosting what would so likely be a brawl.


  91. “Mr. Ruff and Mr. Rogue could say that neither radiation nor the lack of radiation can be proven at the WTC, so it can’t be used as a determining factor either way. The case for nukes or no-nukes would need to be built on other evidence.”–Señor El Once
    April 8, 2014 AT 12:56 AM

    This is more obvious false argumentation. It is not our obligation to prove a negative. It is entirely Señor’s obligation to prove his case. This is the disingenuous ‘weaseling’ that Señor constantly uses and hypocritically accuses me of.

    The fact of the matter is that Mr Once has for the past year or more attempted to prove that there was radiation at WTC. He seems to now recognize that he has failed, that there was no radiation to prove. So now this change in tactic.

    It is a fact that the case for controlled demolition has already been built on other evidence: See; the 10 points for the signature characteristics of controlled demolition. The byproduct of these points are proof enough of no-nukes.


    • Rhetorical slip-craft is part of Maxitwit’s tactical approach, but slander is his strategy.
      Slander is the object of his game. He has morphed through several positions as to 9/11 since I have had to deal with him, but there has been one constant, his slurs and defamation of his targets, his framing them as agents, or liars, or lacking intelligence.

      That he uses these techniques primarily against the frequent posters that have built sort of a Truth and Shadows Community, rather than those who are obvious trolls or shills, is a telling and revealing item to ponder.

      Max claims that Nookiedoo is his hobby horse. I say that Slander is his hobby horse.


      • Defamation —also called calumny, vilification, or traducement —is the communication of a false statement that harms the reputation of an individual or business.

        That Max has defamation of my character as his central focus is clear enough to me, and I reiterate that it is this which is his so-called “hobby horse”, the nookiedoodoo bullshit is just a ruse to cover for it, because this “theory” of his has bounced from one thing to the next – the only constant is his slurs aimed at myself and to some lesser extent against Mr Ruff.

        His assertion on Truth and Shadows today is par for the course, playing the victim while asserting nonsense:

        “Mr. Rogue attacks me with such charges to defray the intimate athlete’s hand/foot connection [and a family connection] that Mr. A.Wright and Mr. Rogue seem to have. Did you notice how tag-teamer Mr. Ruff called for Mr. A.Wright to appear; Mr. A.Wright danced his jig; and the only carousel cranker to engage him — as usual — was Mr. Rogue? Legend establishing.”

        The essential point here should be that Maxitwat does not engage a clear and obvious troll such as A Wright, or Owenmeister, but tries to turn everything around to claim I am attacking him. This bullshit that I have a “a family connection” with A Wright, being the most obvious of his psychotic assertions. Señora Clitora d’Maxifuckanus seems to see itself as a master of turning things upside down and backwards, but is in fact as transparent as a jelly fish.


  92. I am not certain that writing an article based on a critique of the nuclear aspect of WTC would be constructive.
    I am more of the notion of pointing out the strength of the argument of controlled explosive demolition.
    An argument that is based on a deductive method showing the signal strength of the ten or so signature characteristics of such implosive demolitions. As these signature characteristics combined preclude any other proposition as sufficient, there is no further argument necessitated for a rebuttal of alternative postulates.

    All other considerations must proceed from the conclusions thus reached. The entire case can only be made sense of by a careful method of analysis that proceeds in an orderly sequential manner.
    If a hypothesis is offered that discounts aspects of the primary conclusions already arrived at, this new hypothesis must contain a rational critique of the points the hypothesis is in conflict with. Merely hand waving the points, or attempting to ignore their existence is the sign of spurious argumentation.


    • I will add to the above, that this is an area of critical thinking where the falsity of the non sequitur must be fully appreciated. “It does not follow” has a broader meaning than simply one concept following another not being valid. It also applies to ‘leapfrogging’ to another issue entirely that does not carry forward established points, but in fact ignores those points.


      • A simple Non Sequitur can be illustrated as in counting:


        A leaping Non Sequitur can be illustrated as in counting:



    • Debating whether nukes were used at WTC on 9/11 is rather like debating whether Martians actually attacked Earth during Orson Welles’ broadcast of War Of The Worlds in 1938.



      Ultimate Fact n. a conclusion of fact which is logically deduced from “evidentiary facts”.

      In the case of the destruction of the WTC complex on 9/11, the ‘ultimate fact’ drawn from the evidentiary facts is that the towers and complex were destroyed by controlled explosive demolition.


  93. I would like to point out to the readership here that the term “criminal libel” does not include simple “insult”. The laws in the US are much more lax than those in the UK. But even in the UK such simple insults of calling someone an “asshole”, a “dickhead”, or any number of colorful linguistic characterizations, even a “papsmear” is not “criminal libel” which is in fact a charge that has to do with making false accusations in a criminal matter.
    Even calling some one a “son-of-a-bitch” is colloquialism that is rarely if ever meant to mean that someone’s mother is a female canine.

    Of the various barbs thrown back and forth between Mr Once and myself, I would posit that the charges made by Mr Once are much closer to criminal libel technically, than any of my satirical name calling.


  94. Criminal libel is a legal term, of English origin, which may be used with one of two distinct meanings, in those common law jurisdictions where it is still used.

    It is an alternative name for the common law offence which is also known (in order to distinguish it from other offences of libel) as “defamatory libel”[1] or, occasionally, as “criminal defamatory libel”.[2][3]

    It is also used as a collective term for all offences which consist of the publication of some prohibited matter in a libel (in permanent form), namely defamatory libel, seditious libel, blasphemous libel and obscene libel.[4][5]

    The common law offences of seditious libel, defamatory libel, and obscene libel were abolished in the England and Wales and Northern Ireland on 12 January 2010 when section 73 of the Coroners and Justice Act 2009 came into force,[6] blasphemous libel having already been abolished in England and Wales on 8 July 2008 by the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008, having been replaced with the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006.

    Samoa announced in late 2011 that it would soon abolish the offence of criminal libel, which remains on the statute books as part of the Crimes Act 1961.[7]
    . . . . . . . . . . . .
    It should be obvious to Maxitwat that such a legal offence is not and has never been a part of the justice system in the US. That such charges are most likely to result in counter charges from the bench for being a ‘frivolous lawsuit’. But like many things it is Maxi’s fantasies that he promotes rather than the actual case.


  95. I have one more comment as to the issue that shut down the thread on T&S {for the 2nd time – both the fault of Maxitwat}; and that is T&S and this blog have entirely different purposes. T&S is a ‘public forum’ oriented blog, wherein dialog from others is actively sought out. My blog here is indeed open to the public as far as being available to read. But this blog is not meant to be a Public Forum. As the legend under the title of this blog reads: ‘My commentary on this wacky wanky world’.

    This blog is for the most part meant to be my open “personal journal”. I have no guidelines or restrictions for myself here, or those chosen individually to participate. There are no banned words, or topics here. If I choose to link to a thread here, those threads are chosen by me as they contain information that is relevant to the topic on the forum I chose to post those links to. This blog doesn’t get a lot of traffic, and for that reason I don’t expect a lot of exploration of the site by those led to it to specific threads here I wish to highlight.

    I speak openly and frankly here on every topic I write about. I am not ashamed of anything I have said here, or anywhere else. I do adhere to the rules and wishes of the hosts of other blogs, such as T&S. I did not make the statement on T&S that caused such a stir there this morning involving Owen Meister. I made it here. I did not refer to this thread on T&S, but posted links to the informative threads on the topic of ‘Disinformation New Wave 9/11’ a series addressing the agitprop topics of “No-Planes”, “Video Fakery” and “Nuclear DEW”. It was in fact Max who posted links and commentary from this thread. And as I stated before and stand by here; the onus is in his court for doing so.

    My opinion of OwenMeister has not changed, I still see him as a low life papsmear, I have a similar opinion of Maxifuckanus, which should be real clear by now. These are personal opinions, and such are protected speech in a free society. But saying that Max is an asshole or a prick, is a far cry from the types of serious defamation he attempts to paint me with, wherein he calls me a liar, accuses me of sockpuppeting A Wright on T&S, or claims that I cheated him on the deal on the Judy Wood book. Again, I offered to send the book back to him and he refused – likely out of paranoia over me having his physical address. He has acknowledged my offer and his refusal thereof. The deal we had for me to make a “book report” was breached by Max himself due to false advertising as to the content of the book, as he insisted that there was updated material therein that was not available on Judy Wood’s web site. This assertion was the LIE told in this affair. There is no substantial difference in the information between the book and the web site. I went through enough of the book to discern this.

    This is the last time I am going to address this issue, because I have made this case too many times before. And now knowing that Maxifucker is reading this page, I warn him to cease and desist in continuing to spread his lies on this matter, because that is libel, and just possibly criminal libel as such defamation is much more serious than calling someone satirical names and making fun of them.

    So fuck off Max. It is not libel to say fuck you. Got that asshole? Lol


  96. “It is eloquence brought to a pellucid and almost gem-like perfection—the highest emotion reduced to a few poetical phrases. Nothing else precisely like it is to be found in the whole range of oratory.”~Mencken, on the spurious rhetoric of the warmongering speech of The Gettysburg Address by Lincoln

    Grok and load…

    “Few countries have emerged with less enthusiasm for unity than the United States. From the Stamp Act Congress in 1765 until the delegates convened in Philadelphia twenty-two years later, most Americans bore primary allegiance to the state within which they lived, and the notion of abandoning that identity to be part of a larger whole was preposterous. (p. 22)

    Not one of [the delegates to the Constitutional Convention] came to Philadelphia believing that he was there to create a new government—or reform an old one—only for the benefit of thirteen states on the Atlantic. (p. 43)”~Lawrence Goldstone

    a report on the savagery of Sherman’s drive through Georgia and South Carolina by David P. Coyningham, an Irish-born journalist embedded (to use the current expression) with Sherman’s army for the New York Herald Tribune. Here is his concluding paragraph:

    Those who are unacquainted with war cannot realize the fearful sufferings it entails on mankind. They read it in papers and books, gilded over with all its false glare and strange fascinations, as a splendid game of glorious battles and triumphs, but close their eyes to its bloody horrors. The battlefield is to them a field of honor, a field of glory, where men resign their lives amidst the joys of conquest, which hallow the soldier’s gory couch and light up his death-features with a smile. This sounds well in heroic fiction, but how different the reality! Could these fireside heroes but witness a battlefield with its dead, its dying, and wounded, writhing in agonizing tortures, or witness the poor victims under the scalpel-knife, with the field-hospital clouded with human gore, and full of the maimed bodies and dissected limbs of their fellow-creatures, war would lose its false charms for them. Could many a tender mother see her darling boy, uncared-for, unpitied, without one kind hand to stay the welling blood or wipe his death-damp from his brow, her gentle, loving heart would break in one wail of anguish. War, after all, has horrors even greater than the battlefield presents. The death-wound is mercy compared to the slow torture of languishing in prison-houses–living charnel houses of slow putrefaction–pale, spiritless, uncared=for, unpitied, gasping and groaning away their lives in hopeless misery. And then think of the sacked and burned city; think of helpless women and children fleeing in terror before the devouring element, without a home to shelter them, without bread to feed them; think of the widows and orphans that water their scant bread with the tears of sorrow; think of all the sufferings, misery, ruin, death, war entails on mankind, and you will curse its authors, and wish that God had otherwise chastised his people. Though war may enrich the Shylock shoddies, paymasters, contractors, and speculative politicians, who sport gorgeous equipages and rich palaces out of the blood of their countrymen, it crushes the people under its wheels, like the car of Juggernaut, and oppresses the millions with taxation. (My Native Land: Life in America, 1790-1870, compiled and edited by Warren S. Tryon, 1952, pp. 266-267)


    • It should be clear from the facts above that the Constitutional Convention was a Coup de Grâce by the Federalists; the Banker’s moles Hamilton and Jay in particular. The bankers here mean the central banks of Europe, headed by the Bank of England and it’s network of corporations. In other words a corporatist oligarchy. This is essentially fascism, as defined by Mussolini a couple centuries later. The symbol of the Fasces, bundled rods and a hatchet in bold relief in the chambers of the US Congress in DC is a significant reminder of this.

      The promise within the Declaration was that the States united would evolve into a confederacy of functioning republics. Always a tenuous proposition considering the powerful forces arrayed against the idea. It was the Convention and the Constitution it produced that put the final nail in the coffin of the republican quest; The spurious rhetoric of popular history aside.


    • It is obvious from the nomenclature of succession, that the South was attempting a return to the promise of the Declaration, they were seen as and self-identified as Confederates. The Union side was the Federal government. As in all wars, each side was financed for a dialectic struggle manipulated by the Banking Cabal.


    • Deducing further back we should look for the forensic traces of the fingerprints of the Banking Cabal’s probable manipulative influence in the Declaration and the revolution it spawned. We then consider the Bavarian Illuminati, the version of the Protocols penned by Weishaupt in this period, and the subversion of the Masonic lodges that was underway, both in Europe and the Americas. This leads us to the curious case of the madness of King George, which just happens to coincide with the years of the rebellion against Britain in the colonies. The case having been made that the King was being poisoned by the court physician, a known Mason. Add to this the way that the British Army in America seemed to be ‘throwing the fight’, making the most obvious strategic military blunders. That this was the result of folly as Barbara Tuchman hypothesizes seems untenable given all of these examples of circumstantial evidence to the contrary.

      Now we can even trace back further to Francis Bacon and the New Atlantis (1626.) to find further clues supporting the case being put forward here. Therein Bacon posits the existence of the western hemisphere and the continents in existence there.
      We can move forward to Columbus, or Columb “the Dove of Christ” and the vessel that carried him to the new land beyond the waters, Santa Maria {Mother Mary}, an allegory of the Ark of Noah.


  97. Pink Floyd – A New Machine (Part One) …

    “Don’t worry, nobody lives forever Nobody lives forever.”

    –Track 7 on ‘A Momentary Lapse of Reason’. Written by David Jon Gilmour


    • “The path you’re supposed to follow is the only one that’s left open in front of you.”`Micheal C Ruppert – RIP


  98. The real issue with Señor El Once, aka Maxwell C Bridges aka el Señora d’Maxifuckanus, is that the creature fears me. It fears my lucidity and eloquence, and it knows that I can see through it with utter diaphaneity, as though I were an oracle.

    This is why the hysteria and paranoia grips the entity. It will try to frame these words as ‘vainglorious boasting and bragging’, but that will be it’s own rhodomontades, and defensive mechanism.

    I would like nothing better than that this creature would come to its senses, and back off, dropping its whole campaign of defamation. Although I highly doubt that such a time will ever come.

    But unless the creature wants to keep offering grist for the mill here, he would do that very thing, and stop harassing me at every opportunity.


    • Actually Maxifuckanus reminds me of those aliens in that Kilgore Trout story, who communicate by farting and tap-dancing. {See: Kurt Vonnegut]

      The allegory fits him like Spandex tights.


  99. I have always been here
    I have always looked out from behind these eyes
    it feels like more than a lifetime
    feels like more than a lifetime
    Sometimes I get tired of the waiting
    sometimes I get tired of being in here
    is this the way it has always been?
    could it ever have been different?
    Do you ever get tired of the waiting?
    do you ever get tired of being in there?
    don’t worry, nobody lives forever,
    nobody lives forever

    Pink Floyd – A New Machine (part 1) Lyrics
    [1≡∞] – = \\][//

  100. Algebra symbols:
    ≡ symbol name, equivalence | symbol meaning, identical to

    ∞ symbol name, lemniscate | symbol meaning, infinity symbol


    • The numeral 1 means ‘singular’. The equation therefore means simply that 1 is identical to infinity.

      There is only one thing.

      It cannot be added to, subtracted from, nor multiplied, but merely conceptually divided by metaphor. [1≡∞] Ta Panta Nous


      • Thinking of this as a ‘container’ with all the stuff of the universe inside is just metaphor. There is nothing without it, the 1 is infinite. The concept of “size” is irrelevant when there is no other object to compare it to.

        That there is metaphor, there is consciousness, and awareness of self. That we are now, and aware can only mean that we are that One; that all the divisions are illusions, that we create them ourselves. Why “we” do this is as mysterious as what “we” create with our illusions. The pain, fear and terror … what is that for?

        Perhaps they are a backdrop to contrast with, joy, love, contentment?

        One could even propose that each person inhabits a unique world of their own making. And by taking some lines of thought this idea can be very convincing as a matter of pure logic being put to the ramifications of the One. Although the idea that espouses this theory is called, “the Multiple Universe” theory, it is a misnomer to use the term “universe” as any more or less than all. “Multiple worlds” would define this better. As far as human experience is concerned perception of their own experience does not experience ‘off world’ events but through imagination and imagined “technologies”.

        The scientific/materialistic paradigm is a ‘belief system’, just like all paradigms created by metaphor. Metaphor is the language of ‘consciousness’, therefore the language of illusion and creation: Maya.


  101. As the controlled demolition of the WTC complex can be proven from the evidence provided by the actual collapse, hypotheses as to the dynamics within the ‘pile’ in the aftermath based on the assumption of chemical explosives reasonably follows.

    To claim that these hypothetical explanations aren’t sufficient, that the more reasonable explanation would be derived from the hypothesis of exotic Nuke/Dew weapons, would need extraordinary proofs. They would need to be based in much more than supposition. One would need to PROVE that the chemical hypothesis is unreasonable. There simply has been no proof of any such thing as of this time.

    The one argument attempted relies on a misconception; that being that a ‘Burn Rate’ for a substance is the same thing as a ‘Burn Scenario’.

    They are not the same.

    A ‘Burn Rate’ is the time it would take the substance to burn in a specific container; ie, a ‘fuse’ of a particular size, would take x amount of time to travel a particular distance.

    The ‘Burn Scenario’ is a complex theater and chaotic environment that cannot be quantified. Any substances then would not be ‘contained’ in any known manner, it would be mixed in with all of the rest of the materials that fell into the pile. The difference conceptually is like a fuse to a firecracker lit, and the count to explosion as ‘burn rate; compared to a match being thrown in a fireplace with gun powder sprinkled over a pile of wood and tin cans, bits of blanket…and all sorts of sundry items. The length of time between these two examples is significant. The example of the fireplace would be a much longer duration than the few moments of lighting a fuse on a firecracker and the explosion. A large enough fireplace could simmer and burn, with flare ups here and there, collapsing areas sending hot embers onto fresh fuel, that resulting in further collapsing above, and the sequence repeating many times over.

    Again, a burn rate, and a burn scenario are different things completely. Any calculation for the time of the fuse to burn a certain distance is irrelevant and meaningless.
    This argument is also buttressed by the fact that that it is unknown exactly what explosives in total were used. We know of one solgel, a military grade Thermate, or ‘super thermite’. But there may have been other forms of solgels, and more standard plastic explosives as used in commercial demolition.

    There is a good possibility that the Thermate had several jobs in the destruction of the buildings, one of those being salted into the pile to “eat the evidence” — not only bring the buildings down, but destroy them as completely as possible after they had fallen.


  102. Shillmeister:

    James F. Bennett, asshole at large, is the ‘chief’ author of ‘Screw Loose Change’. He thinks he’s a hot-shot, a ‘secret agent man’, but he’s just a vile small minded warmongering prick. A wannabe novelist, his cheap-shot style propaganda is some of the worst on the web.


  103. A Dissident In His Solitude

    Quarantined? An orphan of society? Self exiled?

    Perhaps all of the above, and yet the ashram of the temple of self-taught-thought would characterize it in positive terms, in terms of self fulfillment and self understanding.

    It is no testament to sound mental health to be well adjusted to a pathological society.

    [1≡∞] – \\][// ®

  104. As is stressed by Professor Jones, the materials left in the rubble of the WTC was not entirely “fine dust”. In fact a substantial portion of it can be characterized as ranging from the size of grains of sand, to the size of gravel, some quite large pieces.

    Gravel is generally pieces around 1/8″ to about 4″
    Sand {grains} particles range in size from 2 to 0.05 mm in … for sediment grains coarser than fine sand – average diameter 0.2 mm .
    Particles of sand range in size from 2 to 0.05 mm in diameter; those of silt from 0.05 to 0.002 mm and those of clay, silt, or colloids smaller than 0.002 mm.

    So it is not accurate, and skews the perceptions to refer to the event as turning the concrete and other gypsum products to a “fine dust”. There was indeed a substantial amount of such fine dust, but that does not lead to the conclusion of ‘total disintegration’ of the towers that some have built their hypothesis on.


  105. HybridRogue1 – JUNE 22, 2012 AT 1:26 AM:

    And so, I decided to do some looking into this guy, T. Mark Hightower. I find in him another rhetorical mulchpincher. No wonder he and Fetzer have teamed up to defame Jones, birds of a feather.

    On Hightower’s blog, he reproduces emails sent to him by Steven Jones.

    Here is the first one, which shows Jone’s concern that they are misrepresenting what he has said about nanothermates:

    > Steven Jones – July 20, 2011 { Email to: T. Mark Hightower }

    “Here is my published blog on, which offers my views and
    I hope that JimF will no longer misrepresent me — feel free to QUOTE
    anything from this — not paraphrase! Paraphrasing is evidently
    fraught with error and a higher probability for misrepresenting. Note
    particularly the portions highlighted.”

    “You may quote me from my published papers and blogs, but please do not
    put words into my mouth.”

    The next email from Jones is more explicit, and one can tell from the questions what he considers to be misrepresations of what he has said. I am going to post just the Jones email, as on Hightower’s blog, he takes Jones’ words and interprets them – answering the reinterpretations rather than what Jones actually asks…which is a technique seen used by someone else concerned in this situation, as Jones himself refers to as misrepresenting him.

    Second email from Jones:

    On Thu, Oct 20, 2011 at 6:14 PM, Steven Jones { Email to: T. Mark Hightower }
    > wrote:
    > Subject: What say ye now?
    > Mark,
    > We talked briefly and have exchanged correspondance also.
    > 1. Are you still saying that I said or say that the red-chip material
    > is a “high explosive”?
    > 2. Are you still saying that I said or say that nanothermite
    > is a “high explosive”?
    > 3. Do you now say that I place thermite and HMX/RDX in the
    > same category?
    > 4. What are you saying about these issues now?
    > Thanks,
    > Steven Jones

    It is quite obvious from Jones’ questions, that those saying he said such things are misrepresenting him and putting words in his mouth.

    Of course this flies in the face of what Fetzer claims Jones said to him in private.

    No wonder Jones called it quits with this type of tactic used against him by not only Fetzer, but Morgan Reynolds, and Judy Wood.

    Can it be any mystery why the Truth movement is in splinters after this kind of thing happening not only to Jones, but Gage, Ryan, Balsomo and others?


  106. T Mark Hightower – JULY 6, 2012 AT 6:13 PM

    “The highest detonation velocity I was able to find in the technical literature when I searched one year ago for an iron-oxide aluminum nanothermite was 895 m/s for an aerogel produced by the sol gel method. This certainly qualifies as an explosive. If you want to read the paper where this is cited, here it is.”

    Click to access 302999.pdf


    • As to Harrit’s question as to the ungodly amounts of Thermate needed to blow up the towers: “Where is the error?” – that there is no error in the math, but in the assumptions the math is put to.


  107. Brent Blanchard, 10 Feb 2006…

    To bring down Southwark Towers, about 300 pounds of shaped charges (RDX) would be sufficient, he said.

    (Then for a WTC Tower, about 1000 pounds of explosives would be sufficient. This would only require an estimated 10 men to install the cutter charges, mostly in the central core/elevator shaft areas.)
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    It has been established through a study of the photographic and video evidence that there were a number of instances of white-hot areas that produced glowing liquid flows from window openings on the 80th to 82nd floor of WTC 2 that persisted for quite a number of seconds.
    According to the NIST FAQ1 these events came within the last 7 minutes before WTC 2 began its collapse. White-hot temperatures cannot be produced by ordinary fires. These observations have therefore been conclusively shown to be incendiary events. This fact is inconsistent with any theory of collapse except controlled demolition. Yet the official story remains that the buildings were brought down by fires and damage to the structural members of the buildings resulting from the impact of the planes. The WTC 7 wasn’t even hit by a plane, yet it is claimed that it was brought down by fires.

    All three buildings, WTC 1, WTC 2 and WTC 7 were subjects of many video documents that remain today as some of the very best evidence for controlled demolition that we have. It is clear from the videos that explosives were used. The evidence for incendiary cutting of steel consists of the video evidence, the forensic evidence in the dust and rubble, and the testimony of eyewitness early responders and survivors who saw glowing molten metal flowing out of window openings.

    This paper deals with the incendiary events and the forensic evidence that remains to prove that the official story is wrong. Specifically, this paper discusses the chemistry of iron-aluminum-rich microspheres that are found in the dust from the rubble, the chemical content of these microspheres and the physical chemistry of the iron-sulfur-oxygen system since sulfur is one of the omnipresent elements in the iron-aluminum-rich microspheres and was also found in a metallurgical study of structural iron from the WTC 7.”~Jerry Lobdill


    • Conclusions

      This paper has discussed some physical chemistry aspects of thermite and thermate and shown how science explains the existence of iron-aluminum-rich microspheres, why some microspheres are hollow, and why the metallurgical forensic study produced the results it did. The
      thermodynamic analysis has provided an understanding of how much thermite is needed to cut away a given amount of steel at 100% efficiency. The complexity of the chemistry involved has been illuminated.

      These analyses enhance our understanding of the evidence that proves the use of incendiary devices in demolition of the WTC buildings. ~Lobdill


  108. Maxitwat does not grasp the clarity provided by brevity – OR he defeats it by verbosity through intent. If he cannot make a point within 1 page on a blog comment thread, without forcing the reader to scroll down through a seemingly endless mass of verbiage, then my assessment is that he is doing a con-job, purposely confusing by a jumble of mumblesplidge.


  109. Ask Maxitwerp to address a single point. And that is where he piles his bananas. Then he scampers up and down the monkey bars hooting his incessant ululations. Never touching the point made but doing his obscene hootchie dance on any point but the one inquired of.

    I pointed out several times that the pics he shows of twisted and corkscrew shaped beams from the WTC aftermath cannot be proven to be the result of the explosive event itself, but very well may be the result of the heat and pressures and shifting movements within the pile.

    He would not answer that point directly. Instead he goes into the song and dance of what could have caused that heat. Totally dismissing the point, and ranting on and on that it MUST be due to a nuclear DEW event. This is obviously a circular argument combined with Argumentum Verbosium.

    What caused the heat was and is NOT the question. The question is whether it can be determined whether the beams were disfigured during the explosive events or in the pile of the aftermath. Max has avoided that question like he avoids fact and reason.

    It is such bullshit as this {only one example} that makes it obvious that it is futile to try to get Max to debate in a genuine manner. Top this off with his most obvious agenda of defamation, and you end up with less than zero; a barrage of jabberwacky.


  110. MARCH 10, 2013 AT 6:37 PM

    Obscenity has taken a new name, that of “Señor,” and blasts a new trail of entrails and bent nails, while roasting toasting boasting a shitskabob of strangely glittering turd paddies – failing to remove the gold foil packaging. What this and that or any other thing can do about whatever and done with it be? Since makes sense of slivers of sentences long too many and withering ivy thou. Prison-like it is and like prisms like they are, and brandished guitar that milks the tit of the uniform code of tools leading to the toads toll booth.

    So wherewithall and so fourth and the fifth of fits bundled in frankincense and ocelot urine, bailing out – sailing out unhinged into the drankist of drank and flooblebarred from bruising shank to rank skanks and wobbly tongueworx. Alas at last the last must be and verily formed of curly smoke and surly blokes from the rafters of tweedleboots worn like silk slippers in the sewage pond. Yes and maybe and triple donned cloak of snire. A toke of ire, for Once more in bantertwain shall and did not meet the meat to the grittlenhoist. Rather and instead stood hootless in the barn with the howls of Treeteeyum and cabbage and new aged Herodotus pods like candy thunder on a shattered pane of multicolored glass ensconced in a tubular device for twirling unfurling the stillborn playlist of fart-horns.

    Yes…a fit ending for the new beginning of whatever long breathless potulations that forthcoming might be. So, let it be said.


  111. First Amendment to the US Constitution

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


  112. Nick Dean on April 30, 2014 AT 4:36 PM

    “I have written elsewhere on why the ‘alternative’ media is perhaps more objectively racist (anti-White) than even the MSM:

    These people enjoy the high profiles they do precisely because they are hostile to White nationalisms, precisely because their opposition to nationalisms for peoples that happen to be White, fatally undermines their moral claims on behalf of their little Brown and Black pets. They are being used against their own aims. I have written elsewhere on the likes of Blakeney…”
    Mr Dean reveals his racist views quite blatantly by the gutter remark; “little Brown and Black pets” – just too cute a pejorative for him to pass up I suppose.

    It is very rare that a member of a ‘White Identity Cult’ visits and makes comments on Truth and Shadows. Our argument was long and drawn out, a rather exhausting duel yesterday. That I find Mr Dean’s views despicable might go without saying. But I do and I will say that I find in his views those of a sociopath. I called him a “racist asshole” during the discussion. I see no need for apology, he IS a racist asshole. He attempts to define the term “racist” out of existence, as a lexicon of some too distant past to have meaning in today’s modern intellectual world {or words to that effect}.

    Anyone who is curious can read the entire argument at the URL above.

    This has relevance to this page on my blog here, as Señora Clitora d’Maxifuckanus dropped into the conversation a few times to lift it’s skirts, spread the cheeks of it’s ass and spew more of its rancid anal hurlant. That this was in defense of this blatant racist slimefuck, makes it all the more remarkable. Although nothing should surprise me about the Maxitwat by now.


    • Lol,

      Hey Señora Clitora, as per your twitchy rant on Truth and Shadows today at 7:08 PM:

      I knew that part about ‘spandex tights‘ would send you rocketing to the stratosphere.
      It is too funny a sight to imagine isn’t it.


      You really should keep your snout out of here, it only raises your blood pressure, and there is nothing you can effectively do about it. And your irrelevant squawking on Truth and Shadows obviously is of no interest to anyone there either.


  113. Nick Dean uses some strange lexicon in his commentary. One term that caught my eye was “Lolocaust” … an obvious take off on Holocaust. Typing the Lolocaust term into my browser, the search turned up this site:

    Vanguard News Network, or VNN, an obvious white supremacist site…

    “If we exterminate termites because they destroy the foundations of our houses, how much more lenient should we be in our treatment of jews, who destroy the foundations of our society?”~Alex Linder — Administrator

    Nick Dean — April 30, 2014 AT 7:01 PM
    “Craig McKee assumes ’9/11 deniers’ is a deliberate association with lolocaust truthers. Is the lolocaust a central pillar of modern Jewish identity?”

    Jimmy Marr — LOLocaust Survivor / Commentator on VNN


  114. >”When my {-redacted-} hobby-horse finally gets a chance to romp, I want the words of sociopath Mr. Rogue already discredited in the eyes of the readers by his own historical, hypocritical, defamatory actions.” ~Señora Clitora — May 1, 2014 AT 7:08 PM *
    . . . .. .. . . .
    The redacted portion of what the entity’s hobby-horse is, would be of course his ‘Nookiedoodoo’ bullshit. But what is interesting here is that the entity wants me to be “already discredited in the eyes of the readers”. Now why could this be? Why would he/it need to have my person discredited prior to the entity’s exposition? The answer is obvious — the entity knows it has no case that can be proven by reason, so it must eliminate and discredit any lucid challenger by defamation beforehand.

    That Señora is such a dolt as to make this so crystal clear on T&S, no longer surprises me. The entity is so drowned in hysteria now it blabbers on and on without a thought as to what it reveals of its own psychopathic intentions. What will surely come from all of this is that the entity will have completely discredited itself – having come a long way in already accomplishing this – before it ever gets a chance to let its stick-horse of a hobby-horse romp.



  115. Señora Clitora d’Maxifuckanus
    v 2014

    These incessant attacks and slurs from Señora Clitora on T&S reveal the entity to be in a mode of obsessive hysteria. I have indeed kept a journal of this madness on my HR1blog, on a page devoted to this nonsense called “Carnival d’Maxifuckanus”. But it is meant as a historical record of this maniacs antics and blithering, not anything to do with an obsession on my part, but a defensive log of counter commentary.

    The current thread on T&S is revelatory to my assertions here. The entity has thrown several, at least five, temper tantrums on that page that were completely unprovoked by anything I said that could possibly have anything to do with the entity itself, other than the fact that I responded back showing this to be the case. This jejune squalling from Señora, intending to defame me, does the exact opposite, this creature defames itself. And of course I find this delightful to no end. The creature is making itself a bed of thorns that it will have to sleep in hereafter.

    Maxwell’s silver hammer has turned to shit.


    • And the Maxifuckanus continues on again today. The creature is consumed by me and cannot get past it. His obsession is my possession, which is forever beyond his reach.


      • I have never read Maxifuck illumine a single lie that I have made, here or on T&S. Not one. And that is because I have told no lies.
        I may have made a couple of errors, but none that have not been corrected.

        Max goes on and on about the Book. But this has been dealt with in detail here. He is the one who sold me on that item by ‘False Advertising’. He claimed that there was new information in Wood’s book that was not available on her web site. This is a flat out lie.

        As I have detailed previously, I offered to send the Book back to him. His refusal to take it relieved me of any and all obligations that might have been standing.

        As with this instance, all of his other charges derive from his deluded and fevered imagination.

      • Señor El Once — May 1, 2014 AT 7:08 PM:
        “What Mr. Rogue calls “proven lies and exaggerations” have ~not~ been proven as such. Just Mr. Rogue saying it is, doesn’t make it so. Where’s the substantiation?”
        ……… ……… ……… ……… ………
        Okay fuckstick, where is YOUR substantiation? Pick one single lie I have made and prove it. Not another litany of bullshit, just one single lie that you can prove. You haven’t been able to prove one yet – because I haven’t lied about anything.
        Stand an deliver motherfucker. Your stalking horse has been “prancing” on thin ice too long now. Give me some substance or go diddle your twat.


  116. I am making fun of Mr Once. That is a far cry from the slanders of substance the entity makes against me. And these slanders are not presented in any sane manner by my incessant nemesis. The very idea that I have not attended to the case for nukes, or DEW and the combination of the two. I have read much material on nuclear weapons and their miniaturization, I am not at all ignorant or unread in this instance. And my arguments have addressed these issues in great detail. As well as time and again, but never rebutted in any way other than rhetorical “farting and tapdancing”.

    If these allegories {farting tapdancing – humorous titles describing the entity by nom de plume} are given special and excessive weight – ABOVE – the actual substance of my argument, it is because complaining about inconsequential and minor ad hominem, distracts from the meat of my arguments. If that is all that the entity has to offer, it is no argument at all, but cat-fight bullshit.

    Despite his assertions to the contrary I have addressed every single point Mr Once has made. Even unto addressing those points as they morph and drift from one speculative angle to another.

    It is all neither here nor there however. The proof of the mechanisms that took down the Trade Towers and Bldg 7, are in the evidence of their destruction. And I have gone through those numerous points of the profile and precise characteristics of an explosive demolition. Just making that case in itself eliminates both DEW and Nuclear, and any combination thereof.

  117. You think limp noodles are bullwhips Maxitwat. You think whipping me with them has some effect. Why don’t you tend to your stupid theory and stop snapping at my heals like a Crazed Chihuahua?

    The only available answer to that is that you ARE a Crazed Chihuahua. Lol


  118. Hahahaha…yes indeed, I find it delightful. As much as I would really rather the entity vanish in a burst of spontaneous combustion, the alternative is a pleasant game of catspaw.


  119. Of course I provoke Maxitwerp purposely — what else should one do will a ball of yarn but unravel it to show that there is nothing in the center?


  120. So yes indeed at one point, after being harangued for weeks if not months, I yielded to the hype and thought, ‘why not?’ .. why not get the book and see for myself if there wasn’t something new and compelling within its covers. But there was nothing. It was all hyperbole and crass salesmanship.

    I say this because there was this time, as is documented on a thread at T&S, that the entity can cherrypick outside of the context of the entire affair. I was happy to take receipt of the book. After all, it took having The Book in my hands by which I was able to discern that it was indeed a scam. So again, as previously described, any and all perceived obligations by el Kabong, are delusional.

    Maxwell Circus Bridges … indeed, complete with cotton candy, colored balloons, and killer clowns from outer space.



      – “Let’s play a game.” – The opening words to Bridges’ “analysis” of the destruction of the World Trade Center, after his summery in, ‘Scope Limits’.
      . .. . . . .
      And I submit to the reader that this is precisely what Bridges is doing, ‘playing a game.
      A game of disinformation and agitprop, in the guise of impugning the same.

      – “The above represent data points in the trend line of “politics outweighing science” in terms of how government reports were manipulated. Government reports related to 9/11 cannot be trusted at face value.” -Bridges
      . . . . . . .
      A trend line is useful as a tool of analysis, but the key issue is, “at face value.” The fact is that ALL careful analysis takes nothing at face value, but examines everything in a deductive fashion. This “trend line” grows weaker and fades as it adds reports that are not actual USG agency reports, but independent bodies making reports for specific reasons and clients. And these reports are found by close examination to be more reliable in scope and in many instances quite accurate and reasonable.

      It is at the point where Bridges begins to accuse the independent researchers who originally effectively disputed the ‘official story’ that his whole gambit unravels. And it is at this point that the spurious rhetorical techniques become most flagrant.

      As I have already addressed this issue ad nauseum, I will let this stand as is, as a CLUE to the “GAME” Bridges is playing on his readership.


      • “In fact, 3 nCi/L is about 7 times less than the EPA limit in drinking water of 20 nCi/L (17).
        No health implications are known or expected at such low concentrations (13). As a consequence, no additional ground-zero samples were judged to be necessary.” – T-report

        >“The testing decisions were probably valid for the limited scope of attributing the tritium to RL devices, but they cause problems when this study is re-purposed by Dr. Jones to bolster no-nuke conclusions.” – Bridges

        Consider this line closely; “they cause problems when this study is re-purposed”. In what do the measurements have to the “purpose” they are put to? This is neutral data, it has no purpose but that which it represents, the actual amounts of Tritium and the comparison to EPA limit in drinking water.
        If these actual amounts of Tritium are considered in relation to what is produced by nuclear devices, the relationships are what they are. So to point out the fact that the amount of Tritium measured is inconsequential in relation to what even the most attenuated nuclear devices yield is simply the rational conclusion to reach. And if we are going to posit as Bridges does, that the energy requirements to destroy the buildings so completely are large, then the energy output had to be huge. Hand waving Jones’ paper on this issue because Jones did not ‘purpose’ his report to support what the data does not apply, is Bridges’ problem not Jones’. – \\][//

      • –“Regarding this last assumption, while the EPA limit for tritium in drinking water is 20 (nCi/L), the normal high background/standard level for tritium prior to 9/11 was 0.065 (nCi/L). Therefore, sample 1 [0.164 (nCi/L)] from the WTC storm sewer was 2.5 times greater than expected, while sample 37 [<0.21 (nCi/L)] from the grass in Brooklyn & Brooklyn Heights (2001-10-27) was 3.2 times greater than expected. Let's not forget the split water sample (2001-9-21) collected from the basement of WTC Building 6 that contained 2.83 and 3.53 (nCi/L), which are 43 and 54 times the expected levels, respectively."–Bridges
        . . . . . . . .

        And "Let's not forget" … that WTC Building 6 housed an armory for the Immigration Control Enforcement. I have shown above that the amount of Tritium in the site sets of a hundred weapons would be sufficient to raise to those levels in that basement; the practically the entire building collapsed into the basement.
        … …
        –"the normal high background/standard level for tritium prior to 9/11 was 0.065 (nCi/L)."

        The "normal" where? A heavily industrialized metropolis like NY City? Let's see a report in the time period before 9/11. Does Bridges produce this? In searching the web I have come across "national estimates" based on a few state surveys, but I have seen no report on NYC circa 1990s – 2001.

        Pennsylvania Radiation Protection Program – September 2011

        "Tritium Exit Signs a Problem — Tritium, in landfill leachate" p.42
        'Tritium Landfill Leachate Study' — a chart showing Tritium Concentration (nCi/L)


    • “Tritium Report: Was scope-limited into attributing tritium to presumed building content. Out-of-scope was considering tritium coming from a destructive mechanism. Re-defined “trace or background levels” in cases to be 55 times greater than previously. Dates for samples (9/13, 9/21), aside from being delayed, allow for tritium dissipation (from rain and firefighting efforts) and imply that tritium levels from 9/21 would be the same as from 9/11. They stopped taking additional samples when their testing of them revealed tritium levels well below the EPA threshold of what constitutes a health risk.” –Bridges

      Let us deconstruct this sentence from above; “Re-defined “trace or background levels” in cases to be 55 times greater than previously.”:

      What is the assumption of the word “previously”? The assumption is that previous to the event that the Tritium levels were actually at or lower than EPA standards. This is a presumption that has no data to back it up, it is simply supposed to be so. And the fact is practically all municipal industrial environments are polluted beyond guideline limits as a general rule. Enforcement is lax and ‘politically influenced’ by the very industries that are supposed to be monitored and held in check.

      Now I have already addressed the issue of landfill leachate systems are entirely ineffective for Tritium. This being the case it is most reasonable to assume that previous to 9/11 the Tritium levels were already higher than allowed by EPA standards. They may, and likely are higher yet today.

      And these points go beyond the fact of how trivial the infinitesimal amount of tritium 55 times the the EPA standard actually is, in fact billions of times less than even the most attenuated nuclear device would produce. Which is a damn-well good enough reason to discontinue testing.


  121. The Judy Wood enigma: a discussion of the most controversial figure in 9/11 research
    JUNE 2, 2012 / CRAIG MCKEE
    … … … … …
    “She states that she doesn’t have theories, but rather she examines evidence that this was more than a gravitational collapse and more than a conventional demolition.”~Craig McKee on Judy Wood – Introduction to his article on T&S
    … … … … … … …

    This is not a critique of Mr McKee, but a critique of Judy Wood, in that the very statement that, “evidence that this was more than a gravitational collapse and more than a conventional demolition,” is hypothetical and thus the basis for a theory.


  122. “I don’t want to see 1,000-2,000 word comments back and forth. It’s exhausting to read and even more exhausting to moderate. Shorter, more focused, comments make the exchange easier for all of us to follow.”~Craig McKee
    . . . .. . . . . … .. .. .. . . .. .. .. …. . …… . . ..

    This is a point I have made countless times… However “some people” cannot help themselves, with their compulsive logorrhea. Perhaps neologized as “blogorrhea”.


  123. US Star Wars program

    Do you know what the best and most effective weapon this program ended up with?

    Brilliant Pebbles. Dropping rocks from orbit … hundreds of thousands of them to create a defensive ‘field’ to batter incoming ICBMs. Yup….Lol

    Brilliant Pebbles later became the centerpiece of a revised architecture under the Bush Administration SDIO.

    John H. Nuckolls, director of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory from 1988 to 1994, described the system as “The crowning achievement of the Strategic Defense Initiative”. Some of the technologies developed for SDI were used in numerous later projects. For example, the sensors and cameras that were developed for Brilliant Pebbles became components of the Clementine mission and SDI technologies may also have a role in future missile defense efforts.[64]

    Though regarded as one of the most capable SDI systems, the Brilliant Pebbles program was canceled in 1994 by the BMDO.[65]


  124. Lack of Tritium Exit Signs Control and Contamination of Landfill Leachate
    FINAL JULY 2009
    ASTSWMO Radiation Focus Group
    Federal Facilities Research Center

    Association of State and Territorial Solid Waste Management Officials
    444 North Capitol Street, N.W. Suite 315
    Washington, D.C. 20001


    The Radiation Focus Group of ASTSWMO’s Federal Facilities Research Center began
    researching tritium issues in 2003. At the same time, the U.S. Environmental Protection
    Agency (EPA) began conducting product stewardship activities concerning tritium
    containing devices; specifically self-luminescent tritium exit signs.

    In 2003, the California Water Board evaluated 50 landfills for the presence of radioactive
    materials in landfill leachate. Above-background levels of tritium were found in leachate
    at 10 of these facilities.[1]

    In 2004, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania began conducting
    a comprehensive two-year evaluation of 54 landfills that tested for the presence of
    radioactive materials in landfill leachate.[2]

    The study was conducted as a follow up to Pennsylvania’s new requirements for radiation monitoring at solid waste management facilities and to confirm findings of the 2003 California study. In the Pennsylvania evaluation, above-background levels of tritium were noted in leachate at most facilities.

    Pennsylvania has done quarterly sampling for the past two years with similar findings.
    Studies in New York and New Jersey also have shown similar results.[3]

    The source of higher-than-background levels of tritium found in landfill leachate samples is presumed to originate from the improper disposal of self-luminescent tritium exit signs found in construction and demolition (C&D) waste and other solid waste streams, as there are no other known sources of tritium in industrial or consumer products that would cause elevated levels of tritium in landfill leachate.

    A tritium exit sign is distributed as a GL device and may contain up to 25 curies (or
    25,000,000,000,000 pCi) of tritium sealed in all the small glass tubes. The manufacturers of generally licensed self-luminous tritium exit signs are specifically licensed and must meet the safety criteria in 10 CFR 32 and in the table of dose limits in 10 CFR 32.24. A general licensee who receives a self-luminous tritium exit sign must appoint a “responsible individual” who is knowledgeable with the regulations and requirements for reporting events, transfer, and disposal of the device.[8]

    Click to access 2009.07_Final-Tritium-white-paper.pdf


    • “It is apparent that tritium exit signs are entering landfills via municipal or residual waste streams. When new, tritium exit signs may contain up to 25 curies (or 25,000,000,000,000 pCi) of tritium. The 2004 Pennsylvania studies indicate that over 90% of landfills had tritium above the 150 pCi/L normal background level, with over 50% above EPA’s MCL for drinking water. Pennsylvania studies also show leachate tritium levels in 2004 and 2005 ranged from hundreds of pCi/L up to 200,000 pCi/L. A single tritium exit sign has the potential to cause the tritium levels observed.” -Ibid


      • Follow-up quarterly sampling in 2007, 2008 and 2009 has noted levels as high as 350,000 pCi/L.” – Ibid

    • “From numerous reports of lost or stolen tritium exit signs by Agreement States and NRC, one can conclude that tritium exit signs are being disposed of in the normal solid waste stream.[19] This is supported by the States that sample landfill leachate and find levels of tritium well above natural background. In addition to the 2004 and 2005 Pennsylvania studies, ongoing quarterly sampling and analysis of landfill leachate has yielded several landfills with concentrations in the 100,000 to 350,000 pCi/L range. As noted above, other surveys in the States of California, New York, and New Jersey have found similar levels.” – Ibid


  125. –“I’m tired of the carousel rides. My patience has run thin.” -Señor El Once – May 2, 2014 at 4:27 PM

    Hahahaha …. You’re off script Maxhole, that’s my line.

    But seriously monkeyboy, who gives a flying fuck about your patience?

    What is really telling is that the Maxitwerp used his variation on the standard slur of, ‘A tin hatted conspiracy nut in his mothers basement’ line on this current thread at T&S:

    –“if I was in Mr. Rogue’s boat of being retired, divorced, and living in his mama’s basement with his birds…” – May 2, 2014 at 12:54 PM

    He is falling back on some very old agitprop manuals to dig that one out. I used to get that from the trolls on Amazon way back in 2004.

    An example of Señora Twatmoan’s ‘Hypnotic Mantra’, [that of course the entity claims I use as an unfair ‘cheating’ tactic] :

    –“Mr. Rogue lies, cheats, and weasels..” — “Leading to more dissembling lies, cheats, and weasels.” — ” Mr. Rogue doesn’t see it as lying, cheating, or weaseling. And he’ll lie, cheat, and weasel some more..” – “Because Mr. Rogue’s character allows him the ability to lie, cheat, and weasel..”

    He uses the phrase “..lie, cheat, and weasel..” like a chorus in a song – what is known as ‘the hook’ in the music industry. The entity claims not to be a ‘bot’, but the rhythm of this wanky beat is certainly like a metronome, or a drum machine.

    It is amazing I got entangled with such a fucking maniac stalker as this creep… Keenan Roberts’ ‘tar-baby’ analogy keeps coming back to me. It’s like The Blob from the science fiction movie; touch it Once and you will be overwhelmed by it.
    Well fuck this chowderhouse entity, I grew up on ‘Horror Shows’, they don’t scare me.

    • C’mon admit it Maxitwat you’re riding your Nookiedoodoo rocking-horse sidesaddle, aren’t you. You are such a nanny pussyboy in your spandex tango tights.

      Hahahahahaha ! ! ! !

  126. ‘The Judy Wood enigma: a discussion of the most controversial figure in 9/11 research’ is the top thread on T&S yet again today.

    As the comments are closed, I wonder what new readers make of it? I think it is clear that the supporters of Judy Wood showed themselves to be naught but raving cultists. Not a one of them had any idea of what they were talking about; all they had was devotion to THE BOOK.

    All the rational argument came from her critics. And it is there plain as day for the candid world to see. However little is left of the candid in this world.


    • The Judy Wood thread was overtaken by the Boston Bombing thread for top spot sometime between 8:30 and 9 PM tonight. I have been monitoring the T&S all day, and it just happened. My blog here is on New Zealand time it is 9 pm here at the moment..

  127. Why should I refer to the anonymous entity as “Señor El Once” or even “Maxwell Bridges”? These are both cover stories, nom de plumes of a phantom; a vile vampire lusting to suck the vitality and character out of real people.
    This Renfield has even fashioned its own sign-off mark as a pale replica of the one I use, like the psychopath that poses in front of a mirror and by long and necessary practice learns the gestures and expressions of healthy human beings. Adding to this the Mr Hyde I contend with now begins to slur me as a “sociopath”, this addition to the lexicrime of the entity is quite recent.

    So NO, I will choose more fitting names for this vile specter, ones that paint a caricature more fitting for this creature. “Señora Cuntora d’Maxifuckanus” is the most fitting and complete of these more apt nom de plumes. “Maxitwat” is more simple but apt as well in brevity.

    I, Willy Whitten am a real living human being, while Maxitwat is a spook, and phantom.


  128. “But I’m not. I have a life”….”I want the words of sociopath Mr. Rogue already discredited in the eyes of the readers by his own historical, hypocritical, defamatory actions.”..When my hobby-horse comes prancing into view, I want Mr. Rogue locked in the smelly barn of his blog biting his tongue.” ~Señora — May 1, 2014

    This degrading intimation that I don’t “have a life” is an obvious tactic of dehumanization, presenting a pauperized caricature in vile obloquy.

    That the entity has an agenda to “discredit me in the eyes of the readers” is boldly exclaimed in a spinning rhetorical manner. He wishes me “locked in the smelly barn” of my blog biting my tongue. What could be more plain than this strategy of defamation??

    The spurious terms used to assert this clear and obvious calumny, cannot hide the prima facea agenda outlined in those passages.


  129. On T&S; May 3, 2014 @ 11:42 am, I challenged the entity calling itself Señor el Once to prove a single lie that he accuses me of.

    As I have not purposefully told any lies on the blogs, the entity is going to have an impossible time proving one. It is going to have to construct some rhetorical framing, that will likely be another grand stand of verbosity, some churning logorrhea of foaming fulmination.

    It is past time for this anonymous entity to put up or shut up.


  130. On T&S; May 3, 2014 @ 11:42 am, I challenged the entity calling itself Señor el Once to prove a single lie that he accuses me of.

    As I have not purposefully told any lies on the blogs, the entity is going to have an impossible time proving one. It is going to have to construct some rhetorical framing, that will likely be another grand stand of verbosity, some churning logorrhea of foaming fulmination.

    And this is exactly what is offered here in Señor El Once’s response of May 5, 2014 AT 3:19 PM:

    Nothing but spin, and no clear unambiguous proof of a single lie. This is why I demand an example of one – just one, to avoid these spinning cartwheels, farts and tap dances.

    The kicker is this — “I just can’t resist postings these final choice examples of Mr. Rogue lying.” — and the examples the entity uses as “lies”, simple frustrated attempts to untangle myself from this obsessed maniac. A frustration that continues to this very thread, wherein the entity uses the same technique of false frames and deluded interpretations to make claims that I “lie, cheat, and weasel”

    Just one example of false framing:

    –“Of course, this January article is followed by a solid five months of Mr. Rogue negatively reviewing Dr. Wood’s book without having read it before an offer of the book with conditions was extended during the discussion to Mr. McKee’s June 2, 2012 article, “The Judy Wood enigma” (around June 7, 2012).”~Señor

    The assertion here that I was “negatively reviewing Dr. Wood’s book without having read it..” is obvious dickspittle. I was reviewing Woods works based on her website – which Señor admits has no substantive difference as to Wood’s assertions.
    But it was this very basis that led me to finally relent to Señor’s high pressure sales tactics and agree to receive THE BOOK. So yes indeed at one point, after being harangued for weeks if not months, I yielded to the hype and thought, ‘why not?’ .. why not get the book and see for myself if there wasn’t something new and compelling within its covers. But there was nothing. It was all hyperbole and crass salesmanship.
    I was happy to take receipt of the book. After all, it took having THE BOOK in my hands by which I was able to discern that it was indeed a scam. So again, as previously described, any and all perceived obligations by el Kabong, are delusional.

    The entity referring to itself as Señor still hasn’t offered as single instance of an unambiguous “Lie” that I have told, that doesn’t have to be “interpreted” as so by his spinning rhetoric.

    “Ho-hum,” indeed.

  131. More from, Señor El Once’s response of May 5, 2014 AT 3:19 PM:

    “So Mr. Rogue dissembles here in order to distract from the fact that he weaseled out of it.
    Wherein he quotes me:
    I informed the entity of this and offered to send the book back to him in pristine condition. As I have detailed previously, I offered to send the Book back to him. His refusal to take it relieved me of any and all obligations that might have been standing.’

    Ho-hum, such blatant cheating and weaseling.

    After the objective review [which never happened], the requirement was to pay-it-forward or pass-it-along.”~Señor

    The “requirement”? What requirement? There were no more requirements nor obligations once I realized this whole BOOK deal was nonsense. Any and all “requirements and obligations” ended on the entity’s refusal to have THE BOOK sent back to him.
    The entity cheated itself by making false claims as to the need to read THE BOOK to grasp Wood’s theories. He should have known better than to expect me to send this bunk ‘forward’ to anybody, especially when I had offered it back to him.


  132. Wood’s BOOK v Wood’s website according to the Señor entity:

    “The website was never completed. It even has notes from 2006 saying various pages are still under construction. Many errors from the website were fixed in the book, which is one reason why the book should be considered the final source. The book provides as near to the most definitive statements on various concepts as we can get from Dr. Wood (until addressed in version 2 of the book or something on her website.) This being said, definitive statements are few and far between, as are definitive connecting of concepts. But if you want to peg Dr. Judy Wood for saying or supporting anything as of today, the book is your nearest source. Go review my June 4 2012 at 1:55 pm posting. The correlation of pictures to map positions in her book is vastly superior to her initial attempts on the web, and worth the price alone.”

    Parse this closely and what is really found in this spin?

    — “Many errors from the website were fixed in the book,” Well, which errors?

    Well deconstruct this:
    — “The book provides as near to the most definitive statements on various concepts as we can get from Dr. Wood …[BUT]… This being said, definitive statements are few and far between, as are definitive connecting of concepts.”

    That’s it; the most definitive statements are few and far between … WTF?

    The entity doesn’t say what is in the book that was left off the website that was “under construction”. He makes no mention of what is new of substance. The only thing Once can come up with here is, – “The correlation of pictures to map positions in her book is vastly superior to her initial attempts on the web, and worth the price alone.”.

    Is it? Part of what the entity refers to here is a plastic card, pretty durable, that has the layout of WTC as an areal view, with all the buildings numbered and the names of the streets. Is this “worth the price alone”? Preposterous. The card is handy no doubt, but the rest is more hyperbole. And I reiterate again; the entity cannot think of WHAT it is of substance that is revealed in the book, but missing from the website – he merely asserts that there is, and then offers these expansive remarks about a card with the Legend to the buildings seen from above. Can I say, ‘Whoopty-fuckin-doo’? or should that read, ‘Whoopty-fuckin-DEW’? Lol


  133. It is so obvious on inspection that the entity is just a context-shifting word twisting-shill.

    Example, the entity already did its Beancounter slink, numbering my comments today compared to his/her/its; but what is missing there? CONTEXT, the entity has spewed how many thousands of words on the page today? I am loath to even attempt a count, but one certain thing is that they overwhelm my words by a vast margin.

    And his every point is veiled in the same stinking cheesecloth. Just rhetorical spin jive bullshit. ARGUMENTUM VERBOSIUM from the Max.


  134. Oh the Maxitwat understands the clarity of brevity. This is why he is loath to be brief in any instance. It takes gallons of words to spin a simple point backwards.

    [Still reading here twatmouth? I have a counter that shows when someone is here. And I can’t think of a better suspect than thou spiderbreath. Yes these added words here on HR1blog, are readily available if you choose to provoke me again. It would really be self serving for you to take your own advice and cease and desist from your campaign of defamation.]

    I hope the entity can retrace his tracks back to the hole from Hell that he slithered out of, so he can join in on all the festivities that abyss has to offer a damned soul such as he.


  135. As the combined evidence of the destruction of the towers is shown conclusively and beyond a reasonable doubt the result of an chemical-explosive controlled demolition [Ultimate Fact]; any postulation that there was another mechanism must be based on extraordinarily compelling evidence. It cannot be a matter of pure speculation, it cannot stand on spurious rhetorical arguments that advance supposition over fact. And that is precisely what the Nukes and DEW arguments amount to, pure speculation and juggling data to fit the hypothesis.

    Having addressed all of these issues ad nauseum, I leave you with this;

    Debating whether nukes were used at WTC on 9/11 is rather like debating whether Martians actually attacked Earth during Orson Welles’ broadcast of War Of The Worlds in 1938.


  136. Deductive Reasoning is methodical for a reason. It is a philosophical method that is very much adopted in ‘Legal Reasoning’. As such issues are defined and dealt with by determining proximate cause for an event.

    The event at WTC on 9/11 can be framed as two distinct events. The initial events being the plane crashes. From that point the prime event is considered the span of time from the first explosions evident in the timeline which precede the plane crash for some 17 or more seconds. So we have an overlap of two distinct events. But the major portion of evidence of a controlled demolition is drawn from the timeline of the plane crashes and extending to the global destruction of practically the entire complex.
    The second Proximate point is the onset of the final destructive event itself {for each tower}
    When all of the evidence is collated sequentially, moment by moment as revealed in the visual evidence, and attended by the testimony of eye and ear witnesses, we have an iron clad case when we lay the template of what we have over the known and unique characteristics of historically understood controlled demolitions – we have an exact match, an analog; as exact a match as in a DNA sequence.

    The next phase is of course the physical evidence in the aftermath. Now this is where the entity Maxitwerp wants to make the case for the exotic weapon of his own design, “Nuclear/Dew”. But the entity hasn’t accounted for the entire list of proofs drawn from the unique profile characteristics of an essentially classic controlled demolition. He hasn’t accounted for what the visual evidence proves, nor the way in which eye and ear witness testimony backs that up. I make detailed commentary to this assertion in the body of the arguments made previously above.

    And finally we get to the crux of the matter, whether we should proceed methodologically in the manner of deductive reasoning, or should we take a detour on a course of pure speculation. And it is at this point that these two essential observations must be made:

    1] The entity is already in negligent error for handwaving the conclusions of the visual, sonic, eye and ear witness evidences, and dismissing them in what I have shown plainly as a spurious manner.

    2] We have prima facea physical evidence of explosive residue in the dust. Plus we have zero evidence of a nuclear event. Every argument for radiological evidence has been countered in depth. Especially the issue of Tritium.*

    * Now when I say that there was almost certainly a higher than standard amount in the environment, this is not an argument dismissing that part of that environment was the towers and complex itself. There was tritium in devices in the towers {as well as the planes} as well as there were other radiological substances present. These substances may have been radiological chemically, but not necessarily ‘radioactive’ in their present states. As far as the environment of the general area, the issues are addressed in the environmental studies I recount above. The Tritium issue is dealt with in special detail there as well.


    • The events preceding the plane crashes at WTC, are indeed an essential segment of the full case of 9/11. These events have been addressed elsewhere and are not a part of this exposition. But I acknowledge them here as part of the protocol of a case built on deductive reasoning.

  137. The Maxifuckanus should have accepted my offer to send THE BOOK back to ho-hum him. Instead he took the calculated risk of keeping to his tactic of throwing it back in my face ad nauseum, as per his threats and attempts to “bloody my nose {figuratively}”. But this is a failed tactic on his part as well. The entity may delude itself that it has bloodied my nose {figuratively – Lol} but I am not so easily tagged, and his punches have been entirely ineffective.
    Maxitwat could have saved himself a lot of angst by dropping any idea of using the affair against me for propaganda purposes, and recouped his outlay. Mr Once has underestimated his opponent every step of the way. This in itself is quite amusing, as it is my opinion, based on my history of dealing with the entity that it’s real and fundamental objective is not it’s “batshit crazy” nookiedoodoo theory.
    No his prime objective from the beginning has been the defamation of my character. His “hobby-horse” is a ‘stalking-horse’, which turns out to be nothing but a rocking-horse. So, “cry baby cry – make your mother sigh – your old enough to know better…”

  138. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Reviewing the Judy Wood thread, I need to point out that my reliance on the FEMA Debris Field Map for the spread of dispersion of materials from the towers is valid.

    However I must update in that I wasn’t aware of the amount of steel discovered in the sub-levels and basements at the time, and was wrong in quoting the FEMA assertion of, only three percent of the debris fell within the footprint. This was an assessment of what FEMA was able to determine from ground level evidence at the early time of their involvement.

    So my views on this have been updated as to this point, and I haven’t put this into text at any point this clearly – as far as I can recall. Evidence is that the greatest majority of the heavy steel in the towers [especially the core] ended up in the sub-levels.



    So how is it that Once again a thread on T&S has been hijacked by the entity posing as “Señor el Once”? Well, the sequence is documented on this very thread by Date/Time-Stamps.

    The proximate cause arising from the entity leaping into the field with spurious allegations directed at me in defense of an obvious White Supremacist. From that point on the mass of verbosity builds to terrible proportions, until the finale with the brisance of a fuel-air burst. Again, a toe in the door and the Nookiedoodoo Salesman gains entry and sets up it’s dreadful kiosk of slur and whine.

    Too much too often too hard too bad. Enough of this bullshit!


  140. — “Mr. Rogue just needs to pony-up the moxie to stay “the fuck out of it.” Throw-in the towel now, Mr. Rogue. Whereas I used to thank Mr. Rogue for his stilted opposition that helped me hone and improve my arguments, his lies, cheats, and weasels made me lose my respect for him.”~el Maxitwat // – May 6, 2014 AT 1:41 PM on T&S
    . . . . . . . . . .

    Oh how it HURTS me so deeply inside … Lol … to think that this raging stalking maniac has lost respect of me. Hahahahaha!!


  141. Mommy must have left with the kids and left Maxitwat all alone on his own to diddle his twat and keyboard. He keeps leaving bullshit paddies on the thread at Truth and Shadows. Just bla bla bla bla bla bla … ad nauseum.

    It’s like textual ‘psychic-jammin’, Ewing Cameron’s vile gift to “psychiatry”.


  142. It is obvious that the entity knows not the distinction between a “default” and ‘repudiation’.

    “Default” is a banking term in the context of describing the issue of the so-called “debt” owed by the victims of the ponzi scheme of ‘Reserve Banking’. In this system all so called “money” is not wealth, but in fact a certificate of debt. This has been explained thoroughly on the web if any wish to look up these terms. Suffice it to say that the “National Debt” is a myth and scam by the fictitious entity ‘The Federal Reserve’.

    I found myself in the same situation with this ‘deal’ made with the fictitious entity, “Señor el Once”.

    I reject the frame put by the con-artists who designed the Debt Slavery scheme.
    I reject that frame as put by the anonymous entity. I did not ‘default’ I repudiate the “debt” as it was incurred by fraud.


  143. So Seenyor el Maxifartnark goes on and on and on!! Fixing numbers out of context – one of his favorite pisstimes.

    The thread on T&S has already been put in the toilet by this blunderbustler, he might as well piss in it.


  144. Today, I hereby officially dedicate this thread to Lenny Bruce, who would surely find the irony of my situation facing an authoritarian shill, as he did much of his short brilliant life.

    RIP Lenny.


  145. I wonder if Ole’ Maxi comes over here still. What, with having a dedicated title on your blog exclusively for him/her/whatever. I couldn’t find the puppet referral over on T&S but then it doesn’t matter. Our buddy has a propensity to make a fool of themselves out in front of everybody. Ain’t a very good shill, I’d fire him

    • Yea Maxitwerp has been here today, I see the spike in attendance – he also mentioned the amount of posts I have recently written here in a comment on T&S today as well as references to this blog yesterday. Must be his masochist nature to wallow in the insults he finds directed at him here.

      You are right, he is mediocre at best. He is too much the copycat, lacks originality. He is my determined student, but just doesn’t have ‘the right stuff’. He will always be second rate. He is too prone to hysterics. He is juvenile and clumsy in his much too long prattle that no one is going to read through – he’s simply a bore.

      But the sick puppy has perseverance, if not much else.


  146. –“Mr. Rogue is fully capable of doing the word count. Instead of doing the work, though, he drops the cheating innuendo that the word count comes out in his favor. That’s a pattern that he repeats, like in his cheating book/website review efforts. “Oh, I’ve already done that. We’ve already discussed that. I’ve already debunked that…” All hat and no cattle.”~Señor El Once — May 6, 2014 AT 5:16 PM
    , , , , , , , , , , ,
    But, counting the beans is Senyor’s specialty !!

    My guess is that the entity has indeed spent the interim counting the words, and the amount he has spewed swamp mine.
    All hat and no head to set it on.

    Let him have these last tepid words.


    • Maxifumble’s “hobby-horse” is a rocking-horse, they don’t take the rider anywhere, they just rock back and forth on the same spot. He’ll still be there rocking back and forth when all have left and he is all alone in his irrelevance.


      • The Twin Towers’ destruction exhibited all of the characteristics of destruction by explosives:

        -Destruction proceeds through the path of greatest resistance at nearly free-fall acceleration
        -Improbable symmetry of debris distribution
        -Extremely rapid onset of destruction
        -Over 100 first responders reported explosions and flashes
        -Multi-ton steel sections ejected laterally
        -Mid-air pulverization of 90,000 tons of concrete & metal decking
        -Massive volume of expanding pyroclastic-like clouds
        -1200-foot-diameter debris field: no “pancaked” floors found
        -Isolated explosive ejections 20–40 stories below demolition front
        -Total building destruction: dismemberment of steel frame
        -Several tons of molten metal found under all 3 high-rises
        -Evidence of thermite incendiaries found by FEMA in steel samples
        -Evidence of explosives found in dust samples
        -The three high-rises exhibited none of the characteristics of destruction by fire:

        The three high-rises exhibited none of the characteristics of destruction by fire:

        -Slow onset with large visible deformations
        -Asymmetrical collapse which follows the path of least resistance (laws of conservation of momentum would cause a falling, intact, from the point of plane impact, to the side most damaged by the fires)
        -Evidence of fire temperatures capable of softening steel
        -High-rise buildings with much larger, hotter, and longer-lasting fires have never collapse


    • — “Other than airplane exit signs and police gun sights, Dr. Jones does not speculate much into the radiation signature D (tritium), which is a signature of a fusion device.”~Seenyor

      So is the reader to surmise from this that exit signs and gun sights are “fusion devices”?
      Of course this is twaddle. The linkage to “fusion devices” of the minuscule amounts of tritium found at WTC is simply spurious nonsense, rhetorical jabberwhack.



    • I have adduced that unseemly Seenyor has two mainstay techniques of creating a “lie” out of wholecloth.

      First there is the more trivial attempt of exaggerating the import of the words of one of his targets who becoming so frustrated with his spinning voodoo circular bullshit; exclaims that enough is enough, that they are ignoring and won’t dialog with Seenyor any further.

      Then the vicious entity lays it on even thicker, getting more outrageous with his clamor and raging depredations, until leaving them unanswered is out of the question.
      And it is this technique that creates a new context, different than the point at which someone “called it quits”. Intensified aggression creates a just need for intensified defense.

      Thus Seenyor ‘manufactures’ the setting up of what he can then define as a “lie”.
      . . . . . . . .
      Secondly there is the long and intricate tale, an argumentum verbosium of twisting turns, and floods of logorrhea, and great leaps of logic via the nonsequitur. The Tale of The BOOK, is one such mythical story. As I have dissected that pail of bullshit many times, I will leave the reader with this for now:

      Seenyor has stated his intent openly as an agenda to discredit me. He spin’s this as “using my own words to discredit myself” – the same tap-dancing fart-fest he plies against Professor Jones. In both instances what actually happens is Seenyor uses our words, taken out of context to discredit both myself, Jones and others.

      His game revealed is not so clever as Seenyor believes. It is really quite transparent once deconstructed and described. Knowing for oneself the actual facts of the story makes the deconstruction process quite simple.


  147. Blither blather punkin’ lather
    Loose lip dribble chunky splatter
    Hoisted by an ass pike highly
    Brain a frying o’so dryly
    Humor fumin’ squatting smiley
    Take your screams and slip them slyly
    Past the gates of sane refrain
    That open to eternal pain


    • This review will never be a complete reply to Seenyor’s essay. An attempt to create such a reply would be misguided since it would lend legitimacy to Seenyor’s method: generating masses of criticism of the targeted information using arguments with superficial plausibility — the emphasis being on quantity — while employing a vast array of propagandistic techniques, factual distortions, and logical fallacies. The rationale behind that method seems clear enough: create a smokescreen of baseless arguments and distractions, clothed in claims of intellectual superiority and scientific legitimacy, such that the audience might be reassured that there is no need to look at the evidence of controlled demolition.


      • Seenyor is simply a phonetic spelling of Señor. It can hardly be read as an insult in itself.

        However “Seenyor d’Maxifuckinannypuss” is certainly an insult. A clever one I might add.


      • “Scientific sleight of hand. When the scope is limited to how tritium RL devices could potentially explain the 9/11 tritium measurements, the authors of the study did an admirable job. Kudos. However, because the authors weren’t looking at nuclear weapons as being the destruction or tritium source, (a) they had no requirement or need to measure tritium directly at the lingering hot-spots or other critical places in a timely or more systematic fashion, and (b) nuclear weapons were beyond the scope of their explanation.”~Seenyor
        . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

        “However, because the authors weren’t looking at nuclear weapons as being the destruction or tritium source..”???

        And just why should the authors have been looking at nuclear weapons as the tritium source?

        When one considers the FACT that a SINGLE tritium exit sign contains 25 Ci, and the levels discovered in the samples were BILLIONS of times less than this, why would it occur to any sane mind to consider the possibility of nuclear weapons as a source for the tritium?
        It takes a very bent scope indeed to fly off into Wonderland at the discovery of 3 nCi/L of tritium.


    • Seenyor’s long-winded article, like most reviews professing to debunk the case for controlled demolition, conceals that issue by redirecting readers into a bottomless pit of exaggerated details and a variety of fallacies that depart ever further from the core evidence that speaks to the question at hand.


  148. As it is, so much of what Maxitwerp writes is egregious bullshit, I can keep going back for examples that I have yet to parse, like this, from his tirade of May 5, 2014 AT 3:19 PM:

    — “The one lie that I will promote here is that Mr. Rogue — as part of his weaseling out of the agreement to objectively review Dr. Wood’s book — created the “false advertising” straw man with respect to the lack of content differences between the book and the website, and then lied about having debunked the website and Dr. Wood’s theories. According to his straw man logic, if no substantial differences exist between book and website, no book review was allegedly required.”~Seenyor Unopud
    . . . . .. . . .

    No, there is no “straw man logic” here, if no substantial differences exist between book and website, then the book was promoted by false advertising. It is a FACT that there is lack of content differences between the book and the website.

    I made no claim that I had “debunked” the book or the website, my complaint rests solely on the fact that Maxipunk lied in saying there was any reason to have the book — because THERE IS NO SUBSTANTIAL DIFFERENCE between the book and website. Nothing complex here to understand, very simple; if there is no difference then ipso facto the claim that there is a difference is untrue. If something is untrue it is called a LIE.

    Seenyor Weenor attempts to veil this very plain and obvious point through this blatant hocus-pocus rhetorical tap dance.

    When Seenyor says, “The one lie that I will promote here,” he is actually referring to and promoting his own lie.


    • So, let’s put this in street jargon, or plain English, LIMP BIZKIT style:

      Seenyor Weenyor is talkin’ shit about me.

      His mouth wrote a check that his ass can’t cash.

      Now his bloody ass is due for the trash.


    • ‘Whether these defamatory and false allegations break any of the codes of ethics administered by T&S remains to be seen. One thing we already know is that Seenyor is a condescending clown of a commentator who prefers ridicule to research and distortion to discussion – at least where HR1 is concerned.”

      A re-purposing of Mr McKee’s own words on T&S

  149. — “And even in its alleged purpose of being “a defensive log of counter commentary,” what will stick in the readers eyes are the many “offensive comments” made by Mr. Rogue that begin to clearly paint himself as a misogynist, homophobe, and worse. Not just against me, but against his former home court, COTO.”~Maximum Oinkmaster, commenting on this blog – this page in particular.

    Why does the Maxitwerp put “offensive comments” in quotes here? Obviously what is offensive is a subjective opinion, therefore it is proper to have the phrase within quote marks. And it is also so that all that follows is mere opinion. That it is clear that I paint myself “as a misogynist, homophobe, and worse,” is naught but opinion.

    But let’s be candid, ‘The Carnival d’Maxifuckanus’, is indeed specifically designed to offend Seenyor el Oinkmaster – like many satirical expositions throughout the history of literature, this thread is making fun of the entity, and making a serious critique within that frame.

    He doesn’t like it.

    Hahahaha!! … no shit Sherlock, that’s the whole point.

    In the same post of logorrhea on T&S, the entity complains that there is no back and forth allowed here between he and I.
    Huh!! That would be like inviting someone with a bucket of shit to come in to repaint your apartment with it.

    It’s been awhile, so I think it is high-time to remind Max Once again to go fuck himself.


    • I think of that old prayer; “O’Lord, make mine enemies ridiculous.”

      Is Max a godsend or what?

      Lol … an idiot has been divinely delivered unto me as a plush-toy nemesis.


      • “Blank Frank – he is the messenger of your doom and your destruction
        He is the one who will look at you sideways…”~Eno

        [From the album – HERE COME THE WARM JETS]

    • I’ve been thinking about the similarities between 9/11 and the Rookshtag fire in Nazi Germany lately … very similar indeed.


  150. Huh! My plush-toy nemesis astride his gallant steed, the Nookiedoodoo Rocking-Horse! Quite the picture forms in one’s mind. Lol

    Seenyor’s stated aim to see me discredited in the eyes of the readership is clear intent.

    The manner in which this is to be accomplished is a separate matter – the intent is clear. The technique is of spin and rhetoric – claiming that I discredit myself. And yet by detailed examination of his charges in their specificity we find no substance, just a twirly-gig of misrepresentations via logorrhea.


  151. So Seenyor,

    The last name is pronounced “rick” is it not? It could be “reek” or many various pronunciations – but I would guess it is ‘rick’.

    We WILL be discussing this later at some point. Count on that.


  152. Because I am not ABSOLUTELY certain as to the identity mentioned in my comment of
    May 13, 2014 at 9:00 pm that previously appeared prior to this one. I have put it on hold for the time being.
    As things proceed this could change at some time in the future.


  153. I will say this much though:

    If I did know for certain this entity’s true identity I would not hesitate to shout it from the rooftops.

    The only reason I do not pursue the matter here at this moment is that I cannot not be sure beyond reasonable doubt that the person I think is the anonymous entity is in fact the lying, cheating, weasel, Señor el Once.

    Whoever this creature really is needs to be stood naked in front of the candid world and accept responsibility for the perjuries, false witness and slanders he has made.


  154. –“Mr. Rogue in this thread alone has purposely told at least ~five~ (5) lies with regards to my gender by calling me “Señora”. Señor~MAY 6, 2014 AT 1:41 PM

    Framing such a trivial thing as calling the entity “Señora” as a “lie”, when it is obviously just a jibe, a slight, an insult; is such a weak argument for calling someone a liar, that any other accusations that I am a liar should be seen in the same context – that of grasping at straws. And when investigated, every single instance of the “lies” this entity has “proven” turn out to be the same tepid technique of ‘making a mountain out of a molehill’.
    Now here is the date/time stamp of Señor’s veritable admission that there is virtually no substantial difference from the Wood’s book and website. I have already deconstructed this. But as it is evidentiary, I want this recorded:

    –“The website was never completed. It even has notes from 2006 saying various pages are still under construction. Many errors from the website were fixed in the book, which is one reason why the book should be considered the final source. The book provides as near to the most definitive statements on various concepts as we can get from Dr. Wood (until addressed in version 2 of the book or something on her website.) This being said, definitive statements are few and far between, as are definitive connecting of concepts. But if you want to peg Dr. Judy Wood for saying or supporting anything as of today, the book is your nearest source. Go review my June 4 2012 at 1:55 pm posting. The correlation of pictures to map positions in her book is vastly superior to her initial attempts on the web, and worth the price alone.”~Señor – MAY 5, 2014 AT 3:19 PM


  155. Señor el Once posted only 2 articles on Coalition of the Obvious, the last one was; December 21, 2012. Señor does not attend COTO anymore, because I am not there to harass – he stayed just long enough to see his disruption come to fruition.
    Señor el Once does not attend Truth and Shadows anymore, aside from the token “good job Mr McKee” on each new story that comes out. Besides this attendance Señor has nothing further to say until he finds some opening, the slightest thing that he can use as an excuse to begin an epic harangue.

    Ignoring this fucking stalking maniac doesn’t work. The entity tries to make hay because I compare him to a woman, because he nags and plays the nanny bullshit and keeps a tidy list of all of the ‘sins’ committed, just like a woman. When you think the argument is finally over, you find out that no, he has just been simmering up a new pot of steaming hot Maxipads, and suddenly out of the blue the bitching slams you in the face again, just like a woman. And if you mention that he acts just like a woman, he pulls out the “misogynist” card … just like a woman. And if he doesn’t like the nickname, Maxitwat, that is tough shit, because he acts just like a woman, and then he breaks down just like a diabolical little girl.

    When this stalker’s harassment comes to an end, this thread will come to an end. As long as he supplies grist for the mill, it will grind it out.


  156. During my tenure at COTO1, their standard hit count was generally 78 hits pr 48 hrs. It has the same type of counter at the top of the thread as a WordPress blog.

    I will sometimes visit C1 to go down the right hand column of connections to other stories on other sites on the web, which is kept very much up to date, and one of the few attributes making a visit to the COTO site worthwhile anymore.

    I have noted on these visits that C1 seems to average somewhere in the range of 25 to 15 hits pr hr pr 48 hrs. This is a significant drop in popularity, that can also be gauged by the top stories in the ‘Favorites’ list near the top of that right hand column. These haven’t been current stories on C1 for a long time – since I have been gone from the site. There are several stories that remain in the top 10 there now. These are the sort of Star Magazine pulp crap, such as the one about ‘dismembered corpses found hanging from a bridge in Mexico’, and the ‘weird booming sounds at night’ woowoo stories that Nurse Rached is infamous for. The “Hitlers bodyguard” story is usually there as well.
    The current stories posted never seem to make it to the top 5.

    This is bad news/sad news for COTO. The site has definitely lost its zing, its appeal.
    I don’t attribute this to the fact that I have gone particularly, but many of the long time participants have lost interest, I think due to the authoritarian nature of ‘Jersey Girl’ the hands-on administrator of the blog. She is a female edition of Rob Kall at OpEd News, who also had a significant drop off in attendance when COTO was purged in 2008.

    As far as I am concerned, both sites deserve the instant karma served unto them.

    This post will likely be transferred to ‘Variation on Milgram’ at some point, as it deal with the groupthink issues that now plague COTO.


  157. Seenyor has the option to simply deny up front that he is the person I suspect he is. And that person remains anonymous on this blog at this time.
    So let’s not be coy Mr Once. A flat out denial would serve the so framed “innocent party” well at this time.

    Your move honcho.

    This is one of the last comments I made on the TS blog yesterday. Almost a full day has gone by with out Seenyor making an unambiguous flat out denial that he is not the “innocent party” I suspect him to be. He intimated, he suggested I was wrong, he said that Mr McKee could verify one way or the other, but he did not say with specificity that he is not the person I claim that he may be.
    The pertinent question at this point is, why not?

    • Seenyor Once lied when he claimed there was a substantial difference between Judy Wood’s website and the BOOK. This becomes a ‘Damned Lie’ in that he continues to promote this falsehood despite clear prima facea evidence to the contrary.

      This is compounded by the fact that he uses this lie to make further lies concerning my honesty and character; slurs and defamation by false witness and perjury.

      Each and everyone of these false assertions are “Counts” – ones that Seenyor, being the beancounter that he is; should tally one day to illustrate what a lying cheating scoundrel he truly is.

    • And by gawd, during the next round of blather spouted by Seenyor el Twat, he STILL hasn’t come out and said unambiguously that he is not the suspected person I have posited herein.

      That pertinent question of ‘why not’ becomes more pressing as this continuing bowel movement of the anonymous entity keeps extruding. By the time this thread is over I expect he will have chewed both of his legs off at the knees, he already has both feet in his lying mouth.


      • As the judge would say from the bench after a few whacks of his gavel, “Yes or No, is the only proper answer to the simple question put to you”

        So Seenyor el Twitchyfuck … is you is or is you ain’t my baby? – are you or are you not the person I suspect you may be? Yes or fucking No? Why do you have to twat around on the most simple of questions?

        And you wonder why people think your a screwball … jeeeeze.

      • ‘he STILL hasn’t come out and said unambiguously that he is not the suspected person I have posited herein.’

        And the pertinent question of ‘why not’, could be something deeper and even more sinister on the part of the anonymous entity, who seems so fearful of being outed as to who he is [hysterically so] … therein lies the plausible consideration that Seenyor doesn’t want to make a totally unambiguous denial that he is the person I have partially identified as my suspect, BECAUSE he hopes that this new ‘identity’ might remain yet another cover to hide who he really is – even at the expense of letting the fallout land on the unsuspecting person I have posited. This is the reason I will not state clearly here who it is. The prime reason is I have no certainty – the second is, if it is NOT Seenyor, I don’t want the person to now act as another layer for the Maxitwat to hide beneath.

        Is the Seenyor entity scoundrel enough to take advantage of this new situation?
        Does the Pope shit in the Vatican?


      • I’m sure COTO misses Seenyor the twat flavored shank … their numbers have dwindled significantly since the Big Sister row. He should move his home base there where he is really appreciated.

        I say it’s time for the crank to twist it’s shaft elsewhere.

        Be gone damned spot.


  158. ‘False flag theater: Boston bombing involves clearly staged carnage’ is the top post on T&S today – despite the fact that both the anonymous lunatic and myself have both posted on the ‘Sun News’ thread. This leads to the conclusion that no one but the two of us are visiting that thread – which makes sense to me as it has been driven into the gutter by this bullshit rampage of defamation defecation by Seenyor el Loony.


  159. Finally!!!

    Checking in on T&S this morning and tuning in on the latest thread to be steamrolled into a bed of stinking bullshit by el Seenyor Extrudidad, I find a notice just after my last comment reading:

    Comments are closed.



    225 decibels — Deafening — 12″ Cannon @ 12′ in front and below

    Q. So who was 12 feet away from the detonations in the towers when they went off?
    A. Dead people. They are always deaf.

    140 dB – Deafening — Artillery fire

    –“The investigation cited as evidence the claim that no blast was audible on recordings of the collapse [of WTC-7] and that no blast was reported by witnesses, stating that it would have been audible at a level of 130-140 decibels at a distance of half a mile.”
    –The conclusion from NIST

    This is nonsense; this sentence would only be true if restated: ‘At a level of 130-140 decibels at source, it would be audible at a distance of half a mile.’

    “How many survivors and up-close witnesses suffered severe hearing loss on 9/11? Many first responders were all easily within 1/4 mile of the towers. None of them mention deafening noise or pain as a result of hearing the destruction.”–Max Bridges

    This assertion is based on the misconception offered by NIST. Consider the table offered at the URL above; even at 225 decibels a 12″ Cannon is deafening at 12 feet away in front or below the blast. Anyone that close would not only be deafened, they would be killed. Even being some block or so away the volume of the blast would attenuate significantly.

    The assertion that none of the first responders reported explosive blasts is simply a lie, as has been gone into in great detail. “None of them mention deafening noise or pain as a result of hearing the destruction” — because no one close enough to one of these blasts to be deafened survived to report it.

    The claim that “no blast was audible on recordings” is also untrue, as the recordings finally released by NIST due to Freedom of Information suits, clearly have such audible sound tracks on many videos.

    It is also the case that dB cannot be measured from a sound recording.


  161. Out of mercuriosity I would ask if we are now in the re-ingratiating faze of the Maxitwat cycle at T&S, now that a new thread is up. This quoting my words in a fashion of praise:

    “The point in countering propaganda is not to change the propagandist’s mind, but to lay his techniques and dissembling bare to a candid world.”~Willy Whitten (February 2012)

    I would rather not be mentioned at all by this snake. I do not want anymore entanglement whatsoever with this lunatic. There seems nothing I can do or say will make this clear.

  162. “…‘teaching’ children official 9/11 lies”~Craig McKee

    Of course this is what the ‘Nazi Youth’ program in Hitler’s Germany was all about. And was this an original idea of Hitler or any Nazi propagandist? Hardly, they studied Bernays and Lippmann’s WWI PR campaign. They were the students of the Machiavellian school of western Realpolitik.

    In every practical sense, the Nazi program was on the template of the British/Amerikan prototype. The Nazi’s were in every sense, philosophically and economically, a part of the paradigm being spun in the cycle of the Hegelian Dialectic, in particular the false Right/Left manifestation of Nazi v Communist. Designed long before by Gen. Albert Pike, of the Confederate army.
    . . . . . . .
    Now to pretend, as the neo-Nazis do, that Hitler was ‘independent’ of the Illuminati Banking system is belied by the history leading up to the rise of National Socialist Germany, the history of the Reich itself, and the postwar history. Especially considering Project Paperclip, which was an official Amerikan rescue of the Nazi intelligentsia, scientists, and industrialists.

    Ignoring the historical continuity is fatal to the analysis of modern political power. And this is the crux of our dilemma, the hidden crux of the matter.


  163. As per my article CONTROLLED DEMOLITION AND THE DEMISE OF WTC ON 9/11, I conclude with:

    ‘Debating whether nukes were used at WTC on 9/11 is rather like debating whether Martians actually attacked Earth during Orson Welles’ broadcast of War Of The Worlds in 1938.’;

    One may take umbrage that I am certain enough of my case that my conclusion is brief and seeming satire. But it is not satire, it is simply so.

    Rather than taking issue with my concluding statement;
    One must successfully rebuke the ten points that prove chemical-explosive demolition.

    And this I hold to be impossible because the evidence is prima facea.

    The analysis put forth simply presents the data that makes up this evidence. Points 6 through 9 are crucial, and damning to any alternative hypothesis. These particular points may not be handwaved nor dismissed with spurious rhetoric. Any argument put to them must be one of substance, and not supposition and presumptions floating in thin air.

    ‘Nukes at WTC on 9/11’ is no less fiction than ‘The War Of The Worlds’.

    ~Willy Whitten – May 18, 2014

  164. I see that M. C. Bruecke has been studying this blog hard today. I see the rocking horse tracks he leaves behind. They look like the streak marks of two rigid snakes across the floor. Lol

    Vidie well me droogie for thou yarbles are due for the grinder.

  165. So just in the last half hour I see Maxifuckanus scooting his rocking horse into position on T&S, waiting for the slightest excuse to crank up his defamation carousel…
    MAY 20, 2014 AT 5:58 PM

    This time the schizophrenic Mr Hufferd, who switches sides on the turn of a dime is playing into the Maxitwat shpeal. He has gone from ingratiating apple polishing praise, to oinking disparagement, in the course of just a couple days.

    WTF? A fartdance partner for the twat-face boy from Colorado. Lol

  166. –“I’m not aware that the 9/11 Truth Movement is part and parcel of a revolution to entirely overthrow the constitutional government of the United States. Is that your objective?”~James Hufferd — MAY 19, 2014 AT 3:11 PM

    >My reply at MAY 19, 2014 AT 3:33 PM:
    The “constitutional government of the United States” was overthrown a long time ago James. There is no constitutional government here, only a criminal front org for the NWO squatting in DC in a state of ultra vires.

    Hufferd replies at MAY 19, 2014 AT 4:17 PM:
    –“The Constitution is operative. It’s just that partisan courts and their lackies have reinterpreted and leveraged it…”

    >My reply at MAY 19, 2014 AT 5:22 PM:
    Interesting statement James. But the pretense that a constitution is in effect when it has in fact been “reinterpreted” to mean rule by caveat is simply rhetorical rubbish.

    James Hufferd at MAY 19, 2014 AT 5:36 PM
    –“Okay, “operative” as in “ready to use”. Operating now, with corps. as the constituents like an engine on watered gas, the non-frlesh-and-blood “people”, as designated by the Supremes as the water.”

    Clearly at some point in his game Hufferd flipped a switch and this “engine” became an allegory for the fascist state.

    I will let him make whatever excuses he wishes for this grime of confusion. I only wish to say again that getting into screwy allegories, where he can’t even keep track of what he is saying himself, makes reading Hufferd a difficult proposition.

    I don’t accuse Hufferd of agreeing with the warmongering garrison state called Amerika, I accuse Hufferd of not being able to make a cohesive argument, and getting turned around ass-backward in a single thread here. And I accuse Hufferd of stepping on his own tongue because he is trying to be ‘clever’ and get the best of me as a boost to his flailing ego.

  167. James Hufferd – MAY 21, 2014 AT 1:06 PM
    –“Here, you’re just stating your unfounded subjective opinion, based on your distaste and probably some tracts of others similarly disposed…”
    . . . . . . . . . . .

    Huffert asserts mine is “unfounded subjective opinion”. This term “unfounded” is scurrilous bantersnatch in light of the fact of the undeniable presence of the Panoptic Maximum Security State we find ourselves in. To say my opinion is unfounded is to pronounce himself delusional.

    To demand that I give “proofs” to the obvious is a disingenuous whining, an empty squeak of the hot gas of anal hurlant.


    • The term “Full Spectrum Dominance” says it all. The military police state has stated its aims upfront; Complete Tyranny. What more proof is needed with such a blatant admission?

  168. I have to laugh every time I hear the phrase “We the People”
    – what fucking “we”? Agreeing to what?

    F. William Engdahl

    Full Spectrum Dominance is the stated US military strategy. Full Spectrum means the total theater of battle. This total battlefield is defined as the entire planet, Land, Sea, Air, Near Space, and Cyberspace.
    The US is in no way exempt from this definition, and is a focused part of military operations, covert and open. It is the open strategy of the Panoptic Maximum Security State, on a global scale. It is the definition of the Totalitarian New World Order.
    As is shown by close study of the history of this, the US is merely the main garrison state serving constabulary duties world wide, and especially domestically.

    U.S. Northern Command partners to conduct homeland defense, civil support and security cooperation to defend and secure the United States and its interests.
    NORTHCOM operates extensive domestic intelligence operations which both share and receive information from local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

    • Wow, Hufferd is ridiculous. Just silly. It is amazing really, a grown man acting like that. I remember some time back going through a long bullshit ordeal with him. It was the same type of trip, where he deteriorated throughout the conversation to the point that nothing he said made any sense. This ended the same way, with him whining like a baby.
      It leaves me shaking my head, like WTF?

      There are some real zingers on the blogs, real crackpots on top of the agitprop crews that so often show up. I know Hufferd is an academic of some sort. It seems they are often the screwiest of characters – so many of the real plopfarts are professors and such. Too long in school, too much conditioning and programming. It is remarkable to watch when they come unglued, like Hufferd did today.

  171. Solar radiation and cosmic radiation are both things to worry about in space.
    The ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the Sun (without our protective ozone layer and atmosphere to protect us) would be enough to rapidly give you sunburn, melanoma, etc. However, unless your spacesuit or spacecraft windows are specifically designed to let UV pass through, enough will be blocked that you don’t have to worry about it too much. (If you are in space without a spacesuit or spacecraft, then you’ve got bigger problems than radiation.)

    When the Sun flares, it produces x-rays, gamma-rays, and energetic particles. The energetic particles are the worst, but they are delayed compared to the X-rays and gamma-rays, so you have some warning that they are coming. This gives you time to get into a ‘storm shelter’, a well-shielded area that you can live in for a few days until the particles die down. A good place for a storm shelter would be in the center of the ship, surrounded by the water tanks. If you don’t have a storm shelter (e.g. if you are out moonwalking in just your suit) a bad solar flare can kill you by radiation sickness.

    The hard radiation (particles and x/gamma rays) from the non-flaring Sun is small compared to the galactic cosmic ray exposure. These particles come from deep space more or less continuously. Small amounts of shielding can cut out the majority of this, but the remainder will give you a somewhat increased risk of cancer. Using very conservative rules of thumb, a week in space’s cosmic ray environment will shorten your life expectancy by about a day (statistically–it is very unlikely to give you cancer, but if it does, it will shorten your life by more than a day). Since space is inherently dangerous at the present state of the art, cancer due to cosmic rays is relatively small additional risk.

    David Palmer — Astrophysicist


  172. As per the “Moon Landing Hoax”…

    The video shot on the moon and broadcast back to Earth was shot at a different frame speed and format than the format and frame speed of standard US broadcast television. These tapes broadcast to Australia live during the moon walk were not properly translated when sent to the US.

    They were not deliberately shot in ‘Slow Motion’ – they were deliberately shot in a format that would be successfully broadcast from the distance of the moon – that contained not only images and sound, but a lot of other information on the position of the astronauts, their bio-metrics, the state of the suit systems, etc. The appearance of “adding slomo” is simply due to the mismatch of frame speeds.

    NASA was spectacularly de-funded and downsized in the era following the Apollo program. It could be likened to someone living in a lavish mansion being suddenly forced to live in a single apartment. One cannot squeeze that much into a smaller place no matter how precious one finds their possessions.

    To take it as an ’empty excuse’ that NASA lost track of any of it’s ‘stuff’ is totally irrational.
    It is simply known history that this took place.

    The movies shot by astronauts in subsequent trips do not have this effect, and are much clearer, distinct, and bright, just like the still shots.

    As far as the lack of stars in the background. It was daytime on the moon, the only reason the sky is black rather than blue is there is no atmosphere. Anyone who knows the slightest thing about photography knows that the aperture setting for daylight is tight and quick shutter speed. To shoot a star scene at night from Earth, one must open the aperture full wide using a long shutter speed.

    The claims that there were different angles to the shadows in some shots is the same sort of bullshit we get from Shack on the 9/11 photography. I have looked closely at these photos, and there is simply no difference in the light angle for any object casting a shadow in the pictures.

    The landing sites have been photographed by orbiting spacecraft recently and clearly show the Lunar Landing Modules left behind.

    I have not read a single compelling argument for the ‘hoax’ theory.

  173. Only limited bandwidth was available to transmit the video signal, which needed to be multiplexed with other communication and telemetry channels beamed from the Lunar Module back to the Earth, so video of the Apollo 11 moonwalk was transmitted from the Apollo TV camera in a SSTV format of 10 frames per second at 320 lines of resolution. These SSTV signals were received by radio telescopes at Parkes Observatory, the Goldstone tracking station and Honeysuckle Creek tracking station.[3][4] The format as received on Earth was incompatible with existing NTSC, PAL and SECAM television standards, so a conversion was needed for worldwide broadcast. This live conversion was crude: Simply put, the raw unconverted SSTV signal was split into two branches, with one branch sent to an analog data tape recorder where it was recorded onto fourteen-inch reels of one-inch-wide, fourteen-track analog magnetic data tapes at 3.04 meters per second.[5] Each of the three tracking stations would have used approximately 15 tapes for recording telemetry during the moonwalk. The other SSTV signal branch, rather than being electronically processed and converted, was sent to a high-quality video monitor where a conventional television camera (using the NTSC broadcast standard of 525 lines resolution at 30 frames per second) merely re-photographed its screen.[6] Optical limitations of both monitor and camera significantly lowered contrast, brightness and resolution of the original SSTV video whilst also putting noise in the broadcast. The video seen on home television sets was further degraded in quality by the very long and noisy analog transmission path through which the converted signal was sent, first by satellite from the receiving ground stations to Houston, Texas and thence by microwave relay transmission to New York, from where it was broadcast live to the United States and the world.


    –“Dear Mr. Hufferd,
    Hold Mr. Rogue to his promise of not conversing with you anymore. And when he is found in default (probably just a few short minutes from now), you’ll have fodder for calling him legitimately a “liar”~Seenyor Twatboy

    . . . . . . . . . .
    As I said earlier on this blog:
    When this stalker’s harassment comes to an end, this thread will come to an end. As long as he supplies grist for the mill, it will grind it out.

    Unfortunately the twatface monkeyboy from Colorado cannot restrain himself from his continuing campaign of defamation and slander. After I have shown that everyone of his accusations to my being a “liar” are contrivances of pure rhetoric, he continues with his spurious bullshit, now urging the dim Mr Hufferd to join him in his goats play.

    If Seenyor did not enjoy being blasted by cannon at close range, he would:

    1. Cease and desist in his game of slander on T&S,


    2. Keep his snout out of the end of the barrel – this blog.


  175. I have no illusions as to the percentage of the current population that has the slightest grasp as to the constitutional issues discussed on this thread. The state of so-called “education” in this nation has reached an all time low.
    This combined with the disinformation on history propagated by the Public Relations Regime, will most obviously narrow the knowledgeable readership down.

    However, I would urge those who do have some inkling as to the gist of my arguments to take advantage of the links I offered earlier concerning ‘Executive Privilege’ and ‘Presidental Warpowers’, as these two issues in themselves make the core of the larger case that the present syndicate ensconced in DC is constitutionally ultra vires, and utterly illegitimate.

  176. James Hufferd — MAY 25, 2014 AT 8:01 AM
    –“In other words, people are (as stated in We the People). So, what is a government by the people (not implying that we reall have one) commonly called?”
    ….. ….. ….. ….. …..

    It doesn’t matter what it is “commonly called” … what it is commonly called is Newspeak, the new euphemistic political language that turns the lexicon up-side-down and backwards.

    What actually matters is what words meant before the Public Relations Regime began toying with language to enchant the people of the world.
    The “government by the people” was originally referring to the Republic established by the Constitution of the United States.

    It is historical fact that the term “democracy” was introduced into the modern lexicon by Edward Bernays in his tract, PROPAGANDA. This ruse was ‘nationalized’ by the Woodrow Wilson regime, and used as a motto to “save the world by spreading democracy” to push the American people against their will into WWI.

    That this history is clear and can be found easily on the web, any arguments that fail to take this history as the base of it, is simply rhetorical bullshit, just like the crap spewed by the PR Regime itself.

    • A Republic is a representative government as opposed to a democracy which is direct participation by the citizenry themselves.

      The term “representative democracy” is an oxymoron.

      The qualifier “representative” negates the “direct participation” definition of the term “democracy”, which in turn negates the term itself.

      A “republic” is the proper term for representative government despite this Newspeak campaign began by Bernays and Lippmann in their propaganda for WWI for the Wilson Regime; to “Make the World Safe for Democracy”.

      To buy into such Orwellian language manipulation at this late stage of global dictatorship is more than ignorance, it is rank stupidity.

  177. James Hufferd — MAY 25, 2014 AT 8:49 PM
    –“Good question. All I can say is that I believe the nation/country we will have to turn around to plausibly seek justice is principally hijacked and perhaps recoverable, while Willy is convinced everything pertaining to is rotted all the way through leaving no hope of recourse.”
    . . . . . . . . . . .
    This is how Hufferd sums up our differences in response to a comment by Dennis.
    But it is not so simple as this. Hufferd has no concept of what the Constitution means, what Liberty means, or how pure democracy means the death of Liberty. Hufferd believes that if the majority wills a certain policy be followed that that should be the law. And that describes exactly “the dictatorship of the proletariat” as proposed by Marx.
    So Hufferd doesn’t mean to recover the Republic of the Constitution, nor seek the justice as demanded by Liberty, but seeks a bogus socialist state, a bullshit ‘Utopia’ no different than the bogus paradigm that the Global Oligarchy is driving the world to. He may as well go back to sleep for the remainder of the trip, because that is where he will end up, just where he thinks he wants to be.

    • I do not believe Hufferd. The last couple of days he stood back from his position for a more pure democracy that he has argued for so fervently before. I think he slid more towards the side of limits on popular will because he recognized he would have little agreement on T&S for his socialist philosophy.

      His arguments against the 2nd Amendment the last time we went toe to toe were more specific than the general patter he has used this time around. And in those arguments he was much more forceful in arguing for majority opinion and be damned the right to bear arms guaranteed by the 2nd. I think that Hufferd is playing to the audience on T&S, and not revealing his true Red color.

      But even this matters little now he has made such an ass out of himself this turn.

  178. Those of us who will be free, will never put up with such specious bullshit as Hufferd offers.

    One cannot pretend that this is a purely academic argument, that it is inconsequential. What is at stake in this struggle is Liberty. And the future; whether it is to end up Hell on Earth, or man will someday be free.

  179. Señor El Once on MAY 26, 2014 AT 11:45 AM

    Again on a Sunday, which leads to the conclusion that his wife/warden allows him off of his leash just that one day anymore.
    So here the lying bastard continues with his defamation bullshit – having practically nothing else to say on T&S anymore but to propagate his slanderous agenda.

    Seenyor has become so irrelevant that even commenting to his vile bullshit on T&S is no longer needed.

  180. James Hufferd has been arguing from his own ignorance, for more than 2 days now on T&S … on top of this he has pissed me off with his alliance with Seenyor the lying son-of-a-bitch slurmonger.

    I offer no quarter under this obviously hostile aggression against my person. Both of these characters want to pose as “civilized gentlemen” while acting like vipers. An aggressive viper is a candidate for skinning in my considered opinion.

  181. Señor El Once — MAY 26, 2014 AT 11:45 AM
    “Dear Mr. Hufferd,
    “Agent” came to mind more often than not in my first year of engagement with Mr. Rogue. But the strange part was that I only disagreed with 10% or so of what he wrote. But there was no getting him to budge from the blatant errors and pathological lies that were the foundation of that 10%.

    When “mental condition” was floated by me by an opponent (and former accomplice) of misogynistic Mr. Rogue, a new truth dawned on me from Mr. Rogue’s own words about “what does it mean to be well adjusted in a pathological society?”

    “Sociopath” explains best the antics of Mr. Rogue, who’d rather commit perjury than admit wrong. //”

    James Hufferd — MAY 26, 2014 AT 11:56 AM
    “Senor, you are very insightful. I don’t think he considers points counter to his, just considers them malicious attacks and starts hurling grenades. It’s worth answering him because he need to learn to make terms and play nice, and not just try to run over and domesticate everyone to him. I think others he can’t control scare him, and I sense there’s a backstory to that. (Freud would have a blast!)”
    . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    For The Record

    • And yet another bucket of bullshit poured on T&S by the anonymous prick:
      Señor El Once — MAY 27, 2014 AT 5:08 PM

      Wherein he spreads further lies of defamation. Even claiming to participate in the discussions on T&S in some substantial manner. No, he makes but a TOKEN comment or two at most, while the vast majority of his commentary is aimed squarely at me.

      And so this page will continue on describing the Carnival d’Maxifuckanus…
      Until fate takes this stone out of my shoe.

      • At least 600 words on this one by the anonymous prick on T&S
        MAY 27, 2014 AT 5:08 PM

  182. So now Maxipad’s newest game is to frame me as a “sociopath/psychopath” on his most recent ‘well organized’ hit-piece on his blog.

    He tells the same tired bullshit story about THE BOOK. Over and over again. And I have explained over again that it is a fabrication based on his own false advertising as to there being any substantial difference between the Wood web site and the Wood book.
    And the entity has even admitted himself that there is no substantive difference.
    He screwed himself by not taking that book back when I offered to send it. But he refused so he could do exactly what he is doing now, “making hay” – but the hay he makes is stinking ragweed.

    He reminds me of an old Kinks song ““A Well Respected Man””.

    Max better hope I never find out who he really is – This blog will turn into LA Confidential and tell all.
    I couldn’t imagine being so afraid of being who I actually am as a public person … that is until I began to see what a vile conniving underhanded son-of-a-bitch this anonymous entity is. All from the shadows like a phantom, our venal Mr X.

  183. Maxitwat the Masked Marauder of T&S

    What I see when I read Maxipad’s blog, and his framing of me, is a self-portrait of Max himself. Especially when he gets into this jive about being a sociopath/psychopath. What sort of crazy motherfuckin’ stalker would chase me over to COTO, pull his underhanded psyops and then split? He hasn’t been back to COTO since I left, sticking around for a couple weeks before abandoning the place.
    I’d lay odds that if I stopped posting on Truth and Shadows, Maxifucker wouldn’t hang around there much longer either. Especially when his nookiedoodoo rocking horse never gets to do it’s doodoo tango.

    I said in the beginning of this endless carousel, that Max is projecting. And that is what I continue to see – he reveals more and more of himself as he purges his darkness onto me. The monkeyboy is a real head-case. He brags about the “normalcy” of his family life. It sounds like a ruse. He wouldn’t be so obsessed with me if he were truly satisfied at home. Turning me into a project is too telling, it speaks to tendencies I am loath to even express.

    Again; if Max would stop harassing me, it would be the end of this web page. But every time there is a lull, and I think he has lost interest, “BAM” another vicious attack on T&S, another episode of ‘The Beast That Wouldn’t Die’.

    I keep hoping he will burn-out on his screwy shit…but he is relentless.

  184. Hey Rogue’ster.
    Reads to me like someone here’s psycho. Not contagious is it?
    Glad I don’t contend with a “Senor El Zero” and his sidekick “Huff n’ Puff” or is it the other way around

      • I’ve been convinced that he’s a couple of bricks shy of a load. He/it/whatever has no shame to out themselves in front of everyone else just to defame you to anyone that would buy into their bullshit spin. They did one favor though, they outed COTO and the close cadre of over the top conspiracy wingnuts as being just that then dumped them when you were gone. That particular act speaks large to the fact that Zero’s stalking you. Makes me wonder, who else.

    • One thing about a psychopath is the “superficial charm”, that is an obvious trait of the anonymous entity Seenyor. His whole style is wrapped up in this, as his always using the saccharine “Dear Mr So&So”, as I have pointed out the charm of a snake in the grass.

      He is also methodical and well organized, and presents himself to others as “the wholesome family man”. He rarely uses ‘cuss-words’, and puts on an act of ‘the vapors’ at such language when it is used by others; his ‘Nanny Act’, as I have described and complained about so often.

      His viciousness is veiled by this facade, but his intent is plain to see when one looks at the overall effect he achieves, his dead serious defamation, all put in sugary polite language.

      As I said earlier, reading his blog, as well as his extremely verbose commentary on T&S, in his long diatribes against me; he is projecting his dark psychopathic personality onto me. It is his best defense, to point at someone else as being the personification of what he is himself.

      He frames me as the mirror image of himself. He is also a copycat of my creative personality, he practices it. Anyone can see this in his sign-off logo: // , which is a takeoff on my, \\][//. Much of his commentary is taking what I have said, and turning it around, using the very same language but switching characters. He lacks creativity himself, but is good at mimicking it when he sees how it can draw power to himself. And this is one of the reasons that he has become obsessed with me and wants to destroy the original that he is trying to become.

      Yes, ‘Mad Max’ has become more than the title of a movie.

      • “El-oh-el. Here’s a small subset of the creative things Mr. Rogue has called me. Can they be substantiated or do they fit as defamation?”~Max Bridges – from his blog:

        – Señor Maxitwat
        – Señor El Doodoo
        – Señor El Obsolete
        – Señora
        – Señora Entity
        – Señora Clitora d’Maxifuckanus
        – Maxmixer
        – Maxitwat
        – Maxifarts
        – Maxifartimus
        – Maxifucks
        – Maxifucker
        – Maxifuckanus
        – Maxitwit
        – Agent Maxifuckassus
        – asshole
        – prick
        – twat
        – twat boy
        – son-of-a-bitch
        – motherfucker
        – wankhead
        – bullshit artist
        – diaper dumper
        – drooling mad monkey
        – fruitloop of a different flavor
        – crackpot
        – crazy as a shit-house rat
        – individual psycho
        – hysterical
        – this creature
        – entity
        – anonymous entity
        – twatpatty entity
        – maniac
        – badger
        – short order crook
        – a gentleman snake
        – snitfiddling pest
        – little punk
        – little twit
        – vicious little prick
        – vicious hyena that smells blood
        – vicious character assassin
        – cops
        – spook
        – profile of an agent
        – a clever mole
        – a product of CONTEL

        “Yes, by comparison, “liar,” “cheat,” “weasel,” and “agent” are pretty restrained. Owing to their substantiation and repetition, though, I can see where Mr. Rogue considers them “vile” and “vicious”. The truth hurts.”~Max Bridges
        . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

        This is a very good collection of INSULTS.

        “Can they be substantiated or do they fit as defamation?”~Bridges

        The anonymous entity obviously cannot, or is not willing to make the distinction between purposeful insult, using common street slang that does not seriously contend that someone is literally whatever term used. For example “motherfucker”; no sane individual would think that a person calling another a ‘motherfucker’ is actually accusing that other person of having sex with his mother.

        However the use of the terms; “liar,” “cheat,” “weasel,” and “agent” are in no way restrained when the fact is that these are charges meant seriously. As it is the entity has attempted to seriously convince the readership that I have lied, that I have cheated, and have weaseled out of a deal. As Bridges seriously attempted to frame me as an agent by accusing me of using a ‘sock puppet’, we shall still use that term as one of his serious charges, although he seems to recant on this more recently.

        The entity boldly claims ‘substantiation’, he makes very clear that he is seriously accusing me of lying, and that he can prove it. However, he has made no proofs, but instead weaves twisted tales from a subjective perspective that prove nothing other than it is Bridges himself who is lying – in a vicious and serious manner to defame me and convince others of his lies.

        That making such charges are in a substantially different category than calling someone names using common street slang should be obvious. It is the serious intent to convince that makes Bridges’ arguments defamation.
        It is obvious that I am certainly not seriously contending that Bridges fucks his mother, or that he was born out of wedlock, or that his mother was a canine… or any of the other clearly colloquial insults I have used.

        But. Since Bridges has been making these serious charges – I do indeed make the counter charge that he is the one who is a liar. His first lies were in his trying to convince me to take a copy of the Judy Wood book, saying I could not fairly judge her work from the information on her web site. This is a bald faced lie, and it is false advertising, and it is even admitted in so many words by Bridges himself, in that he cannot name one substantial difference between the information and the book and what is on the website.
        His contention that the legend identifying the buildings that were damaged in the area is “worth the price” on it’s own is utter tripe and nonsense. And that is the only benefit having the physical book holds, even according to the anonymous entity.

        And I should think it clear after all of this water under the bridge, the real reason this entity is so desperate to remain anonymous. And that is because he is bound to be revealed for the slinking lying shyster that he is. But this will have no bearing nor effect on the real person guilty of this vicious charade, as long as he can remain in the shadows behind the masks he wears on the Internet.

        “El-oh-el” indeed.



        A list of slang words for to insult, complain, criticize. Find words with this meaning on The Online Slang Dictionary’s slang thesaurus (urban thesaurus).

      • Slang | Define Slang at

        noun 1. very informal usage in vocabulary and idiom that is characteristically more metaphorical, playful, elliptical, vivid, and ephemeral than ordinary language …


      • Mere vulgar abuse is an insult that is not necessarily defamatory because it is not intended to be taken literally or believed, or likely to cause real damage to a reputation.

        Law of defamation – SlideShare

        Jan 13, 2013 · What is Vulgar Abuse?It has been pointed out by lawyers that many otherwise slanderous statements may be dismissed by the court as mere vulgar abuse.


  185. Señor Maxitwat’s is a COVERT OPERATION, in that he is an anonymous covert entity slinging barbs and slurs from behind his faceless gravitars.
    To postulate that such a covert entity may indeed be a spook is certainly a reasonable assumption to make. It is the operator and his operation being covert that make it impossible to prove one way or the other.

    Of course it is futile to demand that a covert character assassin come forward and identify himself. However, there may yet be a way to discover who this lying prick actually is. The longer this creature harasses me, the more effort I will put to making such a positive identification. I have some feelers out at the moment. Perhaps one of these will bear fruit.

  186. I’ll be damned if Maxifuckanus isn’t up on that thread on T&S hammering his bullshit again!!!

    The fucker has been haunting HR1blog for the last couple of days scouting for ideas to pull off of it for his new attack…just as I anticipated.
    So this same old tiresome carousel cranks up for another scurrilous spin.

    One of these days I am going to find out for sure who this motherfucker is, and that will be the day when all hell breaks loose on the anonymous entity!


  187. Mr McKee seems to have the patience of Job when it comes to dealing with the anonymous entity. Without fail, every thread on T&S becomes Seenyor Maxitwat’s personal arena for his character assassination attempts against me.

    I wouldn’t put up with Bridges’ bullshit for one more moment were it my blog. But I am loath to give Mr McKee advice on how to run his own show. When is too much going to be too much for Craig I do not know. But one of these days I am sure he is going to run out of patience, and celebrations will be in order here, for there will be no more need of keeping up with this thread.

    Until then I will remind the vile anonymous entity to go fuck himself in private, as the whole show has become disgusting.

  188. So now Seenyor has the hypocritical gall to assert that it would be “UNETHICAL” of me to reveal his real identity – after close to two and a half years of this maniac stalking me and attempting to assassinate my character!!??
    Whatever moral bearings could be driving that thinking is certainly mysterious.
    This is absurd as anything else this crazy prick has come up with. How does he figure he is immune to justice?

    There is only one card left on the table for him to have any hope of my not revealing who he is upon discovering positive proof; and that is for him to cease and desist his slanderous campaign NOW. Never again to jump my ass over this bullshit on T&S again. Not one more time. Because there will be no negotiation on this matter when I get positive proof as to his identity.

    There will be no deals made. His only chance is to stop badgering me now.

    • And I will repeat this as many times as need be:

      When Seenyor refused to take the BOOK back when I offered it, he forfeited any and all debts of any kind that he felt he was due, be it monetary, or the tasks of debating the issues any further or of passing the item forward.
      I have no ethical duty that he can claim to. That is simply the way it is, and I need add nothing more to this explanation. But I will repeat it as often as necessary:

      No “deal” was broken in offering the BOOK back, because the “deal” was tainted by false advertising as the proximate cause.


    C’mon…It’s funny Meeester Treetiyum yum

    Don’t get yer twattie in an uproar…Iss just a leetle beet of Treeteeyum!!


    Just a little bit

    Just a little bit

    Just a little bit of Treeteeyum!!

    Yum yum yum yum !!
    . . . . .

    So this guy walks in a bar. He says, “tritium”…
    The whole place cracked up!


    Nah…Maxifartimus LOVES ME…he wants to be like me, he even copied his little // from my \\][//…so he could feel cool…like me!! {grin} …

    He hates it cuz I won’t love him back…
    heeza twat boy!!

    yuppity do-da

    Back to the future, that is today – 2014 May …

    Seenyor’s minor problem is he has no sense of humor … He posted all of that on his own blog, and doesn’t recognize that it is actually funny! How sad. It just made him mad. Well he has been mad all along I now realize – the other kind of mad — like “insane” mad, like a psycho who can’t take a joke.
    And he STILL thinks tritium at minuscule levels is a BIG DEAL … whatta dope.

  190. –“Assuming that “Seenyor” references me, if Mr. Rogue were “fed up”, he would cease and desist. Don’t feed the trolls. His continued participation here contradicts the sentiment of being “fed up.” Burn.”~Señor El Once – MAY 27, 2014 AT 5:08 PM

    –“I no longer have problems pushing Mr. Rogue’s buttons. I want him caught in the honey-pot and fouling out. Why? I’m fed up. I’ve already attempted two years plus “sane discussions” with Mr. Rogue…”~Señor El Once – in the very same comment as above.

    So, when pointing out Seenyor’s {O’who else in the fuck does he think I could possibly mean???} — so pointing out his blatant hypocrisy, by the simple fact that he can be “fed up” and blabber on for a whole page, at the same time claiming I am “contradicting” myself by continued participation … never makes an impression on this person who is;

    –“vastly more principled than Mr. Rogue on all levels — within my family, within my community, within my work, within my hobbies real-world and on-line — and consistently demonstrate such principles.” —

    Hahahahaha – no seriously, WTF? Yes he certainly demonstrated SOMETHING in that commentary.

    Seenyor also claims that I want to “Win” at all costs. It is bullshit. I don’t want to win anything, I don’t want to, have to, or need to “debate” this son-of-a-bitch. I just want the motherfucker to stop badgering me.


  191. Seenyor Wunzz Twiyzzz c’mon baby like cold ass ice
    a bumble for a rumble and bullshit on stilts
    a comedy routine out of harmony jilts the honest man in da hist
    prism gleaming squirmy wormy tracks trace his groove and weave
    He should know this place is dangerous he should know he oughta leave



    • And so I have to wonder, what would this “upstanding family man, and well respected member of his community” think if that community were to discover that he has this secret life on the web? A covert operation as an anonymous phantom working as a character assassin against an innocent party who is himself publicly known.

      So yes I understand the desperation that grips Seenyor to consider such revelations being made. It is at a crucial point in this affair, and Seenyor should consider these consequences of his actions, whether it is likely or unlikely that he might be revealed.
      I think it not worth taking that chance, regardless of how remote he thinks the possibility.
      His judgement so far is far from sound. His calculations on this one point are a make it or break it situation for the Seenyor entity.

  192. Yes the wonder of confronting lunacy sparks my creative juices at times. I hear spicy lyrical lines zooming through my mind. And sometimes can catch a few of them when sitting here at the keyboard.
    Sometimes it comes out vocally as jazz-rap while I’m making a cup of java.
    And sometimes it comes in vivid visuals dancing in the minds eye.

    And there ain’t nuthin you can do about it.

  193. It’s not just the “government” that is corrupt, it is the entire system, the whole paradigm. The vast majority of the people are corrupted as well, they are corrupted psychologically and coerced into the habits of acting out such psychosis.

    It takes great determination to remain sane in such all pervasive circumstances as these.
    I don’t think that this society can evolve peacefully out of this enchantment of the Public Relations Regime. It will be a matter of what is called in evolutionary science; “Punctuated Equilibrium” — ‘Crisis-Adaptation’, when applied to the technological society.

    I have no doubt that the crisis is at hand, and I have no doubt that many adaptation strategies are being developed. I also know that the future is not known, only postulated, so which strategies will turn out to be successful is still up for grabs. And if I see that ‘Black Magic’ is the false magic of the dark side, I can also see that ‘White Magic’ is just as real and practicable as the current system of hi-tech voodoo.

    I have spoken to the central core of this White Magic before: [1≡∞] Ta Panta Nous.
    But such metaphysical concepts cannot be transmitted by mere human language, for that language is but metaphor. What I speak to is an experience that transcends the Time/Space continuum and sees/becomes the Eternal Now.

    Dial those numbers as you will, but the connection takes place only when it calls you.

  194. Let me repeat my last sentence from the comment before:
    –Dial those numbers as you will, but the connection takes place only when it calls you.

    Another metaphor. And it can be said in a myriad of ways. Like; when you are finally ready and prepared and really will it to be that you are willing to do away with all illusion and accept whatever it truly is, it will come to you. However each individual has to find their own way to open to accepting the call.

    So many have heard the words of sages speaking of “the eternal now”, and those hearing such words try to conceptualize what this might be like. But as the sages also say, “like is not”. That which is must be experienced to know. And to taunt the student, the sage may say things such as; “well, it’s sort of like a beanstalk isn’t it”. At some point the student will recall the central truth that “like is not”, and understand that yes it is like a beanstalk, but that is not what it “IS” … eventually to become ‘disenchanted’ with what things are like, and drop the conceptualization and begin the experience of what is.

    Yes, more human language. But that is all we have in this particular connection on the web at the moment. “Seek and ye shall find.”

    • Yes, I have read Seenyor quoting the sages, framing morals as dogma. I speak to morals that bloom from an inner light. And they may read as the same words, but they resonate with what is already within.

      I will not say that Seenyor misapprehends, I will only point to that which Seenyor has revealed of himself.

  195. “The only thing keeping the truth about 9/11 from emerging is our collective desire to continue to spin the fairy tale we have been fed.

    We have an emotional investment in what it means to be American. We have an emotional investment in trusting and believing in the goodness of our ‘leaders’. We have an emotional investment in the correctness of our initial reaction to the events of 9/11, and in the goodness of the justice we pursued thereafter. We have an emotional investment in our belief about the veracity and democratic function of the press. To admit and accept the truth that is illuminated by the actual hard facts and data of 9/11 would unravel the threads of a narrative we have used over the past 5 years to literally define ourselves. To admit to the hard truth about 9/11 would be a literal death of a part of us.”~David Ray Griffin


  196. 9/11 is the seminal event of our generation.

    “For any serious, detailed, and independent investigation into the events of 9/11 will reveal that the actual forces behind the conception, planning, and execution of this seminal event came not from bearded Islamic extremists living in a cave in Afghanistan, but from within high-level rogue elements of our own government.” ~David Ray Griffin

    I take issue with this concept of “rogue elements”, my studies have shown that these elements are a systemic constant, not rogue at all – but deeply covert. And this makes it even more difficult to attempt to deal with the problem within the system itself, and why any “new official investigation” is doomed from the outset to be another layer of cover-up.

  197. I find it interesting – more than a little, that Maxitwat has not chimed in on the current discussion on T&S, now that Goldstein has beamed in on the blog with his tripe to do with Judy Woowoo’s DEW wah ditty.

    This is not a complaint by any stretch of the imagination – I would be glad if the asshole never makes another comment on T&S. I am just surprised that he hasn’t shown up to put his 2 – 3 thousand word junk junket to the discussion at hand.

    If the twat has gone – good riddance…

  198. “False statements are requisite for defamation to occur. When the statements are true, however damaging to a reputation, they are not defamation.”Señor El Once – JUNE 4, 2014 AT 3:37 PM

    Yes indeed, but as I have pointed out the Señor entity’s allegations are not true, they are in fact lies revealed by his own confirmation that there is no substantive difference between Wood’s website and her book. [Señor – MAY 5, 2014 AT 3:19 PM]

    So defamation does occur because these statements by the entity are proven false by his own testimony. And now we go round’n’round on this same fucking carousel that has been cranked up over and over again by this lunatic stalker.

    The Señor entity is a LYING PRICK.

    Now, is there a single person here who thinks that I am seriously asserting that the Señor entity is a disembodied engorged sex organ capable of communication by speech or writing? Of course not. And this is why calling the entity a PRICK is not defamation. And by his own definition, calling him a LIAR is not defamation because I have proven that his story about the BOOK is untrue.


    • So again, another hijacked thread by Seenyor. And again Mr McKee had to step in and stop the same old same old…always started by the Seenyor entity. But this stepping in by Mr McKee came some five minutes after I breached the situation on the brand new thread:

      Where I said:

      JUNE 4, 2014 AT 8:15 PM
      Yes Craig I think we can all agree on NIST as a scientific fraud.
      However I don’t see that all agree on the proven facts of controlled demolition.

      I have made it a point not to taunt nor give excuses to a certain entity that posts regularly in token response – but in much heavier doses for the agenda of character assassination.

      I am changing my held-off position this one time, at the beginning of a thread, so that somethings can be gotten straight. And so that Mr McKee can be involved in getting them straight as well.

      I have been advised to leave the blog Truth and Shadows, and go to play on Face Book, or go back to COTO again by Mister Señor, after being pursued relentlessly by the entity thread after thread for too many weeks, months, years.

      I refuse to yield to the Señor entity on this matter. It is Mr McKee’s call, and I will do as he wishes if there is to be a change in my status here.

      PS: And while signing off, I am reminded that Mr Señor seems to think that logo is his for the taking. He had best go back to his pale attempt at being a copycat and use his double slashes.
      . . . . . . . . . . . .
      Yea, the slimeball entity actually signed off with “\\][//” on his last or second to last entry there. WTF?
      What an unmitigated idiot.

      I know the prick will be reading this, so I will say one more time for the record;
      Fuck you Maxifuckanus – this is my blog and no one else makes the rules but me.
      So if you copy and paste anything from here that has a take off on your name or your aliases, the onus is yours. So take your punk ass back over to Face Book and take it out on the dipshits there.

    • “VULGAR”

      I have no problem with “Vulgar”, just as Lenny Bruce and George Carlin had no problem with “vulgar”.

      What I have problems with are two faced prudes who hide behind their disingenuous masks of propriety – Goody Goody Two Shoes bullshit – those hypocritical “Well respected men about town”, who are “just dying to get at her”… The ‘suits’ and the phony ‘men of the collar’, the frat-boys, the cops hopped up on speed fondling “protesters”, the upstanding military boys murdering and raping in distant lands, the crooked politicians in the pocket of the syndicate oligarchs that run this stinking burlesque.

      And small time pricks like Seenyor Twatboy who fits in the same mold as all these other psychopathic clowns from Hell.

  199. The BOOK, dB and other things:

    Anyone who can read this thread and find favor with Seenyor Wuntzies bullshit is as dumb as a rock. He is full of shit head to toe. Citing Sunder and NIST as scientifically correct when it comes to the sound signatures of the explosions at WTC is just too disingenuous to believe — any thing to win an argument is obviously the twatboy’s game.

    Thanks for the recent highlighting of this thread Maxifuckanus, reading your bullshit in your own words makes my day.

    • SEPTEMBER 13, 2012 AT 5:49 PM
      To Señor El Once,

      As I recall the “gift” had a clause in the fine print…hmmm?

      Be that as it may, it is difficult to find a single thing therein that is in anyway different than that which was already on her website, which I became intimately familiar with during our discussion. The only thing new is, she has dropped reference to “space beams”.

  200. hybridrogue1
    SEPTEMBER 25, 2012 AT 12:21 PM
    One more comment about THE BOOK.

    I never wanted the flucking BOOK in the first place. Señor harangued, cajoled and badgered me for MONTHS about the BOOK – that I had no business critiquing Wood without it. I disagreed then, and I disagree now. I can find NOTHING in that book that wasn’t previously presented on her website.

    Nevertheless, I was talked into accepting this ‘offer to give me a copy’__which only gave the fine print AFTER an email exchange wherein I was informed that Señor would pay for the book’s price and delivery, but I would then pay him back at some point. Just like some of these situations where you get a ‘free trip to Hawaii’ but you have to spend a day being given a sales pitch by condominium salesmen…or sitting in a used car lot’s office signing the bottom line, and finding fine print at the bottom that hasn’t previously been mentioned.

    So NOW, I have to play the guilty party to Señor cute little sales scam.

    Fine Señor, as I said, for a time.

    By the end of this thread, my debt will be considered paid in full. That is the fine print I offer you now…as belated as yours was. So milk it daddio, this is the last conversation you have to lean on me about this.


    “Hell is empty, the devils are here”~Shakespeare

    • Notice that the comment above was from nearly two years ago now – and the Maxitwat is still spinning shit like a gyro-anus.

      Whitesands says that I “should have read” – no Maxiturd should have taken up my offer to send it back. He wants to use the book to hammer me with. Problem is, he doesn’t have it. Book all gone doodoo head. Lol

    • As I say above:

      >Nevertheless, I was talked into accepting this ‘offer to give me a copy’__which only gave the fine print AFTER an email exchange wherein I was informed that Señor would pay for the book’s price and delivery, but I would then pay him back at some point.

      This should be understood in context, that being Señor’s insistence that the book was necessary as it held substantial new information not on the Wood website. When I agreed to those terms, it was on the auspices that this was true. It was not true, and this is what this whole controversy rests upon. As I have put it before, that was ‘false advertising’. And citing examples of his insistence as to the false distinction between the BOOK and website is plainly documented in the thread drawn from above, and several threads previous.

      • Just one example of Max’s taunting as to the lack of the “essential” BOOK, as if the book had substantial new information, and as if I were even claiming to be making a “book review”, both assertions being untrue. And this is 8 months prior to my finally accepting the book, and only one of a constant barrage of such pressure sales tactics:

        –“Dear Mr. Hybridrogue,
        Judging a book by its cover, I see. I love how your book review comes from the lofty position of not owning it, not borrowing it, not stealing it, and otherwise not having it to read. Bravo!…Your status of not having Dr. Wood’s textbook certainly sifts the BS from the honest effort. Thank you.”~Bridges


  201. Understanding that a nanocurie (nCi), is one billionth of a curie (Ci) will allow the reader to quickly gauge the relative difference in magnitude, thus the utter insignificance of 3 nCi compared to the 25 billion nCi contained within a single tritium EXIT sign.


  202. Discernment, can cue which paths to follow in an investigation by holding the requirement that reason must be used critically. Learning to distinguish between supposition and sound evidential data, and recognizing presumptions and the unsupported assumptions they stem from is simple jurisprudence. As in all things practice is essential. This is why learning linguistic deconstruction is so important in analysis. This is a ‘science’ in important aspects, but it is also an ‘art’ when fine tuned by experience.

    Being open minded and willing to consider novel ideas is important as well and should not be shunned. But one can become fascinated by novelty, and develop a novelty-bias. Such biases are always emotionally based. And as we know emotions can envelope and smother reason to varying degrees.

    And all of this is held in the art of discernment, a science brought to art form.

    • Now I can be a harsh critic and brutally frank. But I only give what is given me as far as ‘attitude’ in a debate. And when an opponent becomes openly hostile, which can be done in a faux polite manner, I can parse that out and show why I take such hostility as to be met with blunt and bruising rebuttal. This can be interpreted as anger, but it is not, it is highly focused reason and attention.

      As far as “vulgarity” and insult. These are much more honest than such saccharin thinly veiled taunts delivered O’so Politely. I deplore such Janus faced prattle. And yes I know the buttons of a studied opponent and push them accordingly. And yes I know this can quell the fainthearted readership, who should be attending to reason rather than base emotion.

      I can offer no apologies for my frankness. I don’t think diddling around with nonsense is productive. But I can play illustrative nonsense back to make that point.

      And I am not warning to beware of me. I am warning to beware of making arguments against reason. And worst of all, not standing to reason delivered; by handwaving and ignoring points made.

      I do not claim omnipotence, I am not infallible by any stretch of the imagination, and I do adjust my views as I find new information. But one thing I am adept at and that is recognizing bullshit when I see it. It is as common as it may be distinctive according to personalities.

      I can bullshit too. But in literature, bullshit is best delivered as fiction. That is a good guide for real life as well.

  203. So now we shall see if this thread can come to an end; or if there is to be another eruption of Señor el Vesuvius Maxicuckanus.

    I am tired of this and would very much like to get beyond it.

    • No no no, the motherfucker Maxitwerp jumped back into the same thread that Mr McKee asked for an end to the argument – with another 2,000 word load of bullshit.
      And it begins with his beancounter mumbo jumbo, spazzes out into defaming both Mr Ruff and I and does his Nookiedoodoo hoochie dance.

      The obsessed fanatic should be canned from T&S for good.

    • Submitted on 2014/05/19 at 3:39 pm | In reply to hybridrogue1
      [Controlled Demo thread];

      –“Lots of straw-men and faulty reasoning, but we already know that you don’t have enough integrity to have those errors in belief and perceptions corrected. Honest debate, you’ll have none of. Ergo, we already know were this work belongs. //” Seenyor

      Yes we know this work belongs right here on HR1blog. If the anonymous entity wishes to dispute any of the points in that article in “honest debate”, he is free to do so on any other forum that will host his bullshit. He can make arguments against it on his very own blog as a matter of fact. He might have had a chance to make “honest debate” on the last thread at Truth and Shadows had he not wrapped the entirety of his “debate” in the black ribbons of character assassination and snarling recrimination. And his performance there gives a most vivid picture of his so-called “integrity”.


  204. Okay now, as Max cannot deny that chemical explosives were used to demolish the towers he falls back to the jejune assertion of them “throwing everything but the kitchen sink” – in other words, on top of the chemical explosives, they nuked the towers and blasted it with DEW.

    This is the same stupid argument I got from Jersey Girl on COTO. It is false argument for one simple reason; a carefully calibrated assault will entail just enough, the exact power needed to accomplish the task at hand. To go overboard is to endanger the success of a project. As explosive demolitions are nothing new to the world of steel framed high-rise buildings, adding a nuclear aspect of it is simply overkill, and one that has never been tried before.

    This on top of all the clear evidence of chemical explosives, and no evidence of radioactivity should be enough to convince anyone who is sane. And it is this that makes me think that the entity is insane himself, deluded beyond all reason, pulling all of this shit out of his ass.

    I will let him squall for a time. I should think there are enough sane readers on T&S to see through this utter tripe that Max is spewing on the thread.


    • Some in the “Truth Community” seem to have forgotten that ‘Controlled Demolition’ is not the official story. But that is the way it is treated by the New Wave 9/11 Disinfo teams. They make stronger arguments against controlled demolition than they do against anything else in their diatribes.

      This is why I consider it Psyops; all of these new theories that seemed to pop up just as conclusive evidence was being developed as per controlled demolition destroying the WTC complex. I see it as a 5th Column technique – not all the individuals involved in it, but the leaders and forerunners of the “theories” – many others are simply bandwagoneers and dupes. And most of these cannot think their way out of a tissue-paper straight-jacket.

      That is why it is good to review the whole history of 9/11 and the movement to reveal government complicity. The official story of WTC is ‘gravity collapse induced by fire’, not controlled demolition. The demonization of the people who were responsible for the original discoveries of the evidence of controlled demolition is agitprop, and spawned in the same government think tanks as the false flag itself.

  205. Oh well … it seems that Craig got fed up and closed comments on that thread. This is the third time Maxitwerp has hijacked a thread and it led to it being shut down.

    I know Craig has had it with both of us on this matter. In a way I can’t blame him. But I just can’t let it go when Max has to lambaste me with all his “Lying, cheating, weaseling Mr Rogue” bullshit over and over again. He continues this defamation even though I have set the record straight on the fucking BOOK issue. He is obsessed and it seems he will never give up on this maniacal agenda of his. He blathers blither endlessly…

    Can this thread have a break then? I though it might be near an end just yesterday. No such luck… the never dying monster of the horror flick sequels … a nightmare scenario.


  206. Wow, I just checked the ‘spam folder’ for this blog, I had no idea that the Maxitwerp had been making so many comments throughout this time period! Lol!! Yes reams of bullshit, the same kind of wank he throws up on T&S.

    I guess I should check out that spam folder more often – it’s good for a chuckle.

  207. I know it must seem to Craig like he is dealing with 2nd graders sometimes, with the squabbles that go on at T&S.

    We are all very lucky that he “has the patience of Job” … Lol
    And I know he has other things to do than to monitor the playground all day long. He is a journalist first of all, and needs time to write.

    The kind of stuff that goes on at T&S would drive me crazy. That is why I run this blog as more of a personal journal. And after reading the stuff Max has posted on the spam folder today … the same type of tripe that he blows out of his ass on T&S, extremely long verbose jabberwacky … if I had to go through the threads here deleting that stuff I would be seriously angered.

    I just hope Max will behave himself … I guess that is a pretty futile thought, but it seems like at some point he would burn out on this crap himself.

  208. Dear Alistair Whitesands,

    Sorry I cannot publish your comment on that thread, it is meant as a compilation for a complete article in the order of the commentary, to be edited into a word doc later.

    As to your major complaint in your critique {Controlled Demo thread};
    You know my name, don’t you?
    You have known my name for quite awhile haven’t you?
    Yes both are true.

    Do you know who Maxwell C. Bridges is? Or who Señor is? Do you know who the real person behind the AKA is?

    No you do not, because Señor el Once is a covert operation.

    Does anything Max, or Señor say reflect on the person this actually is?

    Think about this deeply. Whether you agree with one or the other of our positions is irrelevant to this question.

    My real life person is effected by not only what I say, but what others say about me. I am a known public person.

    I can say anything about Señor, and it has no effect on the person hidden by the gravitars and nom de plumes. Señor can make any spurious charges he cares to with impunity to his real person.

    Now, if you don’t see the injustice in this situation in the abstract, then I do believe your critical facilities are askew.
    As far as an “invitation to COTO”:

    From the onset of this ordeal I objected to Señor posting to the site. It may be his right to, but it is also my right to object. We, the original members and I had a compact – each of us had, and still have our own dashboard, and full control of our own threads. Puddy always said it was “our blog” not the administrator’s – like it was at OpEdNews, where we had all been banned summarily in a giant purge.

    The dispute between COTO and I centers on this issue. Each of our own threads were meant to be sacrosanct. JG decided she was boss. She took dictatorial action. Whether you agree that this was ‘necessary’ or not is not the point. As discussed on C1, Truth and Shadows, and other “freedom blogs” – the idea of despotism is deplored. The idea of “practical politics” trumping the principles of Liberty are deplored.
    I found it utterly hypocritical that after all of the dissent against tyranny focused at government and corporatism, that suddenly it was okay “In House”, that there was some special impunity to our very own principles when “WE” decided; ‘meet the new boss, same as the old boss’.

    I was also taken back by the mob mentality that quickly congealed with these supposed “individualistic thinkers”, and how the tempers all flared to the key of JG in perfect harmony. And you can read more on my take on this at ‘Variation on Milgram’ on HR1blog.

    In the end, I don’t blame the COTO incident entirely on Señor, although it was obviously his agitprop that planted the seed there. I blame the superstitious Jersey Girl first and foremost – and the asleep at the wheel Puddy secondly, and the Homo Vishnu Ignoramus herd mentality of the rest of COTO themselves. If rebellion isn’t their ‘Style’ then they are a bunch of hypocritical assholes in everything they say.


    • And perhaps Mr Whitesands exaggerates just how thorough his keeping up with all the conversations on Truth and Shadows really is.
      He certainly doesn’t seem to be keeping up with this one here, and he initiated it.

  209. –“Mr. Rogue fails to understand the concept of water flowing under the force of gravity down, as if he didn’t know that shit rolls downhill.”~Señor El Once – JUNE 6, 2014 AT 4:01 PM

    This is the entity’s response to my proofs of tritium escaping municipal landfills and getting into the water table.

    How does this wash?
    Yes water flows downhill, it seeks “level” – “sea level”. Where do we find sea level? At the coasts. Where is Manhattan? Manhattan is on the east coast. The WTC was at and below sea level [sublevels] this is why “the bathtub” and all of the construction of the retaining walls and revetments.

    Mr Seenyor does not comprehend the term ubiquitous when it comes to environmental contaminants; biological, radiological, and chemical. He plays to a pristine environment at WTC prior to the events of 9/11; which is a clearly absurd proposition.

    –”The discussion in the source paper was not about just any run-of-the-mill EXIT signs. No. They were “airplane EXIT signs.” This is an important distinction for two reasons.”
    ~Señor El Once – JUNE 6, 2014 AT 4:01 PM [same post as above]

    I wasn’t discussing “the source paper,” which the entity should know full well. I was discussing the ubiquitous nature of radiation in the environment, in particular the tritium that is not containable by landfill leachates.
    But worse than this is his argument that continues thus:

    –”(1) Pilotless, droned aircraft may not even need EXIT signs. And even if the aircraft had them, their total numbers were small, the pathway to the few drainage sampling points speculative, and passage of time before measurement permitted much dilution of tritium.”~SEO

    Notice; “..may not even need EXIT signs..” Another of the entity’s suppositions having no factual basis but his assumption.
    And he goes on to speak to the “source paper”, which only has relevance that travels as far as it does – which isn’t to my point about tritium leaking into the environment as a constant and ongoing problem. If “dilution of tritium” was such a simple matter as flushing it with water, it wouldn’t be such a constant problem to the landfill situation. Excess, over EPA standards tritium pollution is a constant, and especially so in the industrial city-scapes such as Manhattan. [See: Prager Psyop, as well as tritium studies, above]

    –”Mr. Rogue has set up a filter for me such that all comments from me go directly into moderation. By Mr. Rogue’s own words, my comments will never be published on Mr. Rogue’s blog. It isn’t a question of “Mr Once will not address these issues honestly”, it is an that cheating “Mr. Rogue will not allow honest debate from me.”~Señor El Once – JUNE 6, 2014 AT 4:01 PM [same post as above]

    Actually all comments are on moderation on this blog until I approve a comment by individual posters. It is automatic and does not single out the entity – however it is so that I will never allow this vicious son-of-a-bitch publication of his bullshit here.

    But it is also true that the entity lurks this site constantly, and should know my arguments intimately. This is not a space for debate, and I have made those intentions clear for as long as this blog has been in existence. If the entity wants to honestly debate the issues he should do it on the forum where we are both commenting. But it is there that we get nothing but agitprop scurrilous bullshit and character assassination attempts from this vicious screwbal

    –”Moreover, nothing in the “10 Signature Characteristics of a Controlled Demolition” excludes nuclear mechanisms.”~Señor El Once – JUNE 6, 2014 AT 4:01 PM [same post as above]

    Oh but they most certainly do. The signature characteristics of such controlled demolition are “signature” to chemical explosive demolitions, as is made very clear in the body of mine and other’s arguments. The obvious squibs, the rings of detonations running up and around the buildings, the “demolition waves” clearly shown in the videos, the sequential “bam bam bam” the solid booms of central core charges going off, as caught on video and spoken to by hundreds of witnesses. These are the “signature” characteristics of known chemical explosive demolitions. Asserting that a DEW weapon or nuclear weapon would mimic all of these features is total nonsense. It is as spurious as asserting that someone killed by a package bomb were shot by a high powered rifle through a window from hundreds of yards away. Forensics and ballistics science are exacting, and foreclose on the entity’s wild eye’d nonsense conclusively.

    The comment made by: Señor El Once — JUNE 6, 2014 AT 4:01 PM, is a perfect example of Argumentum Verbosium. A long tirade leaping from point to point without any continuum that leads to anything but a rhetorical carousel.

    I have taken a couple examples from this commentary by the anonymous entity, above.
    Taking the whole thing apart and showing each example of why his answers are nonsense is alas too tedious a prospect, on top of being futile, as I have already made so many arguments against this entity’s bullshit that it should convince any lucid reader who pays attention.

    • –“Facebook awaits Mr. Rogue’s participation!”~Señor El Once — JUNE 6, 2014 AT 4:01 PM

      The entity’s parting shot on that comment. My answer is as short and sweet:

      Blow it out your ass Seenyor Maxitwat!


    • Señor d’Maxifuckanus is clearly out of his league in his attempts at argumentation against me. This is why he is desperate to get me out of the way.
      This is the whole crux of his character assassination attempts and his literally hysterical coming apart at the seems in the last portion of the commentary on the thread I have just reviewed. He is a crank and a crackpot.

      He is likely foaming at the mouth at this point. His Nookiedoodoo rocking-horse has been tossed back into its stall – his playpen, with his banky and his teddy bears.
      He left himself without a forum to screech his hissyfit, by his own foul and aggressive tactics.

      • Snitch Jacket – verb – transitive

        “to accuse someone of being an informant to the government in order to destroy their credibility.” ~Urban Slang Dictionary
        . . . . . . . . . . .
        This was Maxitwerp’s first tactic against me, with his attempts to frame me as a “Q-Agent”
        Of course as we see, through time his accusations became more hysterical and absurd.

      • “What’s with the ” McKee’s Cheny” crap”

        I’m sorry Veri, I don’t know what your are referring to here … ???
        Can you quote what you are making reference to?

      • I read into the one on one of your last comments on maxifuckanus paying kudo’s to Aldo and started at the top of the thread and read down through a lot of the commentary. I came across lots from “Maxi’ass” giving McKee an online blowjob. It was an eyeopener on how you ended up being in “its” sights. You must have told him he was full shit right from the get go. Agent Albury haunted there also I see.

      • Ahh, I see, you went to that T&S thread I spoke to.

        Yea Maxitwerp has been quite the apple polisher for some good long while there.

        That was a very interesting discussion. Brian Good ended up getting canned from T&S some months, maybe a year later. I had been there for a while by then. It was because of his bullshit arguments promoting an air crash at the Pentagon, and being obviously purposely dense as to the arguments made against him … you know, repeating himself like he didn’t hear what the opposition was saying.

        Several characters on that thread that aren’t real regulars to T&S. That is why I found it so interesting. Albury Smith was posting there for awhile. The same old shit you would remember him for, like on C2. I remember him being allowed back for a time and then getting canned for good.

        We got A Wright on the current T&S thread now too. He has got to be being paid to put up with the abuse he gets there — everyone has his number as a shill.

        It’s a really weird world full of all kinds of loonies, that’s fer sure.

  210. “The significance of the bolded statement is that if the device is directing neutrons through, say, a pin-hole cap in the casing and is aimed upwards, the amount of building material that gets hit with ionizing radiation to become radioactive is vastly limited. Moreover, the 9/11 implementation had this material fall through the blast and heat waves of the devices. Yes, you’d end up with some radioactive material, but a manageable cleanup operation and not the thorough spherical dowsing of anything and everything at ground zero and the expected radiation signature of other full-fledged nuclear device.”~Senyor

    This part of the argument is the crux of his argument and is also the unproven aspect as of this current day. Such weapons are “on the drawing boards” the details are being experimented with, but are not known to exist as the entity just describes. They are on the military wish list, but not in their actual operational arsenal.


    ““Could it be possible to design a nuclear weapon that does not require fissile material? Could this weapon be developed without explosive testing?
    Yes. While warhead design has plateaued after three generations, the development of fourth generation nuclear weapons (FGNW) – primarily among advanced nuclear weapons states and states with advanced latent nuclear capabilities – may be just over the horizon.
    FGNW could:
    • Abandon fission technology, relying instead on compact, non-fission means to trigger a low-yield fusion reaction fueled by a tiny deuterium-tritium (DT) pellet;
    • Be developed without explosive testing.”~27 March 2009
    . . . . . . . . .
    MAYBE is the key word, as late as 2009


    I am really glad I happened onto this thread and can view it from a future perspective – that being now in 2014 as future to the remarks I am reading. And knowing some of how things have shaken out on T&S as far as the anti CIT clowns being pretty much routed and such.

    I was most interested in the discussion of the importance of honesty in identity for Truth activism. It is pretty hard to take someone serious when they are themselves an obvious ‘Covert Operation’ ie; an anonymous entity. So I was glad to read some agreement as to this prospect by several of the commentators who made prescient points as to the danger of taking anonymous entities serious in debate.

    I quote A. Marquis CIT — SEPTEMBER 14, 2011 AT 7:14 AM:

    “Either way, it is good to see people questioning (and clearly doubting) the background of this anonymous online entity.”

    Thank you Aldo, I agree completely, Willy Whitten – \\][//

  212. Maxitwat reminds me of Paris the infamous coward of Troy, who pissed himself in battle and eventually killed the hero Achilles shooting arrows from the shadows while Troy burned for his transgressions.
    That is why women are now named Paris rather than men.

  213. I do not have a proposal to make the trials take place against this worlds tyrants and warmongering despots.

    What we want and what we can reasonably get are very often very different things.

    This doesn’t mean that standing up and arguing for truth is futile. Truth has it’s own inherent beauty whether generally appreciated or not. It invigorates those who hold on to it, and eventually diminishes those who betray it.

  214. Unspeakable Amerikan History necessitates Lollipop History; the candy-coated version popularized by the Public Relations Regime. The creation of “culture” in a petri dish. A synthetic brew of myth and lies waving red, white, and blue.

  215. So it has been a few days since there have been any comments by Maxitwat on T&S.
    I hope he is getting his ya-ya’s out on Facebook.

    The last thread Craig had to shut down over his bullshit. That better have been the last time his crank carousel goes around. Santa Clause is coming to town.

  216. Señor El Once – JUNE 11, 2014 AT 1:12 PM
    –“Dear Mr. Peter,
    The “it” that did the hit may have been a missile attack from a construction trailer to impose the directional damage, combined of course with internal charges to be sure to wipe out what needed to be cleared: the investigators and files of the Office of Naval Intelligence looking into the missing $2.3 trillion in defense spending. //”
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    So here it is, Maxifartimus with his “maybes” again. “..may have been a missile attack..”
    And to “Mr. Peter”? hahahahahaha… anyway more saccharine.

    But why this “maybe” at this time? Obviously to confront my contention that nothing “hit the Pentagon”. The slightest thing to confront me. Well “Maybe” Flamingos are actually Pink Swans. Lol…

    Again, Maxitwerp doesn’t get the CONTEXT. As all of us arguing with Peter {first name} were making the point that it was not “hit” by an airplane, drone, missile, or anything else flying on the trajectory of the official path. That is our point, that is the context of our argument. Whether a missile was fired from the construction trailer is irrelevant to that argument, and Seenyor Dingleberries is irrelevant to the argument as well with his ‘maybe bullshit’ – a continuance of his game of SUPPOSITION, ruling his twisted mind.

    Since I know he is hoping I will make a response such as this there on T&S, I will simply make these remarks here and let him flounder.

    • Just wondering about something. With their release of the alleged aircraft in their one and only video of something streaking in to hit the facade of the building. Has anyone gone to the trouble of superimposing a scaled figure of a 757 onto that footage to see if the size would match that supposed flash of blue?
      I’ve been to many airshows watching military hardware piloted low to the ground coming out of dives at better than 600 MPH and they certainly weren’t blurs. If indeed something did track in, the video suggests it was small and very fast.

      • As far as I am concerned Veri, That video isn’t admissible evidence for anything. It doesn’t have the original time stamp and has been reframed. In other words it has been tampered with.

  217. Reasoning from supposition is like idling in neutral – it takes an argument nowhere.
    Reasoning from facts and data puts the argument in motion and moves it forward.

  218. “The Irish are impervious to psychoanalysis.”~Freud

    End of Evil by Jeremy Locke

    “To understand how evil controls people, it is necessary to
    understand the difference between principle and law.
    A principle is a truth that creates freedom. A law is a lie that
    creates slavery.
    Principles describe reality. They are knowledge that help you
    to make use of your world. Because of your intelligence, you
    recognize principles in everything you do. Every true thing you
    learn is a principle. The movements of your hands, which foods
    taste good, mathematics and empathy for a friend are all based
    on principles.
    Laws are artificial ideas created by evil men to restrict the
    thinking and understanding of people. Laws mask themselves in
    authority so that they can impersonate principles. When people
    mistake law for principle their freedom is restricted. When
    people mistake truth for the ideas of authority, their abilities and
    their wisdom are diminished. This is the purpose of law.”


  219. “Have you noticed that you’re at the epicenter of all the animus here because you create it? You’re an old man of low vibrations.”~owenmeister — JUNE 12, 2014 AT 3:52 PM
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    What I have noticed is that it is the jejune ignorant commentary by papsmears like Owenmeister who are the epicenter of animus on T&S. If the meister of pap doesn’t like such language he should give up smearing it all over the blog.

    • Lol Veri,

      I don’t know if there will be much from these clowns going forward. They don’t even have the sense to get their bearings before honking their oinking horns.
      Owenmeister is still smarting from the last time he bounced in with his shabby nonsense, thinking he could shoot from the hip and hit a target with his snoutgun.
      These kinda guys have no substance and try to fake it in a blog with some of the most well informed researchers on the topic of 9/11. Invariably they have no skills in critical debate, and then they are “insulted” when they are shown to be fools. At least Peter had the sense to get out and stay out after his show of ignorance. But Owen keeps coming back for more. He’s a wise-guy shooting blanks and when he catches a hard boot up the ass he whines like a pussyboy.

      I’ll be surprised if he makes another appearance on this thread. He will likely lick his wounds and come back for more at a later date – like the insufferable A Wright, apologist for the official story. Same sort of MO.

      But I will certainly keep you in the loop if anything further pops up on that thread.

  220. owenmeister
    APRIL 4, 2014 AT 6:44 PM
    APRIL 5, 2014 AT 4:35 PM
    APRIL 8, 2014 AT 12:20 AM
    APRIL 6, 2014 AT 5:17 PM
    You began your participation here with baseless insults, asserting that there has been some sort of campaign to veil the participation of Israel in the events of 9/11, and charging that Mr McKee is “baiting”. You are then shocked, ‘oh so shocked’ that any here would take umbrage at such outrageous nonsense.
    This question is and remains:
    “Is it your opinion that Jewish people as a group are involved in all of this nefarious business?”
    . . . . . . . .

  221. Background Quotes from Owen Papanicolaou Meister
    [Neo-Nazi or Hasbara double agent?]

    APRIL 5, 2014 AT 4:35 PM
    –“Craig: Does your article open the curtain to get behind what is really going on? Who’s behind Coren? I think that some of these articles are for baiting purposes only. I think your analysis is rather superficial. I think people are waking up to the real culprits and this a way to get a whiff of the opposition.”

    APRIL 4, 2014 AT 6:44 PM
    –“Well, Craig, this article often diverts attention away from the real issue here: You break the Jewish hegemony, then you can shine a clear light on what happened before 9/11, on 9/11 and after 9/11. If the movement doesn’t do it, 9/11 will reach the dustbin of history.”

    APRIL 8, 2014 AT 12:20 AM
    –“I’m not the owner of the article, you are. It’s my take that these type of pieces are fluff and don’t get to the heart of the matter. Why are you unwilling to go all the way down the rabbit hole? If you respond that it is about fear, then I can respect that and have empathy for your positions. It’s my contention that the 9/11 Truth Movement needs to move to be a ‘Movement’ and what I see is going round and round in a cul de sac.”

    . . . … . . . . …. . . . ….. . . . . .“`,,,;;;;. .>>/\

    • Now we know who wears the socks in the family, aye Maxitwerp…yup

      I’ve been trying to flush out A Wright’s handler for 3 days now. And I just hit paydirt.


  222. So … yea it was a bluff. I figured Wright was being fed information from somewhere. So I put pressure on him, stressed him out. He didn’t know where that information came from, it was just part of the script he had to play.
    The information itself is of no consequence, it doesn’t prove anything, just like the video claimed to show a jet hitting the Pentagon is inconsequential – anyone with visual acuity knows there is nothing but a blur in that video, just ‘suggested’ to be a plane – ‘leading the witness’.
    But Wright was obviously sweating bullets over not having a source to point to, and was starting to panic. That’s why the Maxitwerp stepped in with a booster boot for his sockman… Coincidentally just as Agent Wright “got home from work” — hahahaha…love those coincidences.

    They will make other mistakes as time goes on. So it goes…

  223. Photoscan dome camera

    Here is a page with images of the dome camera sans mount:

    Item Code:DOME420CMOS
    With a feature of 24 hour surveillance function this product is a highly useful tool for the purpose of keeping a security check. This Sensor Dome Camera of ours has a smart light control which provides high quality image in low or no light. This product has a sturdy plastic construct suitable for indoor use. This product is procured by us from highly reliable vendors who believe in providing high quality products. We offer this product at a very competitive price.
    24 hour surveillance
    Increases security
    Strong construct
    Specifications:420 TVL CMOS camera 3.6 mm lens
    . . . . . . . . . .
    Same as seen mounted at Pentagon by CIT:



    The “Invisible Man Syndrome”… Lots of people on the Internet suffer from this feeling they can get away with anything because they are invisible, sitting behind a screen using a nom de plume – and no one will ever know who they are.

    Some people like Maxitwerp become fanatical. Look at his whole persona, the ‘el Zorro’ fantasy-life he has created. He even wrote about it openly. And the ‘Don Diego’ side, the real ‘Clark Kent’ behind the masquerade is defended with cheesy excuses about “the Founding Fathers” who wrote the Federalist Papers “bla bla bla” … the Maxitwatinus is a classic psychopath given free reign by the anonymity of the blogosphere.


  225. When the stench of Maxine’s twat finally stops insulting my olfactory senses I will gladly put an end to this commentary. I have hoped for this for a long time.

    Let it be tootie-frootie.

  226. Maxine’s twat just erupted with two spews of hotdog flavored piss and bile on T&S;
    The first on at, JUNE 26, 2014 AT 10:46 AM — the second at, JUNE 26, 2014 AT 12:54 PM.

    Such utter bullshit from the anonymous entity Mr Once…

    I have no carousel to crank-up until this idiot sets it down here where it has no legitimate place in the first instance.

    Having nothing on topic to say here, Mr Once is simply crashing the party while essentially saying, ‘oh don’t mind me, I’m just pissing on the walls..’

    The entity will not come to grips with his irrelevance.

  227. More irrelevant bullshit by Mr Once. Another attempt at hijacking a T&S thread with his Nookiedoodoo nonsense. It is NOT on topic regardless of how far the entity can stretch his sphincter.

    But it seems that Mr McKee is not interested in another hijacking of a T&S thread either and has stepped in to nip it in the bud. And I can only say “bravo!” to that.

    However that has nothing to do with my blog, where once again the disingenuous entity of Nookiedoodoo Lane is the main topic of discussion. Where again the reeking stench from Maxine’s gaping twat will be analyzed and shown to be the disinfo agitprop that it is.


  228. Timing. It is always a good tactic to inquire as to the timing of such attempts at disruption. What was the comment that seems to have given the Twat entity the need to distract from? This time it was my ‘Challenge to the Cowards’ – that being the Legge anti CIT team. It would indicate that Maxitwat wanted to blunt that. Why would that be?
    I would posit that it is because the twatimous is a covert member of that team, on the same side of the fence, a covert operation in his own right, and in league with their aims. His nuke extravaganza’s are just scrabble, his main mission is disruption and cognitive dissonance ala Sunsteinian agitprop theory.

    Maxwell Bridges aka how many other nom de plumes is a mole, no less than Legge, Fetzer, Duff, and Morgan Reynolds. He has deep cover by having tenure at T&S, but he throws caution to the wind at times…he was obviously feeding info to Agent Wright, and had to step in to save that stooge’s ass on the very thread he finally blew his twatsnot on near the end.

  229. Señor El Once — JUNE 26, 2014 AT 2:47 PM
    “Dear Mr. McKee,

    I had “no interest in another installment of the war” either, which is why I respectfully asked that my comment pass, unaddressed and even unread in cases.”
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
    More disingenuous bullshit from the Señora’s gaping twat. The entire vomit comment was designed to illicit a response, the whole comment was made as a calculated taunt to me. The past hoochie dances by this crass cretin from Sunstein Alley show this as illuminated history throughout the T&S blog The second post he made was bulging with even more Nookiedoodoo blather, buttressed by calling me a “liar” yet again. That is his only set of messages.

    I think Mr McKee is getting this as well now. The entity is too blatant in all of this at this point.

    • The comment above by Señora Maxine is as blatantly obvious as Brier Rabbit pleading,
      “Please don’t throw me in that brier patch.” — but this isn’t a cartoon, this is bullshit agitprop. And Maxine is really just a hack at it in my view. I can see right through such hokey crap.

    • ‘Dear Mister’, “HUH!?” Quick, take back his strikers patch to the “Eternal Order Of Masculinity” and boot the chump over to the Chas Bono League. At least there they can compare pump up chubs. There’s something out there for every “It”.

    • It is said Veri, that some one to two percent of any given population are natural born psychopaths. So it appears that it is indeed “a fact of nature”.

  230. As far as I’m concerned Maxine can stick her head back up her ass and mumble to her prostrate while walking in circles on a pier with no railing.

  231. “Together they are two data points between which a trend line can be drawn.

    Is it coincidence that this no-plane (in the damage) trend line castes a shadow of doubt on the reality of WTC planes, that gets darker when the pixel evidence is reviewed more closely?

    I’m the dupetest duped useful idiot in this here McKee forum, such is the extent of my open-mindedness and objectivity. Evidence and correctly applied science are what help me achieve my present views on 9/11, which embarrassingly circumscribe both no-(commercial)-planes-at-the-WTC ala Mr. Shack as well as the DEW theories of the most villified member of the 9/11 Truth Movement (in particular by the 9/11 Truth Movement itself) Dr. Judy Wood.”~Señor El Once on SEPTEMBER 28, 2011 AT 11:16 AM
    So here we have Señora Maxine dribbling twat snot about Shack’n’jive’s bullshit on top of the woowoo Wood nonsense concerning DEW. Having no clue to the techniques of digital special effects himself, and relying on the junk from the charlatan Shack.
    The anonymous twat was flirting with the bullshit ‘No-Planes’ nonsense of the charlatan Fetzer in this same timeframe.

    “Evidence and correctly applied science are what help me achieve my present views on 9/11″~Señora, the queen of oxymoron.


  232. Further Deconstruction of the Propaganda of Señor El Once; JUNE 26, 2014 AT 10:46 AM on Truth and Shadows

    “First insight: imagery manipulation. The discussion above proves an instance where it did happen with regards to 9/11. It isn’t an isolated case. Yet the eifer that many had to dismiss the entirety of September Clues (and its premise of imagery manipulation) without proper rescue of valid nuggets of truth stands testament that participants in this forum could stand more practicing what they preach and being open-minded. What other imagery manipulation nuggets should be re-visited, and what distracting purpose did they serve? What would they have been masking?”~Señorita Maxitwat Bridges

    The entity boldly claims,”It isn’t an isolated case.” Without citing any example whatsoever of even one other case. Then he tries to resurrect the totally discredited ‘September Clues’ bullshit and the Shack’n’jive crap. At the same time accusing the participants in the T&S forum of being close-minded. The entity’s summing sentence to this paragraph insinuating that there could have indeed been wholesale “imagery manipulation”, yet again without citation to any single other example.

    “Evidence and correctly applied science..” indeed. More like rhetorical rain-dancing and applied voodoo.

    The entity’s “Second insight” is nothing more than a tired retread of what anyone studying 9/11 considers basic fundamentals: “The culprits successfully attacked the very symbol, if not center, of US military power even after ample advanced notice…and bla bla bla.”

    Then comes the SALES PITCH:

    “Genuine truth seekers need to validate their assumptions with regards to controlled demolition, particularly when such assumptions rule out exotic means. [Fourth Generation Nuclear Devices are real-world and match much of what Dr. Wood’s work drives at..”

    AS IF “Genuine truth seekers” haven’t addressed the screwy woowoo of Judy Wood, and the equally screwy disinformation doing with nuclear aspects to WTC 9/11. And as I am the most outspoken critic of this discredited nonsense, the next section of the entity’s tired and redundant spiel is the attempt to shut me up:

    “Mr. Rogue has >46% of the total 396 comments to this thread, which makes it STFU-time in anybody’s book and reason number one why he should ignore this comment.”

    The significance of my 46% of commentary as basis for some imaginary indictment, is never adequately explained by the beancounter, but it is repeated at least once every thread by this agitator.

    • “Meaningful comments on the Pentagon topic have petered out.”

      This is Señor’s opening statement to the above comment I have dissected.

      I will point out here that what the entity considers “Meaningful” is a far cry from rational.

      Meaningful discussion on the event at the Pentagon cannot possibly be exhausted on a single blog page, or even a single book. And for anyone to assert such and then make the spurious diversionary turn into the weeds of disinformation such as ‘video fakery’, ‘DEW’, and ‘Nuclear’, surely indicates the techniques of Sunsteinian agitprop.

  233. Señor makes this quote:
    “Mr. Ruff wrote on June 21, 2014 at 6:27 pm:
    My litmus test for real truthers is now the pentagon evidence and how well the persons arguments stand up here on Truth and Shadows.”

    Señor then goes on to claim:

    “Guess I passed that litmus test of my “real trutherism.” No issue there. No debate.”

    But no, to the contrary, I do have an issue with this. I will debate this point because Señor has not joined in the conversation on this thread bearing these concerns but for a few token times, none directly in support for the views of the other members of T&S, but rather a quote about “consensus”, notes on how to do web searches, and Señor’s infamous rescue of the shill, A Wright from his plight of not having the URL to verify a comment he made.

    That is hardly passing the particular litmus test proclaimed by Mr Ruff. Again, just rhetorical scrabble from Señor el Bouncing-Head the Beancounting Stooge.

  234. Or just a stooge. The entity certainly feeds into your rebuttals and is certainly eloquent about making an ass of themselves. They certainly can’t make the nookiedoodoo theory work for the Pentagon incident and try to bullshit around it and are a beached mackerel flailing on subject.

  235. “Not even the dabbling of a toe into the tritiated waters of correlated heavy metals in the dust, did Mr. A.Wright venture. Nothing on the impossibility of what my research says was possible and was done. Nothing to frame the innocence of the government in this nuclear matter.”
    ~Señor El Once – JUNE 27, 2014 AT 11:57 AM

    Yea, well even Agent Wright can distinguish between fruitloops and the real targets of cointelpro…Or as a core mistake Señora Twatareena failed to sic Agent Wright upon himself as Wright’s manager. I see reasons to consider them covert team mates.
    In the long run neither here nor there, as they are both distraction agents, whether in league or not.

    • That comment by Seenyor has been axed by Mr McKee now as well. Lol
      Off on the wrong foot again aye Maxitwerp? Thought you’d just sneak that one by? The second post you made… you did this the last time too, just ignored Craig’s request. You really think your special doncha? Why yes you do!

  236. Key witness testimony proving NOC trajectory of Pentagon plane in discrepancy with damage path is the proof beyond reasonable doubt that a flying object did not hit the Pentagon on 9/11.

    Key witness testimony of bombs going off in the WTC towers, plus video footage of demolition waves, squibs blowing out, sequenced flashes of charges going off; plus physical evidence such as sol-gel nano-milled explosives in the dust as well as microspheres, and eutectic corrosion of steel beams; prove beyond reasonable doubt that the towers were demolished by chemical explosive demolition.

    These two cases are solved to the point of final determination.

    Shanksville is not debated much because it is so obviously a staged set where the “air-crash’ was said to occur.

    Building 7 at WTC is also an open and shut case of explosive demolition.

    The proven lies of the military as per the “response” to the emergency is proven beyond reasonable doubt as well.

    All of these detailed cases are now part of the public record, proving 9/11 to be a systemic psychological operation of the military industrial media complex.


  237. Perhaps now Señor el Mierda de Toro non sequitur grasps his irrelevance on T&S.

    Perhaps the attempts to hijack threads injecting his nookiedoodoo and character assassination blather will finally come to an end there.


  238. I’ve been living in a police state all my life. All Americans have been. It has only been since the psychological operation of September 11, 2001 that some large minority of people have come to realize that the US is a despotic state, as that date was the “Coming Out” party for the closeted jackbooted thugs who finally wanted recognition for their “power” and “authority”.

    ‘Proud Authoritarians’ is their new motto for the 21st century.

    I’ve understood this since I was 16 years old. I have met the rare individual from time to time throughout my life that agreed when I would voice my opinion on such things, but for the most part people just considered me ‘odd’.

    Government is a racket. The propaganda from almost all sides is that some form of ‘government’ is necessary in human affairs. But this is just a ‘daddy – mommy’ emotional need for immature people who wish to duck responsibility for their own actions and affairs. At any rate, if we are going to speak in truthful language it is best to understand from the very beginning that if there are “authorities” the state is thus ‘authoritarian’.

    And of course the grief I will get from such a ‘simple’ statement as that will be legion; because it is so much more ‘complex’ than that, I mean the meaning of such words as ‘authoritarian’, and ‘totalitarian’ – you know, they must be parsed and analyzed by ‘experts’ – yes ‘authorities’ on the subject, don’t you know?

    So now we come to the meaning of ‘analyze” and how the root word seems to be – oh my gawd???….anal. Yes; anal eyes!
    Didn’t you just know that the assholes had something to do with all of this? That they had a ‘hand’ in this fucked up situation. Perhaps a blue rubber gloved hand?

    As I was saying just recently in a general way – you know sort of thinking out loud…

    ..about a dismal theme that has parked its ass on my doorstep like some sort of lusting carrion bird, the ululations a constant noise like a dripping faucet certainly no paucity nor pause for breath – but that instant reprise of a broken jukebox with it’s constant replay until the bartender finally unplugs it with a blast from his under-counter riot gun.

    “Tiresome”, is this a question? Could it have been misread? Could the flat-line boredom have been expressed in any language more clear?

    No, no, of course not…I was certainly begging for another encyclopedia of jaw yaw piledriver squibshots…of course this is my never ending desire, to thus speak with sarcasm spasms to a feeling much akin to a twisted ankle on the descent from some postmodern tower of babblelawnmower, bag-less and spraying shredded turdshowers.

    Oh blessed summer vacation comes none too soon lest I am left baying at the moon from this hideous tedious stalkinghorse.

    Do make it to the dude ranch on time. Don’t forget to pack your petty-coat.

    Fiends for Friends??

    Señor, you are like a nattering hen. You remind me of my last wife. Every time she got mad at me for something, she had a list in waiting {much like yours} of past sins and trespasses against her sensibilities, a repertoire of spite and spittle that would last on into the evening, and perhaps to begin anew over morning java…

    So you realize what joy it is to once again be a single man? But now – now to be latched upon by some crazed petty yank yapper such as you are here on this blog. Such sour memories so peptic and dizzying, like perched atop a pinnacle next to an open blast-furnace, begin to haunt.

    One more “Dear Mr. Hybridrogue” from you and I will have a short sweet epithet for you.

    Yea you’re the same guy that bought into Fetzers yo-yo-blow for so long. Whatta ditz, you a blond Maxitwat?

    • The above flow of consciousness rant was written around June 2012 for T&S when the Maxitwerp was going on vacation to a dude ranch … Mr McKee didn’t like it because of the reference to “petticoats” … hmmm??? I don’t know why that in particular bothered Craig — but he knows who Max really is. Maybe that would cut too deep as far as some secret Max has shared with Mr McKee?

      No matter my blablabla was saved to the Legge el Topo word-doc, and I just retrieved it.

  239. To address what Señor El Once says on May 17, 2012 at 12:45 pm

    Everyone of his points were addressed – EVERY SINGLE ONE in great detail, and from every conceivable angle on the ’36 Leaders’ thread on this very blog.

    That includes such lame innuendos and assertions at: 3:21 pm:

    “Unless that is your assignment and your agenda.”

    “In fact, that you engage A. Wright at all [after being told not to and after recognizing for yourself his nature] becomes a data point fitting into a trend line. It starts to have the appearance of a tactic to build your legend as a 9/11 Truther.”

    First of all, “being told not to? Yea? – You the boss of me pal? Is that your game sucker?

    And to build my “legend as a 9/11 Truther”??? I don’t need to build my legend, I have been on this case from the very first day, on 9/11 even before I saw the towers explode I knew it was a government operation. And I have written to that ever since.

    I dare say that is a longer amount of time than most of the people here, or in the movement, I was solo for several years until the movement began in earnest. And I have to say, listening to these bullshit allegations coming from some dipshit upstart that didn’t even get it for a couple years or more is pretty funny. Especially the way you nip at my heels like some crazed chihuahua, and have since I first began posting here.

    And for YOU of all people to talk about flooding the blog – when almost every one of your posts are encyclopedic tomes of mostly trivial nitpicking, strikes me as the words of a A-class asshole.

    You try to pass yourself off as a clever boy Señor, but you are a stupid fuck. A chump, a dupe; one mixed up puppy.

  240. Those who claim an airborne object hit the Pentagon must hand-wave the argument of the discrepancy the of plane’s trajectory and interior damage path, as shown by the best witnesses.

    Those who claim that the WTC was destroyed by anything other than controlled chemical demolition must by the same token hand-wave and dismiss many times more the witnesses at the Pentagon, but they must dismiss the audiovisual evidence also, which is available in thousands of images.
    As for analyzing this evidence in a proper deductive sequence my page on this very blog does that in great detail.

    The entity Maxitwerp still squawks tone deaf ululations about “Tritium”, a point totally discredited by known facts about this substance. And this is just one of the vaporous foundation stones for his further empty presumptions and suppositions. All of this falling flat out the gate, as the issues of witness testimony, visual evidence, sonic evidence, and physical evidence prove chemical explosives blew up WTC. This is the harness strapped to the stall constraining his ‘Nookiedoodoo’ “stallion” (rocking horse) from waddling out on the thoroughfare.

    No one can dismiss these proven facts, and these facts eliminate any proposal that cannot make a valid argument against those facts. Even attempting to make such a proposal without first addressing these issues is spurious and cannot be taken seriously.
    Those who cannot follow this logic have a defect of cognition because logically it is as simple as 1,2,3.

  241. “Had the samples been collected before it rained twice and the fireman sprayed all of the water they could have potentially been above 6.12 billion TUs. That level would be equivalent to a leaking nuclear power plant (hot fusion).”~Donald Fox

    Understanding that a nanocurie (nCi), is one billionth of a curie (Ci) will allow the reader to quickly gauge the relative difference in magnitude, thus the utter insignificance of 3 nCi compared to the 25 billion nCi contained within a single tritium EXIT sign.
    [TU: 1 Tritium Unit = 3.19 pCi/L = 0.00319 nCi/L.]

    Fox says, “they could have potentially been above 6.12 billion TUs..” Again supposition and presumption on top of making a mountain out of a molehill in regards to the completely insignificant minuscule amount of tritium discussed.

    Even more however is that the signature features of controlled demolition by chemical explosives has not and will never be addressed by these pro-nuke charlatans – because they cannot defeat the proofs of such controlled demolition. Therefore it is hand-waved without comment.

    This URL on nukes was snuck into a comment by Seenyor Maxitwat on the current T&S thread on the Pentagon, that Craig specifically charged this skunk entity not to post about – another example of what a cheat and liar this motherfucking Once entity is; and a hypocrite for calling me such.

    It is actually quite funny; one disinfo team battling it out with another disinfo team on that Donald Fox pro-nuke anti-DEW article. Quite like the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in Wonderland! Lol

    Blither v Blather!!!

    You’re an idiot Señora Once !!

  242. Señor El Once – JULY 2, 2014 AT 6:33 PM:

    Here is the Maxitwat doing what the twat does best, in fact his only trick, HIJACKING THREADS ON T&S.

    Even after this bastard agreed with Craig not to discuss his fucking NUKE BULLSHIT, he slipped in sideways with that link to Donald Fox’s article which is totally about nukes at WTC.

    And this low down son-of-a-bitch calls me a “liar and a cheat”!!!

    Whatta prick…

    • Dear readers, since asshole Señora brought you here to see this post, don’t neglect to travel on down the line a bit more and learn something of how stupid his “Tritium” oinkshaft really is…

  243. Well…one thing Señor Twatmouth,

    You have pulled this shit on T&S enough times now that all of the regulars are going to recognize just what a lying shill shit you are. Even if they won’t say anything about it, as they see how they would become a target for your nasty remarks just like Mr Ruff and I are.

    Just like Agent Wright, you keep posting there, even though every one there can see what an asshole you are.

    Who among the regular posters on T&S do you think buy your nookiedoodoo shit?
    I will tell you with confidence; not a single one.

  244. Hah! I’ve had more hits today on that ‘Controlled Demolition at WTC’ than any other single day — and I can thank Maxitwat for that I am sure.

    The fuckhead shoots himself in the foot every time he confronts me on T&S.

    Goes to show assholes are good for something.

  245. –“Most of this work is associated with “controlled demolition”, which is fine. When the word “chemical” is inserted between “controlled” and “demolition” to restrict the PR marketing, it fails to match the hype with substance.”~Señor El Once — JULY 2, 2014 AT 6:33 PM

    This is utter bullshit. Anyone who pays the slightest attention to the reasoning in my exposition would understand that the signal characteristics of the evidence proves chemical explosives exclusively. And this is the very reason the twatty entity attempts to dismiss the central proofs, once again leapfrogging to the “hot-spots” issue after a handwave to the proofs of what can only be chemical explosives:

    –“That is the PR trick. As but one example, this work purposely ignores the duration of under-rubble hot-spots and the inability of chemical-based mechanisms “to go the distance” in accounting for them, which high school math & chemistry easily expose.”
    ~Señora Twatness

    Now THAT is the “PR trick” — his “high school math & chemistry” expose nothing, because of the false assumptions he applies such math to. And it is this disingenuous bullshit that turns this whole issue into a creaking tired carousel – one that has to be snuck into T&S sideways like the spurious rap of a sleazy used car salesman.

    Maxitwat is one rude motherfucker…

  246. Understanding that a nanocurie (nCi), is one billionth of a curie (Ci) will allow the reader to quickly gauge the relative difference in magnitude, thus the utter insignificance of 3 nCi compared to the 25 billion nCi contained within a single tritium EXIT sign.
    [TU: 1 Tritium Unit = 3.19 pCi/L = 0.00319 nCi/L.]

    If Maxitwat is serious about his tritium squawk, then he is an idiot. All of these nukes at WTC advocates are idiots if they are serious!

    IF they are serious…that is the 25 billion dollar question.


    • The assumption that the tritium levels were at or below the EPA standards on September 10, 2001 is the critical error for all of these proponents for nukes at WTC. And just a glance at the studies on the lack of containment of the leach fields that I cite in my article on ‘Controlled Demolition at WTC’ show how silly such an assumption is.

      Yes, idiots or hack used car salesmen? – that is the question.

    • 55×3 nCi = 165 nCi

      25billion – 165 = 24,999,999,835 nCi less than a single tritium EXIT sign.

      Get the picture?

  247. It doesn’t matter whether the amounts are cited as Tritium Units (TU), Becquerel (Bq), or Curies (Ci) – the amount is still Trillions of units shy of significance.

    It is just amazing that anyone could seriously make up or buy into such bullshit!!

  248. Señor El Once — JULY 3, 2014 AT 12:32 PM

    –“Without irrelevant-to-the-topic URLs floating above the relevant typed words, how else can alert readers and passionate T&S followers get “another installment of the war between Señor El Once and Hybridrogue1“ — albeit boot-leg and off-list — without such an installment actually breaking out here? Geesh.”~ //

    What delusions of grandeur!! As if ‘passionate T&S followers’ really give a shit about this squabble. It’s like saying passionate T&S followers can’t wait for another installment of Agent Wright’s jabberoinking.

    Frankly I don’t see the passionate T&S followers as the type to go in for cheesy soap opera, and People Magazine bullshit. I think they would rather stay to on topic relevant commentary. Assessing the regulars there from their comments in the past I can’t think of one that thinks that DEW has any merit whatsoever. And adding ‘nuclear’ to it isn’t going to change anything on that aspect.

    But if the anonymous entity wants to shake his little weewee at the public wearing his faggie “Señor El Zero” costume and mask__Lol, what the fuck? Go for it el kabong!

    Just keep my name and references to me out of it.

  249. Hey Twatimous,

    Did anyone ever point out to you that a single EXIT sign has 25billion nCi?

    Can you say, 25billion? Sure you can. My friends in the neighborhood can say it too,
    25billion… with a “B” yup.


    • The fatal flaw in the argument of where did this infinitesimally tiny amount of tritium come from, is based on the assumption that the tritium present on September 10th was within EPA standards.
      The evidence I provide in my essay on the demise of the WTC, having to do with the lack of containment of tritium in landfill leach fields suggests that it is highly unlikely that the WTC area was within those EPA standards.

    • “6.12 billion TUs” ~Donald Fox

      TU: 1 Tritium Unit = 3.19 pCi/L

      1 picocurie is one TRILLIONTH of a Curie!

      So what Fox is saying here is that the tritium level would be around 6 hundred thousand nCi/L That is even smaller than the amount I had argued against previously!!

      This nuclear at WTC is such tootiefruity fairy dust that anyone who buys it is a complete idiot!!


  250. So yea yea yea__the twatfaced monkeyboy is going on a 3 day weekend “away from the computer”. And when he gets back he has promised to do his new beancounter act and display what new percentage of posts I have put up on T&S while he was away…yup!

    How exciting aye??? Yes indeed, I wonder if he will have learned to say “25 billion” by that time, and if he followed instructions to go fuck himself? Did you did you Seenyor?
    You better get your ass pumpin’! Fuck it hard Seenyor, we expect great dilation from you! Surely you won’t disappoint all of your fans on T&S__surely not!

    We know you can take a reamin’ and keep on screamin’ ’cause you are one of them fine upstanding gentlemen about town. Right? Boogaloo daddio.

    And when you finish doin’ that, bring in the dog and put out the cat.

  251. Dentchu wanna play the blabla game Señor el Zippo? Your the one who pressed for the free-for-all on T&S – you wanted to test the moderator’s patience. Don’t deny that is what you said only slightly veiled in the subtext. So now what?_you gonna bitchy moan cuz I brought it home to ya? Well then you just ain’t been plunging hard enough toots, go fuck yourself again. Ten on the floor cowgirl.

  252. Okay so now to the pile__the story goes that the DEWda ditty shot its rads straight up and out of the picture. So what’s fizzing in the pile? You got little nookie caterpillars slinking through the crumbles? What? ‘Cause–no no wait–the raygun wasn’t shooting hot stuff in this new version you just pulled outta yo ass. Where you goin’ wit dis bitch?

  253. So I have made, 51% of the comments on the recent thread at T&S. Isn’t that just absolutely criminal??

    Wow, what can it mean? Well? What the fuck does it mean Beancounter Twatman?

    I’ll tell you; it don’t mean shit – except for more meaningless numbers for you to play with, and you are a nitpicking nanny asshole.

    • Why won’t I give you a break anonymous beancounting asshole?
      Why won’t I just ignore you? Are you serious you crazed son-of-a-bitch?

      For more than 2 years you have harrassed me, stalked me from one blog to the next, attempted character assassination with your lying bullshit about the fucking BOOK, and on top of that break into almost every comment thread on T&S to continue this lunatic game you are playing.

      I have indicated here quite a few times that if you would just stop, that I would end this thread, and not “bother” you on T&S. But you continue with the very same MO, doing the same demented tricks relentlessly.

      You made your bed of thorns motherfucker, and you will lay in them.

  254. The Nuke/DEW thesis is pure conjecture based on fallacious reasoning and rhetorical spincraft. In a word it is; BULLSHIT.

      • Yes Veri, and change his name to Horatio to go with that fellatio to keep time with the ratio. Let him keep his head bobbin’ while the threads he’s robbin’.

  255. The maintenance of Liberty demands eternal vigilance. This is agreed to by all who grasp the issues of Liberty v Tyranny. And yet the term vigilante has been given a negative connotation. Why is that so? I would say that it is the doing of those on the side of tyranny, who pretend at “law and order” while they destroy it covertly.

    Taking the law into our own hands becomes necessary when the government itself is the prime outlaw. Those who recognize the principles of Liberty understand that the law has always been in our own hands. It is just a matter of proper application.

  256. Explaining to the anonymous entity such simple concepts as the idea of “hijacking a conversation” may be futile given his distinct lack of cognitive cohesion, yet the exercise is worthwhile for the benefit of others nevertheless.

    Hijacking has to do with steering and direction not with speed or frequency. In our instance, that of commentary and conversation, the issue is to do with topic, and the natural flow of that in it’s variance.

    How this differs from what the entity does is quite obvious, as he has a prior agenda that he refers to as his “hobby horse”, which is rather a rocking-horse. And it is only pretense that this has any relevance to the topic of the current conversation, or on the many other conversations that were taking place when the sales pitch was forced upon those as well.

    As with the entity’s standard techniques of obfuscation, he has the “beancounter ruse”, wherein he pretends that putting things in jive numbers has some special magic relevance. So it is another slight of hand and distracting jabberwank to cite meaningless statistics and make up equations as convoluted allegories that might be more easily understood if put in sentences of plain language. But such transparency of thinking is not the mission of a PR salesman, especially when that mission is to defame what he sees as “competition”.

    This short little exposition is an explanation of ‘Hijacking a blog thread’. More can always be said, but sometimes less is better.

    • –‘More can always be said, but sometimes less is better.’–

      This sentence from the comment above, is left as a football, one that the eyes of the entity will pick up on right away for a run to make hay. But that again will be a run out of the context of what my comment is really about. It is the fact that the anonymous entity will pay no attention to the meat of the message, other than to use the football as an entry to run a prefab menu past the readership once again.

      • The main point of my comment on thread hijacking is of course that before the Señor entity came on wanking his limp noodle, some 90% of my comments were directly to the Pentagon issue, while the other 10% was discussing side issues brought up by other commentators.
        So the only comments I made that can reasonably claimed to be out of bounds as per topic are the ones provoked by the entity. Therefore the beancounting is skewed as far as context – which is typical of the entity’s PR history.

  257. –“The question of what hit the Pentagon on 9/11 has NOT reached a consensus among the Scholars group” (p. 157),” ~Jones [portion quoted by Reynolds/Wood]

    However Jones continues with; –“Here is some evidence: The Penta-lawn was not gouged (argues against B757 at ground level as in the official ASCE report).
    Through the next several pages Jones speaks to the “gate-cam” surveillance tape, shows photo’s of size of 757 and generally disputes the official story.

    Click to access 060719_AnsQJones1.pdf

    But this is not what is intimated in the Reynolds-Woods hit piece on Jones, as they attempt to claim Jones is arguing the same points that Legge and Ryan now do.


    • In addition to the above, the fact that Legge et al weren’t able to get a paper published on a plane hitting the Pentagon until Jones had passed the leadership to Ryan, should indicate that it was Jones himself that wouldn’t go along with the “consensus” as it changed upon his departure.

    • One of the screwiest parts of the hit piece by Reynolds-Woods is that within that paper they themselves attempt to debunk ‘Cold Fusion’, while later they blamed Jones for the Pons-Fleischmann debacle, claiming it ‘set back such research for decades’….Lol

      Disinfo packed full’o’nuts!!

  258. title: Testing the Hypothesis that Mini-Nukes Were Used on the WTC Towers
    author: Steven E. Jones

    “Empirical Facts: All nuclear weapons (especially FUSION/Hydrogen bombs) release copious high-energy neutrons which will activate steel and other materials. This is called neutron activation and cannot be avoided, and much of the induced radioactivity remains for decades.
    I have studied fusion for decades, and have made frequent measurements of neutrons (as well as charged particles).
    Several months ago, I tested WTC dust samples and a solidified metal sample for radioactivity using a Geiger counter: I found ZERO RADIOACTIVITY. This experimental evidence goes strongly against the mini-nukes hypothesis since neutron activation levels were zero.
    I also tested some sand gathered from a nuclear-bomb test site decades ago for comparison – and the Geiger counter showed hundreds of counts per minute. This also shows the long life of the radioactive residues due to nuclear bombs – the sand still yields high Geiger-counter readings decades after the nuclear bomb blast.

    Note that concrete pulverization is often achieved in controlled demolitions with chemical explosives, e.g., the Seattle Kingdome demolition.
    Mini-nukes are not needed for pulverization nor for “top-down” demolition as observed for the WTC Towers.
    Promoters of the mini-nukes idea have also supported their claim with news stories of nuclear contamination in landfills near New York City, ignoring the fact that the stories were about radium contamination from industrial equipment.

    A simple disproof of the idea that nuclear weapons were used to destroy the Towers is that all such weapons generate intense electromagnetic radiation in the visible spectrum. Onlookers would have been blinded had any such devices been used.”~Jones
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    By Ed Ward, MD – 6-15-7
    –“Verifying the Source of Tritium Levels 55 X the Normal Environmental Amount
    Certified Laboratory Testing of WTC Debris Currently In Progress.”

    What is the definition of “Normal Environmental Amount”?
    What was the amount at WTC on September 10, 2001? Are there actual ‘control group’ numbers that can be cited?
    What is the significance of such a minuscule amount as 55 X?
    Etc, ad infinitum…

  259. –“Not only does nanothermite only have an explosive force that is not even equal to 1/13 of TNT, but Professor Niels Harrit, perhaps the most scientifically qualified of its supporters, advised Mark that, by his calculations, a minimum of 29,000 metric tons of nanothermite would have been required to have blown apart a Twin Tower. That would have been more than 100,000 tons of explosives. Indeed, as Mark observes, even 29,000 tons would have been difficult to put in place without being detected.”~Fetzer…neutron-bombs-a-major-piece-of-the-911-puzzle

    This is simply untrue. The email Harrit sent Mark Hightower {and others} did not “advised Mark”, he asked for the recipients of the calculations to answer; “Where is my mistake?”. It is mere conjecture to think that there was no error; Harrit was looking to see if any could discover it.
    The major thing to notice is that the error is not in the math – it is in the assumptions that the math is put to. And this is a major lesson to all researchers to learn that math is only as good as the assumptions that it is set to calculate.

    The problems of the assumptions that Harrit describes for his calculations are well known, but rarely considered by such sloppy researchers as Hightower, Fetzer, Fox, and others; and that is the ratio of the materials that were actually the fine dust, nowhere near the amount used in such calculations [see: Jones: WTC CONCRETE DUST TO CHUNK RATIO: May 13, 2014 at 1:57 am – Controlled Demolition – HR1blog]

    Furthermore, the “nanothermite” Hightower discusses is only one formula among many; [See: B. J. Clapsaddle et al., “Formulation and Performance of Novel Energetic Nanocomposites and Gas Generators Prepared by Sol-Gel Methods,”~Clapsaddle 2005.]

    Finally, the “Nukes at WTC” theory is crushed by it’s own clearly irrational and false claims.

    • The more I think about the email from Harrit that had Hightower jumping on it:

      It was an intentional joke on Hightower, his PR man Fetzer and other obvious charlatans flowing out to the other fruitcakes that are spreading this stupendously stupid story.
      Why wouldn’t Harrit come out and bust them? Easy, anybody that buys into this shit is going care…they wouldn’t miss a beat in making excuses around it – the very same stupid bullshit they are already saying.

      As far as they are concerned Harrit’s equations stand; regardless of the caveat of him asking; “Where is my mistake?” – to brush this off as rhetorical is to ignore that Harrit and Jones were joined together in a back and forth think-fest. Harrit would have certainly understood the dust to chunk ratio. Yet he wrote the equation to the extreme and false view that the vast majority of the materials were blown to the fine dust size. This information is shown in several studies beyond Harrit or Jones.

      The equations fail because they are based on the false assumption of the amount of fine dust.


  260. “Where is my mistake?” asked Niels Harrit about his calculations for huge, unbelievable amounts of explosives to take down the WTC towers. I have just answered his rhetorical question, that everyone else seemed to believe was in the calculations themselves. No the mistake Harrit refers to is the misconceived problem.
    It doesn’t matter how brilliant your math skills if you answer the wrong questions.~ww

    The Madness of Jim Fetzer:


  261. At the Atomic wedding of Frankenstein’s monster to Minnie Mouse, we meet the morbidly stupid guests and their “nukes at WTC” slapstick, while Fetzer pronounces them ‘Man and Wife’ to the hooting ululations of the poisonous people who tell rumors and lies and stories they made up. “Smoke good!” says Frankie as he tosses Minnie into the cake on the table.
    All the while Señor el Zero sits rocking on his horse chanting, “treety yum treety yum!! nookiedoodoo doodoonookie spookiedoodoo! Hehehehe!!”

    Too bad they didn’t catch it on video…

  262. But the nuke issue is dealt a death blow, simply by noting that the only historical instances that precede the global destruction of the Towers have been instances of controlled demolition with chemical explosives. It is a tried and true method. On top of that the signature characteristics match perfectly. This, not in theory, but proven by evidence. Beyond Reasonable Doubt the WTC complex was destroyed by explosive demolition.

    Others can howl at the moon all they want, but that is all they have is empty howling.

    • Am I certain as to the above?

      Certainty is a philosophical question in the realm of metaphysics…

      So I will put it like this:
      As sure as I’m sitting here. That is as sure that the time/space/continuum and my experience within it. This is not addressed through a lens of metaphysics. This is addressed to Mondo Carne.


  263. –“Cahill’s work revealed the presence of extremely small metallic aerosols in unprecedented amounts in the plumes coming from the burning WTC rubble. Most of the particles in these plumes were in the categories of ultra-fine and nano-particles: from 0.26 to 0.09 microns. The extraordinarily high level of ultra-fine aerosols was one of the most unusual aspects of the data, Cahill said. “Ultra-fine particles require extremely high temperatures,” he said, “namely the boiling point of the metal.”~Anonymous entity

    “Cahill’s work revealed the presence of extremely small metallic aerosols in unprecedented amounts in the plumes coming from the burning WTC rubble.”

    This is a strawman argument. The plumes coming from the burning WTC rubble, are an entirely different issue than the dust to chunk ratio in the dust samples that had settled on 9/11 itself:


    “It seems that the 9/11 truth community likewise “has been slow to

    understand” that the WTC dust particles in greatest abundance

    are the “supercoarse” variety rather than “fine” particles, and

    that significant chunks of concrete were also found in the WTC


    A previously published study of the WTC dust noted: “The

    environmental science community has been slow to understand that

    the acute health effects were attributable to a complex mixture of

    gases and particles and that the particles in greatest abundance

    (mass) in the dust were the unregulated supercoarse (>10-μmdiam)

    particles, not the fine (<2.5-μm-diam) or coarse (2.5–10-μmdiam)

    particles that are typically measured.”

    ure_lioy.html ] Their supportive data are shown in the table at that URL.
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    "As we examined the WTC-debris sample*, we found large chunks of concrete (irregular in shape and size, one was approximately 5cm X 3 cm X 3cm) as well as medium-sized pieces wall-board (with the binding paper still attached). Thus, the pulverization was in fact NOT to fine dust, and it is a false premise to start with near-complete pulverization to fine powder (as might be expected from a mini-nuke or a “star-wars” beam destroying the Towers). Indeed, much of the mass of the MacKinlay sample was clearly in substantial pieces of concrete and wall-board rather than in fine-dust form.”~Jones – Jan 2007.

    [*MacKinlay at 113 Liberty Street, just across from the South Tower.]
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    This is just two studies, the Lioy study, and the Jones study. More can be cited from my article on HR1blog.


    The Anonymous Physicist aka ‘Spooked’:

    “It should be noted that this paper [“Study of Traces of Tritium at the World Trade Center” by T.M. Semkow, et al.] contains several bogus and ludicrous attempts to account for the tritium at the WTC on 9/13. Mostly they allege that the tritium came from exit signs on the planes that “crashed into the towers.” The paper also alleges that tritium was in the sightings on the guns of police officers killed that day. The first “mechanism” is obviously bogus, as there is not a single video that agrees with reality in that the “planes” are clearly just CGI broadcast on TV, and there was no credible evidence on the ground that any planes had crashed into the towers, and did so with blatantly, obvious impossible crash physics.”~Spook

    So here we have “the final word on tritium” pronounced by some ‘Video Fakery’ screwball…Lol

    This guy is about as believable as Bill Deagle the Prophet of the End Times..
    Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! NO! You can’t make this shit up!
    Everyone of these guys turn out to be fucking lunatics!

    • It is expectorate, phlegm, globular and viscous to speak of nukes and DEW at WTC.
      Morbid stupidity dumped as agitprop.

  265. From further blasts of anal hurlant on T&S today…

    “Mr. Rogue obviously was taking a yellow-card so that he could get the comments shut down. Obsessive. Agenda.”~Covert Entity

    To the contrary, I am absolutely delighted that Mr McKee has allowed this conversation to proceed. The entity is reiterating with every post made that he has nothing but conjecture, supposition and rhetorical spin.

    He has no idea what the tritium levels prior to 9/11 in Manhattan, he is assuming something that cannot be proven. And this is the way it goes with every disconnected step of his argument.

    Again the fact that controlled demolition of the WTC has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt, negates all vying propositions – especially those with nothing but supposition and spun rhetoric to back them up.

  266. –“No, they don’t. Such chemical-based demolition techniques do not leave under-rubble hot-spots burning for months at extremely high temperatures”~Covert Entity — JULY 7, 2014 AT 2:09 PM

    Empty assertion lacking proof. And followed by this:

    –“The pulverization by design would have consumed most of the materials, leaving little to maintain those hot-spots.”~Ibid

    This is not a reasonable assertion; “pulverization” in itself is not consumption. The materials described by Paul Lioy could be described as an ultra-fine confetti. Anyone familiar with starting a fire understands the value of ‘kindling’, which is fragmenting wood paper or cardboard for faster ignition.
    The materials themselves [as described by Lioy and others] was blended and fibrous. I used to blend ‘dust’ from my vacuum cleaner bag with melted wax to make “easy ignition” fire starter plugs for my fireplace.

    So now, approaching the Entity’s assertion by another angle: For the sake of argument if most of those materials had actually been consumed; what is the mechanism of this ‘Nookiedoodoo Machine’ that maintained those hot spots?


    • –“Chemical-based demolition techniques do not leave correlated amounts of heavy metals and other tell-tale markings of nuclear hijinx as found in the dust by the USGS.”
      ~Señor El Once – JULY 7, 2014 AT 2:09 PM

      But it is in fact these “correlated amounts of heavy metals and other tell-tale markings of nuclear hijinx..” that have not been proven by any substantive measure. We have been through these points, one by one for more than a year and shown that there is nothing to the entity’s argument but spurious rhetorical spin. Which leaves us with the conclusion that the above quote by the Señor entity is nothing but the same spurious rhetorical spin.

  267. It was the anonymous entity himself that put his head on the chopping block. I merely hit the release lever on the guillotine letting the blade come down.

  268. “Some of you may notice that a bunch of comments were returned to the moderation queue today. Since the last TS post, and especially over the past 10 days or so, I have been rushing to meet a deadline for two very long and very involved articles I’m contributing to book project on false flag operations. Finishing these pieces has kept me from many things I’d normally be doing. One area where I’ve been remiss is following the comments on this thread. I regret not making enough time for this recently.

    In getting caught up, I found a lively discussion going on about nukes at the World Trade Center. I could have sworn I outlawed that several days back. Now, removing comments after the fact can really screw up a thread, but in this case TOO BAD. If I see more I’ll take them out, too. At this point, I don’t care who “started it.”

    Now, to the future: Until further notice, there will be NO mention on this blog of the nuclear issue either directly or indirectly. Not one word. If anyone ignores